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Saturday, 22/11/03 (8:40)
    Ok, here is where i panic! I have a report due on Monday and I have to go to church today plus see "The Cat in the Hat" with my dad, who i dont get to spend enough time with to begin with. I dont know how im ganna get it done. I guess i could stay up and be cranky tom. Hmmm, i guess. Well i have to go to church in about 5 minutes and my dads nagging me to put on my shoes and socks on. So bye!

Saturday, 22/11/03 (8:40)
    I finally got a host :D I can now happily call myself a member of the family (Wo0T!). Im now hosted by the lovely April, who i lurve SO much! Ha Ha, enough of that :D anwyays, ill add my new layout as soon as my hosts server is back online (her host is changing servers so April's the only one who can view her site at the momment) Im kinda pissed off at the momment tho, just cause my PSP isnt working and i had to make this layout all in Photo Impact and MSPaint, which means its crappy, but was time for a change. Anyways i need to get back to updating my site info so i gots ta go!!

Friday, 14/11/03 (8:00)
    Hey everybody. Yes, my site is being updated majorly today. So far i have the "Kristina" section completed and im working on the content for you peeps. yep, thats right =D Stuff for you that doesnt benefit me. Seems kinda weird to me, but as long a your happy. Ha. Anyways, im ganna get back to it. toot-a-loo!

Wednesday, 12/11/03 (7:50)
    Yeah, so i still havn't found the right host for my site. I have a few people i like but i dont like them enough to be like "OMG, yes!!!" There is, however, a few people that i REALLY would like to host me (hint:, but there sites are really different from mine and im too afraid to email them because of that matter. I have a few layout like theres' but im using this one now, and iv grown to fancy it. If you'd like to see those layouts please dont hesitate to ask me =D

Tuesday, 11/11/03 (7:30)
    Hey! This is Kristina. I just got finished making this layout. Its not my best work but its ok. I was having a layout block so i thought about the most important thing in my life, and that, of course, is singing =D So i made a layout that had to do with singing and it rawks so im pretty happy. Im currently looking for a host so if you would like to host me please email me, thanks to all who ask =D Anywho i have to go and post on!