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Date: October 15, 2002

Place: Marina Park, Berkeley, CA

Sponsor: AIChE NorCal Section

1. This is FibroGen located at 225 Gateway Blvd., South San Francisco, CA. 2. This is Gateway Blvd. in South San Francisco, CA. 3. Here's comes the shuttle bus going to Glen Park Bart Station. 4. This is Gateway Blvd. in South San Francisco, CA. 5. This is Gateway Blvd. cor. Oyster Point Blvd. in South San Francisco, CA. 6. This is Highway 101 in South San Francisco, CA. 7. This is Highway 101 in Brisbane, CA. 8. This is Highway 101 in San Francisco, CA. 9. This is Highway 101 going to Highway 280.
10. This is Highway 280 in San Francisco, CA. 11. This is Highway 280 at Diamond Road exit. 12. This is Diamond Road in San Francisco, CA. 13. This is Diamond Road going to Glen Park in San Francisco, CA. 14. This is Glen Park Bart Station. 15. Engr. Armando M. Balajadia at Glen Park Bart Station. 16. Here comes the train going to Richmond, CA. 17. This is Pier in Oakland, CA. 18. This is Highway 680 in Oakland, CA.
19. More houses in Oakland, CA. 20. More buildings and offices in Oakland, CA. 21. More houses in Ashby, CA. 22. More houses in Berkeley, CA. 23. The train arrived at Berkeley Bart Station. 24. This is Berkeley Bart Station. 25. This is the downtown of Berkeley, CA. 26. This is Broadway Blvd. in Berkeley, CA. 27. Here comes the bus going to Berkeley Pier or Marina Park.
28. This is University Ave. in Berkeley, CA. 29. This is University Ave. cor. Seawall Drive in Berkeley, CA. 30. This is Marina Park in Berkeley, CA. 31. This is San Francisco Bay as the Bay Bridge is seen. 32. This is HS Lordships Restaurant in Marina Park. 33. From Marina Park, the offices and buildings of San Francisco is seen. 34. This is the main entrance of HS Lordships Restaurant. 35. This is the function room of HS Lordships Restaurant. 36. This is the bar area of HS Lordships Restaurant.
37. AIChE NorCal Members during registration. 38. AIChE Norcal members during social activities. 39. AIChE NorCal Vice-Chair Tom McVey and AIChE NorCal Chair Dr. Andre da Costa starts the meeting. 40. Introduction of each AIChE NorCal members. 41. AIChE NorCal members are eating the vegetable salads. 42. The waiters are serving the main course. 43. Engr. Armando M. Balajadia with fellow members of AIChE-NorCal. 44. Engr. Armando M. Balajadia takes a shot of champhane. 45. AIChE NorCal Vice-Chair Tom McVey introduced the guest speaker.
46. Dr. C. Judson King, Provost and Senior Vice-President of Academic Affairs in University of California Berkeley starts his presentation entitled "Life in the Fishbowl: Current Issues for the University of California." 47. Dr. C. Judson King continues his presentation. 48. Dr. C. Judson King during the question and answer portion. 49. AIChE NorCal Chair Dr. Andre da Costa gave a souvenier item to the guest speaker. 50. ChE Excellence Awards Committee Chairman Habib Amin gave a plaque of appreciation to the guest speaker. 51. AIChE NorCal Members leave the function room. 52. Engr. Armando M. Balajadia says goodbye to his fellow members of AIChE NorCal.

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