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Rec's Annoying Habits & People

The Comebackers

"I'm leaving everyone goodbye."

"Hey everyone i'm back."

(Just about the typical annoying comeback member *cough*Jodark*cough*)

I've been at Rec a long time, 2 years+ so i've seen people come and i've seen people go. I've also seen a lot of topics about members leaving than returning. Now don't get me wrong, i have nothing wrong with going away topics if the member is actually going away. It also helps if its a member Rec would give a shit about (which in itself is a major feat).

I also don't mind if members make a comeback topic after having to leave a long time ago. Hey if you were a prominent member than why the hell not you deserve it.

Than there is the others. Other members who make their entire prupose of being at Rec to be the person who leaves and comebacks in hopes of people giving a shit. They make topic's about

"SOB SOB Bye everyone! OMFG my parents suck i can't go on the net anymore"

(Next week)
"OMFG i'm back everyone! I missed you all!"

The "Hero's" of Rec

"I'm a horsemen! I should get respect in every topic!"

Hey, i know Rec Loves <3 its BMC. I respect the guys who made BMC...okay maybe i respect Gemeo but not Nirv (How appropriate considering he gets on everyone's Nirv's)Now, this may a bit old but does anyone remember when The Horsemen started carrying their characters over to other topics on Rec? Remember how when they did every topic turned from what your mother got for mothersday to a full blown war involving these super soldiers? Thank gawd those days are over.

Last Movie watched....

You've seen it before. Members with this udnerneath their sigs. Where they figure that people that do not know them, most liekly will NEVER meet them and chances are might not even *gasp* care, want to know what movie they last watched, last dvd they bought, what they are currently listening to. I'm all up for people putting what they want in their signature however because one or two people started doing it does not mean YOU have to do it to. Sure its nice to think that maybe, just maybe somebody might care enough to know what was the last movie you watched, but the truth is, they don't.

Its alot like the friend who tells you what they did when they got home from school yesterday, and its not even something special like they went to a concert, its instead they went home and sat and watched Tv. Big deal so does the majority of other people, no need to share.

Stay Tuned for Part #2 of Rec's Annoying Habits & People.

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