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Airway of Normal and Constricted Lungs. Personal photograph by Unknown Author. Nd.
Adult Administering Asthma Inhaler to Infant. Personal photograph by A Hampton. 1995.
Asthma Attack. Personal photograph by R. Morsch. 1 Sept. 2000.
Businessman Wearing Gas Mask. Personal photograph by M Cauz. 2002.
Chemical Equation of Smog. Personal photograph by Unknown Author. Nd.
Chambord Forest Path. Personal photograph by A. Woolfitt. Nov. 1988.
Construction Worker Using a Jackhammer. Personal photograph by B. Burkhardt. 2000.
Cyclist in Toronto Rush Hour. Personal photograph by P. Souders. 1995.
Diagram of Human Respiratory System. Personal photograph by Health Canada. 6 June 2001.
Globe. Personal photograph by D. Hammond. 1990. Map of 3 Sites. Personal photograph by C. White et al. 2004.
Physcia Millegrana. Personal photograph by S. Sharnoff. 1998
Radiologist Examining X-Rays. Personal photograph by P. Saloutos. 1996
Smog Hangs Over Toronto. Personal photograph by Unknown Author. 27 June 2001.
Smog over Los Angeles. Personal photograph by R. Landau. 1990
Toronto Freeway at Night. Personal photograph by P. A. Souders. 15 Nov. 1994.
Toronto Ring Road. Personal photograph by R. Estall. 1994
Types of Lichens (1-8). Personal photographs by CEW. 2002

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