Invisible Glares
By LoriAnn
Copyright ©1995

Invisible glares the flood of nothing
My tears useless and unnoticed
Slip away silently falling into my sleep
Awake with the pain
My ears about to explode
Abandoned it caves in, it hurts
The pain is familiar and refreshing
Like an old friend you never really liked
Like murder
The crush of you beneath my pain
The screams of thought
The confusions of memory
Searching for the word that never existed
Happy to see me go
Never to look back
It's paralyzing
Back to the numb, it's better than the pain
Trivial to those who choose not to understand
Denied by those who do


A Child's Truth
By LoriAnn
Copyright ©2001

An engine outside
Oh no, she's home
Back to my corner, where I shall hide.
The door swings open,
What mood is she in?
If she's happy the beatings won't be so bad.
If she's mad I know...I'd be better off dead.
Here she comes don't look up.
You're not supposed to cry.
Be strong don't give in.
'Cause then she will win.
The first blow, not so bad.
The second I drift to my far away land.
Where there is no more heartache,
No children living in fright.
Fear of the shadows that lurk at night.
Suddenly a light, what day might it be?
One day closer to me being free.
Free from the shadows, free from the pain.
To only awake to it all the next day.
The breath of a child,
Laying bruised and battered,
Is short anymore,
'Cause nothing else matters.




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