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From the man himself

The Frustrations of Running TKW.

"What are you doing to my character?!", "When do i get to debut?", "_____ sucks why are you pushing that guy?"

For most its something most people post in, go off to do other things and do not think about. Sure WND may only get 20 posts or so who cares right? Most other RPGS hardly get off the ground. Who cares i'll post next week no big deal.

The above is pretty much the shit I go through every week. I deal with people no showing, not posting right, screwing up storylines and plots, putting in a sloppy effort. All of those cause my hair to turn gray. I'm sure to some it may be no big deal, but when you get AT LEAST a message a day concerning TKW and why this and that went wrong or why somebody did not show, it becomes a issue.

Why am i writing this? Because unlike other RPGS TKW is BETTER than only getting 20 posts a WND. TKW has out lived every other RPG for a reason, we were never sloppy, we were precise, effective, and most of all fun. I miss the days of enjoying finishing WND's because it was a 50+ post topic and everyone did what they needed to do and had a good time. When i have to delete matches because nobody gave a shit and decided not to post, that makes me mad.

There used to be a time when i didn't even need to worry about people showing up, i had to worry about cutting back on quality of matches. It sickens me when i hardly ever concern myself with looking at TKW because its been awhile since anyone actually surprised me with something in TKW. Aside from a few it seems like people just post in TKW for the sake of posting. If you don't want to put a honest effort into TKW then don't join it.

"Lighten up Apoc, its just a RPG" you might say, yes that is true, everybody does have lives including me but thats no excuse.You join TKW knowing and accepting that we do count on you posting in it on a regular basis. Its the same with joining any sports team or club, you join for the purpose of participating with other people at designated times and you are expected to participate, despite living a life. For those who say they've been going through busy times in life, and i understand that. I'm busy with school, bodybuilding and hopefully soon a job but I STILL put WND up and finish it. Not many know that during last november i put up and posted in TKW despite my grandma passing away whom i was helping take care of. If i was as lazy as some people TKW would be like every other RPG=Dead.

Obviously not all of TKW is bad, i'm just saddened that its been awhile since i've had something happen that i classify as a "Memory", where something happened that i enjoyed. You often hear the old TKW members talk about the good ole days of when Siege cut that killer promo or when somebody had a great match and fued. I'd like people to step up and try to make some new memories and give me a reason to keep putting up TKW.

Which would you prefer him winning after a classic battle or after someone ended the match and told us about what shouldve happened?