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You're doing it wrong!

Utmost hatred does not even begin to describe my feelings...

I Loathe You!

You are a splinter in my mind,
When I think of you I cannot unwind,
You are deplorable, despicable, atrocious!
Your acts toward me are naught but ferocious!
You make me sick when I think in your direction,
Your acts, you very breath, -- Approach with discretion.
Who would lash out with such hatred? Who?
Not a single one, but surely would you!

Why do I hate you so? Why do I hate you so?
You cause these feelings to grow and grow.
I try my best to beg and plea,
Yet you still do these things to me,
You refuse to hear my every call,
You act as if I'm not here at all.

Why have you violated me, what have I done?
Your retributions have taken all my fun.
You allow such things from any other,
But you wouldn't the same from your very "brother".
You have not answered me in quite awhile,
Yet you sentence me without a trial.
How can you be so unfair to me?
The said misdeeds, I did not perform, can't you see?

You turned a blind eye to me...
That's all you're good for, I can see,
My every effort is a waste,
Because your decision was made in haste.
All I ask is for another chance...

2002 Giga Wobble Bot