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Back from the Dead...or "Real World"

I know its been roughly two months since I wrote a column on Rec but in this one I intend to write jsut on my feelings on various things.

The Lack of Posting.
Okay lets be honest here, i'm sure everyone in REc is wondering "Where is Apoc?", "Why doesn't he post as much anymore?" and "Hes sexy i miss his pictures." Okay well not quite cept the last one may be true for Mylo. Anyways story goes That from December to Late Jan I was in a dilemma involving graduating school where I basically had to bust my ass doing 6 hours of homework on sunday nights to try and qualify for graduation. This meant i didn't have time to run TKW (which i'll go into later), or do much of anything outside the gym & school. Late Jan i also got a job so my free time went to a far away place.
Now I was and still am experiencing the same thing that cost us members such as beloved MrTvirus. However just because I am not posting does not mean I am not watching, so do not count me out just yet. I prefer to watch Rec nowadays then actually take part..I mean what is left for me to do to be honest? We haven't had any spammingfests by vegetable Zombie or anything like that. With serious discussions let back, Rec is constantly improving. Not to mention the leve of debating has gone up as well so I do not feel the need to post my opinion when it is most likely already shared by others.

Lord of the Rec
One of the lesser known Fan Fics but still found to be funny by many, my first fan fic since I joined seemed to be one of the first in the new wave of Rec based Fan Fics. I enjoyed writing it, however Rec is currenlty SWAMPED with that type of stuff and I just don't feel now is the right time to bring it back. However I am glad Rec has looked at the Fan Fiction area in a new light and seen that creative writing will get acknowledgement. Not to mention it ends the Mylo's monopoly.

As most know I left TKW back in early Jan due to the simply tremendous amount of stress I was experiencing. Ken took over and did a comendable job IMO, he worked as hard as he could to ensure TKW kept its heart beating. However he simply could not do it anymore so I volunteered to help out again. Some people do not realize the amount of work that goes into keeping TKW running from week to week. I could not see the amount of work go the way of the dinosaur and just fade away. Perhaps that is what will always sperate BMC & TKW, both require different things. If BMC had a new mission week in and week out I'm sure people would get tired of it fast, so their gaps inbetween misions are benficial. However if TKw did that it would be a complete and utter disaster, as TKW is alot like a frieght train while BMC is a Street racing car.TKW needs to constantly be in motion, developing new characters and angles...Its a complex ordeal. However i would like for members to check out tKw over the coming weeks as some enw changes will be abound as we are coming up on our 2nd anniversary and 3rd "Rings are for Dings" ppv in april.

That is all for now, I would just like to say that although controversy wasn't abound in this editorial like usual, I felt it needed to be said. Apoc X is still around so don't go taking him off the Admin Campaign for 2004 just yet.

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