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Warning: This page is full of graphic material that is potentially triggering to survivors. Please be careful while reading the following children's stories. Some stories have pictures with them. One picture in particular is very disturbing to view. If you feel you can not handle seeing the picture or reading the following stories please hit the back button on your browser now. Thank you.

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Charnee was 5 years old when she died. Her mother banished her to

the basement in June of 97, where she left  
her a little bit of food on the steps
leading down to the basement, she was forced

to defecate and urinate in a bucket.
Her skeletal remains were found hidden under trash and garbage bags
in the basement on September 16, 1997.Her corpse weighed just 12 lbs, and
her skull had been separated from her body.

Charlene Wise her mother was charged with murder, child abuse,
abusing a corpse and concealing a child's death.
UPDATE: took a jury only 90 minutes to convict  Wise, 37, of third-degree murder.
She received a sentence of 28 years

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Little Greyson was only 2 years old when he was
beaten to death, his mother and her boyfriend were

both charged with killing him.

Donna Bennett, 25 and her live in boyfriend
John Sweet 35, were both charged with first degree
murder. Donna Bennett was sentenced to 35 years
to life. John Sweet's trial date is pending.

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Michael age three and his 14 month old brother Alexander
were both killed by their mother. Susan Smith drove her car

into John D. Long Lake with both children strapped
inside. She had claimed earlier that she was
car jacked, with her children still inside.
She had pleaded on TV for the safe return of her children.
She finally admitted that she killed her babies.

On July 22, 1995 Susan Smith was sentenced to
life in prison.

(This is a picture of Jordan at the time of his death. You read the story and see what your take on it is. My personal opinion is that EVERYONE involved MUST have known this child was starving to death. You can tell by looking at his picture what condition this child was in. I don't accept the excuses that were given!)
Ontario mother gave starving baby water 
Last Updated Tue Mar 13 09:19:52 2001 
TORONTO - A homeless woman whose baby starved to death in Ontario almost four years ago admits she had no idea how to care for her child. 
Renee Heikamp told a coroner's inquest on Monday that she didn't know how or when to feed the infant, and didn't realize he was wasting away before her eyes. 
The boy, Jordan, was born a month early in May, 1997. He was small not quite 4 1/2 pounds but he gained weight quickly. 
After 11 days, the mother was allowed to take him home from the hospital. 
Medical staff said the boy was healthy and would thrive if he got decent care. 
He died in a Toronto shelter a little more than three weeks later, weighing less than he did at birth. 
Heikamp, who was 19 at the time, was charged with criminal negligence causing death. A provincial court judge threw out the charges after a preliminary inquiry. 
A coroner's inquest is trying to determine what went wrong, and whether there is a way to prevent similar tragedies. 
Close to tears, Heikamp admitted Monday that she made mistakes. But she also testified that she thought the shelter staff would help her. 
She said she alternated between breast milk and powdered formula that she didn't know how to prepare properly. 
The young mother then switched to a pre-mixed liquid formula. But she thought it was too thick so she began diluting it with water, without ever reading the instructions. In essence, Jordan's diet was water. 
Heikamp also testified that she lied to people who asked about her young son, claiming that he was gaining rather than losing weight. 
The woman also said she didn't know what an obstetrician is, and wasn't aware that the baby needed special attention because of his size. 
Critics of government cuts to social programs say the province is partly to blame. 
They say that every year about 300 babies are born to women who are homeless, many of them unable to look after their children. In the end, about one out of 10 end up like Jordan Heikamp. 

Written by CBC News Online staff 
Little Jordan, only 5 weeks old, was allegedly starved, 
to death by his mother. 
Renee Heikamp, 19 years old has been charged with 
criminal negligence causing death. 
UPDATE....Renee was a homeless 19 year old when she gave birth, to Jordan in a Toronto hospital in May 1997. Medical staff did identify Jordan and his mother as high risk and turned them over to the CCAS. Renee and Jordan were placed in a Toronto 
women's shelter, where they spent the next 27 days. 
Jordan was rushed to hospital but died on arrival, a victim of "chronic starvation." 
A Judge said everyone involved with the case -- from doctors and nurses and the women's shelter -- seemed confused as to who was taking what role in caring for the baby. 
The Judge suggested Renee was a troubled woman, inexperienced in raising a baby. "How should Ms. Heikamp have known anything was wrong with Jordan when no one else did?" 
Jordan's mother, Renee Heikamp, 22, and Toronto Catholic Children's Aid Society worker Angie Martin were charged with criminal negligence causing death but a judge threw out the case at a preliminary inquiry. 

Eric Jr. was 14 years old when he was murdered by his father. His 
father believed his son was possessed by the devil, so while driving in his van he stabbed Eric Jr., severing his head. He then threw his sons head out of the van window onto the highway. 

Eric Starr Smith, 30 years old was sentenced to 30 years in prison. 


Clayton 9 years old, and his 6 year old sister Olivia were murdered 
by their mother. She took a regular kitchen knife and slashed both their throats. 
Emily Jane Hopkins, 41 years old, committed suicide by slashing 
her own throat after murdering her children.


Devon, 6 years old and his brother Damon, 5 years old, were allegedly stabbed to death by their mother. 
Darlie Routier, 27 years old was sentenced to death. 
Darlie has maintained her innocence. 

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