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Fentanyl Smuggled From China Is Killing Thousands Of Americans
By Del Quentin Wilbur (November 11 2018) MSN

Billionaire Partner Of Imprisoned Chapo Consolidates Empire
By Justin Villamil (November 5 2018) Bloomberg

America’s Quality Pot Is Changing the Drug War
By Peter Robison , Nacha Cattan and Benjamin Bain (June 4 2015) (Bloomberg)

Special Report: As heroin trade grows, a sting in Kenya
By Drazen Jorgic (March 5 2015) (Reuters)

Mexico Nabs Zetas Drug Cartel Leader 'Z-42'
By Laurent Thomet and Carola Sole (March 3 2015) (A.F.P.)

Mexico Drug Lord Captures Change But Don't Lower Trafficking.
By Christpher Sherman and Katherine Corcoran (February 28 2015) (A.P.)

These Astonishing Maps Show How Hard Drugs Are Produced And Sold Around The World
By Amanda Macias and Michael B Kelley (February 19 2015) (Business Insider)

Awash In Opium, Afghan 'Wild West' Slips From Kabul's Grasp
By Jessica Donati and Mirwais Harooni (February 17 2015) (Reuters)

As US Marijuana Legalization Spreads, Mexican 'Mota' Takes A Dive
By Ioan Grillo (February 9 2015) (Global Post)

Fentanyl, Up To 50 Times More Powerful Than Heroin, A Growing Worry In N.J.
By Ashley Peskoe and Stephen Stirling (February 3 2015) (N.J.A.M.)

Mexican Opium Farmers Expand Plots To Supply US Heroin Boom
By Mark Stevenson (February 2 2015) (Associated Press)

Trafficking twins get sharply reduced sentences
By Michael Tarn (January 27 2015) (A.P.)

Chicago twins who helped bring down cartel boss El Chapo to be sentenced
By Jason Meisner (January 26 2015) (Chicago Tribune)

What Ever Happened To The Ad War On Drugs?
By E.J. Schultz ( March 2014 ) (Advertising Age)

In Mexico, Zetas Kingpin's Arrest Is Display Of New Resrained Style In Drug War
By Nick Miroff (July 2013) (Washington Post)

Meth Floods US Border Crossing
By Elliot Spagat ( June 2013) ( associated press )

Two Of Latin America's Deadliest Gangs Join Forces
By Romina Ruiz-Goiriena (April 2012) (Associated Press)

Columbia Lacks Framework For Legal Demobilization Of Armed Groups
By Natalie Dawson (Columbia reports) (November 2011)

Seattle Police Test Taking Drug Offenders Sraight To Treatment
By Maggie Clark ( November 2011 ) (State Line Staff Writer)

Breakthrough In U.S. Drug Sentencing Reform
The fair sentencing act and the unfinished reform agenda
By Kara Gotsch (November 2011) (The sentencing project)

Meth - Clamp down on shipments of raw ingredients
By Steve Sou ( October 2004) (the oregonian)

Ethiopian Rape Victim Pits Law Against Culture
By Emily Wax ( June 2004 ) (Washington post)

At current levels, world heroin consumption (340 tons) and seizures represent an annual flow
of 430-450 tons of heroin into the global heroin market. Of that total, opium from Myanmar and the Lao
People's Democratic Republic yields some 50 tons, while the rest, some 380 tons of heroin and morphine, is produced
exclusively from Afghan opium. While approximately 5 tons are consumed and seized in Afghanistan, the remaining
bulk of 375 tons is trafficked worldwide via routes flowing into and through the countries neighbouring Afghanistan.
(Source - UNODC)


* If Marijuana becomes legal it must be in pill form only, because smoking
causes cancer and you cant sell raw or plant material at the pharmacy. Drug companies would be better off creating
a synthetic or generic version. Also violence against children starts when the parents dont have drugs or they are out
instead of when they have drugs. Legalizing addicting drugs will also break up marriages because their
partner will be with anyone that has drugs

*Eradicate Not Incarcerate
The Mexican and Colombian goverment have almost quit participating in eradication programs
followed by Bolivia, Peru and Guatemala. They claim growers are only going higher in mountain regions and their not
making progress. But this means they are on the run and they should not decrease eradications , they should increase.
These coca growing countries actually get very little money for these programs compared to the cost of crimes
related to drugs in the US. They are claiming that chemical eradication is ruining future agriculture
farm land and that is okay because the US is willing to pay to have it hand eradicated. Agriculture officials
are complaining of bad erosion problems because of the way they leave the proporty - All parties involved
including small farm owners are complaining that they are no programs to help farmers plant and sell their produce or
guaranteed buyers . Now they are claiming that because cannabis is becoming legal in the US and available
in many states why should they eradicate. The only reason cannibis is becoming legal in the US is because the
quality of cannibis coming out of Mexico and Columbia is so poor because they have long concentrated
on coca and poppy that Americans want the high grade cannibis grown in the US and in green houses.
Growing coca is the only means small farmers can keep their proporty and farms going they claim and are constantly
pressuring their goverment to leave them alone or offer financial assistance especially in Bolivia and Peru
where coca growing is legal in selected areas. Its costing Mexican and Columbians jobs not being able to hand
eradicate cocoa plants and maybe replant to stop erosion. Mexico must come up with a better eradication
program and instead of soldiers pulling up coca they should give job opportunities to ordinary citizens and
the soldiers only purpose would be to secure the area for the safty of the eradicaters and maybe concider
private contractors who might bid on each plot to be eradicated.They can make a above average wage.
Eliminating eradication is causing a incredible crime wave in the US

* When the US goverment wants to get serious about getting narcotics out of reach to teenagers they will have
to start enforcing the laws they already have. Multiple prescriptions are currently legal and some pharmacies
dont check for multiple suscriptions and rely on the honor system - These prescription drugs should
never have gotten in the hands of teenagers and there could be litigation against drug companies that supplied
their teenagers drugs and had them incarcerated

* Pseudoephedrine is a poor substitute for ephedrine and was never meant to be abused. It can cause permanent
mental health problems. Whether its from Mexico or America, dont use this type of meth or any other type of drug.
China , India and Germany are the worlds largest manufacturer of (ATS) amphetamine type stimulants. 80% of all
drug arrests in Japan are meth related.

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Smoking and Tobacco Use.
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