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Hello and welcome to our page on the series Digimon: Digital Monsters. Please take a few seconds of your time to vote on our polls and sign our guestbook. It's fun and we like to see what you think!

Kari's digimon

* Updated on September 01 2003*

New layout that it long overdue ^^; i really like this one too! i think the pics of sora and kari are pretty and the like the graphics behind them n_n I also hope to get new polls up since the other ones are broken links. looks like i need a new counter too eh

Webmistress' Kari & Sora

WAHHH! I fogot my ballet shoes!

Umm..that's fries and..what else again???

Hey..You like my keychains?! Only $5.95 at the Gap!!

Hopefully this rain dance will work!!

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this is the icon of me ^_^..don't steal cuz it was made for me.

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