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Greetings, and welcome to the Golden Hilltop Weyrhold and surrounding holds. We are a PBeM role-playing club (approved!) situated on the Southern Continent in an Alternate 13th Pass world. If you'd like to see the map, click here.

IC News: Gold Kieth is rising to mate soon, so you should get those candidates in before it's too late. We also need Crafters and we have adoptable characters!

OOC News: We have been approved! Yes, we are an official Weyrhold now! *does a little jig*

What is the Golden Hilltop Weyrhold? As mentioned above, we are an Alternate 13th Pass PBeM club. Many things (location-wise) are different but Anne McCaffrey's rules still sustain. AIVAS was discovered, but his plan failed. The surrounding holds are Firelizard, Damaa, Canyon's End and Fallout. The current Weyrwoman is Zei, rider of Gold Kieth.

What is the history? If you're talking OOC: around 2003, the owner of the group decided to make a PBeM Pern group. Originally it was called The Firelizard Weyr, but the project was bunked. Now, one year later she found the files of the Firelizard Weyr and re-designed it into the Golden Hilltop Weyrhold. A hold was named after the original weyr.

But if you're talking IC-wise: AIVAS was discovered by two dragonriders, H'yanel of Blue Xavieth and Kine of Green Quilonoth, and a Journeyman Harper, Daeter. For many turns it taught the Pernese and hatched out a plan for Thread to end once and for all..but it did not work, and ended up killing a few dragonriders.

Many turns after, around the turn 2965, the Golden Hilltop Weyrhold was founded by Terkame, rider of Gold Gesth and W'nol, rider of Bronze Alikonth. It prospered and defeated Thread with great integrety. Until Headwoman Allanna came. She changed all aspects of the Weyr, from the meals to the weyrs to the staff, and these changes were for the best, she said. But the Weyrfolk thought it the opposite. Eventually the Weyr was abandoned. Into the future, Allanna's great-grandaughter took it over, hoping that it would prosper and defeat thread as it once did.

Can the Weyr produce enough dragons before Fall comes again? Only time will tell...

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All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction are copyrightę Anne McCaffrey 1967,2004, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.

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