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By Brian Miner (editor)

"You Dont Need A Condom - You Need A Kit"

The Problem is you just have half a aids prevention program

This is what a kit would be
American or modern version - (Citizens with running water and heigene)
It is a packet a little bit bigger than a regular size male condom but thicker. It includes a male condom in
one layer. The next layer you have a female condom. It must have a extra wide lip that your partner pulls up
on to have oral sex. With out this lip the womans condom is useless. The purpose of oral sex is not to digest
your partners bodily fluids. Another layer you have two wet towels or towelettes different in color or patern
so they can be disinquished. You dont want to accidently use your partners wet towel after they used it.You can
also make a double in size towelette that has a perforated line in the middle that tears in half.
The last layer you have edible or water based lubricant thick enough so it wont come out until you squeeze
it with your thumb. Condom to condom you need lubricant or they will quickly faulter because there is no
longer any natural lubrication. You open the packet at the tear line and all compartments are exposed.
The lubricant has a small opening at the tear.
The African Version (Citizens without running water or heigene)
Basically this kit is specificly for
African nations that dont have running water or heigene. You may call it the refugee version. Were hoping that
the popularity of the wet towels are going to make these kits a big hit. A quick way to clean or freshing
up morning , noon and evening and try to make these citizens carry these kits if not for the wet towels and
thats what we want, to try to make citizens carry them for any reason we can, day or night. The problem
is, unlike the American or modern version we cant have children in aids stricken communities opening
up condoms in school to get cleaned up for lunch but their going to have to be a part of their life if their
going to survive and get out of this delima. The other issue is the cost of these kits. To be practicle they cant just throw
away the rest of the contents and remember when you open up the modern version all comartments
are exposed. The African version must be packaged differenty. We package a male condom, a womans condom
and lubricant (three layers) in one packet and put this trio inside another packet that includes a
wet towel.Ihe trio could also be in one compartment of a two compartment packet with the towelette in the other.
When you open it the wet towel is exposed but the trio inside is still intact and since their worth money
we dont think it will be thrown away. The tear line on the packet is in the middle so they cant cheat -
take out the trio and roll up the wet towel in the packet and then carry it. The split in two packet would be
to small to roll up or that would be the goal. Elders can give them to their husband , wife or children every
morning and they will bring the trio home and trade it for a new kit. Just because the consumer of the African
or refugee version are impoverished dosent mean manufacturers can skimp on the product in other words
the way that the box looks, the fragrance and size of the towelettes and taste or after taste of the condoms
is very important to make these kits successful and it might be better to do surveys and let their
small communities dictate the product , not their income. These cusomized kits can have aid agencies names on them so
if their sold on the black market they can be reconized and confiscated. These kits are costlier than single male condoms.
Alternative Kit
One male condom. one 8 by 8 sheet of latex or cling wrap type
of material - both sides must be distinquished , two towelettes and lubricant.
You can also make your own kits -
put condoms, towelettes , lubricant, perfume or cologne samples available online in sandwich bags.
Personalize your own kits and have them ready so all you have to do is grab one before you go out.
These kits would be obsolete from the get go. Couples might not take the time to open all these packets but until
kits come out this is the best bet. These kits can also be used by same sex couples but it will take one kit each.
The womans condom is still experimental and come in all shapes and sizes including panty condoms.
No one knows what a womans condom is supposed to look like. Some are down and out right scams, they just put
a regular male condom and put womans on the packet. This might be the reason their not stocked at most
major retail chains and some pharmacies not because of negligence. Woman might have to ask the pharmisist if
they carry them in front of other customers if they cant find them on the shelf and thats not fair to
the consumer. People with infectious diseases have to tell their would be partners and theres a lot of
heart break. Its not easy doing it over and over. Most will not tell you anything. There needs to be a
subsciption condom certified for use against aids so the victim will have a tool they can use to convince their
would be partner that its certified against aids and have a chance at a normal relation ship. Also they might
need a subscription to pay for the condoms because a active couple might use three kits in one session and
that can be expensive and if they cant afford them without a prescripion they might not be used even if they
have a sexually transmittable disease .There are only two female condom manufacturers in the US but they cobrand.
Both companies were inovaters but now they might be holding their industry back. They say their product
is not a novelty in the US , then how come their not on the shelf. The best thing they can do is partner with
male condom manufactuers that have more experience in design. The best bet to get these kits on the market in 15 months
instead of twelve years is to find manufacturers that strickly cobrand or manufacturer the products in their
distributers names and design instead of one manufactuer trying to hoard the product or force other manufacturers
or distributers to do business with them and stopping these kits from being a success. I really think these kits will
modernize the condom industry and get consumers to use them 5% to 7% more but a goal could be 15% .
Theirs a fine line in teaching
sex education at schools. They can tell a man how to put on a condom, but if they teach how to have better sex
the teacher becomes under scrutiny and the lawyers start showing up. Until Now. To cross the line all they
have to do is read the new directions which says
"When the male condom resivour or womans condom becomes full
or over lubricated its time for both partners to change their condoms and you will immediatly get all the
friction back"

We have erased that fine line. Now, do you really want your health teacher , coach ,
school nurse or science teacher talking about your teens love life or would you want a represenitive of the makers
of these kits come in maybe in white lab coats, explain the product , and go thru a approved ruitene that
was developed and practised in front of school officials and real students. They must go over what they can
say and try to have the answers to the top 100 questions that might be asked. If the represenitive
veers off the set program, the health teacher who may be present can step in and get them on the right track.
The health teacher can rate the represenitives for the company. With these new kits, sex education is not
one sided anymore . Both male and female students can now be equally embarist and they never have to face the
represenitive again, unlike their health teacher. These classes can be very lucrative for these kit manufactures.
They can charge up to $300 for a 45 minute session. A good sales slogan can be
"It takes two - condoms that is" or
"I have mine - Wears yours - Oops.

Please Advocate For This New Product

NOTE - since I have been sending this around for some time to condom and towelette manufacturers -
one manufacturer started to make a two compartment packet - they can put a liquid and towelette together in a
two compartment packet - now one is claiming they made a three comartment packet for a customer at a trade show -
currently there is no product that requires a three or four compartment packet.

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