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This legend in the REC community was once an administrator. Notorious for enjoying the powers that come along with it.

Forever immortalized by his love for Faye Wong.


Nov 29 2004 "I have the tendency to ramble about random things. For example a discussion about the US release of "Hero" for example turned up a reply of why I hate Miramax for releasing it and then go on about why I think that. Which I have done before, and will do again if Miramax continues to do their bullshit. Which they are, so I will keep going. I like talking about this stuff, as it's very interesting. If it's not interesting to you then you don't have to read it."
Nov 30 2004 "No, I didn't want to turn the topic into talking about Faye Wong. I guess my example was just picked at for the discussion. Perfectly alright though, since I don't mind."
28 Jan 2009 Dies, attemping to scale hotel wall to sneak into Faye Wong's window.