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Gardena, California
Problem : Hemorrhoids

I started drinking the Lingzhi Coffee and the RG/GL capsules and after 2 weeks, my hemorrhoids shrunk. Thank you DXN - The products are really good !

Torrance, California
Problem : Arthritic Pain

I used to have arthritic pain in my knees and back every morning. After taking the Lingzhi Coffee for 2 weeks, there was no more arthritic pain, and no more stiffness. What a relief !

Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Problem: High blood sugar, lack of energy

I had several cups of Lingzhi Coffee at the Main Center in Artesia/Cerritos. I went home late, still full of energy, and woke up early the next morning feeling great, full of energy. The best part is when I checked my blood sugar, it was lower! I'm a believer!

Chino, California
Problem: Food Poisoning

I was in Cebu City, Philippines last November 2001, and I had food poisoning from the hotel food. I took 4 pairs of RG-GL in the morning, 4 pairs in the afternoon, and 4 pairs in the evening. The following morning, I took another 4 pairs and by noon, my LBM and stomach pain stopped. I did not take any antibiotics. I was very much impressed because I had food poisoning 20 years ago, and I took antibiotics for a week before the LBM and stomach pain stopped. DXN's RG and GL really works!

Pagadian City, Philippines
Problem: Multiple gall bladder stone, fatty liver

Before taking Ganoderma: Xray and ultrasound lab test March 16, 2000: Multiple gall bladder stone and fatty liver. After taking Ganoderma: Xray and ultrasound lab test Feb. 6, 2001: Normal hepatobiliary system study. No stone seen within, no thickening of the wall.

Cagayan Philippines
Disease: Brady Tacky Arrythmia

My cardiologist recommended me for heart surgey for pacemaker implant. The cost of the operation is PhP300,000 and since we cannot afford it, my children took me home until we could raise the money for my operation. DXN's RG-GL was introduced to me in April 2000. Ten days after, I feel better and better and I can manage to walk all by myself. I sleep long hour at night. I finally have good health. Thanks for the DXN that extended my life. More powers.

Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines
Disease: Venous insufficiency

In 1997, I underwent Doppler examination of my legs which led to the findings that my femoral veins (big veins of the lower extremities) were clogged (venous insufficiency). I immediately consulted a doctor who advised that the possible solution left would be to pull out the vein from my inguinal area where the clog is located. This would cost PhP 80,000 to 100,000. Afraid of the outcome, I backed out. I was introduced to DXN on December 2000. After taking RG-GL, all my wounds began to heal after 3 weeks. Two months with RG-GL is the answer to my 14 years of pain and suffering. Now, I strongly believe that all DXN distributors are the instruments to bring hope to mankind.

Batangas, Philippines
Disease: Arthritis

On the 4th day of taking RG-GL, to my amazement I felt so good and relieved because I am free from the pain on my joint left shoulder which I was suffering the pain for almost 7 years.

Zamboanga City, Philippines
Problem: 8 years sterility

For eight years, we dreamed of having a child. After taking DXN products, I'm now pregnant. What a great joy. Again, thank you very, very much DXN for this wonderful and unbelievable achievement of our lives. Mabuhay kayong lahat! Disease: Ringworm My brother's 4 year old daughter has been suffering from the skin disease called "ringworm". I recommended him to use the Ganozhi toothpaste and apply it to the affected skin. 3 days later, his daughter's ringworm is gone. Now, her skin is back to normal.

Bulacan, Philippines
Disease: Uterine Myoma

In November 1999, my doctor told me I had uterine myoma. It was hard to live each day knowing that I might die anytime. After taking RG-GL for 5 to 6 months, I had my menstruation, and another 3 menstruations. I noticed the redness and quality seem to be better. Then I noticed the decrease in size and softening of my abdomen, and my skin became smoother and smoother. Now, I feel much lighter and better. I'm thankful to God for the second chance to have more fruitful years with my children and to DXN for providing me this chance to share my experience to others.

Disease: Swollen feet with pus

My name is LEONA MARALLAG. I sprinkled RG capsules on the affected area of Zeny, 3 times a day, which was swollen with pus, and smelly. I gave her 2 capsules 3 times a day, and on the 3rd day, her wound got healed and now she can already walk. More power to the DXN products. It's a miracle, wonderful and very very effective.

OTHMAN B. ANI, 46 years old
Sarawak, Malaysia
Disease: Gastric Ulcer

I have contracted the disease since 1987. Whenever I felt hungry or ate something, I would experience a tight feeling and sharp pain in the stomach. Sometimes there was black blood in the faces. All of these used to be common in my life. I took 1 RG and 1 GL in the morning after breakfast. I continued to take the products following the instruction, second week two pairs, third week three to five pairs and the following week five to fifteen pairs per day. For me taking the products has greatly improved my health. Thank God, I have recovered and since then my appetite has improved. I have put on some weight.

Thousand Oaks, California
Disease : Lower backache, cankersores, bursitis, enlarged prostates.

I bought a small set of the RG and GL capsules. I took a pair of the capsules every morning as soon as I woke up, just to see if it would do "anything" to me. My doctor told me that the only thing to operate on my back. (with some risk involved). After taking the pills for about two weeks I noticed that I could sleep better, because my back pain didn't wake me up anymore. It was still there, however much less severe. My first thought was: oh, just a coincidence, but from that time on the pain became less and less. For the last twenty years or so I always had cankersores in the worst way. The pain was so bad, that sometimes I couldn't eat for several days. These cankersores were part of my life; any remedy I took for it was strictly temporary. I am using the Ganoderma now for about eight months and since day one, I never had these sores again. Before taking the Ganoderma, I used to go to the bathroom about five times a night to urinate. Now, I go only before I go to bed and in the morning as soon as I get up. Today I feel like a completely different person, I feel like I am 20 years younger and now I can do things again that I was unable to do before. I THANK GOD THAT I RUN INTO THIS PRODUCT.

ROY VAN KANTEN, 60 yers old
Fullerton, CA
Disease: Glaucoma

Several years ago my eyesight got worse and worse and I was diagnosed to have glaucoma with a reading of 21/23 about six months ago. A person that has a reading of 30/30 is supposed to be blind, a person with 17/17 and under has good eyesight. After using the Ganoderma for about six weeks, I noticed that my eyesight improved considerably. I can drive now without my glasses and very seldom use them again. I had triple focus lenses. Recently I had my eyes checked and was surprised to learn that the pressure for both eyes had dropped to under 20. Glaucoma is known to be an irreversible disease.


In Malaysia I had the pleasure to talk to a 52 year old gentleman that suffered from Parkinson's disease. Up until about six months ago he was almost totally disabled. He was unable to walk and confined to a wheelchair. His family had to help him during meal times, because he was not able to bring the food to his mouth. Today, after using Ganoderma for almost 18 months, this man can walk by himself again, Although, not totally cured from the disease, he can now move around by himself without any help. He is still shaking and whether he will ever be cured is a question mark, however we know for sure that he greatly improved the quality of his life. To top it all off, his sex drive is also back to its optimum level.

The above testimonials are just some of the thousands we have on file.

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