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Q: Do you like to play slot machines, cards, etc. in any casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada?

A: Yes, but I am playing only slot machines and I am not yet playing cards because I don't know how to play cards since when I was in Philippines. I like to watch the shows and events in hotels and casinos. I love to play any kind of slot machines if I have lots of money.

Q: Do you have an idea where is the best casinos here in Las Vegas, Nevada to play slot machines and to watch the shows and events?

A: Yes, in Las Vegas Boulevard because most of the casinos and hotels are located there like Mandalay Bay, Four Seasons Hotel, The Mirage, Bellagio Hotel, Monte Carlo, Flamingo, Excalibur, New York New York, Paris Hotel, MGM Hotel, Tropicana Hotel, Circus Circus, Stardust, Luxur, Imperial Palace, Ceasar Palace, Treasure Island, Stratosphere, and so on. To see the list of hotels and casinos, please visit at Las

Q: When did you visit in Las Vegas, Nevada and with whom?

A: I went to Las Vegas, Nevada many times as follows:

Q: By the way, how's the weather in Las Vegas, Nevada?

A: Well, it's very cold there especially during the month of December. The temperature is 30F during winter period. In summer period, it's very hot there. The temperature reaches to 120F during the month of July. In Las Vegas, Nevada, every houses and apartments as well as offices and establishments should have airconditioning units and heater. It's the law there in Nevada.

Q: Are you lucky to win the games in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Yes, of course. Sometimes I win and sometimes I loose. This trip, I won 500 nickel coins at Aladin Hotel.

Q: Do you have a plan to buy house there in Las Vegas, Nevada because he heard that the houses there are cheap?

Yes, of course but I have to prepare and save lots of money so that I can prepare for downpayment and closing fees. Downpayment and closing fees should be paid in cash. I am going to buy a house at Sunburst Community so that my best friend Marvin will become my neighbor in the future if possible. For me, two or three bedroom house is enough. As of now, the cost of two bedroom house is $ 120,000.00. In the next five years, it is possible that the two bedroom house will be $ 300,000.00. It is better to buy house there if I find a job there which is related to my field of study which is Chemical Engineering. I hope that the American Institute of Chemical Engineers in Nevada Section will help me to find a job there. As of now, I am working at San Francisco Bay Area and I am an active member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers in California Section. Although I am working in San Francisco, California, I will try to prepare the downpayment and closing fee in order to buy house there.

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