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The Sinking Ship

Yeah, that's right, I'm leaving. And I'm sure someone is going to read this and say 'well you never post anyway'. Well, Let me tell you why the hell I don't post anymore. And you can call this stupid and immature if you want, but I have a right to state my feelings about what I mean.
This forum has gone downhill, it sucks comapared to how it used to be. And it's true, you all know it.
Half the good members have turned into complete assholes or crazy bitches. The others hardly post, or have left..although I respect those who have stuck around. Idiotic newbies seem to be coming to forums alot lately, which I know pisses everyone off. Some of the bad members don't even get banned..And some members have quite the 'you don't share my opinion, so you suck' adittude.
People flame and spam, some get away with it while others get bitched at.I'd expect some of this crap at other forums, but this place was always different. But now this is just another forum with a bunch of angry people who want people to nag at for no reason at all.
...Yeah, that's basically what my opinion is. I used to love this place...but now I can't say I'll really miss it.
So I guess now the only thing left for me to say is, peace out. Heh you know what? I don't think I mean that..I think I mean something more along the lines of 'Fuck You REC', but that might be considered wrong....not like anyone here would give a shit. Later.


Well now that we have recieved that lovely message from Skydagger let me address this issue.

I've been at Rec for over 2 yers now, so i've seen it go up and down and through twists and turns. So i figured who better then me to address this?

First off lets talk about Skydaggar the person. I never liked Skydaggar, i mean she bitched and bitched. I didn't mind that as who doesn't bitch. What i did not like however was her leaving TKW without notice or any real reason. Maybe it was a sign of foreshadowing, but i find it highly ironic it these type of members who leave.

Sky Dagger NOBODY gave a rats ass about you, why? Because you never gave us a reason to. You sat there and made idiotic posts and never were a team player, that is why nobody is losing any tears over your leaving. If i had it my way i'd have you banned and your posts sent in the moron hall of fame, but i can't....yet.

Now onto the main portion of the topic, talk lately has been comparing Rec to a famous sinking ship whos name rhymes with gigantic.

Here we see a perfect example of what I see going on with certain members at Rec.

Now I here everyone caliming "I miss the good ole days" , but were those good ole days really all that good? From what i recall it was full of bitter rivalries and split Rec into many different "groups". There was TKW , BMC and those inbetween. If you want to see the "good ole days" I suggest you should have seen some of the arguements between admins,mods alike over issues. I don't want those days back, I don't want to have to go on Rec and see how somebody has bashed me in a certain way. I have better things to do then deal with that.

I enjoy the days at Rec. I have a somewhat busy life, so i rather go to a place where I can sit down and although idiotic posts still exist, I don't have to worry about seeing a rival bashing my friends because they are my friends. I want to be able to browse through topics without seeing flame wars beginning over nothing.

The only aspect i miss of the "old days" is the RPGs. Back then RPGs were new, and fun to take part in. Unlike now a great majority of people are lost when it comes to creating new, exciting RPGs. Nowadays no new RPGs have inovation. Lets look at RPGs like BMC (great timing and concept), PIA (great concept, limitless stories) and Bio-Tech who is the only RPG i see that actually offers to help groom future RPG posters, because of that i deeply respect them.

Bottom line is this. Rec still has Greyfox & Annis as Admins (with the new addition of Fatal), we still have the same super mods as always Me, Gemeo, Joker, Leatherface(Malice), Nicholai, MrTvirus and Sketch. So when members say Rec is going down hill, no Rec hasn't gone down hill. Rec has GROWN UP, and you've yet to acknowledge it. If you disagree then i suggest you take a look at the topics being made by MEMBERS, because in reality thats whatt he forum is made up of ..members.

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