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Great Players


William Ralph Dean - Dixie Dean

Born: Birkenhead 1907
Everton Appearances: 433
 Everton Goals: 383
Everton Honours:
 First Division Championship winner 1927/28 and 1931/32
 Second Division Championship winner: 1930/31
 FA Cup Winner: 1933
 Charity Shield winner: 1928 and 1932
 England caps: 16
 Football League appearances: 6

Dixie Dean is undoubtedly the best Everton player ever. He captained Everton in 1932 and led them to win their title. He scored 45 league goals in 38 games! He then led Everton to victory again, when they won the FA cup. He was never once booked or dismissed. He died at Goodison Park in 1980, shortly after the final whistle blew.

Jack Sharp

Born: Hereford 1878
Everton Appearances: 342
Everton Goals: 80
Everton Honours:
FA Cup winner 1906
 FA Cup runner-up 1907
First Division runner-up: 1901/02, 1904/05, 1908/09
England Caps: 2
Football League appearances: 3

Jack Sharp helped bring the FA Cup to Merseyside for the first time ever. He had great wing play, which earned him two caps for England. He was a very talented cricketer as well, and won three Test caps for his country. He was signed from Aston Villa in 1899.

Ted Sagar

Born: Moorends, Yorkshire, 1910
 Everton Appearances: 499
Everton Goals: 0
Everton Honours:
Football League Championship 1931/32 and 1938/39
FA Cup winner 1933
FA Charity Shield winner: 1932
England caps: 4
Football League appearances: 5

Ted Sagar was a great Everton goalkeeper. He spent 24 years as Everton's first choice. He had good endurance yet outstanding skill. He died in 1986 at the age of 76. At his funeral, a fellow Everton player announced, "He was a spectacular player who was truly out on his own. I can't compare him with any of today's players - I can only describe him as an original, a one-off."