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Since 21/2/2004




  SPACIAL            Design all of a part of machine and vehicle like to aero part or
INTEREST:         aerodynamics mostly.

LANGUAGE        Good spoken and written English.

COMPUTER        OS system: Windows XP operating system and lower version and
SKILL:                Unix Linux(Mandrake and Redhat) operating system.

MS Office:          Microsoft office XP and lower version.

Programming:   -Macromedia Deamweaver 6.0 and Flash 5.0
                        -Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and Illustrator 6.0
                        -Microsoft Visual Basics 7.0 and Visual C++
                        -AutoCAD 2002 and Solidworks 2001
                        -Internet and much more.
                        (**All be right to Using and Installations.)

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