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Know Your Bible

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Know Your Bible (KYB) is a method of Bible study which encourages private study at home and then sharing the study with others in small groups.

We promote KYB as a method of Bible study. Women are encouraged to conduct KYB groups according to the guidelines provided.  Those wishing to use KYB studies may obtain application forms and sign our Statement of Beliefs if they wish their group to be affiliated with CWCI.  Alternatively, studies may be ordered by ministries, denominational groups and individuals who wish to use KYB material without affiliation to CWCI. 

Whilst the studies are designed with women in mind, the teaching and KYB method is also suitable for men.  Enquiries from men wishing to use KYB material are welcome.

Know Your Bible has enjoyed great success over the  years. There are more than 2500 registered groups using the KYB material and method of Bible study.

We accept that the growth and stability of the ministry over these past years is evidence not of our achievement BUT of God's blessing on a ministry that pleases Him!

Key Benefits


A daily devotional pattern is established for each person and all are nurtured by the Bible.


Participants gain confidence in sharing their faith.


KYB leaders are stimulated to study and become effective teachers of the Bible.


Bridges of friendship are built across social and denominational boundaries.

bulletPeople support each other through prayer.

English Language Studies

Studies marked with 5 in brackets have an introduction and five lessons.  All other studies have an introduction and 9 studies.

Genesis - Part 1

Matthew - Part 2
Genesis - Part 2 Luke
Deuteronomy John - Part 2
The Tabernacle Acts - Part 1
Gideon (5) Acts - Part 2
Ruth (5) Romans
Kings of Israel - Part 1 1 Corinthians
Kings of Israel - Part 2 Colossians
Elisha (5) Timothy/Titus
Ezra (5) Hebrews
Esther (5) 1 & 2 Peter
Psalms of Encouragement (5) Letters of John and Jude
Amos (5) Revelation - Part 1
Habakkuk/Zephaniah (5) Revelation - Part 2
Haggai/Zechariah Five of God's Women (5)

Other Languages

Albanian Arabic Bulgarian Chishona
Danish Dutch Indonesian Mongolian
Nepali Romanian Russian Spanish
Swahili Tamil Tok Pisin Welsh


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