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"The Boss"

When Blackannis joined REC1 she was not the first female, however in short time she was the first female to become Admin in a rather short period of time (and leap frogging a few members while at it). She is the longest serving Admin (Nearly 3 years).......


10 Dec 2001 Blackannis joins REC1.
26 Feb 2004 Blackannis officially assumes control over REC3 after the forum is moved to a new host paid for by Annis. Bricman no longer owns REC.
27 Oct 2004 In response to THIA's site design being stolen..:
Annis:: "Christ on a bike, there's a lot of lazy bastards out there. Someone ripped off the layout to this board, right down to the forum descriptions and logos once. I believe they got a bit of a nasty surprise... "