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Rec's Most Powerful Members

Okay i decided to update finally and i figured why not write one on something i was thinking about awhile ago. Who are the most powerful members on Rec?

In wrestling terms it's called "stroke" it means how much pull people have behind the scenes, who they know, who they are friends with, what they can get done. On Rec from my observations things have relatively been the same for past year or so. Sure groups have fallen apart (BMC to a extent TKW) to the point members don't support each other in topics as much as they used to. It used to be if you flamed Zen, chances are BMCites would be on your tail. Or if you flamed me TKW would be on your ass. While things have changed in that aspect this will be more about the more powerful single members.


Now Adminship aside, Blackannis is without a doubt the most powerful female member on Rec. Annis has many on her side due to her being a well liked and respected member of the board, but she also participates in numerous RPGS. While she is rather hard to temper, she does have power to ban somebody for good, and that my friends is powerful.


Prob a "Who" to most new members but he is the man who formed Rec. He almost destroyed it too. I've always considered Bric to be the absintee landlord of Rec. He probably checks in ocne in awhile and nobody knows about it. He could easily push the button and Rec would be gone like that and half the members would not even know who or why he did it.


Now even though he's banned. Maybe some will disagree with me about him being powerful when he was just a member. However to those people i pose to you "How much shit can one guy get away with and be here for that long and NOT have some power?". Ryu was a clever member. He could read most members like a book and knew just what to do and when to back off. For every member who wanted to kill him, there was 10 that wanted to give the guy a high five. Lets not forget Ryu had a certain Admin on his side probably giving him a fair bit of leniancy when it comes to banning.


Perhaps the most intriguing on the list. New members may wonder why he's here however anyone whos been with Rec for over a year knows exactly what i'm talking about. Rec likes to consider Gemeo the cool kid in the class, he came in and trash talked a respected person (*cough*me*cough*) came up with a concept and ran with it(bmc) and made the right friends (blackannis) to ensure he'd always have someone higher up watching his back. Now me and him see eye to eye nowadays but there was simply two sides to a story, Apoc's and Gemeo's. Gemeo had Annis in his corner and I had well no one really (Grey was kind of no where to be found). It wasn't until MrTvirus finally spewed his feelings that things calmed down. Mrtvirus was the admin at the time and finally quit beating around the bush and flat out stated that Gemeo had Annis in his backpocket and thats why he got away with things. I'm sure now that things have changed, but i still consider this guy one of the most powerful members on Rec.


I finally come to THE man. Greyfox when i first joined up was IMO THE admin. He only posted when he needed to , banned nusiances etc. If there has been one man who has done more TO Rec and its members i would say its Greyfox. He's shown that nothing is above him, he's deleted whole RPGs, he's changed his name more times then most people have posted. There was of course a time when Greyfox wasn't the most powerful Rec member, he was sort of limbo for ahwile but returned with a taste for asian cutlture and somewhat habitual interesting topics. My advice to anyone in Greyfox's path. He may appear insane deep down but he does have a goal in mind no matter what cost it comes at. I'm not saying hes a bad guy though, but don't mistake kindness for weakness. This guy gave meaning to the ban button.

Any comments or suggestions you guys can Pm on Rec.