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Rec's Annoying Habits & People #2:
Rec's Urkel's & Screech's Strike Back.

Rec the Comeback Central.

"Rec can kiss my ass, i don't care if i'm banned i'll never be back!"-Typical banned member

Recently there was a discussion between us Mods & Admins on whether or not a certain banned member should be allowed back. This is a big problem with Rec. We are too "nervous nancy" on bans. If someone is banned then they should stay banned. IMO Rec worries too much about who it's friends are rather then just doing something. When PIA was spammed up by certain members intending to mock it, the fact that banning had to be suggested is sad. Bottom line, guys like Merc, smoking gun, etc should not be allowed back PERIOD. Until this is actually enforced for a long time, those people will continue to make accounts and stay and basically abuse Rec until they are "banned" again only to make new accoutns etc. I'm not suggesting Tyranny but this isn't kindgarden, us Super Mods shouldn't have to constantly close and delete topics made by the same members.
(I will admit recently Rec has been quite quiet, and i respect the Admins for a doing a good job so far.)

Pointless Members

You've seen em. They are members who "think" they are important when in reality, nobody could care less. I firmly believe every member should bring SOMETHING to the table, from my observation (which is the best on rec i might add) these members bring NOTHING, and if they do its something we don't really need nor care about.

For every Brad Redfield who makes and submits stuff to the community, there are about 5 Alexia's or nemisis'. Now the reason i suggested the two above is for the reasons that, they have rather high post counts, and they have NOTHING to show for it. Can anyone tell me something productive that nemsiis has done other then claiming to be Bouncer's Bodygaurd? Same goes for Alexia, other then being arguabley the best looking female member on Rec (which is important if say this was a board for pornstars but lets face it, its not.) what has she doen other then make the odd topic whenever a Reese Witherspoon movie or Xtina/Spears album comes out? I mean hey that is important...for a Reese Witherspoon fan board. I'm not syaing every member has to make the next BMC, but give some credibility to yourself so people will at least consider your opinion important. Sorry to break it to you guys but the position of Pointless Member who's opinion deserves a reply is Munje.

Unoriginal, Uninteresting RPGS
"Everyone sign up for my RPG...its about Resident Evil in Racoon City."

To every newbie thinking about creating a RPG based in Racoon City, STOP. Every month one is made, its sad to see the RPg board in the state it is in. You mean to tell me other then the creators of the Long Standing RPGs (TKW, BMC, PIA and Bio-Tech) that NOBODY can come up with SOMETHING other than a spamfest? I guess you can't expect much to show up when all other RPGs fail except spin offs from the spamfest called "The Channel". I remember the days of the ORIGINAL Super Heros (Which I created, not Brad) and was so succesful, actualy stories based on the sueprheros were turned into Fan Fiction. Nirv recevelty made a RPG about Resident Evil going back to world war two. You mean to tell me nobody thought of doing something like that? In order for RPGs to be successful, they need to be original. the whole RE 2 secenario has been done, and chances are its been done better. Think outside the box people.

Well thats it for this edition, we shared a few laughs, shed a few tears and ate some pasta. Feel free to leave a comment.