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Current Topic: Member Awards

Okay so Rec had another annual (or rather bi monthly) Member's awards topic. Lets go through the results and i'll give you guys my own insight.

The results for the November Member awards are as follows:
Favourite Male Member: Gemeo. Runners up: Inferno, GreyFox, UNREAL|dave and salamando
Apoc:Okay so Gemeo squeeks this one out. I've been in competetion with the guy for this award for awhile. I'd say he gets it for a few reasons. Firstly he makes his presence known, when you think male members Gemeo comes to mind off the bat. Also he defends his opinion to the end, which a lot of people like, a guy whos die hard about his views. IMO he should've won because his fellownominees aren't exactly on bar for competetion. Now i'm not insutling you guys but has UNREAL|dave done exactly anything for the board? Same goes for Inferno & salamando. You guys are good members but in order to get the award you have to do SOMETHING big (make a RPG, stand up to a pain the ass member etc).

Favourite Female Member: Xine. Runners up: blackannis and adiabatik
Apoc:Okay i'll be honest i talk to ZERO Female members from Rec. At least not in LONG time. Imo Xine deserves it for two things, she does work hard and Annis already has enough of these to wipe her ass with.

Best Admin: blackannis Runners up: GreyFox, Fatal
Apoc:Okay where am i in this topic? Oh yeah i'm not a admin yet. Anyways blackannis will continue to win this one until Greyfox becomes the "good cop" and annis becomes the "bad cop". Fatal i'm unsure of Admin wise, i know she deserves it for the sheer amount of waiting she did, but like with male members shes yet to do anything to be recognized as a admin.

Best Mod: Apoc X Runners up: Joker, Gemeo
Apoc:The Apoc X Award for Outstanding Modship was won by me again. I'll be frank here, other then Me & Gemeo who HONESTLY deserves this? I hardly see any of the other mods do anything other then close or pin their RPG's, and thats like not watching out for the neighborhood unless a criminal steps on your yard. Anyways Thanx for the votes.

Best Newcomer: adiabatik Runners up: :bloodwork:, 50401
Apoc: I'll admit it, i'm not a big fan of new guys but everyone has to pay their dues. This really shouldn't be Best Newcomer, but rather surviving new guy who'll stick around and have more then 200 posts.

Worst Newcomer: KoRnhole Runners up: Redfield, carlos and Duff Man
Apoc:Why do we even have this topic? Your giving these guys credit for being asses...

Idiot of the Year: Ryu Runners up: ssj3 vegitto and Redfield
Apoc:Now this award is questionable IMO, i know people want to make fun of other members but do it in a topic or post. voting somebody for this award is so uncreative. BTW i never had a problem with Ryu personally, but thats because me and him had a mutual respect. He didn't flame me & I didn't flame him. I understand he pissed some members off but i think i shall keep my views on this issue at that.

Member Most Likely to Die Before They Are 25: Ryu Runners up: Fatal, The Kreep, ssj3 veggito, Joker and Gemeo
Apoc:When did this award come about?

Favourite Topic: The CHANNEL Runners up: What Are You Listening To Right Now? and Final Fantasy: A Chronicle of Life
Apoc:In other words, topics that are generally spamfests for people to post in. Final Fantasy: A chronicle of life is perhaps the most flukiest RPG i've seen. It was made by a member whos hardly around yet its still going.

Funniest Member: Joker Runners up: The Fallen and Ryu
Apoc: This should be called the Joker award. I mean the guy flames people with pictures (which IMO are getting a bit old). Don't get me wrong at firs they're funny but when u post the same Sean Connery pic in EVERY topic you post in, it gets old. Its a shame though that the only way most of the time to be funny is to flame people.

Most Missed Member: Ryu Runners up: bricman, Nirv, Destonia, Merc
Apoc: Ryu i can see winning this one. Who misses Nirv? Honestly? How could anyone miss that guy, i swear if he hadn't help create BMC He would've been gone LONG ago.

Most Intelligent Member: Gemeo Runners up: Joker, blackannis
Apoc:Congrats to Gemeo on this one, for more reasons than you may belive. Annis deserves a nod as well, and Joker gets a nod why? Anybody can post a link to humourous images, and provide some common sense once in awhile but thats what Annis is good at, its her gimmick.

Best RPG: Biotechnical Soldiers and Final Fantasy: A Chronicle of Life Runners up: TKW, The CHANNEL and The Matrix: Dual
Apoc:Okay, first off let me say that i believe the RPG board is not what ti once was. It's now just a accuse for people to post shows with little plot development and usually invovles members posting their characters walking down dark halls. Biotech is a except as they are earning my respect little by little by encouraging new members to learn how to RPG is a GREAT idea. Finally a RPG that doesn't want people to join only to spam. TKW i won't get into because mostly everyone knows my views on it. The Channel i've never really read into (had no reason to), and Matrix was fairly good IMO (though i got lost after trying to follow it mid way through, damn matrix nicknames.)

Best Sig: blackannis Runners up: Fatal and GreyFox
Apoc:I won't go into this topic as i really don't care much for sigs.

Best Avatar: Gemeo Runners up: Brad Redfield, UNREAL|dave, Free Man, blackannis and Sapphire
Apoc: Same goes for this.

All in all it was another members awards topic, that was rather predictable IMO, look forward to another one most likely by the end of Jan. Till next time I'll see you guys around.

Any comments or suggestions you guys can Pm on Rec.