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The man that created REC-X.

Has some disease disorder supposedly regarding where his name originated.

Thought to be dead for nearly a year, though like every other REC resurfaces to remind everyone that they are still alive, yet do not bother replying to welcome back posts from former "friends".


?? ??? 2002 Bricman informs REC that his name originates from a disease he has. Bricman rarely appears after this point.
26 Feb 2004 Blackannis officially assumes control over REC3 after the forum is moved to a new host paid for by Annis. Bricman no longer owns REC.
19 Mar 2004 Bricman appears on REC after long abscence, ignores 90% of the people welcoming him back.
19 Mar 2004 Bricman once again leaves REC, presumably to reappear in another year.