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Ritual Abuse

On this page I have compiled a ton of information concerning ritual abuse. A lot of this was gathered information. If you think something is wrong or I left something out, please email me to let me know and it will be fixed. Please be very careful reading this page as it can be very graphic and therefore trigger many people.

Definition of Ritual Abuse -
Ritual abuse is a brutal form of abuse of children, adolescents, and adults, consisting of physical, sexual and psychological abuse, and involving the use of rituals. Ritual does not necessarily mean satanic. But, most survivors state that they were ritually abused as part of a satanic worship for the purpose of indoctrinating them into satanic beliefs and practices. Ritual abuse rarely consists of a single episode. It is usually repeatedly done over an extended period of time. The physical abuse is severe, sometimes including torture and/or killing. The sexual abuse is often painful, sadistic, and humiliating, intended as a means of gaining control over the victim. The psychological abuse is devastating and involves the use of ritual, which includes mind control techniques and mind altering drugs, and ritual intimidation which conveys to the victim a profound terror of the cult members and of the evil spirits they believe cult members can command. During and after the abuse, most victims live in a constant state of terror, mind control, and dissociation.
The purpose of ritual elements of the abuse seems threefold: 1.) rituals in some groups are part of a shared belief or worship system. 2.) rituals are used to intimidate victims into silence. 3.) ritual elements (devil worship, animal or human sacrifice) seem so unbelievable to those unfamiliar with these crimes that these elements detract from the credibility of the victims and make prosecution of the crimes very difficult. Many victims are young children, under the age of six. Who seem so suffer the most severe emotional damage from the abuse. The young children are extremely susceptible to being terrorized and indoctrinated into the abusers' belief system.
These groups are typically satanic in their symbols and beliefs. Children in these settings are severely abused on an ongoing basis with little time during which they are safe from abuse. Ritual abuse is known to occur as an integral part of the life of some families in which one or both parents participate. The results are devastating. Ritual abuse has also occurred without parents knowing. At preschools, day-care centers, churches, summer camps, baby-sitters and even neighbors.
Ritual abuse in adolescents, and participation by adolescents in perpetrating ritual abuse, can take place in family or school settings, or in youth gangs which orient themselves toward a self-styled Satanism or other ritualism, and violence. Many adults who are victims and/or perpetrators of ritual abuse came under the influence of such beliefs and practices in their childhood or adolescence and may function with severe dissociative disorders, including dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder).
Often times the adult perpetrator from the cult are active members in society, hold down jobs, etc., and they are not known to be part of a cult. Some adults join cults later in life, enticed by sexual promiscuity and perversion. The availability of illicit drugs, and the promise of money, power, and moral.

Psychological Abuse
Often times to silence a victim threats will be made by the cult members. Threats of punishment, torture, mutilation, or death of the victim, the victim's family or pets. Threats are heightened by carrying out killings of animals or human beings in the presence of the victim, sometimes forcing the victim to participate in the killing as well. Threats of having their house burned to the ground, exposure to the public. They will also lie to the victim claiming that certain people they trust are actually cult members as well. Telling the victim that their real family is not actually their real family and that the cult is their one and only real family.
Mind control, programs, are also big among cult perpetrators towards their victims. Victims are often drugged so that they can not fight what is going to happen. And often times would not remember what had just taken place. Perpetrators claimed that it was all in the victims head, they had imagined it. Making  them  confused and not knowing reality from fiction.
They have many ways of keeping a victim silent. 

Physical Abuse
Ritual abuse victims are physically abused often to the point of torture and death. Victims that are ritually abused by people outside their family are often physically abused in less detectable ways. Some of those ways include; pins inserted into sensitive areas of the body, electric shock to sensitive areas of the body, being hung by hands or upside down by feet for long periods of time, being hung on crosses or hooks, sexual abuse, submerging in water, withholding food, sleep deprivation and activities aimed at inducing exhaustion, excessive activities that lead to the victim becoming ill. There are many other examples, those are just to name a few.
Some of the more detectable ways include; physical beatings, cuts, tattoos, branding, burns, withholding food, water, or sleep for days or weeks, removal of body parts (e.g. digits), being choked to the point of passing out from lack of oxygen, held under water to the near point of drowning, being left out in the cold weather, being deprived from normal everyday things such as showers, toothbrush, hairbrush, clean clothes, etc.

Sexual Abuse
Sexual abuse of a ritual abuse victim is unimaginably brutal, sadistic and humiliating. It is far more severe than that which is usually inflicted by a pedophile or in the context of incest. Repeated sexual assaults by men, woman, and even other children, which often take place in group settings. Also marriage rituals, repeated fondling, oral copulation, rape, and sodomy.
Knives, crucifix's, sticks, etc. have been known to be placed in private parts of the body. Victims also are forced to have sexual contact with dead and dying people. Even children who were dead and dying, and animals.

Some Definitions...

“A disturbance or alteration in the normally integrative functions of identity, memory, or consciousness. The disturbance or alteration may be sudden or gradual, transient or chronic. If it occurs primarily in identity, the person’s customary identity is temporarily forgotten, and a new identity may be assumed or imposed (as in Multiple Personality Disorder) or the customary feeling of one’s reality is lost and replaced by a feeling of unreality {as in Depersonalization Disorder). If the disturbance occurs primarily in memory, important personal events cannot be recalled (as in Psychogenic Amnesia or Psychogenic Fugue).” [DSM III-R 1987]

Multiple Personality Disorder
“1. The existence within the person of two or more distinct personalities or personality states (each with its own relatively enduring pattern of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and self). 2. At least two of these personalities or personality states recurrently take full control of the person’s behavior.” [DSM III-R 1987]

Marriage Ritual
A ritual described by victims of ritual abuse in which a “mock marriage” takes place between a child and a member of the abusive group, between two children, or between the child and Satan. Victims of this ritual are made to feel profoundly connected to the group itself or to the powers of evil.

Belief in the existence of mysterious, secret, or supernatural sources of power that can be known and/or communicated with by human beings. “Occult” is a general designation for various systems of belief, practices, and rituals based on knowledge of the world of spirits and/or unknown forces of the universe.

A five pointed star. In Satanism, used pointing downward, and sometimes enclosed within a circle.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
A dissociative disorder triggered by the experience of profoundly traumatic events. The dissociation may be characterized by intrusion (intrusive thoughts, nightmares, hyper vigilance), and by denial (inattention, amnesia, and constriction of thought process) [Horowitz, M. J. Stress Response Syndromes, 1976].
Ritual abuse victims often suffer from severe post-traumatic stress disorder. Nightmares, intrusive thoughts containing elements of ritual violence, yet due to amnesia for the actual abuse, have no idea why they are troubled by such dreams and thoughts.

A religious rite in which an object is offered to a god in order to establish, restore, or maintain a right relationship of man to the sacred order. Blood sacrifices (killing with bloodshed) are based on the concept that the sacred life force of both man and animal resides in blood. Blood is particularly important in rituals involving fertility, purification and atonement. Sacrifices in different cults are often required according to certain calendars of special days as well as for unique purposes on a given occasion. Burning is believed to be another way that a sacrifice can be made directly available to a god. A third way in which a sacrifice is conveyed to a god is burial in the earth. In some belief systems sacrifice is also a means of obtaining supernatural powers or favors from the god.

Human Sacrifice
The offering of the life of a human being to a god. The occurrence of human sacrifice usually can be related to the belief that blood is the sacred life force in man. The killing of a human, or of an animal in its place, represents an attempt to affect communion with a god and participate in its life force. Sacrifices have been made in connection with fertility rites, although specific other uses for obtaining powers and favors are also common. Cannibalism is practiced as part of human sacrifice because of a belief that by ingesting human blood and flesh the individual is empowered and transformed by the life force contained therein.
Adults and children who have been ritually abused report being forced to participate in the killing of babies, children, and adults in ritual settings with the understanding that the purpose is to obtain certain magical powers. Ritual abuse survivors explain that the drinking of blood and the practice of cannibalism are ways to invest the worshipper/perpetrator with the spiritual powers of the victim.
The practice of human sacrifice as it has been reported by victims of ritual abuse always raises extreme problems of credibility. Where have the victims come from? Where are the remains of these victims? Survivors have explained that victims come from within the cult membership (including babies “bred” for sacrifice), from the ranks of homeless people, and even represent some unknown portion of the large numbers of missing adults and children. Explanations for the absence of found remains include cannibalism, cult access to mortuaries and crematoria, frozen storage of body parts, and the retention by cult members of bones and body parts for further magical practices.

A spiritual being, opposed to God, supremely evil. According to Christian tradition an angelic being, once called Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12), created by Gad for good purposes, but who led a rebellion against God and was cast out of heaven. Satan is believed to be the Serpent in the Garden of Eden who tempted Eve to disobey God by saying, “You shall be like God” (Genesis 3:5). Satan is also called the Father of lies, and Lord of the Flies (Ba’alzebub). He is the ruler over demons and evil spirits who works to interfere with the relationship of God and man by provoking man to evil.

Worship of Satan. Satanists seek to obtain power to manipulate the world around them for their own gain by calling upon the powers of Satan in certain prescribed rituals. They oppose the traditional values of Judeo-Christian tradition and adhere instead to a system of personal power and control over the world around them. [“Anyone who claims to be interested in magic or the occult for reasons other than gaining personal power is the worst kind of hypocrite.” -Anton LaVey in the Satanic Bible.] Many young children who are victims of ritual abuse describe rituals that appear to use the accouterments of satanic ritual, e.g., black and red robes, hoods, altars, pentagrams, daggers, candles, sacrifice, etc. Many adult survivors describe being ritually abused on an ongoing basis from early childhood, through adolescence and into adulthood. They state that their abuse was part of a system of satanic worship and describe satanic invocations and rituals. [There appears to be a wide spectrum of practices, from the more organized satanic churches to the self-styled practitioners of Satanism. It should be noted that spokespersons for two of the more publicly well-known satanic organizations, the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set, have issued statements that their organizations are not in any way associated with the abuse, sexual or otherwise, of children or adults, or the sacrifices of animals or human beings.]

Satanic Alphabet
Letters of the alphabet written backwards, upside down, or sideways. A magical practice stemming from a system which values reversing anything which is the norm. Some children who attended ritually abusive pre-schools report having been taught to copy the satanic alphabet. Other occult alphabets may consist of magical symbols and runes.

Satanic Calendar
There exist many versions of so-called satanic calendars, each of which includes a variety of holidays on which certain rituals must be performed. There are apparently many individual differences among groups that would call themselves Satanists regarding which holidays are celebrated. Some groups simply do rituals whenever they please. The birthday of the individual, Halloween (October 31), and, in some cases, Beltane (April 30) appear to be the holidays celebrated by most satanic groups. Many individuals who have been ritually abused and have participated in rituals on satanic holidays experience particular difficulty at these times of the year. (Common Halloween celebrations, for example, regarded by most people as innocent make believe and child’s play, are extremely traumatic for ritual victims who think of them as satanic holidays, and as the occasion of ritual celebrations often including human sacrifice.) On these holidays and on anniversary dates victims may become emotionally overwhelmed, terrified that cult members will come to kidnap or kill them. Some are overcome by horrifying flashbacks of the abuse. Some feel compelled to commit suicide or self-injury. Others feel a deep compulsion to return to the cult.

Mind Control
Mind control is achieved through a system of brainwashing, programming, indoctrination, hypnosis, and the use of various mind-altering drugs. The purpose, you may ask, is to compel ritual abuse victims to keep the secret of their abuse, to conform to the beliefs and behaviors of the cult, and to become functioning members who serve the cult by carrying out the directives of its leaders without being detected within society.
The subject of mind control is a difficult one, as the survivor rarely remembers what has taken place in order for the cult to have gained control over them in such a way. It is also one of the key elements to healing in the future for the survivor. To remember, understand and undo the mind control. Mind control lasts even when the survivor is no longer involved with the cult. Until it is undone, it will remain. Mind control starts usually before the age of six. In young children who are easily susceptible to such control. Young children are more susceptible to having their beliefs, behavior and characters molded during this early period of development.

There is so much involved with ritual abuse. But, I hope that this information was helpful and educational and that you will continue to learn about it, instead of turning away believing it is all false. My purpose for giving this information was to educate people about the different types of abuse. If I can get through to just one person I will have accomplished something. If the information I give could save a child's life, I would be so very thankful for the person who read the material and acted to prevent the abuse from happening again.
Please do your part and fight to STOP abuse of all kinds. Thank you.

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