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Wakelin Ancestors

John Wakelin
Born ?
Overseer of Poor Relief in Allesley
Married Mary? 1771

Children of John and Mary Wakelin

Christened 8th June 1772 at Allesley

Christened January 7th 1775 at Allesley.

Christened 28th December 1777 at Allesley
Died in 1840

Christened November 12th 1780 at Allesley.
Married Mary Smith 7th August 1820 at Fillongley, Warwickshire.
Died 1872 Descendants

Christened April 3rd 1783 at Allesley.
Married Elizabeth Wyatt in 1843
Died 1849 at Meriden

Christened 19th February 1786 at Allesley
Died in 1840

Married Elizabeth Russell 5th April 1801 Descendants this page

Children of Benjamin and Elizabeth Wakelin

Married Hannah Cooks 5th May 1829 at St John, Coventry. Descendants this page

Christened 11th May 1802 - Died 16th June 1802 at Allesley

Christened 28th May 1806 at Allesley

Christened 24th February 1812 at Allesley>
Married William Proctor in 1854.

Christened 24th May 1818 at Allesley
Married Joseph Homer 26th February 1837

Christened 8th March 1820 at Allesley
in 1881 Was married to a Sarah A.
Address 3 Fleet Street, Birmingham. Descendants
Occupation - Wagoner

Children of Benjamin and Hannah Wakelin

Christened 15th August 1830, buried 20th November 1896
Married a Harriet Sheffield in 1853. (born 1828, buried 7th April 1902) Sheffield Ancestry
Address in 1881
Hermitage Lane, Park Cottages, Little Packington
Occupation - Farm Labourer and Cow Keeper. Descendants this page

Christened 2nd March 1834
Married Rosa Blainey in 1864. (died 13th August 1880)
By 1881 was widowed and living in Long Lawford
Ocupation - Carpenter. Descendants

Children of Benjamin and Harriet Wakelin

Born in 1856 in Little Packington
Address in 1881
270 Summer Lane, Birmingham
Occupation - Butcher
Married Ann Elizabeth Smith on 20th June 1882 at Little Packington. Main Page

Christened 18th August 1861 at Little Packington
Employed as a Housemaid in 1881 Census Transcription
Address in 1881 The Rectory, Main Road, Brinklow
Married Charles William Allen on 26th April 1888 at Little Packington. Main Page Allen Ancestors

Christened 7th June 1863 at Little Packington
Employed as a Servant/Nurse in 1881 Census Transcription
Address in 1881
Wyken House, Wyken, Coventry
Married Thomas Poole, on 17th September 1890. Main Page Poole Ancestors and Descendants Gloucestershire Line

Christened 4th March 1866 at Little Packington
Died 29th November 1942 at the Municiple Hospital, Gulson Road, Coventry
Married Charles Poole 8th March 1893
Widowed November 1897. Main Page Poole Ancestors and Descendants Warwickshire Line
Second Marriage to Thomas Powell Mayo in 1909. Probate Record

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