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From the man himself

A look at Season 3 in TKW

When TKW started in April 2002, it was created as a official way to have matches, due to a topic created by me "Rec:The WWF way" which basically was supposed to be a Rec RPG about REC affairs done in a wrestling manner (not so original now are we Mylo). Regardless 2 seasons later we are about to enter the Third Season of TKW.

We left off at TKW with, Indy finally beating Nevel & gaining the TKW World title, Streets retaining the Superweight title against Sully, Solid defeating TGZ in a title vs. title match, acquiring the Hardcore title with his Intercontinental Title. Matt Plenert came out victorious as well.

I'm sure most people wonder what exactly TKW has in store for Season 3. So maybe i'll give you guys some subtle hints (even though myself i am unsure).

Ken helping Malice up in the chamber, was not a one time thing. It is much BIGGER than most can picture.

Nevel may no longer be the champion, however that does not mean he doesn't want his title back. With Koda proving himself in the chamber, Indy's title reign may be in jeopardy.

Two men, who are TKW veterans, both come form backgrounds of not being in the spotlight but sharing it with someone else. However they will have the spotlight to themselves very soon.

Malice may not step in the ring again for quite awhile, but that won't stop him from being involved in TKW's WND'S.

There may be some new faces in TKW, though who is not confirmed.

Legend took a sledgehammer to his back and tapped out to Malice at the last TKW ppv. We didn't see him or a sign of him at the season finale, and we may not see him for awhile yet.

There will be a "special" WND simliar to a certain WWE PPV format, happening within 3 or 4 weeks after the Premiere.

The Kaos Rumble may have a entirely different format this season (due to the complicaitons invovled witht he last one).

That is all for now, this was meant to kick off the TKW columns section. Future columns won't be so kayfabe, but had to hype season three. Thanks, Apoc.