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Not without reason.

Two weeks ago i wrote a editorial about Rec's Annoying Members & Habits. The funny thing is it took people a week to even care enough about it. Then they started questioning my reasoning behind it.

According to Mylo:
Well, I think she is a very valuable member to our forum and has contributed a lot of stuff; her time. Also, she has contributed to this thread by giving us a topic to talk about, see? Now stop your fussing everyone! We can't be perfect members who go on and on about how we saved the world or anything! Who cares if you think she hasn't contributed much! I think she is a very good member and helps aid our forum to make it more dynamic. Remember, a great forum is full of diversity!

Now i respect Mylo's opinion, hes a nice guy. Hell i even gave him a warm welcome with his first editorial even if it was a bit on the prozac side. However Mylo fails to realize, sometimes things need to be said to put plans into action. I'm not the kind of guy who sits by and sees something happening and does not do something, then bitches about it. If i have a problem, i fix it. unlike other members on Rec i'm not going to sit here and bitch about it sucking, then say "Well were all good members YIPEE LETS CELEBRATE ABOUT OUR SUPERIORITY!"

Spare me.

I said what i felt had to be said about Alexia. If i see someone not contributing their fare share, i'll make it known. Alexia being a well known female member could've been doing something. I see many members who wish they were as popular as her and try to contribute and nobody gives a shit. so i said she was pointless. she responded and suddenly Kreep ran to protect her. Thanx a lot Kreep, nice to know i'm friends with someone who'd rather sell me out so some girl would talk to him. you don't have to share my views, but you did make your posts seem Anti Apoc more then necessary. But back to Alexia. As i was saying Alexia up until my column served no point. My column comes along and Alexia did the right thing.

She didn't continually flame me, she made a editorial about a well known topic instead proving my editorial wrong. For that she now has my respect. She has contributed something, and is no longer pointless. Thus Rec benefits by turning a negative into a positive.

Now I take pride in having the first editorial here on Rec. I enjoyed it when there was bout 3 or 4 editorials. But now there simply is TOO MANY.

First off too many people give too many thoughts about too many subjects in the already too many editorials here on Rec. Now i understand everyone wants to make a editorial but does everyone need to have a 16 paragraphed one with 16 different topics? No.

People complained about my editorials being too short, well theres a reason for that. I rather keep my editorials on a certain subject, and not keep it where its going to tie up the persons whole day reading it. Siege did a good version of it, bashing various topics etc. I found it humourous, Nas did a ok editorial before that ina simliar style, it was fresh and new. However I would personally like to see a person such as Annis who knows the In's & out's of Rec to talk about Rec. I would like to get a admin's view for once. I'd also like to see a Gemeo column (as long as it holds back on the gun talk).

In closing, 90% of the time i say soemthing, i do not mean it as a insult, i mean it as a challenge which most likely would benefit you. So in that case, Mylo you come in and judge MY opinion on a person? I am not one to be told what i should and should not say or think. If you don't like my opinion too bad, live with it. BEcause you have a hard life (like a lot of people do) does not mean i'm going to sugar coat it to make it easier to swallow. Rec is NOT perfect, Rec is NOT full of good members and nice people regardless of how many times you look in the mirror and tell yourself that.

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