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The Tradesman Home

A political group that supports tradesman and women ,
government for the equal opportunities and the right to work ,
to earn a fair wage,
and victims of poverty and bad government in wealthy and developing nations.

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Motorists - Tired Of Huffing Gas At The Pump?
Gasoline and convenience stores have been using fake boots.
A fake boot is a flat round piece of rubber that's------
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The Israel/Palestine/Nazareth Conflict
Christians are forbidden to marry Jewish or Muslims and are just tolerated not equal.
Forbidden to ......
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The Mexican Immigration Crisis
The Mexican immigration has helped America, especially in its race war.
Its not just black or white anymore. They have replaced -------
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warning adult subject - rated PG
The Most Innovative And High Tech Condom
And Why It Might Not Hit The African Continent For Twelve Years

You don't need a condom - you need a kit. This is what....
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U.S. SS - SSI - EBT (Food Stamp) REFORM Coming Soon

Get Kids Off The Donor Program By Putting Them On
We need mandatory organ donors from birth to 28 years old to get kids off the donor waiting list.
The only way to make the system fair is if its mandatory. Do people really care if they take their liver, heart or other?
Is it really that big a deal? Instead of checking the organ donor on your license , you should check it if you
want off. Kids don't have DMV donor cards. If you are 0 to 28 there is no waiting list that's the benefit,.
If you are over 28 and don't sign the donor card they will not be eligible to receive one. You should be
signed up to receive donor only if they are on the donor sign up for 3 years or more. Hospitals
don't want people to die in their hospital and quickly send them to hospice but if their a donor that's the worst thing
they can do. These would be donors now must die in a hospice at the actual hospital to get their organs so this
would change everything. People must donate to the hospital run hospice and make them so nice that patients
would prefer to die there than at home. The in house hospice would be for donors only.
Get kids off the waiting lists for organs .
If they pass this Bill they can call it the "Life Forward Bill" or the "Party On Bill"

How The Economy Went Bad After Hurricane Katrina Using The 15% Rule
O.K. Home prices were out of control before H.K. then comes H.K. the price of plywood skyrocketed.
In fact the price of a lumber package rose 15% so insurance companies paid 15% more to rebuild the homes.
Because of the rise of a lumber package (15%) homes are valued 15% more so people who bought homes after H.K.
paid 15% more. Because home values rose 15% after H.K. some borrowed 15% or maxed out their mortgage. One year
after hurricane Katrina the demand for plywood went back to normal and the price of a lumber package dropped 15% .
Those who bought a home during this one year period now have a house that is worth 15% less. Those who refinanced
their home during this year and their house is now worth 15% less and now owe more than their house is worth.
When the bottom fell out of the price of a lumber package one year after H.K. the price of homes in the U.S.
dropped 15% and this caused a recession. The question is should we stockpile plywood for emergencies ,
relook how we deal with disasters , or look into price gouging (lumber package) after big disasters.
Keep in mind lumber companies may have to pay overtime to workers during high demand. Florida was hardest hit
because a lot of condo's were built for vacationers and have mobile home quality cabinets and furnishings and bring
low bids at auctions. These condo's are not suitable for home owners who had nice homes and want to retire in.

Please Support No Jewish , Islamic , Christian , Buddha , Hindu Or All Black / White States
No Dividing The World By Religious Beliefs Or Skin Color

Al-Qaida - Taliban - Hamas - Hezbollah - IS - Extremists - Boko Haram
"Just Ordinary Street Gangs" of Larcenists , Arsonists , Vandals and Sex offenders In Unpoliced States
They have visited wealthy countries and when they go back to impoverished countries they quickly learn
how easy it is taking advantage of citizens living in poverty
Using private citizens to fight wars have started a new trend ( Killer Vacations )
Just jump on a plane , join a war/side , go on a two week shooting spree ,
answer to no one then get back on a plane , get back to their country and go back to work
( Killer Vacations )

Five Million Or Five Trillion
International Death Warrant Issued - Five Million Dollars Bounty - Vladimir Putin - For Crimes Against Humanity
Extortion - Genocide In Syria - Threatening Nuclear Antihalation For Financial Gain And Notoriety
The United Nations Have All Agreed To Pay For A Assassin (contact United Nations)
We are still paying for the Soviet Invasion Of Afghanistan and its aftermath or
Muslim Extremism

Its Official : Palestinian Gaza Now A Seaport In Israel

NO Statehood For A City Of Felons
The international community demands that Israel take responsibility for national
security and demand that the dangerous non existent government of the Palestinian seaport of Gaza be declared
a city in Israel . Enough is enough . No more child soldiers . This would be government is to dangerous
to exist and just cant be in this century . The international community also demands that the government
of Egypt receive a war chest of 8.5 billion plus 3.5 billion in economic aid from the U.S. and its allies if they accept
our decision that will happen anyways and that a additional 2.5 billion be put aside for settlements
with the Palestinian Egyptian refugees and 70 million be put aside for a legal team , consultants
and panel to decide who gets a settlement, how it is given and what form it will be distributed . If the citizen
is in controversy then their settlement will go to schools or programs that benefit their neighborhoods.
Egypt should not have to accept Israel as a Jewish state , just plain "Israel" . International communities must understand
that this conflict is not about faith or skin color it is about the Palestinians denying Jewish immigrants
and citizens the right to own property and wealth and young Palestinians have very little to do about this decision
their government made decades earlier - The government of Israel must open up social services and offer services to its
citizens in the seaport of Gaza . If the Palestinians refuse to recognize they live in Israel their property
might be confiscated and then be sold , but if they recognize they live in Israel and pay taxes to the Israel treasury
they must let non controversial Palestinians live in or move back into what is now Israel and keep their property.
It must be recognized that Israel has nuclear weapons and they are the only responsible government in the region.
The modern map of Israel say's it all. Christians , Muslims and all other faiths must realize that they had
centuries to reunite in this Holy Land but it was abandoned for centuries and let our histories be destroyed.
The Israeli's stepped up to the plate and now they must protect our ancient history and if they fail then this
government must be toppled and if the Christians rise to the occasion then all faiths must except this government.
The Israel government is doing a great job of preserving our ancient history and we can not let it be
destroyed for the centuries unborn.
There is no going forward and there is no turning back.
No Statehood For A City Of Felons
Its Official : The city of Palestine and the seaport of Gaza are now in Israel .  Share Your News with Journa

Please Support Weapon Buy Back Programs In Syria


Dreams of a Red Emperor: The Relentless Rise Of Xi Jinping
By Alice Su (October 22 2020) Los Angeles Times

Saudi Dissidents Target Crown Prince Where It Hurts: Washington
By Taylor Luck (October 22 2020) Christian Science Monitor

China Is Building Vast New Detention Centers For Muslims In Xinjiang
By Anna Fifield (September 24 2020) Washington Post

Number Of People Shot To Death By The Police In The United States
From 2017 To 2020, By Race

By No Author (June 5 2020)

Mexican Lawmakers Vote Overwhelmingly To End Presidential Immunity
By David Alire Garcia, Editing by Rosalba O'Brien (October 2019) Reuters

Mukwegei: Brave Healer Of DR Congo's Most Horrific Wounds
By Samir Tounsi (October 5 2018) (AFP)

Roses And Selfies As Woman Take To The Roads In Saudi Arabia For First Time
By Josie Ensor (June 24 2018) The Telegraph

2017 Update To The Crunchbase Women In Venture Report
By Gene Teare (October 2017) (Techcrunch)

Rodrigo Duterte's Next Target: 9 Year Old Children
By Emily Rauhala (February 26 2017) (Washington Post)

How Isis Recruits Children, Then Kills Them
By Erin McLaughlin (February 22 2016) (CNN)

Combating Human Trafficking in Asia Requires U.S. Leadership
By Lisa Curtis and Olivia Enos (March 26 2015) (Heritage Foundation)

European Nations Sign World's First Organ Trafficking Treaty
(March 25 2015) (A.F.P.)

A Rare Look Inside A Saudi Prison That Showers Terrorists With Perks
By Kevin Sullivan (March 1 2015) (Washington Post)

New Saudi King Tied to Al Qaeda, Bin Laden and Islamic Terrorism
(February 3 2015) (Washington Blog)

Here's What A Hamas Training Camp For Teens Looks Like
By William Booth (January 29 2015) (Washington Post)

Despite First Conviction, Female Genital Mutilation Remains Common In Egypt
By Deena Adel (January 27 2015) (World Post)

Putin Could Become Even More Dangerous In 2015
By John Schindler (December 23 2014) (business insider)

Aids: Origin of pandemic 'was 1920s Kinshasa'
By James Gallagher (October 2014) (BBC)

Netanyahu: We've Seen This Before. There's A Master Race:
Now There's A Master Faith (September 11 2014 anniversary speech)

By Lauretta Brown (September 2014) (CNS)

Obama: Immigration Bill Without Citizenship Path 'Not Who We Are As American's
By Carrie Dann (July 16 2013) (NBC News)

Thank You Vasili Arkhipov, The Man Who Stopped Nuclear War
By Edward Wilson (October 27 2012) (The Guardian)

FBI Changes Definition Of Rape To Include Men As Victims
By Kevin Johnson (January 2012) (Usa Today)

UN Alleges Syrian Forces Killed, Tortured 256 Children
By Associated Press (November 2011) (Dallas Morning News)

Ethiopian Rape Victim Pits Law Against Culture
By Emily Wax ( June 2004 ) (Washington Post)

Favorite Quotes

" Ending Race Narcissism Is Key To Peace In The Middle East And The World " ( Editor)

" A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Dream " (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

" Its Better To Make The Poor Richer Than To Make The Rich Poorer " Caroline Baum (MW)

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