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All Terrain Cycles


In 1970 Honda produced the first All Terrain Cycle "atc" the US90. It had no suspension, balloon tires and a 4 speed automatic transmission.Later Honda brought out the varied transmission with the option with high/Low speed. Honda's atc's motor's began to grow until the 200 cc motor was made. These models were equiped with front shocks, and some had elec. start.In 1981 honda made a break through design that would prove to be surpreme. Thus was the 250r. Legendary "2 stroke" and rear suspension, and a manual clutch 5 speed transmission.In 1983 Honda made the 200es. This model featured a High/Low and Reverse transmission. It also featured shaft drive with elec. start. In 1984 Kawasaki introduced the Tecate. This race atc featured the first liquid cooled 2 stroke. The year is 1985, Honda upgrades the 250r to liquid cooled and honda produces the Big Red 250es. This by far was honda's turning point bike. Featuring 250cc, shaft drive, a detachable light, front/rear suspension, and kick start.Also the little sister of the Big Red, the 250SX was a sport version of the Red. In 1987 The All Terrain Cycle was banned from being produced.

  • 1970 us90

  • 1981 250r

  • 1985 250 Big Red

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