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 Leap Frog 
Select Password from the File menu
and enter one of the following: 
 dorkt   - Sunset eve 
 parrx   - Pathetic ocean 
 girkt    - Missing-sissy river 
 darzz  - Dirty sewer 
 kuilt    - The evil chef TV show
Lucky Luke
Level    Codes: 
Level 1: Dalton,Lucky,Dalton,Pferd
Level 2: Lucky,Dalton,Pferd,Lucky
Level 3: Hund,Lucky,Dalton,Dalton
Level 4: Dalton,Hund,Hund,Dalton
Level 5: Dalton,Dalton,Lucky,Pferd
Level 6: Pferd,Hund,Hund,Dalton
Level 7: Lucky,Pferd,Lucky,Hund
Luftwaffe Commander
Tip 1
Switching between the full cockpit view (F1) and the 
gun-sight-only view (F4) will allow you to track 
enemy threats accurately on the GCI gauge while still
offering maximum forward visibility. The game's clunky 
padlock view won't permit you to "check six" as 
efficiently as the GCI gauge can, so toggle back to it 
regularly and keep hitting the T key like a demon. 
Tip 2
The huge blind spot behind your plane can be occupied
by an enemy fighter very quickly. It's best to keep 
wagging your plane back and forth when chasing down an 
opponent because one of his wingmen may have slotted 
into a perfect shooting position without your knowing 
about it. 
Tip 3
Conserve your ammo! This is especially critical when
flying the Heinkel in the Spanish Civil War campaign 
because it will often take the entire magazine to down 
a single enemy plane. 
(The damage modeling in the game can be woefully 
Lure of the Temptress
Search for  : 74 01 C3 8B 04
Replace with: -- 00 -- -- --
I 32965
M &Cheats A - C            
  S GameName  A
P A2 Racer 2= write.exe Cheat\a2race.txt 
P A2 Racer 3= write.exe Cheat\a2race3.txt 
P A-10 CUBA= write.exe Cheat\a10cuba.txt  
P A-10 Tank Killer= write.exe Cheat\a10tk.txt  
P A-Train= write.exe Cheat\a-train.txt  
P Abandoned Places= write.exe Cheat\abplace.txt 
P ABC`S Monday Night Football'98= write.exe Cheat\abcm98.txt
P Abe`s Oddysee= write.exe Cheat\abeot.txt 
P Ablion= write.exe Cheat\ablion.txt 
P Abaron= write.exe Cheat\abaron.txt 
P A Bug's Life= write.exe Cheat\buglife.txt 
P Absolute Terror= write.exe cheat\absoterr.txt 
P Abuse= write.exe Cheat\abuse.txt
P Abyss: The Incident at Europa= write.exe Cheat\abyss.txt
P Acelerator= write.exe cheat\acelerat.txt
P Acendency= write.exe Cheat\ascan.txt
P Aces of Aces= write.exe Cheat\aceoaces.txt
P Aces of the Deep= write.exe Cheat\aotd.txt
P Aces Of the Great War= write.exe Cheat\acesfgw.txt
P Aces over Europe= write.exe Cheat\acesoe.txt
P Aces over the Pacific= write.exe Cheat\acesotp.txt
P Achtung Spitfire!= write.exe Cheat\achtung.txt
P Action Fighter= write.exe Cheat\actionfi.txt
P Actua Soccer= write.exe Cheat\asoccer.txt  
P Actua Soccer 2= write.exe Cheat\asoccer2.txt 
P Actua Soccer 3= write.exe Cheat\actua3.txt   
P Actua Tennis= write.exe Cheat\actuat.txt  
P Addams Family= write.exe cheat\theaddam.txt
P Admiral Sea Battles= write.exe Cheat\admiseab.txt
P Adrenix= write.exe Cheat\adrenix.txt
S [ More A ]------>
P Advanced Flight= write.exe Cheat\aft.txt
P Adventure Island= write.exe cheat\adveni.txt 
P Aero Dancing= write.exe cheat\aerodan.txt  
P African Safari= write.exe Cheat\africans.txt
P Afterburner= write.exe Cheat\afterbur.txt
P After Dark= write.exe Cheat\afterdar.txt
P Afterlife= write.exe Cheat\afterlif.txt
P After the War= write.exe Cheat\aftertw.txt
P AG-1= write.exe Cheat\ag-1.txt
P Age of Empires= write.exe Cheat\age.txt
P Age of Empires: Rise of Rome= write.exe Cheat\aoe-ror.txt
P Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings= write.exe Cheat\aoe-2.txt
P Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors= write.exe Cheat\age2thec.txt
P Age of Rifles= write.exe Cheat\ageofr.txt
P Age of Sail= write.exe Cheat\ageofsai.txt
P Age of Wonders= write.exe cheat\ageofw.txt  
P AGF= write.exe Cheat\agf_cht.txt
P Agile Warrior= write.exe Cheat\agilw.txt
P Agressor= write.exe Cheat\agres.txt
P AH-64D Longbow= write.exe Cheat\ah-64dl.txt
P AHX-1= write.exe Cheat\ahx-1.txt
P Airfix Dogfighter= write.exe cheat\airfix.txt 
P Airline Tycoon= write.exe Cheat\airly.txt
P Airport Inc.= write.exe cheat\airpoinc.txt
P Airport Tycoon= write.exe cheat\airport.txt
P Air Bucks= write.exe cheat\airbuck.txt  
P Air Supremacy= write.exe cheat\airsupre.txt  
P Alerion= write.exe Cheat\alerion.txt
P Alright= write.exe Cheat\alright.txt
P Alpha Centauri= write.exe Cheat\alpha.txt
S [ More A ]------>
P Allods: Sealed Lands= write.exe Cheat\allods.txt
P Aliens Vs. Predator= write.exe Cheat\alinvpre.txt 
P Aliens Vs. Predator Gold= write.exe Cheat\alienvsp.txt 
P Alien Breed= write.exe Cheat\ablc.txt
P Alien Breed: Special Edition= write.exe Cheat\absp.txt
P Alien Breed: Tower Assault= write.exe Cheat\alienbta.txt
P Alien Breed 2= write.exe Cheat\alienb2.txt
P Alien Carnage= write.exe Cheat\alcan.txt
P Alien Comic Book= write.exe Cheat\aliencom.txt
P Alien Crossfire= write.exe Cheat\alphaac.txt
P Alien Invasion= write.exe Cheat\alienin.txt
P Alien Legacy= write.exe Cheat\alienleg.txt
P Alien Logic Skyrealms= write.exe Cheat\alienlog.txt
P Alien Nations= write.exe cheat\alienn.txt  
P Alien Rampage= write.exe Cheat\alienram.txt
P Alien Trilogy= write.exe Cheat\alientr.txt
P Alladin= write.exe cheat\alladin.txt  
P Allan Border's Cricket= write.exe Cheat\allanbc.txt
P Allied General= write.exe Cheat\allgen.txt
P Al Unser´s Racing= write.exe cheat\alunser.txt  
P AMA Superbike= write.exe Cheat\amasb.txt
P Amazon Queen= write.exe Cheat\amazono.txt
P Amazon Trail= write.exe Cheat\amatrail.txt
P Amberstar= write.exe Cheat\ambersta.txt
P America: No Peace Beyond The Line= write.exe cheat\america6.txt 
P American Dream= write.exe Cheat\american.txt
P American Deer Hunting 2000= write.exe Cheat\adh2000.txt
P American Online= write.exe Cheat\amerion.txt
PAmerican McGee´s Alice= write.exe cheat\alice.txt
S [ More A ]------>
P Amok= write.exe Cheat\amok.txt
P Amored Fist 2= write.exe Cheat\armorf2.txt
P Andretti Racing= write.exe Cheat\andretti.txt
P Ancient Evil= write.exe cheat\ancevil.txt  
P Angel Devoid: Face of the Enemy= write.exe cheat\anglehin.txt  
P Animanics Game Pack= write.exe Cheat\animangp.txt
P Anno 1602= write.exe Cheat\anno1602.txt
P Another World= write.exe Cheat\anotherw.txt
P Anstoss= write.exe cheat\anstoss.txt  
P Antietam= write.exe Cheat\antietam.txt
P Ants!= write.exe Cheat\ants!.txt
P Android Pinball= write.exe Cheat\andropin.txt
P Angband= write.exe Cheat\angband.txt
P Ancient Conquest= write.exe Cheat\anicient.txt
P Apache= write.exe Cheat\apache1.txt
P Apache Havoc= write.exe Cheat\apachav.txt
P Apache Longbow= write.exe Cheat\apache.txt
p Arcade Fruit Machine= write.exe Cheat\arcadefm.txt 
P Archimedean Dynasty= write.exe Cheat\archcht.txt 
P Archipelagos= write.exe cheat\archipel.txt  
P Ares Rising= write.exe Cheat\aresrisc.txt
P Archimedean Dynasty= write.exe Cheat\archcht.txt 
P ARCserve= write.exe cheat\arcserve.txt  
P Arcy 2= write.exe cheat\arcy2.txt  
P Artic Moves= write.exe cheat\articmov.txt  
P Arkanoid= write.exe Cheat\arkan1.txt 
S [ More A ]------>
P Arkanoid 2: Revenge of Doh= write.exe Cheat\arkan2.txt 
P Armies of Armageddon: WDK 2K= write.exe Cheat\armiesof.txt
P Armor Fist= write.exe Cheat\armor1.txt
P Armor Fist 3= write.exe Cheat\armf3.txt
P Army Men= write.exe Cheat\arymen.txt
P Army Men II= write.exe Cheat\armym2.txt
P Army Men 3: Word War= write.exe Cheat\armym3ww.txt
P Army Men: Toys in Space= write.exe Cheat\armym3.txt
P Army Men: Air Tactics= write.exe Cheat\armymat.txt
P Arsenal= write.exe Cheat\arsechr.txt
P Artic Adventure= write.exe Cheat\articad.txt
P Artin= write.exe Cheat\artin.txt
P Asgardian Wars= write.exe Cheat\asgardw.txt
P Asghan: The Dragon Slayer= write.exe Cheat\asghan.txt
P Asheron`s Call= write.exe cheat\asheron.txt
P Ashes to Ashes= write.exe Cheat\ash.txt
P Assasin= write.exe Cheat\assa.txt
P Assault Rigs= write.exe cheat\assaultr.txt  
P Asterix & Obelix= write.exe Cheat\asterix.txt
P Asterix: The Gallic War= write.exe cheat\asterix2.txt 
P Asteroid= write.exe Cheat\asteroid.txt
P Astro Marine Corps= write.exe Cheat\astromc.txt  
P Astrorock 2000= write.exe Cheat\astro.txt  
P Asura Puzzle Patlabor Series= write.exe cheat\asura.txt  
P Asylum= write.exe Cheat\asylum.txt
P Atari Greatest Hits= write.exe Cheat\atari.txt  
P ATF Gold= write.exe Cheat\atfgold.txt  
P ATF NATO Fighters= write.exe Cheat\atfnf.txt  
P Atlantis 2= write.exe Cheat\atlant2.txt  
S [ More A ]------>
P Atomic Bomberman= write.exe Cheat\atombomb.txt  
P Atomic Robokid= write.exe cheat\atomrobo.txt  
P Atomino= write.exe Cheat\atomino.txt  
P Atomix= write.exe Cheat\atomix.txt
P Autobahn Raser= write.exe Cheat\atras.txt  
P Australian Rugby League '96= write.exe Cheat\austrl96.txt  
P Avoid The Noid= write.exe Cheat\avoidtn.txt
P Avery Cardoza´s Casino 2000= write.exe Cheat\averyca.txt
P Awesome= write.exe Cheat\awesome.txt
P Axelerator= write.exe Cheat\axeler.txt  
P Axis= write.exe Cheat\axis.txt  
P Axis & Allies= write.exe Cheat\axisa.txt  
 S GameName  B 
P BackTrack= write.exe Cheat\backtrac.txt
P Back To the Future 2= write.exe Cheat\backtof2.txt
P Back To the Future 3= write.exe Cheat\backtof3.txt
P Backyard Baseball= write.exe Cheat\backyard.txt
P Backyard Baseball 2001= write.exe Cheat\backyar1.txt
P Backyard Football= write.exe cheat\backfoot.txt  
P Backyard Soccer= write.exe cheat\backsoc.txt  
P Bad Dudes= write.exe Cheat\baddudes.txt
P Baldies= write.exe Cheat\baldies.txt
P Baldur's Gate= write.exe Cheat\baldur.txt
P Baldur's Gate: Tales of ...= write.exe Cheat\bgateadd.txt
P Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn=write.exe Cheat\baldur2.txt
P Ballerena= write.exe Cheat\balleren.txt
P Balls of Steel= write.exe Cheat\ballsos.txt 
P Bambuzle= write.exe Cheat\bambuzle.txt
P Bananoid= write.exe Cheat\bananoid.txt
P Bang! Gunship Elite= write.exe Cheat\bang!.txt
P Banshee= write.exe Cheat\banshe.txt
P Bap!= write.exe Cheat\bap.txt 
P Bard's Tale 3= write.exe Cheat\bardt3.txt
P Barrage= write.exe Cheat\baraghex.txt 
P Bassmaster 2000= write.exe cheat\bm2000.txt  
P Bass Landing= write.exe cheat\bassland.txt 
P Batman Forever= write.exe Cheat\batmanf.txt
P Batman:The Movie= write.exe Cheat\batmovie.txt 
P Battle Beast= write.exe Cheat\battlebe.txt
P Battle Chess: Capture the Queen= write.exe Cheat\bcctq.txt
P BattleHawks 1942= write.exe Cheat\bathawks.txt 
P Battle Isle´93= write.exe Cheat\battle93.txt
P Battle Isle: The Andosia War= write.exe Cheat\battleit.txt 
P Battle Isle 3= write.exe Cheat\battlei3.txt 
P BattleZone= write.exe Cheat\bzn.txt 
 S [ More B ]------>
P BattleZone: The Red Odysee= write.exe Cheat\bztro.txt 
P Battle Zone 2= write.exe cheat\battlez2.txt  
P Battle Arena Toshinden= write.exe Cheat\bat1.txt
P Battle Arena Toshinden 2= write.exe Cheat\bat2.txt
P Battledrome= write.exe Cheat\battdrom.txt
P Battleground: Gettysburg= write.exe Cheat\batgetty.txt
P Battleground 3: Waterloo= write.exe Cheat\battle3.txt
P Battleground 6: Napoleon in Russia= write.exe Cheat\battle6.txt
P Battleground 9: Chickamauga= write.exe Cheat\baattle.txt
P Battle of Britain= write.exe Cheat\battleb.txt 
P Battle Squadron= write.exe Cheat\battlesq.txt
P Battletech: The Crescent Hawk's Inception= write.exe Cheat\battletc.txt
P Battle Valley= write.exe Cheat\battvall.txt
P BearStormin'= write.exe Cheat\bearstor.txt
P Beach Volleyball= write.exe Cheat\bvolly.txt
P Beach Head 2000= write.exe Cheat\beachh20.txt
P Beast + Bumpkin= write.exe Cheat\bandb.txt
P Beavis + Butt-Head Do U= write.exe Cheat\beauvis.txt
P Beauvis + Butthead in Virtual Stupidity= write.exe cheat\beabutvs.txt  
P Beast Wars= write.exe cheat\beastwar.txt  
P Bedlam= write.exe Cheat\bedlam.txt 
P Bedlam 2= write.exe Cheat\bedlam2.txt 
P Beer= write.exe Cheat\beer.txt
P Beetle= write.exe Cheat\beatcode.txt
P Beetle Bugin= write.exe Cheat\beetlebu.txt
P Beetle Cup Crazy= write.exe Cheat\beetlecc.txt
P Beetle Juice= write.exe Cheat\beetleju.txt
P Bernie Boulder= write.exe Cheat\bernib.txt
P Betrayal at Krondor = write.exe Cheat\beatkr.txt
 S [ More B ]------>
P Betrayal In Antara = write.exe Cheat\bia.txt
P Beyond Atlantis= write.exe Cheat\beyondat.txt
P B-Hunter= write.exe Cheat\bhunt.txt
P Better Dead than Alien= write.exe Cheat\betterde.txt
P Big Red Racing= write.exe Cheat\bigredr.txt 
P Bio-Challenge= write.exe Cheat\biochall.txt
P Bio Menace= write.exe Cheat\biomen.txt
P Bionic Commando= write.exe Cheat\bionic.txt
P Biosys= write.exe cheat\biosys.txt  
P Birthright= write.exe Cheat\bith.txt 
P Bird Hunter: Waterfall Edition= write.exe Cheat\birdhunt.txt
P Bird Hunter: Wild Wings Edition= write.exe Cheat\birdhww.txt
P Bird Hunter: Upland Edition= write.exe Cheat\birdhue.txt
P Bladerunner= write.exe Cheat\bladrunn.txt
P Blackstone Chronicles= write.exe Cheat\blackst.txt
P Black Dahlia= write.exe Cheat\bda.txt 
P Black Stone= write.exe Cheat\blackstn.txt 
P Black Throne= write.exe Cheat\blackthr.txt
P Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr= write.exe Cheat\blairw.txt 
P Blair Witch Volume 2: Coffin Rock= write.exe Cheat\blair2.txt 
P Blair Witch Volume 3: Elly Kedward= write.exe Cheat\blair3.txt 
P Blam! Machine Head= write.exe Cheat\blam.txt 
P Blaster= write.exe cheat\blaster.txt  
P Bleifuss Fun= write.exe Cheat\bleif.txt
P Bleifuss 2= write.exe Cheat\bleif2.txt
P Blix= write.exe Cheat\blix.txt
P Blitz= write.exe Cheat\blitz.txt
P Blood 1= write.exe Cheat\blood.txt
 S [ More B ]------>
P Blood 2: The Chosen= write.exe Cheat\blood2d.txt
P Blood 2: Nightmare Levels= write.exe Cheat\blood2nl.txt
P Blood Bath= write.exe Cheat\blobad.txt
P BloodNet= write.exe Cheat\bloodnet.txt
P Blood Omen: Legcay of Kain= write.exe Cheat\bloodom.txt
P Bloodsport= write.exe Cheat\bloodsp.txt
P Blood and Magic= write.exe Cheat\bam.txt
P Blowpipe= write.exe Cheat\blowpipe.txt
P Blue Force= write.exe cheat\bluefor.txt  
P Bob´s Bad Day= write.exe cheat\bobbd.txt  
P Boogle= write.exe Cheat\boggle.txt
P Bombuzal= write.exe Cheat\bombuzal.txt 
P Bomb-X= write.exe Cheat\bombx.txt 
P Bonkheads= write.exe Cheat\bonkh.txt 
P Boppin= write.exe Cheat\boppin.txt
P Boarder Zone= write.exe Cheat\boarderz.txt
P Boxworld= write.exe Cheat\boxworld.txt
P Bowlda Fish= write.exe Cheat\bowlda.txt
P Bowling U.S.A.= write.exe Cheat\bowusa.txt 
P Brain Storm Pro= write.exe Cheat\brainspr.txt 
P Brak's Bean Chomper 2000= write.exe Cheat\brakbc2.txt
P Bram Stocker´s Dracula= write.exe Cheat\bramstok.txt
P Braveheart= write.exe Cheat\braveh.txt
P Breakfree= write.exe cheat\breakfre.txt  
P BreakNeck= write.exe cheat\breaknec.txt  
S [ More B ]------>
P Breach 3= write.exe Cheat\breach3.txt
P Brian Lara Cricket= write.exe Cheat\blcrick.txt 
P Bricks 2000= write.exe Cheat\b2000.txt
P British Open Championship Golf= write.exe Cheat\britgolf.txt
P Brix 2 Deluxe= write.exe Cheat\brix2d.txt
P Browning African Safari= write.exe cheat\brownas.txt  
P Browning Duck Hunter= write.exe Cheat\browndhu.txt
P Browning Elk Hunter= write.exe Cheat\browneh.txt
P Bubba`n` Stix= write.exe cheat\bubba.txt  
P Bubble Hero 2= write.exe Cheat\bubblh2.txt 
P Bubble Bobble= write.exe Cheat\bubbleb1.txt 
P Bubble Bobble Nostalgie= write.exe Cheat\bubblebn.txt 
P BuckMaster Deer Hunting= write.exe cheat\buckmast.txt  
P Bud Tucker in Double Trouble= write.exe Cheat\budt.txt 
P Bug!= write.exe Cheat\bug!.txt
P Bughunter in Space= write.exe cheat\bughis.txt  
P Bugraiders: The Race of Kings= write.exe Cheat\bugrairk.txt
P Buick PGA Tour Courses= write.exe cheat\buickpga.txt  
P Bumpy`s Arcade Fantasy= write.exe cheat\bumpyaf.txt  
P Bundesliga Manager= write.exe Cheat\bundesl.txt
P Burnout= write.exe Cheat\burnout.txt
P Business Tycoon= write.exe cheat\bustytcoo.txt  
P Bust-A-Move 2= write.exe Cheat\bam2ae.txt
P Bust-A-Move 4= write.exe cheat\bustam4.txt  
P B-Wing= write.exe Cheat\b-wing.txt
P B-17 Flying Fortress= write.exe Cheat\b17ff.txt
P B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th= write.exe cheat\b17ff2.txt 
 S GameName  C
P Cabela's Big Game Hunter= write.exe Cheat\cabellbi.txt
P Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2= write.exe Cheat\bighunt2.txt
P Cabela's Big Game Hunter 3= write.exe Cheat\cabel3.txt
P Cadillacs and Dinosaurs= write.exe Cheat\caddin.txt
P Caesar= write.exe Cheat\cae1.txt
P Caesar 2= write.exe Cheat\cae2.txt
P Caesar 3= write.exe Cheat\cae3.txt
P Caesar`s Palace 2000= write.exe Cheat\caesars.txt
P Caesar`s Palace Video Poker= write.exe Cheat\caesapal.txt
P Campain 1776= write.exe cheat\campaign.txt  
P Cannon Fodder 2= write.exe Cheat\cann2.txt
P Capitalism= write.exe cheat\capitali.txt  
P Capitalism Plus= write.exe Cheat\cpcht.txt
P Capone= write.exe Cheat\capone.txt
P Carl Lewis Olympic Challenge= write.exe Cheat\carllew.txt
P Carmageddon= write.exe Cheat\carma.txt
P Carmageddon: Splat Pack= write.exe Cheat\carmagsp.txt
P Carmageddon TDR 2000= write.exe Cheat\carmatdr.txt
P Carmageddon 2= write.exe Cheat\carmag2.txt
P Carnage Inc.= write.exe Cheat\carag.txt
P Car-Vup= write.exe Cheat\caryup.txt 
P Carrier Strike= write.exe Cheat\carrie.txt
P Carnivores= write.exe Cheat\carnivor.txt
P Carnivores: Ice Ages= write.exe Cheat\carnivo3.txt
P Carnivores 2= write.exe Cheat\carnivo2.txt
P Cart Precision Racing= write.exe Cheat\cartprec.txt
S [ More C ]------>
P Casino Deluxe 2= write.exe Cheat\casdelu2.txt
P Castle Blackheart= write.exe Cheat\castlebl.txt
P Castle Master= write.exe Cheat\castlema.txt
P Castle of the Winds= write.exe Cheat\castwhex.txt 
P Cast Out= write.exe cheat\castout.txt  
P Catabomb Abyss= write.exe Cheat\catacomb.txt 
P Cataclysm= write.exe cheat\catacly.txt  
P Catechumen= write.exe Cheat\catec.txt
P Catfight= write.exe Cheat\catfight.txt
P Caverns= write.exe Cheat\caverns.txt
P Centerfold Squares= write.exe Cheat\centerfo.txt
P Centipede 3D= write.exe Cheat\cent3d.txt
P Chaos Engine= write.exe Cheat\chaosen.txt
P Chaos Island: The lost World= write.exe Cheat\cilost.txt
P Chaos Overlords= write.exe Cheat\chaosov.txt
P Chariots of Wrath= write.exe Cheat\chariots.txt
P Chase Ace 2= write.exe Cheat\chasea2.txt
P Chasm= write.exe Cheat\chasm.txt
P Chamionship Bass= write.exe Cheat\champbas.txt
P Championship Manager 2= write.exe Cheat\campm2.txt
P Championship Manager 3= write.exe Cheat\campm3.txt
P Championship Manager 97/98= write.exe Cheat\champ98.txt
P Championship Manager Season 99/2000= write.exe cheat\cms9900.txt  
P Championship Manager Season 00/01= write.exe cheat\cms0001.txt  
P Chamionship Surfer= write.exe Cheat\champsur.txt
P Chessmaster 7000= write.exe Cheat\cm7000.txt
P Chessmaster 8000= write.exe Cheat\chess80.txt
P Chess Mates= write.exe cheat\chesmats.txt  
 S [ More C ]------>
P Chex Quest= write.exe Cheat\chex.txt
P Chex Quest 2= write.exe Cheat\chex2.txt
P Chicken Run= write.exe Cheat\chickenr.txt
P Chip's Challenge= write.exe Cheat\chipscha.txt
P China: Forbidden City= write.exe Cheat\chinafc.txt
P Chocks Away= write.exe Cheat\chocks.txt
P Chomp!= write.exe cheat\chomp!.txt  
P Chopper Commando= write.exe cheat\chopperc.txt  
P Chuck Yeager's Air Combat= write.exe Cheat\chuckcao.txt
P Chuck Rock= write.exe Cheat\chuckr.txt
P Chronomaster= write.exe cheat\chronoma.txt  
P CivNet= write.exe Cheat\civnet.txt
P Civil War: Blue + The Gray= write.exe Cheat\civ-b&g.txt
P Civil War Collection= write.exe Cheat\civilwc.txt
P Civil War Generals 2= write.exe Cheat\cwg2.txt
P Civilization II= write.exe Cheat\civ2.txt
P Civilization II- Multiplayer Gold=  write.exe Cheat\civ2mpe.txt
P Civilization II: Test of Time= write.exe Cheat\civ2tot.txt
P Civilization: Call to Power= write.exe Cheat\civcallp.txt
P Civilization: Call to Power II = write.exe Cheat\ctp2.txt
P Circuit Racer= write.exe Cheat\circuitr.txt
P Clans= write.exe Cheat\clans.txt
P Claw= write.exe Cheat\claw.txt
P Clockwiser= write.exe cheat\clockwis.txt  
P Close Combat: Invasion Normandy= write.exe cheat\cc-5.txt  
P Close Combat 2= write.exe Cheat\cc-2.txt
P Close Combat III= write.exe Cheat\close3.txt
P Close Combat 4= write.exe cheat\cc-4.txt  
 S [ More C ]------>
P Clouds of Xeen= write.exe Cheat\cloudsx.txt
P Clown O´Mania= write.exe cheat\clownom.txt  
P Club Football: The Manager= write.exe cheat\clubfoot.txt  
P Clue Chronicles: Fatal Illusion= write.exe Cheat\cluechro.txt
P Cobra Missions= write.exe Cheat\cobramis.txt
P Code Blue= write.exe cheat\codeblue.txt  
P Codename Eagle= write.exe cheat\codename.txt  
P Colin McRae= write.exe Cheat\cmrcht.txt
P Colin McRae 2.0= write.exe Cheat\cmr20.txt
P Cold Dreams= write.exe Cheat\cdream.txt
P College Slam= write.exe Cheat\colleges.txt
P Colonization= write.exe Cheat\colonz.txt
P Combat Command 2: Danger Forward= write.exe cheat\combatc2.txt  
P Combat Flight Simulator 2= write.exe Cheat\combfs2.txt
P Combat Mission= write.exe Cheat\combatmi.txt
P Command+Conquer= write.exe Cheat\cundc.txt
P Command+Conquer Gold= write.exe Cheat\ccgold.txt
P Command+Conquer: Counterstrike= write.exe Cheat\cc-c.txt
P Command+Conquer: Covert Operations= write.exe Cheat\ccco.txt
P Command+Conquer: Red Alert= write.exe Cheat\ccred.txt
P Command+Conquer: Red Alert 2= write.exe Cheat\ccred2.txt
P Command+Conquer: R.A.: Aftermath= write.exe Cheat\amath.txt
P Command+Conquer: Firestorm= write.exe Cheat\cc-fire.txt
P Command+Conquer: Tiberium Sun= write.exe Cheat\cc3ts.txt
P Commandos= write.exe Cheat\comd-cc.txt
P Command HQ= write.exe Cheat\commandh.txt
P Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty= write.exe Cheat\command2.txt
P Comanche 3= write.exe Cheat\comm3.txt
P Comanche GOLD= write.exe Cheat\comgold.txt
P Commander Keen Series= write.exe Cheat\commkeen.txt
S [ More C ]------>
P Commander Keen 2000= write.exe Cheat\ckeen200.txt
P Comanche Maximum Overkill= write.exe Cheat\commax.txt
P Comix= write.exe Cheat\comix.txt
P Comix Zone= write.exe Cheat\comixz.txt
P Conqueror 1086 A.D.= write.exe Cheat\con1086.txt
P Conquest Earth= write.exe Cheat\cearth.txt
P Conquest Of the New World= write.exe Cheat\conqnw.txt
P Conquest Of the New World Deluxe= write.exe Cheat\conqnwe.txt
P Contructor= write.exe Cheat\conscht.txt
P Continental Circus= write.exe cheat\contcir.txt  
P Congo: Descent into Zinj= write.exe Cheat\congo.txt
P Cool Croc Twins= write.exe Cheat\cctwin.txt
P Coolboarders 3= write.exe Cheat\coolb3.txt
P Cool Spot= write.exe Cheat\coolspot.txt
P Corporation= write.exe cheat\corpora.txt  
P Corridor 7= write.exe Cheat\corri7.txt
P Cossaks: European Wars= write.exe Cheat\cossac.txt
P Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure= write.exe Cheat\cosmoca.txt
P Cover Girl Strip Poker= write.exe Cheat\covergs.txt
P Covert Action= write.exe Cheat\coverta.txt
P Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn= write.exe Cheat\covertop.txt
P Cow Hunter= write.exe cheat\cowhunte.txt  
P Crash Kids= write.exe cheat\crashkid.txt  
P Crash Kids 2= write.exe cheat\crashki2.txt  
P Crazy Taxi= write.exe Cheat\crazyt.txt
P Creatures 3= write.exe cheat\creatu3.txt  
P Creepers Chrismas= write.exe cheat\creepers.txt  
P Cricket 97= write.exe Cheat\crick97.txt
P Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition= write.exe cheat\c97ate.txt  
P Cricket 98= write.exe Cheat\criket98.txt
P Crime Cities= write.exe Cheat\crimecit.txt
P Crime Does Not Pay= write.exe Cheat\crimed.txt
 S [ More C ]------>
P Crime Patrol= write.exe Cheat\crimepat.txt
P Crimewave= write.exe Cheat\crimewav.txt
P Crimson Skies= write.exe Cheat\crimsons.txt
P Crystal Hammer= write.exe Cheat\crysham.txt
P Croc: Legend of the gobs= write.exe Cheat\croc.txt
P Croc 2= write.exe Cheat\croc2.txt
P Crusader: No Regret= write.exe Cheat\cru1.txt
P Crusader: No Remorse= write.exe Cheat\cru2.txt
P Crusaders of Might and Magic= write.exe cheat\crusamam.txt  
P Crush Deluxe= write.exe Cheat\crushde.txt
P Crystal of Arborea= write.exe cheat\crystalo.txt  
P Crystal Caves 1= write.exe cheat\crystc1.txt  
P Crypton Egg= write.exe cheat\crypton.txt  
P Curse of Monkey Island= write.exe Cheat\cursmi.txt
P Cutthroats: Terror on the High Seas= write.exe Cheat\cutthroa.txt
P Cystal Caliburn= write.exe Cheat\cyrsta.txt
P Cyril Cyberpunk= write.exe Cheat\cyrilcyb.txt
P Cyber Empires= write.exe Cheat\cyberemp.txt
P Cybergladiators= write.exe Cheat\cyber.txt
P Cyberia= write.exe Cheat\cyberia.txt
P Cybermercs= write.exe Cheat\cybermer.txt
P Cybernoid= write.exe Cheat\cybern.txt
P Cybernoid 2= write.exe Cheat\cybern2.txt
P CyberStorm 2= write.exe Cheat\cs2codes.txt
P CyberStrike 2= write.exe Cheat\cys2cht.txt
P Cycloids= write.exe Cheat\cycloids.txt
P Cyclone= write.exe Cheat\cyclone.txt
P CycleMania= write.exe Cheat\cycleman.txt
M &Cheats D - F
  S GameName  D
P Daedalus Encounter= write.exe Cheat\deaden.txt
P Daikatana= write.exe Cheat\daikat.txt
P Daggerfall= write.exe Cheat\daggerfa.txt
P Damage Incorporated= write.exe Cheat\damagein.txt
P Dark Ages= write.exe Cheat\darkages.txt
P Dark Angel= write.exe Cheat\darkange.txt
P Dark Colony= write.exe Cheat\drkcol.txt
P Dark Continent= write.exe Cheat\darkcont.txt
P Dark Earth= write.exe Cheat\dark.txt
P Dark Forces 2= write.exe Cheat\dark2.txt
P Darklight Conflict= write.exe Cheat\dlconf.txt
P Dark Reign= write.exe Cheat\dr-codes.txt
P Dark Reign 2= write.exe Cheat\darkr2.txt
P Dark Rift= write.exe Cheat\darkr.txt
P Dark Seed 2= write.exe Cheat\darks2.txt
P DarkStone= write.exe Cheat\darkston.txt
P Dark Sun: Crimson Sands= write.exe Cheat\darkscs.txt
P Dark Sun: Shattered Lands= write.exe Cheat\darkssl.txt
P Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager= write.exe Cheat\darksunw.txt
P Dark Venegance= write.exe Cheat\darkven.txt
P Data Storm= write.exe Cheat\datastor.txt
P Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX= write.exe Cheat\davebmx.txt
P Dawn Of War= write.exe Cheat\dawnofw.txt
P Days of Thunder= write.exe Cheat\dayot.txt
P Daytona USA= write.exe Cheat\daytusa.txt
P Daytona USA Deluxe= write.exe Cheat\dayusa.txt
P Deadlock= write.exe Cheat\deadl.txt
P Deadlock 2= write.exe Cheat\deadl2.txt
P Deadly Tide= write.exe Cheat\deadtide.txt
P DeathDrome= write.exe Cheat\deathdro.txt
P Deathkeep= write.exe Cheat\deathk.txt
 S [ More D ]------>
P Deathrap Dungeon= write.exe Cheat\ddcht.txt
P Death Rally= write.exe Cheat\deathral.txt
P Death Track= write.exe Cheat\dtrack.txt
P Death Track Racing= write.exe Cheat\deathtr.txt
P Decaption = write.exe Cheat\decept.txt
P Deep Sea Trophy Fishing= write.exe Cheat\deepstf.txt
P Deer Avenger= write.exe Cheat\deeraven.txt
P Deer Avenger 2= write.exe cheat\deerav2.txt  
P Deer Hunt Challenge= write.exe cheat\deerhc.txt  
P Deer Hunter= write.exe Cheat\deer.txt
P Deer Hunter: Extended Season= write.exe Cheat\deerhes.txt
P Deer Hunter 2= write.exe Cheat\deerh2.txt
P Deer Hunter 3= write.exe Cheat\deerh3.txt
P Deer Hunter 4= write.exe Cheat\deerh4.txt
P Delby Station= write.exe Cheat\delbys.txt
P Delta V= write.exe Cheat\deltav.txt
P Delta Force= write.exe Cheat\deltaf.txt
P Delta Force: Land Warrior= write.exe Cheat\deltaflw.txt
P Delta Force 2= write.exe Cheat\deltaf2.txt
P DemolitionMech= write.exe Cheat\demolitm.txt
P Demolition Racer= write.exe Cheat\demolira.txt
P DemonStar= write.exe Cheat\demonst.txt
P DemonWorld= write.exe Cheat\demon.txt
P Denaris= write.exe Cheat\denaris.txt
P Depth Dewellers = write.exe Cheat\depthdwe.txt
P Der Produzent= write.exe Cheat\prod.txt
P Descent: FreeSpace= write.exe Cheat\descfree.txt
P Descent: FreeSpace 2= write.exe Cheat\desfree2.txt
P Descent= write.exe Cheat\desc1.txt
 S [ More D ]------>
P Descent 2= write.exe Cheat\desc2.txt
P Descent 3= write.exe Cheat\descent3.txt
P Descent 3: Mercenary= write.exe cheat\desc3m.txt  
P Descent to Undermountain= write.exe Cheat\desctoun.txt
P Desert Strike= write.exe Cheat\desertst.txt
P Destroyer IV= write.exe Cheat\dest4.txt
P DethKarz= write.exe Cheat\dethkcht.txt
P Destruction Carnival= write.exe Cheat\desc.txt
P Destruction Derby= write.exe Cheat\desderb1.txt
P Destruction Derby 2= write.exe Cheat\dderby2.txt
P Deus Ex= write.exe Cheat\deusex.txt
P Devil Land= write.exe cheat\devill.txt  
P Devil´s Island Pinball= write.exe Cheat\devilsip.txt
P Diablo= write.exe Cheat\diablo.txt
P Diablo Hellfire= write.exe Cheat\diahell.txt
P Diablo 2= write.exe Cheat\diablo2.txt
P Dick Johnson V8 Challenge= write.exe Cheat\dickj.txt
P Die by the Sword= write.exe Cheat\dbts.txt
P Die Hard= write.exe Cheat\dieh1.txt
P Die Hard 2= write.exe Cheat\dieh2.txt
P Die Hard 3= write.exe Cheat\dieh3.txt
P Die Hard Triology 2= write.exe Cheat\dieht2.txt
P Digit - German= write.exe Cheat\digit.txt
P Dilbert's Desktop Games= write.exe Cheat\dilbertg.txt
P Dink Smallwood= write.exe cheat\dinksw.txt  
P Dino Park Tycoon= write.exe Cheat\dinopark.txt
P Dino Crisis= write.exe Cheat\dinocr.txt
P Dino's Quest= write.exe Cheat\dinoques.txt
P Dionakra= write.exe Cheat\dionakra.txt
 S [ More D ]------>
P Diplomacy= write.exe cheat\diploma.txt  
P Dirt Track Racing= write.exe cheat\dirttr.txt 
P Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars= write.exe cheat\dirttrsc.txt 
P Disciples: Sacred Lands= write.exe Cheat\discsl.txt
P Discworld II= write.exe Cheat\dw2mb.txt
P Divine Destiny= write.exe Cheat\divine.txt
P D-Noid= write.exe Cheat\d-noid.txt
P D.O.G.= write.exe Cheat\dog.txt
P Doofus= write.exe Cheat\doofus.txt
P Dodger= write.exe Cheat\dodger.txt
P Dogs of War= write.exe Cheat\dogsow.txt
P Doctor Who: Dalek Attack= write.exe Cheat\drwho.txt
P Doom= write.exe Cheat\doom1.txt
P Doom 2= write.exe Cheat\doom2.txt
P Doom 2 [Deathmatch] = write.exe Cheat\doom2dm.txt
P Doom 95= write.exe Cheat\doom95.txt
P Dominion= write.exe Cheat\doming.txt
P Dominant Species= write.exe Cheat\dominant.txt
P Dopefish Lives= write.exe Cheat\dopefish.txt
P Dope Wars= write.exe Cheat\dopewars.txt
P Double Mind= write.exe Cheat\doublem.txt
P Dracula: Resurrection= write.exe Cheat\dracula.txt
P Dragon Castle= write.exe Cheat\dragonca.txt
P Dragonheart= write.exe Cheat\dragonhe.txt
P DragonFire= write.exe cheat\dragonfi.txt  
P Dragons Lair 3= write.exe Cheat\dragl3.txt
P Dragons Lore= write.exe Cheat\dragonl.txt
P Dragon Scape= write.exe cheat\dragonsc.txt  
P Dragon Sprit= write.exe Cheat\dragonsp.txt
P Drakan: Order of the Flame= write.exe Cheat\drakan.txt
 S [ More D ]------>
P Dreams= write.exe cheat\dreams.txt  
P Dreamweb= write.exe Cheat\dreamweb.txt
P Dr.Brain: Puzzle Madness= write.exe cheat\drbpm.txt  
P Dr.Goo 2= write.exe Cheat\drgoo2.txt
P Dr.Goo 3= write.exe Cheat\drgoo3.txt
P Dr.RipTide= write.exe Cheat\drrip.txt
P Driller= write.exe Cheat\driller.txt
P Driver= write.exe Cheat\driver.txt
P Driving Force= write.exe cheat\drivingf.txt  
P DSF Football Manager 98= write.exe Cheat\dsfm98.txt
P Dschump= write.exe cheat\dschump.txt  
P Druid: Daemons of the Mind= write.exe Cheat\druid.txt
P Duel: War of the Mages= write.exe Cheat\duelwom.txt
P Dukes of Hazzard= write.exe Cheat\dukesoh.txt
P Duke Nukem 2= write.exe Cheat\duken2.txt
P Duke Nukem 3D= write.exe Cheat\duke3d.txt
P Duke Nukem 3D-Atomic Editon= write.exe Cheat\duke3at.txt
P Dune 2= write.exe Cheat\dune2.txt
P Dune 2ooo = write.exe Cheat\d2khex.txt
P Dungeon Hack= write.exe Cheat\dungeonh.txt
P Dungeon Keeper= write.exe Cheat\dungek.txt
P Dungeon Keeper 2= write.exe Cheat\dk2cht.txt
P Dungeons Of The Unforgiven= write.exe Cheat\dungotu.txt
P Dust= write.exe Cheat\dust.txt
P DX-BALL= write.exe Cheat\dxball.txt
P DX-BALL 2= write.exe Cheat\dxball2.txt
P Dynablaster= write.exe Cheat\dynablas.txt
P Dynamite Dux= write.exe Cheat\dynadux.txt
P Dynasty Wars= write.exe cheat\dynaswar.txt  
P Dyter 07= write.exe Cheat\dyter07.txt
 S GameName  E
P E-Motion= write.exe Cheat\emotion.txt
P E-Swat= write.exe Cheat\eswat.txt
P Earth 2140= write.exe Cheat\e2140.txt
P Earth 2150= write.exe Cheat\e2150.txt
P Earthsiege= write.exe Cheat\earths1.txt
P Earthsiege 2= write.exe Cheat\es2.txt
P Earthworm Jim= write.exe Cheat\earthwor.txt
P Earthworm Jim 2= write.exe Cheat\earthw2.txt
P Earthworm Jim 3D= write.exe Cheat\earthw3.txt
P Eastfront II= write.exe Cheat\eastf2.txt
P Eat This= write.exe Cheat\eatthis.txt
P Edd the Duck= write.exe Cheat\edtduck.txt
P Eismann= write.exe Cheat\eisman.txt
P Elf= write.exe Cheat\elf.txt
P El-Fish= write.exe Cheat\elf.txt
P Elements= write.exe Cheat\elements.txt
P Elisabeth I.= write.exe Cheat\elisa1.txt
P Elite= write.exe Cheat\elite.txt
P Elite Plus= write.exe cheat\eliteplu.txt  
P Elite 2= write.exe Cheat\elite2.txt
P Elite 3= write.exe Cheat\elite3.txt
P Emergency: Fighter for Life= write.exe Cheat\emergenc.txt
P Emergency Room= write.exe Cheat\emerg.txt
P Emergency Rescue Firefighters= write.exe Cheat\emergen2.txt
P Emperor of the Fading Suns= write.exe Cheat\emperor.txt
P Empire of the Ants= write.exe Cheat\empireta.txt
P Ends Of the Earth 2= write.exe Cheat\endsof.txt
P Endorfun= write.exe Cheat\endorf.txt
P Enemy Infestation= write.exe Cheat\eneminf.txt
P Enemy Engaged= write.exe Cheat\enemyen.txt
P Entrepeneur= write.exe Cheat\entrpcht.txt
S [ More E ]------>
P Epic= write.exe Cheat\epic.txt
P Epic Brix 2= write.exe Cheat\epicb2.txt
P Epic´s Extreme Pinball= write.exe cheat\eepinbal.txt  
P Epic Pinball Pack 3= write.exe Cheat\ep3.txt
P Epic Silverball= write.exe Cheat\epicsil.txt
P Eradicator= write.exe Cheat\erad.txt
P Eraser Turnabout= write.exe Cheat\erasertu.txt
P Escape from Monkey Island= write.exe cheat\escfmi.txt
P [ODT] Escape Or Die Trying= write.exe cheat\odt.txt
P Esoteria 3= write.exe Cheat\esoter3.txt
P ESPN X Games Pro Boarder= write.exe Cheat\espnsgam.txt
P European Air War= write.exe Cheat\eawcht.txt
P European Championship Soccer= write.exe Cheat\eurocs.txt
P Even more Incredible machine= write.exe Cheat\evenmor.txt
P EverQuest= write.exe Cheat\everqu.txt
P EverQuest: Ruins of Kunark= write.exe Cheat\everq2.txt
P EverQuest: The Scars of Velious= write.exe Cheat\everq3.txt
P Evidence= write.exe Cheat\evidenc.txt
P Evil Dead: Hail To The King= write.exe Cheat\evild1.txt
P Evil Island= write.exe Cheat\evilis.txt
P Evolution= write.exe Cheat\evolu.txt
P Evolva= write.exe Cheat\evolva.txt
P Excessive Speed= write.exe Cheat\exess.txt
S [ More E ]------>
P Exolon= write.exe Cheat\exolon.txt
P Expandable= write.exe Cheat\expandab.txt
P Extreme Assault= write.exe Cheat\extrm.txt
P Extreme Biker= write.exe cheat\exbiker.txt  
P Extreme Boards and Blades= write.exe Cheat\exbab.txt
P Extreme G2= write.exe Cheat\extrem2.txt
P Extreme Paintball= write.exe Cheat\expain.txt
P Excalibur 2555 AD= write.exe Cheat\excal.txt
P Exile 2= write.exe Cheat\exile2.txt
P Exile 3: Ruined World= write.exe Cheat\exil3.txt
P Eye of Horus= write.exe Cheat\eyeofh.txt
P Eye of the Beholder 3= write.exe Cheat\eye3.txt
 S GameName  F
P F.A.Premier League Football Manager 99= write.exe Cheat\fapfm99.txt
P F.A. Premier League Football Manager 2000= write.exe cheat\fapfm20.txt  
P F.A. Premier League Stars= write.exe cheat\faplst.txt  
P F1 Grand Prix Manager= write.exe Cheat\f1gpm .txt
P F1 World Grand Prix= write.exe Cheat\f1wgp .txt
P F-16 Multirole Fighter= write.exe Cheat\f16mrf.txt
P F-1 Racing Simulation= write.exe Cheat\f1-rs.txt
P F-1 Manager 2000= write.exe Cheat\f1man200.txt
P Formula One 99= write.exe cheat\f1-99.txt  
P F-15= write.exe Cheat\f-15.txt
P F-15 Strike Eagle 2= write.exe Cheat\f15se2.txt
P F16 Falcon= write.exe cheat\f16f.txt  
P F-16 Falcon AT= write.exe Cheat\f16falca.txt
P F16 vs. Mig-29= write.exe cheat\f16mig29.txt  
P F/A-18 Hornet 3.o= write.exe Cheat\f18ha.txt
P F/A-18 Hornet: Korea= write.exe cheat\fa18hk.txt  
P F/A-18 Interceptor= write.exe cheat\fa18int.txt  
P F/A-18E Super Hornet= write.exe cheat\fa18esh.txt  
P F-22 Air Dominance Fighter= write.exe Cheat\f22-adf.txt
P F-22 Lightning II= write.exe Cheat\f22.txt
P F-22 Lightning 3= write.exe Cheat\f22l3.txt
P F-22 Raptor= write.exe Cheat\f22rap.txt
P F-29 Retaliator= write.exe Cheat\f29re.txt
P F-117A= write.exe Cheat\f117a.txt
P Falcon 1.0= write.exe Cheat\falcon1.txt
P Falcon 3.0= write.exe Cheat\falcon30.txt
P Falcon 4.0= write.exe Cheat\falcon40.txt
P Fallen Haven= write.exe Cheat\fallenha.txt
P Fallout= write.exe Cheat\fallout.txt
P Fallout Tactics= write.exe Cheat\falloutt.txt
P Fallout 2= write.exe Cheat\fallout2.txt
P Fantasy Empires= write.exe Cheat\fantasy.txt
P Fantasy World Dizzy= write.exe Cheat\fantasyw.txt
S [ More F ]------>
P Faery Tale Adventure 2= write.exe cheat\fta2.txt  
P Fargate= write.exe Cheat\fargate.txt
P Fast Attack= write.exe Cheat\fastatt.txt
P Fatal Abyss= write.exe Cheat\fatalab.txt
P Fatal Fury 3= write.exe Cheat\fatfur3.txt
P Fatal Racing= write.exe Cheat\fatalrac.txt
P Felix= write.exe Cheat\felix.txt
P Field + Stream Tropy Buck´n Bass 2= write.exe Cheat\fstbb2.txt
P Field + Stream Tropy Bass 3D= write.exe Cheat\fst3d.txt
P Fifa Road to World Cup98= write.exe Cheat\fifa98.txt
P Fifa 96= write.exe cheat\fifa96.txt  
P Fifa 97= write.exe Cheat\fifa97.txt
P Fifa 99= write.exe Cheat\fifa99.txt
P Fifa 2000= write.exe Cheat\fifa2000.txt
P Fifa 2001= write.exe Cheat\fifa2001.txt
P Fighter Anthology= write.exe Cheat\fight.txt
P Fighter Bomber= write.exe Cheat\fightbom.txt
P Fighter Squadron= write.exe Cheat\fighters.txt
P Fighting Steel= write.exe Cheat\fightst.txt
P Final Doom= write.exe Cheat\finaldom.txt
P Final Fantasy VII [Game Tips]= write.exe Cheat\finalf7.txt
P Final Fantasy VIII= write.exe cheat\ff8.txt  
P Find the Flag= write.exe Cheat\findtf.txt
P Fire Fight= write.exe Cheat\firef.txt
P First Samurai= write.exe Cheat\firstsam.txt
P Flanker 2.0= write.exe cheat\flanker2.txt  
P Flash Back= write.exe Cheat\flashbac.txt
P Flanker Battle= write.exe Cheat\flankerb.txt
P Flesh Feast= write.exe Cheat\fleshfet.txt
P Flight Unlimited 1= write.exe Cheat\flightu1.txt
P Flight Unlimited 2= write.exe Cheat\flightu2.txt
S [ More F ]------>
P Flight Unlimited 3= write.exe Cheat\flightu3.txt
P Flight of the Amazon Queen= write.exe Cheat\flyota.txt
P Flipper= write.exe Cheat\flipper.txt
P Flippin Heck= write.exe Cheat\flippinh.txt
P Flood= write.exe Cheat\flood.txt
P FLW Prof. Bass Tournament 2000= write.exe Cheat\flwpbt2.txt
P Fly= write.exe Cheat\fly.txt
P Fly 2K= write.exe Cheat\fly2k.txt
P Fly Harder= write.exe Cheat\flyhard.txt
P Flying Heroes= write.exe cheat\flyingh.txt  
P Flying Saucer= write.exe cheat\flyingsa.txt  
P Flying Shark= write.exe Cheat\flingsh.txt
P Flying Tigers= write.exe Cheat\flyingti.txt
P Football Glory= write.exe Cheat\footgy.txt
P Football World Manager 2000= write.exe cheat\fwm2000.txt  
P Force 21= write.exe Cheat\force21.txt
P Ford Racing= write.exe Cheat\fordrac.txt
P Forgotten Worlds= write.exe Cheat\forgotw.txt
P Formula 1= write.exe Cheat\f1.txt
P Formula 1 Champ Ed= write.exe Cheat\form1ced.txt
P Formula One 2000= write.exe Cheat\f12000.txt
P Formula Karts= write.exe Cheat\formulk.txt
P Forever Legend= write.exe Cheat\forleg.txt
P Forsaken= write.exe Cheat\forsak.txt
P Fortunes Of War= write.exe Cheat\fortun.txt
P Fracas= write.exe Cheat\fracas.txt
S [ More F ]------>
P Fragile Alliance= write.exe Cheat\fragali.txt
P Framed= write.exe Cheat\framed.txt
P Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball= write.exe Cheat\ftbhb.txt
P Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharma= write.exe Cheat\freddypf.txt
P Free Cell= write.exe Cheat\freecell.txt
P Freedom: First Resistance= write.exe Cheat\freedom.txt
P Free Enterprise= write.exe Cheat\freeente.txt
P Frogger= write.exe Cheat\frogger.txt
P Frogger 2= write.exe Cheat\frog2.txt
P Frogger 3D= write.exe Cheat\frogger3.txt
P Frontiers: The First Encounters= write.exe cheat\frontfe.txt  
P Frontier: Elite 2= write.exe cheat\fronte2.txt  
P Front Page Sports: Ski Racing= write.exe Cheat\fpssr.txt
P Fugger2= write.exe Cheat\fugger2.txt
P Full Throttle= write.exe Cheat\fullthro.txt
P Fury 3= write.exe Cheat\fury3.txt
P Fusion= write.exe Cheat\fusion.txt
P Future Cop L.A.P.D= write.exe Cheat\futcop.txt
P Future Dimension= write.exe cheat\futuredi.txt  
P Fuji Golf= write.exe Cheat\fujig.txt
P FX Fighter= write.exe cheat\fxfighte.txt  
  M &Cheats G - L
 S GameName  G
P G-Nome= write.exe Cheat\gnome.txt
P G-Police= write.exe Cheat\gp.txt
P Gabriel Knight 3= write.exe cheat\gabk3.txt  
P Galaxy Force 2= write.exe Cheat\galfor2.txt
P Gangsters= write.exe Cheat\gangster.txt
P Game, Net + Match= write.exe Cheat\gamenet.txt
P Ganja Farmer= write.exe Cheat\ganjaf.txt
P Garfield: Caught in TV Land= write.exe Cheat\garfield.txt
P Gato= write.exe Cheat\gato.txt
P Gataway to Savage Empire= write.exe Cheat\gataway.txt
P Gataway to Savage Frontier= write.exe Cheat\gatesav.txt
P Gateworld= write.exe Cheat\gateworl.txt
P Gazza 2= write.exe Cheat\gazza2.txt
P Gauntlet 2= write.exe Cheat\gaunlet2.txt
P Gazillionaire Deluxe= write.exe Cheat\galliond.txt
P Gearhead Garage= write.exe Cheat\gearhead.txt
P Gearheads= write.exe Cheat\gearh.txt
P Gear Works= write.exe Cheat\gearwork.txt
P Geekwad= write.exe Cheat\geekward.txt
P Ged Medival= write.exe Cheat\getmedcc.txt
P Gem Storm= write.exe Cheat\gemstorm.txt
P Gem X= write.exe Cheat\gemx.txt
P Gemini Wing= write.exe cheat\geminiw.txt  
P Gender Wars= write.exe Cheat\genderwa.txt
P Genesia= write.exe Cheat\genesia.txt
P Gene Wars= write.exe Cheat\genewars.txt
P Genocide: Remixed Edition= write.exe cheat\genocre.txt  
P Gettysburg= write.exe Cheat\gettysb.txt
S [ More G ]------>
P GEX: Enter the Gecko= write.exe Cheat\gex.txt
P GEX 3D: Enter the Gecko= write.exe Cheat\gex3dhex.txt
P Ghostbusters 2= write.exe cheat\ghostb2.txt  
P Ghosts `n` Goblins= write.exe cheat\ghostsng.txt  
P Ghouls `n` Ghosts= write.exe cheat\ghoulsng.txt  
P Giants: Citizen Kabuto= write.exe Cheat\giants.txt
P Gladiator= write.exe Cheat\gladiato.txt
P Goal= write.exe Cheat\goal.txt
P Goblins 1= write.exe Cheat\goblin1.txt
P Goblins 3= write.exe Cheat\goblin3.txt
P God Father= write.exe cheat\godfath.txt  
P Gods= write.exe Cheat\gods.txt
P God of Thunder= write.exe Cheat\godoft.txt
P Golden Axe= write.exe Cheat\goldenax.txt
P Goldeneye 007= write.exe Cheat\golde007.txt
P Goldrunner= write.exe cheat\goldrunn.txt  
P Goosebumps: Escape from Horrorland= write.exe Cheat\gbeh.txt
P Goosebumps: Attack of the Mutant= write.exe Cheat\goosebum.txt
P Gorky 17= write.exe cheat\gorky17c.txt  
P GP 500cc 2= write.exe Cheat\gp5002.txt
P Graham Gooch's World Class Cricket= write.exe Cheat\grahamg.txt
P Grammar for the Real World= write.exe Cheat\grammar.txt
P Grand Prix 2= write.exe Cheat\grp2.txt
P Grand Prix 3= write.exe Cheat\grandp3.txt
P Grand Prix 500= write.exe Cheat\gp500.txt
S [ More G ]------>
P Grand Prix Legends= write.exe Cheat\granpl.txt
P Grand Prix Manager 2= write.exe Cheat\grpm2.txt
P Grand Prix Unlimited= write.exe Cheat\grandpu.txt
P Grand Slam Turkey Hunter= write.exe Cheat\grandstu.txt
P Grand Theft Auto= write.exe Cheat\gta.txt
P Grand Theft Auto: Director's Cut= write.exe Cheat\gtadc.txt
P Grand Theft Auto: London 1969= write.exe Cheat\gta1969.txt
P Grand Theft Auto 2= write.exe Cheat\gta2d.txt
P Grand Touring= write.exe Cheat\grandtur.txt
P Grand Tourismo= write.exe Cheat\grantour.txt
P Gravity Force= write.exe Cheat\gravityf.txt
P Greed= write.exe Cheat\greed.txt
P Greg Norman Ultimate...= write.exe Cheat\gnucg.txt
P Gremlins 2= write.exe Cheat\gremli2.txt
P Grid Runner= write.exe Cheat\gridrun.txt
P Grim Fandango= write.exe Cheat\grimfand.txt
P Gromada= write.exe Cheat\gromada.txt
P Ground Control= write.exe Cheat\groundco.txt
P Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy= write.exe Cheat\groundc2.txt
P Gruntz= write.exe Cheat\gruntz.txt
P Gubble= write.exe Cheat\gubble.txt
P Gubble 2= write.exe Cheat\gubble2.txt
P Guerilla War= write.exe Cheat\guerilla.txt
P Gulf War: Operation Desert Hammer= write.exe Cheat\gulfwaro.txt
P Gunlok= write.exe Cheat\gunlok.txt
P Gunman Chronicles= write.exe Cheat\gunmanc.txt
P GunMetal= write.exe Cheat\gunmt.txt
P Gunship= write.exe Cheat\gunship.txt
P Gunship 2000= write.exe Cheat\gs2000.txt
P Guts N Garters= write.exe Cheat\gngart.txt
P Guy Spy= write.exe Cheat\guyspy.txt
 S GameName  H
P H20= write.exe Cheat\h20.txt
P H.E.D.Z= write.exe Cheat\hedz.txt
P Half-Life= write.exe Cheat\hl-cht.txt
P Half-Life: Counterstrike= write.exe Cheat\halflcs.txt
P Half-Life: Opposing Force= write.exe Cheat\halflof.txt
P Half-Life: Redemption= write.exe Cheat\halflred.txt
P Halfway and End Monsters= write.exe Cheat\halfway.txt
P Haegar= write.exe Cheat\haegar.txt
P Hammer Fist= write.exe Cheat\hammerf.txt
P Hamsters= write.exe Cheat\hamster.txt
P HangSim= write.exe Cheat\hangsim.txt
P Hardball 5= write.exe Cheat\hardbal5.txt
P Hardball 6= write.exe Cheat\hardb6.txt
P Hardball 6: 2000 Edition= write.exe Cheat\hard6e.txt
P HardCore 4X4= write.exe Cheat\hardc4.txt
P Hard Drivin`= write.exe Cheat\harddrv.txt
P Hardline= write.exe Cheat\hardline.txt
P Hard Truck: Road to Victory= write.exe Cheat\htrtv.txt
P Hard Truck 2= write.exe Cheat\hardt2.txt
P HardWar= write.exe Cheat\hardws2.txt
P Hardwood Solitaire= write.exe Cheat\hardws.txt
P Hardwood Solitaire 2= write.exe Cheat\hardwarc.txt
P Hare Raising Havoc= write.exe Cheat\harerh.txt
P Harley Davidson= write.exe Cheat\harleyda.txt
P Harley Davidson: Race across America= write.exe Cheat\hdraa.txt
P Harvester= write.exe Cheat\harves.txt
P Have a N.I.C.E. Day= write.exe Cheat\hnice1.txt
P Have a N.I.C.E. Day 2= write.exe Cheat\nice2.txt
P Havoc= write.exe Cheat\havoc.txt
P Hawkeye= write.exe Cheat\hawkye.txt
S [ More H ]------>
P Head Rush= write.exe Cheat\headrush.txt
P Heartlight= write.exe Cheat\heartlgh.txt
P Heart of Darkness= write.exe Cheat\heartod.txt
P Heavy Barrel= write.exe Cheat\heavybar.txt
P Heavy Gear= write.exe Cheat\hg.txt
P Heavy Gear 2= write.exe Cheat\hg2.txt
P Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2= write.exe Cheat\heavymf2.txt
P Heimdall 2= write.exe Cheat\heimd2.txt
P Helicops= write.exe Cheat\helicops.txt
P Helius= write.exe Cheat\helius.txt
P Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller= write.exe Cheat\hellact.txt
P Hellbender= write.exe Cheat\hellbend.txt
P Hell= write.exe Cheat\hell.txt
P Hell-Copter= write.exe Cheat\hellcop.txt
P Hellraider= write.exe Cheat\hellraid.txt
P Helter Skelter= write.exe Cheat\heltersk.txt
P Hercules= write.exe Cheat\hercpass.txt
P Heretic= write.exe Cheat\heretic.txt
P Heretic 2= write.exe Cheat\heret2d.txt
P Heroes Chronicles: Conquest of the Underworld= write.exe Cheat\heroescc.txt
P Heroes Chronicles: Clash Of The Dragons= write.exe Cheat\heroescd.txt
P Heroes Chronicles: Master Of The Elements= write.exe Cheat\heroesme.txt
P Heroes Chronicles: Warlords of the Wasteland= write.exe Cheat\heroesww.txt
P Heroes of Might+Magic 1= write.exe Cheat\hmm1.txt
P Heroes of Might+Magic 2= write.exe Cheat\heros2.txt
P Heroes of Might+Magic 3= write.exe Cheat\heros3.txt
P Heroes of Might+Magic 3: Armageddon's Blade= write.exe Cheat\heros3ab.txt
P Heroes of Might+Magic 3: The Shadow of Death= write.exe Cheat\hmm3sd.txt
P HeXen= write.exe Cheat\hexen1.txt
P HeXen 2= write.exe Cheat\hexen2.txt
P Hexen 2: Portal of Praevus= write.exe Cheat\hexen2p.txt
S [ More H ]------>
P Hexplore= write.exe Cheat\hex.txt
P Hextrix= write.exe Cheat\hextrisw.txt
P Hidden & Dangerous= write.exe Cheat\hiddend.txt
P Hidden & Dangerous: Devil´s Bridge= write.exe Cheat\hiddendd.txt
P Hidden Below, The= write.exe Cheat\hiddenbe.txt
P High Heat Baseball 2001= write.exe cheat\highhb20.txt  
P High Impact Paintball= write.exe cheat\highimpa.txt  
P High Seas Trader= write.exe cheat\highsea.txt  
P Highway Hunter= write.exe Cheat\highway.txt
P Hillsfar= write.exe Cheat\hilsfar.txt
P Hi Octane= write.exe Cheat\hioctane.txt
P Hired Team= write.exe Cheat\hiredte.txt
P Hind= write.exe Cheat\hind.txt
P History Line'14-18= write.exe Cheat\histo141.txt
P History of the World= write.exe Cheat\historyw.txt
P Hitman: Codename 47= write.exe Cheat\hitmanc.txt
P Hocus Pocus= write.exe Cheat\hocus.txt
P Hogs Of War= write.exe Cheat\hogsow.txt
P Holiday Island= write.exe Cheat\holidy.txt
P Home Alone= write.exe Cheat\homealon.txt
P Homesite= write.exe Cheat\homesite.txt
P Homeworld= write.exe Cheat\homeworl.txt
P Homeworld: Cataclysm= write.exe Cheat\homew2.txt
S [ More H ]------>
P Hopkins FBI= write.exe Cheat\hopkins.txt
P Hong Pong= write.exe Cheat\hongpong.txt
P House of Dead= write.exe Cheat\hsedead.txt
P Horror Zombies ft Crypt= write.exe Cheat\horrzfc.txt
P Horse & Musket= write.exe Cheat\horsem.txt
P Hostage= write.exe Cheat\hostage.txt
P Hot Wheels: Crash= write.exe Cheat\hotwc.txt
P Hot Wheels Micro Racers= write.exe Cheat\hotwmr.txt
P Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver= write.exe Cheat\hwstd.txt
P Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver 2= write.exe Cheat\hwstd2.txt
P Hover Force= write.exe Cheat\hoverfor.txt
P Hoyle´ 98= write.exe Cheat\hoyle98.txt
P Hoyle Casino 99= write.exe Cheat\hoyle99.txt
P Hoyle Casino 2000= write.exe Cheat\hoyle200.txt
P Hoyle Casino 4= write.exe Cheat\hoylec4.txt
P Huckleberry Hound= write.exe Cheat\huckleh.txt
P Humans III= write.exe Cheat\humans3.txt
P Human Killing Machine= write.exe Cheat\humankm.txt
P Hunt for the Red Baron= write.exe Cheat\huntfrb.txt
P Hunter Hunted= write.exe Cheat\hunter.txt
P Hunt for the Red Oktober= write.exe Cheat\huntred.txt
P Hunting Game= write.exe Cheat\huntingg.txt
P Hunting Season= write.exe Cheat\hunsea.txt
P Huygen's Disclosure= write.exe Cheat\huyen.txt
P Hybe: The Time Quest= write.exe Cheat\hypettq.txt
P Hybris= write.exe Cheat\hybris.txt
P Hyer 3D Pinball= write.exe Cheat\hyper3dp.txt
P Hyercylces= write.exe Cheat\hypercyc.txt
P Hyperspeed= write.exe Cheat\hyperspe.txt
P Hyerplade= write.exe Cheat\hyperbl.txt
 S GameName  I
P I-WAR= write.exe Cheat\i-war.txt
P Ibid= write.exe Cheat\ibid.txt
P Ibix the Viking= write.exe Cheat\ibixt.txt
P Ice and Fire= write.exe Cheat\icefire.txt
P Icarus= write.exe Cheat\icarus.txt
P Icewind Dale= write.exe Cheat\icewindd.txt
P Ignition= write.exe Cheat\ingitati.txt
P IK+: Chop`n` Drop= write.exe Cheat\ikcc.txt
P Immoral Cumbat= write.exe Cheat\immoral.txt
P Impact= write.exe Cheat\impact.txt
P Imperial Pursit= write.exe Cheat\imperial.txt
P Imperialism= write.exe Cheat\imperal.txt
P Imperialism II= write.exe Cheat\imp2.txt
P Imperium Galactica= write.exe Cheat\impergal.txt
P Imperium Galactica 2= write.exe Cheat\imperg2.txt
P Impossamole= write.exe Cheat\imposs.txt
P Impossible Maschine 2025= write.exe Cheat\im2025.txt
P Indy 3: Action Game= write.exe Cheat\indy3ag.txt
P Inca= write.exe Cheat\inca.txt
P Incredible Toon Machine= write.exe Cheat\incred.txt
P Independence Day (ID4)= write.exe Cheat\ind4.txt
P Independence War Deluxe Edition= write.exe Cheat\iwde.txt
P Independence Wars= write.exe Cheat\inde.txt
P Independence War: Defiance= write.exe Cheat\indeward.txt
P Inferior= write.exe Cheat\inferior.txt
P Infestation= write.exe Cheat\infest.txt
P Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis= write.exe Cheat\ijfa.txt
P Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine= write.exe Cheat\ijim.txt
P Indiana Jones: Last Crusade= write.exe Cheat\ijtlc.txt
P Indianapolis= write.exe cheat\india500.txt  
P Industry Giant= write.exe Cheat\industry.txt
P Incubation= write.exe Cheat\incubat.txt
S [ More I ]------>
P Incoming= write.exe Cheat\inncom.txt
P In Extremis= write.exe Cheat\inextrem.txt
P Inferno= write.exe Cheat\inferno.txt
P Inner Space= write.exe Cheat\inners.txt
P Innernational Cricket Captain= write.exe Cheat\intcc.txt
P Innova Disc Golf= write.exe Cheat\innovadg.txt
P Insanity Flight= write.exe Cheat\insanity.txt
P Interpase= write.exe Cheat\interpas.txt
P Interpose= write.exe Cheat\interpos.txt
P International Rally Championship= write.exe Cheat\intralc.txt
P Interstate 76= write.exe Cheat\is76.txt
P Interstate 76: Nitro Pack= write.exe Cheat\in76nit.txt
P Interstate 82= write.exe Cheat\inters82.txt
P Into The Shadows= write.exe Cheat\intothes.txt
P Into the Void= write.exe Cheat\intov.txt
P Invictus= write.exe Cheat\invictus.txt
P Iron Assault= write.exe Cheat\ironass.txt
P Iron Man/X0 Manowar= write.exe Cheat\ironm.txt
P Iron Man Super Off Road= write.exe Cheat\ironma.txt
P Iron Seed= write.exe Cheat\ironseed.txt
P Ishar 1= write.exe Cheat\ishar1.txt
P Ishar 3= write.exe Cheat\ishar3.txt
P Ixion= write.exe Cheat\ixion.txt
P Ivanhoe= write.exe Cheat\ivanhoe.txt
P Iznogoud= write.exe Cheat\izognud.txt
  S GameName  J
P Jack in the Dark= write.exe Cheat\jackitd.txt 
P Jack Niklaus 4= write.exe Cheat\jackn4.txt 
P Jack Niklaus 5= write.exe Cheat\jn5cht.txt 
P Jack Niklaus 6= write.exe Cheat\jackn6.txt 
P Jagged Alliance= write.exe Cheat\jag1.txt 
P Jagged Alliance 2= write.exe Cheat\jagged2.txt 
P Jagged Alliance 2 [Demo/Hex]= write.exe Cheat\ja2dhex.txt 
P James Bond Junior= write.exe Cheat\jamesbj.txt
P James Pond 3= write.exe Cheat\jamesp3.txt 
P Jammit= write.exe Cheat\jammit.txt 
P Jane's USAF= write.exe Cheat\janeusaf.txt 
P Jane´s F-15= write.exe Cheat\janef15.txt
P Jane´s F/A-18 Simulator= write.exe Cheat\janefa18.txt
P Jane's Fleet Command= write.exe Cheat\janefc.txt 
P Jazz Jack Rabbit= write.exe Cheat\jazz1.txt 
P Jazz Jack Rabbit 2= write.exe Cheat\jjr2.txt 
P Jazz Jack Rabbit 2: The Secret Files= write.exe Cheat\jazz2cht.txt 
P Jedi Knights= write.exe Cheat\jedi.txt 
P Jedi Knights: Mysteries of the Sith= write.exe Cheat\jedimots.txt 
P Jeff Gordon XS Racing= write.exe Cheat\jeffgord.txt 
P Jeopardy!= write.exe Cheat\jeopardy.txt 
P Jersey Devil= write.exe Cheat\jersyd.txt 
P JetFighter Anthology = write.exe Cheat\jetfant.txt 
P Jet Fighter 2= write.exe Cheat\jet2.txt 
P Jet Fighter 3= write.exe Cheat\jet3.txt 
P Jetfighter 3: Platinum Edition= write.exe Cheat\jetf3.txt 
P Jet Fighter 4= write.exe Cheat\jet4.txt 
P Jet Moto= write.exe Cheat\jetmoto.txt 
P Jetpack: Christmas Edition= write.exe Cheat\jetpackc.txt 
P Jet Strike= write.exe Cheat\jetstrik.txt 
S [ More J ]------>
P Jersey Devil= write.exe Cheat\jerseyd.txt 
P Jewels Of the Oracle II= write.exe Cheat\jewelso2.txt 
P JezzBall= write.exe Cheat\jezzball.txt 
P Jimmy W.W. Snooker 1= write.exe Cheat\jimmyw1.txt 
P Jimmy White's 2: Clueball= write.exe Cheat\jimmyw2.txt 
P Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker= write.exe Cheat\jimmywh.txt 
P Joe and Mac= write.exe Cheat\joeamac.txt
P Johnny Bazooka Tone= write.exe Cheat\jobaz.txt
P Jonah Lomu Rugby= write.exe Cheat\jonahlr.txt
P Jordon in Flight= write.exe Cheat\jordanif.txt
P Joshua & Battle of Jericho= write.exe Cheat\joshuab.txt
P Journeymen Project Turbo= write.exe Cheat\jour.txt 
P Jouster= write.exe Cheat\jouster.txt 
P Jugde Dredd= write.exe Cheat\judged.txt 
P JumpJoe= write.exe Cheat\jumpjoe.txt 
P Jungle Strike= write.exe Cheat\junglest.txt 
P Jurasic Park= write.exe Cheat\jurasic.txt 
P Jurasic War= write.exe Cheat\jwar.txt 
P Join Strike Fighter= write.exe Cheat\join.txt 
  S GameName  K
P Kaeon= write.exe cheat\kaeon.txt
P Kaptain Konflict= write.exe cheat\kaptain.txt
P Karate Kid 2= write.exe cheat\karatek2.txt
P Katharsis= write.exe cheat\katharsi.txt
P KA-52 Team Alligator= write.exe cheat\ka52ta.txt
P Ken's Labyrinth= write.exe cheat\kenslab.txt
P KGB - Conspiracy= write.exe cheat\kgbcon.txt
P Kick Off 2= write.exe cheat\kickoff2.txt
P Kick Off 3= write.exe cheat\kickoff3.txt
P Kid Glove= write.exe cheat\kidglov.txt
P Killing Time= write.exe cheat\killti.txt
P Kiloblaster= write.exe cheat\kiloblas.txt
P Kingdom Under Fire= write.exe cheat\kingduf.txt
P King`s Bounty= write.exe cheat\kingbhex.txt
P King of the Beach= write.exe cheat\kingbeac.txt
P King of the Hill= write.exe cheat\kingoth.txt
P King Of Dragon Pass= write.exe cheat\kingodp.txt
P King´s Quest 4= write.exe Cheat\kingq4.txt 
P King´s Quest 5= write.exe Cheat\kingq5.txt 
P King´s Quest 6= write.exe Cheat\kingq6.txt 
P King`s Quest: Mask of Eternity= write.exe cheat\kqmoe.txt
P Kingpin= write.exe cheat\kingpin.txt
P Kingpin: Use Quake II Maps= write.exe cheat\kingq2.txt
P KISS Psycho Circus= write.exe cheat\kiss.txt
S [ More K ]------>
P KKND= write.exe cheat\kknd.txt
P KKND [Xtreme]= write.exe cheat\kkndxtr.txt
P KKND 2: KrossFire= write.exe cheat\kknd2.txt
P Klax= write.exe cheat\klax.txt
P Klingon Honor Guard= write.exe cheat\khg.txt
P Knights + Merchants= write.exe cheat\knighs.txt
P Knights Of Xentar= write.exe cheat\knightso.txt
P Korsar= write.exe cheat\korsar.txt
P Krazy Ivan= write.exe cheat\kivan.txt
P Kroz Series= write.exe cheat\kroz.txt
P Krusty's Super Fun House= write.exe cheat\krusty.txt
P Kung Fu CD=  write.exe cheat\kungfu.txt
P Kwix=  write.exe cheat\kwix.txt
P Kye=  write.exe cheat\kye.txt
   S GameName  L
P L.A. Blaster= write.exe cheat\lablast.txt
P Labyrinth of Light= write.exe cheat\labofl.txt
P Last Bronx= write.exe cheat\lbronx.txt
P Lamborghini American Challenge= write.exe Cheat\lambac.txt
P Lamentation Sword= write.exe cheat\lamensw.txt
P Lamers= write.exe cheat\lamers.txt
P Lander= write.exe cheat\lander.txt
P Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny= write.exe cheat\landlgod.txt
P Lands of Lore III= write.exe cheat\landsl3.txt
P LaserAge = write.exe cheat\lasera20.txt
P Laser Squard= write.exe cheat\lasersq.txt
P Last Action Hero= write.exe cheat\lastah.txt
P Last Bronx= write.exe cheat\lastbr.txt
P Last Call= write.exe cheat\lastcall.txt
P Last City= write.exe cheat\lastcity.txt
P Last Duel= write.exe cheat\lastduel.txt
P Last Eichof= write.exe cheat\lasteich.txt
P Last Express= write.exe cheat\lastex.txt
P Last Ninja 3= write.exe Cheat\lastn3.txt 
P Last Rite= write.exe cheat\lastrite.txt
P Lbid= write.exe cheat\lbid.txt
P Leanardo= write.exe cheat\leanardo.txt
P Leap Frog= write.exe cheat\leap.txt
P Leatherneck= write.exe cheat\leaterne.txt
P Led Storm= write.exe cheat\ledstorm.txt
P Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver= write.exe cheat\locsr.txt
P Legend of Kyrandia III= write.exe cheat\lok3.txt
P Legend of the Lost= write.exe Cheat\legendlo.txt 
P Legend of the Red Dragon= write.exe Cheat\legendrd.txt 
P Legends Of Valour= write.exe cheat\legofv.txt
 S [ More L ]------>
P Lego Alpha Team= write.exe cheat\legoab.txt
P Lego Creator= write.exe cheat\legocre.txt
P Lego Land= write.exe cheat\legoland.txt
P Lego Loco= write.exe cheat\legoloco.txt
P Lego Island= write.exe cheat\lego.txt
P Lego Racers= write.exe cheat\legorace.txt
P Lego Rock Raiders= write.exe Cheat\legorr.txt 
P Leisure Suit Larry 1= write.exe cheat\larry1.txt
P Leisure Suit Larry 1-3= write.exe cheat\larry13.txt
P Leisure Suit Larry 7= write.exe cheat\larry7.txt
P Lemmings= write.exe cheat\lem1.txt
P Lemmings 3D= write.exe cheat\lemm3d.txt
P Lemmings Paintball= write.exe cheat\lemipain.txt
P Lemmings Revolution= write.exe cheat\lemmirev.txt
P Lemmings 2: The Tribes= write.exe cheat\lemmin2.txt
P Les Manley 2= write.exe Cheat\lesman2.txt 
P Les Mans 24 Hours= write.exe Cheat\lesmans.txt 
P Lethal Weapon= write.exe cheat\lethalwe.txt
P Lettrix= write.exe cheat\lettrix.txt
P LHX Attack Chopper= write.exe cheat\lhxchop.txt
P Liberation Day= write.exe cheat\libday.txt
P Lifeforce: TENKA= write.exe cheat\tenka.txt 
P Life Or Death 2= write.exe cheat\lod2.txt  
P Lightbringer= write.exe cheat\lightbri.txt 
P Light Speed= write.exe cheat\lightspe.txt 
P Light Corridor= write.exe cheat\lightcor.txt 
P Links: The Challenge of Golf= write.exe cheat\linkscg.txt
P Links 386= write.exe cheat\links.txt
P Links Extreme= write.exe cheat\linksex.txt
P Links LS 1999= write.exe cheat\links99.txt
P Links LS 2000= write.exe cheat\links200.txt
P Links 2001= write.exe cheat\links201.txt
 S [ More L ]------>
P Lion King= write.exe cheat\lionk.txt
P Little Big Adventure 1= write.exe cheat\lba1.txt
P Little Big Adventure 2= write.exe cheat\litb2.txt
P Little Devil= write.exe cheat\litdev.txt
P Loadstar= write.exe cheat\load.txt
P Lock= write.exe cheat\lock.txt
P Lode Runner= write.exe cheat\loderun.txt
P Lode Runner 2= write.exe cheat\loderu2.txt
P Logical= write.exe cheat\logical.txt
P Logo= write.exe cheat\logo.txt
P Lollypop= write.exe cheat\lollypop.txt
P London C.I.T.Y. 2000= write.exe cheat\londonc2.txt
P Longbow= write.exe cheat\longbow.txt
P Longbow 2= write.exe cheat\longbow2.txt
P Loopz= write.exe cheat\loopz.txt
P Lords of Magic= write.exe cheat\lomcht.txt
P Lords of Magic: Special Edition= write.exe cheat\lordsp.txt
P Lords of Realm= write.exe cheat\lordr1.txt
P Lords of Realm 2= write.exe cheat\lordr2.txt
P Lost in L.A.= write.exe cheat\lostla.txt
P Lost Patrol= write.exe cheat\lostpat.txt
P Lost Vikings= write.exe cheat\lostv1.txt
P Lost Vikings 2= write.exe cheat\lostv2.txt
P Lothar Matthaus Soccer= write.exe cheat\lothar.txt
P Lotus 2= write.exe Cheat\lotus2.txt
P Lotus Espirt Turbo Challenge= write.exe Cheat\lotusetc.txt
P Low Blow= write.exe cheat\lowbow.txt
P Lucky Luke= write.exe cheat\luckyluk.txt
P Lure of the Temptress= write.exe cheat\lureof.txt
P Luftwaffe Commander= write.exe cheat\luftcom.txt
   M &Cheats M - Q
  S GameName  M
P M.A.X.= write.exe cheat\max.txt
P M.A.X.2= write.exe cheat\max2cht.txt
P M1 Tank Platoon 2= write.exe cheat\mitp2.txt
P M25 Racer= write.exe cheat\m25rhint.txt
P MacAttack= write.exe cheat\macatt.txt
P Mac Raiders= write.exe cheat\macrcht.txt
P Mach 3= write.exe cheat\mach3.txt
P Machine Hunter= write.exe cheat\maschinh.txt
P Machines= write.exe cheat\machines.txt
P Madden NFL`97= write.exe cheat\madd97.txt
P Madden`98= write.exe cheat\madd98.txt
P Madden NFL'99= write.exe cheat\madd99.txt
P Madden NFL 2000= write.exe cheat\madd2000.txt
P Madden NFL 2001= write.exe cheat\madd2001.txt
P Mad Dog McCree 2= write.exe cheat\madd2.txt
P Mad TV= write.exe cheat\madtv.txt
P Madspace= write.exe cheat\madspacc.txt
P Maelstrom= write.exe cheat\mealstor.txt
P Mageslayer= write.exe cheat\magescht.txt
P Magic Candle 3= write.exe cheat\magic1.txt
P Magic Carpet= write.exe cheat\magic1.txt
P Magic Carpet 2= write.exe cheat\magic2.txt
P Magic Carpet Plus= write.exe cheat\magicplu.txt
P Magic: The Gathering= write.exe cheat\magicgat.txt
P Magic: The Gathering: Battlemage= write.exe cheat\mtg-b.txt
S [ More M ]------>
P Magic + Mayhem= write.exe cheat\magicmay.txt
P Magic Marble= write.exe cheat\magicmar.txt
P Magic Pockets= write.exe cheat\magicpo.txt
P Magic Theatre= write.exe cheat\magicthe.txt
P Magic Land Dizzy= write.exe cheat\magiclan.txt
P Majesty= write.exe cheat\majesty.txt  
P Major Striker= write.exe cheat\majorst.txt  
P Malkari= write.exe cheat\malkari.txt
P Man at Arms= write.exe cheat\manata.txt
P Manga Games= write.exe cheat\mangagam.txt
P Manic Karts= write.exe cheat\manickar.txt
P Manic Miner= write.exe cheat\manicm.txt
P Mansell's World Championship= write.exe cheat\mansell.txt
P Manx TT Superbike= write.exe cheat\manxsup.txt
P Marathon= write.exe cheat\mara1d.txt
P Marathon 2= write.exe cheat\mara2d.txt
P Marble Drop= write.exe cheat\marbledr.txt
P Marble Madness= write.exe cheat\marblema.txt
P Mario Andretti`s Racing Challenge= write.exe cheat\marc.txt
P Mario Is Losing= write.exe cheat\marioil.txt
P Mars Maniacs= write.exe cheat\marsman.txt
P Martian Gothic: Unification= write.exe cheat\martguh.txt
S [ More M ]------>
P Mass Destruction= write.exe cheat\md.txt
P Master of Magic= write.exe cheat\mastofma.txt
P Master of Orion= write.exe cheat\maorion.txt
P Master of Orion II= write.exe cheat\maorin2.txt
P Math Rescue= write.exe cheat\mathresc.txt
P Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow= write.exe cheat\mmcs.txt
P Max Mole= write.exe cheat\maxmole.txt
P Maximum Pool= write.exe cheat\maximpoo.txt
P Maximum Roadkill= write.exe cheat\maximum.txt
P Mayday= write.exe cheat\mayday.txt
P MDK= write.exe cheat\mdk.txt
P MDK 2= write.exe cheat\mdk2.txt
P Meat Puppet= write.exe cheat\meatpu.txt
P Mean Arenas= write.exe cheat\meanar.txt
P Mean Streets= write.exe cheat\meanstre.txt
P Mech Commander= write.exe cheat\mc18cht.txt
P Mech Commander Gold: Desperate Measures= write.exe cheat\mcgold.txt
P Mechwarrior: Titanium Triology= write.exe cheat\mechttt.txt
P Mechwarrior 2= write.exe cheat\mechw2.txt
P Mechwarrior 2: 31st Century Combat= write.exe cheat\mech2cc.txt
P Mechwarrior 2: Battlepack= write.exe cheat\mech2bat.txt
P Mechwarrior 2: Ghost Bear's Legacy= write.exe cheat\mech2gho.txt
P Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries= write.exe cheat\mech2war.txt
P Mechwarrior 3= write.exe cheat\mechw3.txt
P Mechwarrior 4= write.exe cheat\mechw4.txt
P Medieval 2= write.exe cheat\mediev2.txt
S [ More M ]------>
P Mega Fortress= write.exe cheat\megafor.txt
P Mega Lo Mania= write.exe cheat\megalm.txt
P Megaman X= write.exe cheat\megamx.txt
P Megaman X3= write.exe cheat\megamx3.txt
P Megaman X4= write.exe cheat\megamx4.txt
P Megamaze= write.exe cheat\megamaze.txt
P MegaRace 1= write.exe cheat\megar1.txt
P MegaRace 2= write.exe cheat\megar2.txt
P Megatraveller 2= write.exe cheat\megatr2.txt
P Men in Black= write.exe cheat\mib.txt
P Menzoberranzan= write.exe cheat\menzob.txt
P Mercedes Benz Truck Racing= write.exe cheat\merced.txt
P Messiah= write.exe cheat\messiah.txt
P Metaltech: Battledrome= write.exe cheat\mtbd.txt
P Metaltech: Earthsiege= write.exe cheat\mtes.txt
P Metal Fatigue= write.exe Cheat\metalfat.txt
P Metal Gear Solid= write.exe Cheat\metalgs.txt
P Metal Knight= write.exe cheat\metalkn.txt
P Metal & Lace= write.exe cheat\metall.txt
P Metal Marines= write.exe cheat\metalmar.txt
P Meridian59= write.exe cheat\mer59.txt
P Microsoft Access 2000= write.exe cheat\msa2000.txt
P Microsoft Baseball 2000= write.exe cheat\msb2000.txt
P Microsoft Baseball 2001= write.exe cheat\msb2001.txt
S [ More M ]------>
P Microsoft Casino= write.exe Cheat\mscasin.txt
P Microsoft Excel= write.exe Cheat\msexcel.txt
P Microsoft Flight Simulator'98= write.exe cheat\msfl98.txt
P Microsoft Flight Simulator'2000= write.exe cheat\mfs2000.txt
P Microsoft Flight Simulator'2000 Prof.= write.exe cheat\mfs200p.txt
P Microsoft Golf 1998 Edition= write.exe cheat\msng98e.txt
P Microsoft Golf 1999 Edition= write.exe cheat\msg99e.txt
P Microsoft Golf 2000 Edition= write.exe cheat\msg2001.txt
P Microsoft Golf 3.0= write.exe cheat\msng30.txt
P Microsoft World= write.exe cheat\micword.txt
P Midnight Resistance= write.exe cheat\midnight.txt
P Midtown Maadness= write.exe cheat\midtownm.txt
P Midtown Maadness 2= write.exe cheat\midtown2.txt
P Mig 29 Fulcrum= write.exe cheat\mig29f.txt
P Mig Alley= write.exe cheat\migalley.txt
P Micro Machines= write.exe cheat\mm1.txt
P Micro Machines 3= write.exe cheat\mm3.txt
P M.I.A Missing in Action= write.exe cheat\mia.txt
P Might + Magic VI= write.exe cheat\mm6.txt
P Might + Magic 7= write.exe cheat\mm7p.txt
P Might + Magic 7: For Blood and Honor= write.exe cheat\mm7bh.txt
P Might and Magic 8= write.exe cheat\mm8dd.txt  
P Mike Ditka's Ultimate Football= write.exe cheat\mikeduf.txt
P Militato= write.exe cheat\militato.txt
P Mind Grind= write.exe cheat\mindgri.txt
S [ More M ]------>
P MindRover: The Europa Project= write.exe cheat\mindrove.txt
P Minesweeper= write.exe cheat\minesw.txt
P Missionforce: Cyberstorm= write.exe Cheat\misscy.txt
P Mobile 1 Rally Championship= write.exe cheat\mobil1r.txt
P Mob Rule= write.exe cheat\mobrule.txt
P Mollusca= write.exe cheat\mollusca.txt
P Monkey Island 1= write.exe cheat\monkeyi1.txt
P Monopoly= write.exe cheat\monopoly.txt
P Monopoly World Cup 98= write.exe cheat\monowc98.txt
P Monster Bash= write.exe cheat\monsterb.txt
P Monty Python & The Quest for...= write.exe cheat\monty1.txt
P Monty Python's Complete Waste...= write.exe cheat\monty2.txt
P Monuments of Mars= write.exe cheat\monumars.txt
P MoonStone= write.exe cheat\moonston.txt
P Moorhuhn= write.exe Cheat\moorhuhn.txt
P Moria= write.exe cheat\moria.txt
P Mordor 2: Darkness Awakening= write.exe cheat\mordor2.txt
P Mortal Kombat 1 & 2= write.exe cheat\mk1.txt
P Mortal Kombat 3= write.exe cheat\mk3.txt
P Mortal Kombat 4= write.exe cheat\mk4.txt
P Mortal Kombat Triology= write.exe cheat\mk-t.txt
P Mortuum= write.exe cheat\mortuum.txt
S [ More M ]------>
P Mortyr= write.exe cheat\mortyr.txt
P Monster Track Madness= write.exe cheat\mtm1.txt
P Monster Track Madness 2= write.exe cheat\mostt2.txt
P Montezuma's Return= write.exe cheat\montezum.txt
P Motor Extreme= write.exe cheat\motoex.txt
P Motorcross Madness= write.exe cheat\motom.txt
P Motorcross Madness 2= write.exe cheat\motom2.txt
P Motocross Mania= write.exe cheat\motocman.txt
P Motorhead= write.exe cheat\motorh.txt
P Moto Racer= write.exe cheat\motorrac.txt
P Moto Racer 2= write.exe cheat\mr-2.txt
P Mr Blobby= write.exe cheat\mrblob.txt
P MS-DOS - The Game= write.exe cheat\msdosgam.txt
P MTV Sports: Skateboarding= write.exe cheat\mtvss.txt
P Museum Madness= write.exe cheat\musemad.txt
P Mutant Zone= write.exe cheat\mutantz.txt
P Muzzle Velocity= write.exe cheat\muzzlvel.txt
P Mystic Towers= write.exe cheat\mystict.txt
P Mystery Island= write.exe cheat\mysteris.txt
P Myth: The Fallen Lords= write.exe cheat\myth1.txt
P Myth 2: Soulblighter= write.exe cheat\myth2.txt
  S GameName  N
P Nancy Drew= write.exe cheat\nancyd1.txt 
P NAM= write.exe cheat\nam-c.txt 
P Nanosaur= write.exe cheat\nano.txt 
P NASCAR= write.exe cheat\nascar1.txt 
P NASCAR 2= write.exe cheat\nascar2.txt 
P Nascar Heat= write.exe cheat\nascarhe.txt 
P Nascar Legends= write.exe cheat\nascarl.txt 
P Nascar Racing 2= write.exe cheat\nasc2.txt 
P Nascar Racing 3= write.exe cheat\nasc3.txt 
P Nascar Racing 99 Edition= write.exe cheat\nasc99e.txt 
P Nascar Racing 2000= write.exe cheat\nasc2000.txt 
P Nascar Revolution= write.exe cheat\nascarev.txt 
P Nascar Road Racing= write.exe cheat\nascrr.txt 
P NASCAR 99= write.exe cheat\nasc99.txt 
P Narc= write.exe cheat\narc.txt 
P Narco Police= write.exe cheat\narcopol.txt 
P Nations: WWII Fighter Command= write.exe cheat\nwwiifc.txt 
P Navjet= write.exe cheat\navjet.txt 
P Navy Seals= write.exe cheat\navyseel.txt 
P NBA Full Court= write.exe cheat\nbafccht.txt 
P NBA Hangtime= write.exe cheat\nbahan.txt 
P NBA Inside Drive 2000= write.exe cheat\nbaid200.txt 
P NBA Jam Tournament= write.exe cheat\nbajamt.txt 
P NBA Jam Extreme= write.exe cheat\nbajame.txt 
P NBA Live'95= write.exe cheat\nbal95.txt 
P NBA Live'97= write.exe cheat\nbal97.txt 
P NBA Live'98= write.exe cheat\nbal98.txt 
P NBA Live'99= write.exe cheat\nbal99.txt
P NBA Live 2000= write.exe cheat\nbal2000.txt
P NCAA Championship Basketball= write.exe cheat\ncaacb.txt 
P NCAA Football 99= write.exe cheat\ncaaf99s.txt 
P NCAA Football 2001= write.exe cheat\ncaafb01.txt 
P Nebulus= write.exe cheat\nebulus.txt 
P Nebula Fighter= write.exe cheat\nebulafi.txt 
S [ More N ]------>
P Necrodone= write.exe cheat\necdrom.txt 
P Need for Speed= write.exe cheat\nfs1.txt 
P Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed= write.exe cheat\nfs5.txt 
P Need for Speed 2= write.exe cheat\need2.txt 
P Need for Speed 2 SE= write.exe cheat\need2se.txt 
P Need for Speed 3= write.exe cheat\need3.txt 
P Need for Speed 4= write.exe cheat\nfs4.txt 
P Need for Speed 4: High Stakes= write.exe cheat\nfs4gt.txt 
P Need for Speed V-Rally= write.exe cheat\needvr.txt 
P Need For Speed: Porsche 2000= write.exe cheat\nfsp200.txt 
P Nectaris= write.exe cheat\nec.txt 
P Nerf Arena Blast= write.exe Cheat\nerfab.txt
P NetStorm= write.exe cheat\netstorm.txt 
P Neverhood= write.exe cheat\neverhoo.txt 
P Nevermind= write.exe cheat\nevermin.txt 
P New Zeeland Story= write.exe cheat\newzee.txt 
P NFL Blitz= write.exe cheat\nflbl.txt 
P NFL Blitz 2000= write.exe cheat\nflb2000.txt 
P NFL Fever 2000= write.exe cheat\nflf2000.txt 
P NFL Gameday'99= write.exe cheat\nflgd99.txt 
P NFL Gameday'2000= write.exe cheat\nflgd200.txt 
P NFL Hockey'97= write.exe cheat\nhl97.txt 
P NFL Quarterback Club'97= write.exe cheat\nflqc97.txt 
P NHL'98= write.exe cheat\nhl98.txt 
P NHL Breakaway '98= write.exe cheat\nhlbreah.txt 
P NHL Open Ice= write.exe cheat\nhloi.txt 
P NHL Championship 2000= write.exe cheat\nhlc2000.txt 
P NHL'99= write.exe cheat\nhl99cc.txt 
P NHL 2000= write.exe cheat\nhl2000.txt 
P NHL 2001= write.exe cheat\nhl2001.txt 
P NHL 2on 2 Open Ice Challenge= write.exe cheat\nhl2on2.txt 
S [ More N ]------>
P N.I.C.E [Have a NICE Day]= write.exe cheat\hnice1.txt 
P N.I.C.E 2 [Have a NICE Day 2]= write.exe cheat\nice2.txt 
P Nicky Boom= write.exe cheat\nickyboo.txt 
P Nightbreed= write.exe cheat\nbreed.txt 
P Nightlong= write.exe cheat\nightlon.txt
P Nightmare Creatures= write.exe cheat\nc.txt 
P Nightshift= write.exe cheat\nightsh.txt 
P Night Trap= write.exe cheat\nighttra.txt 
P Nihilist= write.exe cheat\nihli.txt 
P Ninja Shift= write.exe cheat\ninjashi.txt 
P Ninja Spirit= write.exe cheat\ninsprt.txt 
P Ninja Warriors= write.exe cheat\ninjawar.txt 
P Nitro= write.exe cheat\nitro.txt 
P Nocturne= write.exe cheat\nocturn.txt 
P Noctropolis= write.exe cheat\noctropo.txt 
P Normality= write.exe cheat\normal.txt 
P No One Lives Forever= write.exe cheat\noone.txt 
P Nomad= write.exe cheat\nomad.txt 
P Norse By Norsewest= write.exe cheat\norsebn.txt 
P Nova 9= write.exe cheat\nova9.txt 
P NovaStorm= write.exe cheat\novastor.txt 
P North vs. South= write.exe cheat\norths.txt 
P Nox= write.exe cheat\nox.txt 
P Nox Quest= write.exe cheat\noxquest.txt 
P Nuclear Strike= write.exe cheat\nstrike.txt 
P N20: Nitrous Oxide= write.exe cheat\n20.txt 
  S GameName  O
P Ocean Trader [HeXCheat]= write.exe cheat\ocetra.txt
P [ODT] Escape Or Die Trying= write.exe cheat\odt.txt
P OddBallz= write.exe cheat\oddballz.txt
P Odium= write.exe cheat\odium.txt
P Oddworld: Abe's Exodus= write.exe cheat\odd.txt
P Oddworld: Abe's Odysee= write.exe cheat\oddwex.txt
P Odell Down Under= write.exe cheat\odell.txt
P Odieus's Quest For ....= write.exe cheat\odieus.txt
P Offensive= write.exe cheat\offensiv.txt
P Official Team Manager= write.exe cheat\offtm.txt
P Official Formula 1 Racing= write.exe cheat\off1r.txt
P Oldtimer= write.exe cheat\oldtimer.txt
P Omikron: The Nomad Soul= write.exe cheat\omikron.txt
P One must Fall: 2097= write.exe cheat\omf2097.txt
P On the Ball: League Edition= write.exe cheat\ontball.txt
P One Step Beyond= write.exe cheat\onesp.txt
P Oni= write.exe cheat\oni.txt
P Operation Body Count= write.exe cheat\operabc.txt
P Operation Thunderboldt= write.exe cheat\operat.txt
P Operation Meteroid= write.exe cheat\operm.txt
P Operation Wolf= write.exe cheat\opwolf.txt
P Oregon Trail 3= write.exe cheat\oregon3.txt
P Oscar= write.exe cheat\oscar.txt
P Outbreakers= write.exe cheat\outbreak.txt
P Out of this World= write.exe cheat\outofthi.txt
P Out to Lunch= write.exe cheat\outtl.txt
S [ More O ]------>
P Outcast= write.exe cheat\outcast.txt
P Outer Ridge= write.exe cheat\outerri.txt
P Outlaws= write.exe cheat\outlwas.txt
P Outpost= write.exe cheat\outpost.txt
P Outpost 2= write.exe cheat\op2cht.txt
P Outrun= write.exe cheat\outrun.txt
P Outwars= write.exe cheat\outwar.txt
P Overboard!= write.exe cheat\overbo.txt
P Overkill= write.exe cheat\overkill.txt
P Oxyd Extra= write.exe cheat\oxydextr.txt
P Oxyd Magnum= write.exe cheat\oxdm.txt
  S GameName  P
P P47= write.exe cheat\p47.txt
P Pacific Air Warrior= write.exe cheat\pacaw.txt
P Pacific General= write.exe cheat\pacigen.txt
P Pacific War= write.exe cheat\pacificw.txt
P PacMania 2D+= write.exe cheat\pacma2d.txt
P Pacific Strike= write.exe cheat\pacifics.txt
P Pacland= write.exe cheat\pacland.txt
P PacMan= write.exe cheat\pacmanat.txt
P Pajama Sam: Lost and Found= write.exe cheat\pajama2.txt
P Paladin 2= write.exe cheat\paladin2.txt
P Panzer General 2= write.exe cheat\panzg2.txt
P Panzer General III: Scorched Earth= write.exe cheat\pg3se.txt
P Panzer General 3D= write.exe cheat\panzg3d.txt
P Pagemaster= write.exe cheat\pagemast.txt
P Pandemonium = write.exe cheat\pande.txt
P Pandemonium 2= write.exe cheat\pande2.txt
P Pandora´s Box= write.exe cheat\pandorab.txt
P Pang= write.exe cheat\pang.txt
P Panty Raider: From Here to Immaturity= write.exe cheat\panty.txt
P Panza Kick Boxing= write.exe cheat\panzakb.txt
P Panzer Commander= write.exe cheat\panzerco.txt
P Panzer Campaigns= write.exe cheat\panzercs.txt
P Panzer Campaign 2= write.exe cheat\panzerc2.txt
P Panzer Dragon= write.exe cheat\panzerdr.txt
P Panzer Elite= write.exe cheat\panzere.txt
P Paperboy 2= write.exe cheat\paperb2.txt
P Paper Bot 2= write.exe cheat\paperp2.txt
P Pax Corpus= write.exe cheat\paxcorp.txt
P Pax Imperia= write.exe cheat\paximp.txt
P Pax Imperia 2= write.exe cheat\paximp2.txt
P PC Sonic= write.exe cheat\pcsonic.txt
S [ More P ]------>
P Pea Shootin´ Pete= write.exe Cheat\peashoot.txt 
P Pentax Puzzle= write.exe cheat\pentax.txt 
P Penthouse Hot Numbers= write.exe cheat\penthous.txt
P People`s General [Game TiP]= write.exe cheat\pepgen.txt
P Perestroika= write.exe cheat\peres.txt
P Perfect Weapon= write.exe cheat\perfwep.txt
P Per Oxyd= write.exe cheat\peroxd.txt
P Personal Nightmares= write.exe cheat\personal.txt
P PGA Championship Golf 1999 Edition= write.exe cheat\pgae99.txt
P PGA Championship Golf 2000= write.exe cheat\pgae20.txt
P PGA Tour Golf= write.exe cheat\pgatgolf.txt
P PGA Tour Pro= write.exe cheat\pgatp.txt
P Phantasmagoria= write.exe cheat\phants.txt
P Phantasmagoria 2= write.exe cheat\phan2.txt
P Pharaoh= write.exe cheat\pharoah.txt
P Pharaoh Expansion: Cleopatra= write.exe cheat\pharoahc.txt
P Pharaoh's Ascent= write.exe cheat\pharasc.txt
P Pharaoh's Revenge= write.exe cheat\pharrev.txt
P Pharaoh's Tomb= write.exe cheat\phartomb.txt
P Pickup Express= write.exe cheat\pickup.txt
P Pictionary= write.exe cheat\piction.txt
P Pike= write.exe cheat\pike.txt
S [ More P ]------>
P Pinball Illusions= write.exe cheat\pinbalil.txt
P Pinball: Deep Blue= write.exe cheat\pinbaldb.txt
P Pinball Fantasies Deluxe= write.exe cheat\pinbfd.txt
P Pipe Dream= write.exe cheat\pipedrea.txt
P Pipe Line= write.exe cheat\pipelinetxt
P Pipe Mania= write.exe cheat\pipemani.txt
P Pipe Panik= write.exe cheat\pipepani.txt
P Piranha= write.exe cheat\piranha.txt
P Pirates= write.exe cheat\pirates.txt
P Pitfall= write.exe cheat\pitfall.txt
P Pizza Syndicate= write.exe cheat\pizzasyn.txt
P Pizza Tycoon= write.exe cheat\pizzatyc.txt
P Plane Crazy= write.exe cheat\planecra.txt
P Planescape: Torment= write.exe cheat\planesca.txt
P Platoon= write.exe cheat\platoon.txt
P Player Manager´99= write.exe cheat\playm99.txt
P Player Manager 2000= write.exe cheat\playm20.txt
P Playskool Puzzles= write.exe cheat\playskol.txt
P Pod= write.exe cheat\pod.txt
P Pokemon= write.exe cheat\pokemon.txt
P Polaris Rebellion= write.exe cheat\polreb.txt
P Police Quest 3= write.exe cheat\polq3.txt
P Police Quest 4= write.exe cheat\pq4.txt
P Police Quest: Swat= write.exe cheat\pqsw1.txt
P Police Quest: Swat 2= write.exe cheat\pqs2.txt
S [ More P ]------>
P Pooh Fighters= write.exe cheat\pooh.txt
P Pool of Radiance= write.exe cheat\poolor.txt
P Pools Of Darkness= write.exe cheat\poolsod.txt
P Pong Kombat= write.exe cheat\pongkom.txt
P Pong= write.exe cheat\pong.txt
P Pong: The next Level= write.exe cheat\pongnl.txt
P Pool Champion= write.exe Cheat\poolcham.txt
P Populous 2= write.exe cheat\pop2.txt
P Populous 3: The Beginning= write.exe cheat\pop3.txt
P Postal= write.exe cheat\postal.txt
P Power= write.exe cheat\power.txt
P Powerboad Racing= write.exe cheat\powbo.txt
P Power Chess= write.exe cheat\powerch.txt
P Power Drift= write.exe cheat\powerdri.txt
P Power Drive= write.exe cheat\powerdre.txt
P Powermonger= write.exe cheat\powermon.txt
P Powerslave= write.exe cheat\powers.txt
P Powerslide= write.exe cheat\powersli.txt
P Pray for Death= write.exe cheat\prayfd.txt
P Predator= write.exe cheat\predat1.txt
P Predator 2= write.exe cheat\predat2.txt
P Prehistoric 1= write.exe cheat\preh1.txt
P Prehistoric 2= write.exe cheat\preh2.txt
S [ More P ]------>
P Premier League Manager 99= write.exe cheat\premierl.txt
P Premier Manager'97= write.exe cheat\prem97.txt
P Premier Manager'98= write.exe cheat\prem98.txt
P Premier Manager'99= write.exe cheat\prem99.txt
P Premier Manager 3= write.exe cheat\prem3.txt
P Pressure Drop= write.exe cheat\pressure.txt
P Primal Rage= write.exe cheat\primalra.txt
P Princeness Maker 2= write.exe cheat\princem2.txt
P Prince of Persia= write.exe cheat\prince1.txt
P Prince of Persia 3D= write.exe cheat\pop3d.txt
P Prince of Persia II= write.exe cheat\prince2.txt
P Prisoner of Ice= write.exe cheat\prisoner.txt
P Privateer: Righteous Fire= write.exe cheat\privatrf.txt
P Privateer 2= write.exe cheat\privat2.txt
P Professional Bull Rider 2= write.exe cheat\profbr2.txt
P Pro Pinball: Big Race USA= write.exe cheat\propbusa.txt
P Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey= write.exe cheat\propinfj.txt
P Pro Pinball: The Web= write.exe cheat\propinwe.txt
P Pro Pinball: Timeshock= write.exe cheat\propint.txt
P ProtoStar= write.exe cheat\proto.txt
P Project IGI= write.exe cheat\projigi.txt
P Projekt Paradise= write.exe cheat\projektp.txt
P Projekt X= write.exe cheat\projectx.txt
P Pro Bass Fishing= write.exe cheat\probass.txt
P Pro Rally 2001= write.exe cheat\pror2001.txt
P Pro Shuffleboard Challenge= write.exe cheat\proshuff.txt
S [ More P ]------>
P Psychic Force 2021= write.exe cheat\psyf2021.txt
P Psycho Pinball= write.exe cheat\psychop.txt
P Puffy's Saga= write.exe cheat\puffys.txt
P Pulsoid= write.exe cheat\pulosid.txt
P Punika Oasenspiel= write.exe cheat\punika.txt
P Pushover= write.exe cheat\pushover.txt
P Puzznic= write.exe cheat\puzznic.txt
P Pyro Manic= write.exe cheat\pyromani.txt
P Pyrotechnica= write.exe cheat\pyrotech.txt
  S GameName  Q
P QBob= write.exe cheat\qbob.txt
P Qix= write.exe cheat\qix.txt
P Quadralien= write.exe cheat\quadra.txt
P Quake: The Nehara Project= write.exe cheat\quakenp.txt
P Quake: Shark= write.exe cheat\quakesha.txt
P Quake I= write.exe cheat\q1.txt
P Quake Missions Pack: The Reckoning= write.exe cheat\q2mreck.txt
P Quake Missions Pack 1: Scourge of Armageddon= write.exe cheat\quakem1.txt
P Quake Missions Pack 2: Dissolution of Eternity= write.exe cheat\quakem1.txt
P Quake II= write.exe cheat\q2.txt
P Quake II: Ground Zero= write.exe cheat\q2zero.txt
P Quake II: Juggernaut= write.exe cheat\quakejug.txt
P Quake 3= write.exe cheat\quake3.txt
P Quake III: Team Arena= write.exe cheat\quake3ta.txt
P Quake: X-MEN= write.exe cheat\quakexm.txt
P Quarantine= write.exe cheat\quaran.txt
P Quest for Glory= write.exe cheat\quest1.txt
P Quest for Glory 2= write.exe cheat\qfg2.txt
P Quest for Glory 3= write.exe cheat\qfg3.txt
P Quest for Glory 4= write.exe cheat\quest4.txt
P Quest for Glory: Dragon Fire= write.exe cheat\quest5.txt
P Quest for Karma= write.exe cheat\questfk.txt
P Quiver= write.exe cheat\quiver.txt
   M &Cheats R - S
S GameName  R 
P R.A.C. Rally= write.exe cheat\racrall.txt  
P RaceMania= write.exe cheat\raceman.txt  
P Radio Control Racers: Traxxas Edition= write.exe cheat\radiocr.txt  
P Radix: Beyond the Void= write.exe cheat\radix.txt  
P Rage of Mages= write.exe cheat\rageom.txt  
P Rage of Mages 2= write.exe cheat\rageom2.txt  
P Rags to Riches= write.exe cheat\ragstor.txt
P Rally Cross= write.exe cheat\rallycr.txt  
P Rally Masters: Michelin Race ...= write.exe cheat\rallymmr.txt  
P Rally Racing 97= write.exe cheat\rallyr97.txt  
P Raiden= write.exe cheat\raiden.txt
P Railroad Tycoon= write.exe cheat\railrt.txt  
P Railroad Tycoon Deluxe= write.exe cheat\rtdeluxe.txt  
P Railroad Tycoon 2= write.exe cheat\railty2.txt  
P Railroad Tycoon 2 Gold Edition= write.exe cheat\rr2gold.txt  
P Railroad Tycoon 2: The Second Century= write.exe cheat\rt2-add.txt  
P Rainbow Islands= write.exe cheat\rainbowi.txt  
P Rainbow Six= write.exe cheat\rbowsix.txt  
P Rainbow Six: Gold Edition= write.exe cheat\rbowgold.txt  
P Rainbow Six: Covert Ops Essentials= write.exe cheat\rbowscoe.txt  
P Rainbow Six: Eagle Watch= write.exe cheat\rsew.txt  
P Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear= write.exe cheat\rbowsrs.txt  
P Rally Championship= write.exe cheat\rallycha.txt
P Rally Championship 2000= write.exe cheat\rallyc20.txt
P Rambo 3= write.exe cheat\rambo3.txt  
  S [ More R ]------>
P Rapanui= write.exe cheat\rapanui.txt  
P Rastan= write.exe cheat\rastan.txt  
P Raptor= write.exe cheat\raptor.txt  
P Rattler Race= write.exe cheat\rattlerr.txt  
P Ravage DCX= write.exe cheat\ravdcx.txt  
P Ravenloft: Stone Projekt= write.exe cheat\rlsp.txt  
P RayMan= write.exe cheat\rayman.txt  
P RayMan Gold= write.exe cheat\raymang.txt  
P RayMan Forever= write.exe cheat\raymanfo.txt  
P RayMan 2= write.exe cheat\rayman2.txt  
P Reach for the Stars= write.exe cheat\reachfts.txt  
P RealMyst= write.exe cheat\realmyst.txt  
P Realm of Chaos= write.exe cheat\realmsch.txt  
P Rebel Assault= write.exe cheat\reba1.txt  
P Rebel Assault 2= write.exe cheat\reba2.txt  
P Rebellion= write.exe cheat\rebl.txt  
P Rebel Moon Rising= write.exe cheat\rebelmoo.txt  
P Recoil= write.exe cheat\recoil.txt  
P Red Baron= write.exe cheat\redbaro.txt  
P Red Baron II= write.exe cheat\redbaro2.txt  
P Red Planet= write.exe cheat\redplan.txt  
P Red Thunder= write.exe cheat\redthund.txt  
P Redneck Rampage= write.exe cheat\redneck1.txt  
P Redneck Rampage Deer Huntin`= write.exe cheat\redndh.txt  
P Redneck Rampage Rides Again= write.exe cheat\rrrideag.txt  
P Redguard= rite.exe cheat\redguard.txt  
  S [ More R ]------>
P Redline= write.exe cheat\redline.txt  
P Redline Racer= write.exe cheat\redliner.txt  
P Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure= write.exe cheat\relentta.txt  
P Reloaded= write.exe cheat\reloaded.txt  
P Reproduction Man= write.exe cheat\repman.txt  
P Requiem: Avenging Angel= write.exe cheat\requim.txt  
P Resident Evil 2= write.exe cheat\rese2.txt  
P Resident Evil 3= write.exe cheat\rese3n.txt  
P Return Fire= write.exe cheat\return1.txt  
P Return Fire 2= write.exe cheat\return2.txt  
P Return to Krondor= write.exe cheat\returnkr.txt  
P Return Of the Incredible Machine: Contraptions= write.exe cheat\retotim.txt  
P Return of the Jedi= write.exe cheat\retjedi.txt  
P Return of Medusa= write.exe cheat\returnom.txt  
P Rent-A-Hero= write.exe cheat\renthero.txt  
P Re-Volt= write.exe cheat\re-volt.txt  
P Revenant= write.exe cheat\revenant.txt  
P Revenge of Arcade= write.exe cheat\revenoa.txt  
P Rex Blade :The Apocalypse= write.exe cheat\rexbta.txt  
P Rex Nebular= write.exe cheat\rexneb.txt  
P The Reap= write.exe cheat\reap.txt  
P Rick Dangerous= write.exe cheat\rickdang.txt  
P Ring= write.exe cheat\ringln.txt  
P Ripper= write.exe cheat\ripper.txt  
P Rise and Rule of Ancient Empires= write.exe cheat\raroae.txt  
P Rise of the Robots= write.exe cheat\riseotr.txt  
P Rise of the Robots 2= write.exe cheat\ror2r.txt  
  S [ More R ]------>
P Rise of the Triad= write.exe cheat\riseot.txt  
P Risk= write.exe cheat\risk.txt  
P Risk 2= write.exe cheat\risk2.txt  
P Risky Woods= write.exe cheat\riskwood.txt  
P Rising Sun= write.exe cheat\risingsu.txt  
P Rising Sun: Imperial Strike= write.exe cheat\rising2.txt  
P Rival Realms= write.exe cheat\rival.txt  
P Riven= write.exe cheat\rivensm.txt  
P Roadblasters= write.exe cheat\roadblas.txt  
P Road Rash= write.exe cheat\roadrash.txt  
P Road Rash 3D= write.exe cheat\roadr3d.txt  
P Road Warroir= write.exe cheat\roadwarr.txt  
P Robin Hood= write.exe cheat\robinhod.txt  
P Robin Reno= write.exe cheat\robinr.txt  
P Robinson's Requiem= write.exe cheat\robinson.txt  
P Robocop= write.exe cheat\robocop1.txt  
P Robocop 3= write.exe cheat\robocop.txt  
P Robo Rumble= write.exe cheat\roborumb.txt  
P Rocket Jockey= write.exe cheat\rjockey.txt  
P Rocket Racers= write.exe cheat\rocketra.txt  
P Rocketeer= write.exe cheat\rocketee.txt  
P Rockey Mountain Trophy Hunter= write.exe cheat\rmthcht.txt  
P Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter: Alaskan ...= write.exe cheat\rmthae.txt  
P Rockey Mountain Trophy Hunter 2= write.exe cheat\rmth2.txt  
P Rockey Mountain Trophy Hunter 3= write.exe cheat\rmth3.txt  
P Rockman X4= write.exe cheat\rockmx4.txt  
P Rock'n'Roll= write.exe cheat\rockroll.txt  
  S [ More R ]------>
P Rockman 7= write.exe cheat\rockman7.txt  
P Rodent's Revenge= write.exe cheat\rodrev.txt  
P Roller Blade Racer= write.exe cheat\rollerbr.txt  
P Rollcage= write.exe cheat\rollcage.txt  
P Rollcage: Stage 2= write.exe cheat\rollcag2.txt  
P RollerCoaster Tycoon= write.exe cheat\rct.txt  
P RollerCoaster Tycoon: Corkscrew Follies= write.exe cheat\rctcf.txt  
P Rollercoaster Tycoon: Added Attractions= write.exe cheat\rctaa.txt  
P RollerCoaster Tycoon: Loopy Landscapes= write.exe cheat\rctll.txt  
P Roller Rumble= write.exe cheat\rollrum.txt  
P Rollin`= write.exe cheat\rollin.txt  
P Rolling Ronny= write.exe cheat\rollron.txt  
P Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 6= write.exe cheat\romance6.txt  
P Romance Of the Three Kingdoms 7= write.exe cheat\romanceo.txt  
P Rome A.D. 42= write.exe cheat\romead.txt  
P Rogue Spear: Urban Operations= write.exe cheat\rsuope.txt
P Rotor= write.exe cheat\rotor.txt  
P Rugarts in Paris= write.exe cheat\rugart2.txt  
P Rugrats: The Search For Reptar= write.exe cheat\rugrats.txt  
P Rune= write.exe cheat\rune.txt  
P write.exe cheat\ruthless.txt  
P Rush n Attack= write.exe cheat\rushna.txt  
P Rush Hour= write.exe cheat\rushhour.txt  
P R-Type= write.exe cheat\r-type.txt 
  S GameName  S
P S.C.A.R.S= write.exe cheat\scars.txt 
P S.C. Out= write.exe cheat\sc-out.txt  
P S.C.U.R.K.= write.exe cheat\scurk.txt 
P S.T.O.R.M.= write.exe cheat\storm.txt 
P Saboteur Ninja 2= write.exe cheat\sabo.txt 
P Sabre Team= write.exe cheat\sabthex.txt 
P Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Spellbound= write.exe cheat\sabrina.txt
P Sacrifice= write.exe cheat\sacrif.txt 
P Safecracker= write.exe cheat\safecra.txt 
P Saint Dragon= write.exe cheat\saintdr.txt  
P Saloon Cars Deluxe= write.exe cheat\saloncd.txt  
P Sand Storm= write.exe cheat\sstorm.txt 
P Samurai Shodown 2= write.exe cheat\samurai2.txt 
P Sammy Sosa High Heat Baseball 2001= write.exe cheat\sshhb20.txt 
P Saints Of Virtue= write.exe cheat\saintsov.txt 
P SandWarriors= write.exe cheat\sanity.txt 
P Sanity: Aiken's Artifact= write.exe cheat\sandwar.txt 
P Sarakon= write.exe cheat\sarakon.txt  
P Satan= write.exe cheat\satan.txt  
P Savage= write.exe cheat\savage.txt  
P Savage Warrior= write.exe cheat\savagewa.txt  
P SCI= write.exe cheat\sci.txt 
P Scorch= write.exe cheat\scor.txt 
P Scorched Earth= write.exe cheat\searth.txt 
P Scorched Planet= write.exe cheat\scorch.txt 
P Scorcery Plus= write.exe cheat\sorplus.txt 
 S [ More S ]------>
P Scourge Of Armagon= write.exe cheat\scooa.txt 
P Scrabble= write.exe cheat\scrabble.txt
P Screamer Rally= write.exe cheat\screl.txt 
P Screamer= write.exe cheat\scream1.txt 
P Screamer 4x4= write.exe cheat\scr4x4.txt 
P Screamer 2= write.exe cheat\scream2.txt 
P Scud= write.exe cheat\scud.txt 
P SDI= write.exe cheat\sdi.txt 
P Sea Dogs= write.exe cheat\seadogs.txt 
P Secret Agent Man= write.exe cheat\secretam.txt 
P Secret Marine= write.exe cheat\secretma.txt 
P Secret Of Mana= write.exe cheat\secretom.txt 
P Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe= write.exe cheat\secwep.txt 
P Seek and Destroy= write.exe cheat\seekandd.txt  
P Sega Rally Campionship= write.exe cheat\segaral.txt 
P Sega Swirl Puzzle Game= write.exe cheat\segaswir.txt 
P Sega Touring Car Championship= write.exe cheat\segatcc.txt 
P Sega Worldwide Soccer= write.exe cheat\segaws.txt 
P Semper Fi= write.exe cheat\semperfi.txt 
P Sensible Soccer'98= write.exe cheat\sensibl9.txt  
P Sensible World of Soccer= write.exe cheat\sensworl.txt  
P Sentient= write.exe cheat\sentient.txt  
P Separation Anxiety= write.exe cheat\seperat.txt 
P Septerra Core= write.exe cheat\septcore.txt 
P Serious Sam= write.exe cheat\seriouss.txt 
 S [ More S ]------>
P Settlers= write.exe cheat\setl1.txt 
P Settlers 2= write.exe cheat\set2cht.txt 
P Settlers 2 Gold= write.exe cheat\set2gold.txt 
P Settlers 3= write.exe cheat\setl3.txt 
P Settlers 3 Ultimate Collection= write.exe cheat\setl3uc.txt 
P Seven Kingdoms= write.exe cheat\sk.txt 
P Seven Kingdoms 2= write.exe cheat\sk2b.txt 
P SF 3000= write.exe cheat\sf3000.txt 
P Shadow Caster= write.exe cheat\shadcast.txt 
P Shadow Company: Left for Dead= write.exe cheat\sclfd.txt 
P Shadowlands= write.exe cheat\shalands.txt 
P ShadowMaster= write.exe cheat\smcht.txt 
P Shadow Man= write.exe cheat\shaman.txt 
P Shadows Of Carin= write.exe cheat\shadowoc.txt
P Shadow President= write.exe cheat\shapres.txt 
P Shadow Warrior= write.exe cheat\shadoww.txt 
P Shadow Watch= write.exe cheat\shadowwa.txt 
P Shadow of the Beast= write.exe cheat\shabeast.txt 
P Shadow of the Empire= write.exe cheat\shadem.txt 
P Shanghai: Dynesty= write.exe cheat\shangh.txt 
P Shards= write.exe cheat\shards.txt 
P Shattered Light= write.exe cheat\shalight.txt 
P Shattered Steel= write.exe cheat\shatters.txt 
P ShellShock= write.exe cheat\shellsh.txt 
P Sheep= write.exe cheat\sheep.txt 
P Shipwreckers= write.exe cheat\shipwr.txt 
 S [ More S ]------>
P Shinobi= write.exe cheat\shinobi.txt 
P Shivers 2= write.exe cheat\shiver2.txt  
P Shockwave Assault= write.exe cheat\shockw.txt 
P Shogo: Mobile Armor Division= write.exe cheat\shogo.txt 
P Shogun: Total War= write.exe cheat\shoguntw.txt 
P Shrak= write.exe cheat\shrak.txt 
P Shuttle= write.exe cheat\shuttle.txt 
P Sid and Al´s Incredible Toons= write.exe cheat\sidaait.txt 
P Sierra Games= write.exe cheat\sierraga.txt 
P Silkworm= write.exe cheat\silkworm.txt 
P Silver= write.exe cheat\silver.txt 
P Silverball= write.exe cheat\silverba.txt 
P Sim Ant= write.exe cheat\simant.txt 
P SimCity Classic= write.exe cheat\simclass.txt 
P SimCity 2ooo= write.exe cheat\sim2000.txt 
P SimCity 2ooo: Network Edition=  write.exe cheat\simnet2.txt 
P SimCity 3ooo= write.exe cheat\sim3000.txt 
P SimCity 3ooo: Unlimited= write.exe cheat\sim3000u.txt 
P SimCity Urban Renewal Kit= write.exe cheat\simur.txt 
P SimCopter= write.exe cheat\simcop.txt 
P SimEarth= write.exe cheat\simearth.txt 
P Simfarm= write.exe cheat\simfarm.txt 
P SimGolf= write.exe cheat\simgolf.txt 
P SimIsle= write.exe cheat\simisle.txt 
P SimLife= write.exe cheat\simlife.txt 
 S [ More S ]------>
P Simpsons= write.exe cheat\simpsons.txt 
P SimPark= write.exe cheat\simpark.txt 
P SimSafari= write.exe cheat\simsaf.txt 
P Sim Theme Park= write.exe cheat\simtp.txt
P Simtower= write.exe cheat\simtowr.txt 
P Simtown= write.exe cheat\simtown.txt 
P SIN= write.exe cheat\sin.txt 
P Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon= write.exe cheat\sinbad.txt 
P Sinara= write.exe cheat\sinara.txt 
P Sinistar: Unleashed= write.exe cheat\sinistar.txt 
P Sink or Swim= write.exe cheat\sink.txt 
P Skaphander= write.exe cheat\skaphan.txt 
P Skool Daze: Skool Of '99= write.exe cheat\skoold.txt 
P Skout= write.exe cheat\skout.txt 
P Skullcracker= write.exe cheat\skullcr.txt 
P Ski Free= write.exe cheat\skifree.txt 
P Ski Jump Challenge 2001= write.exe cheat\skijc2.txt 
P Skiing 1999 Edition= write.exe cheat\ski99.txt 
P Skunny Games= write.exe cheat\skungam.txt 
P Skydive= write.exe cheat\skydrive.txt 
P SkyFox 2= write.exe cheat\skyfox2.txt 
P Sky Harrior= write.exe cheat\skyharr.txt 
P SkyNet= write.exe cheat\skynet.txt 
P Slam City= write.exe cheat\slamcity.txt 
P SlamScape= write.exe cheat\slamscap.txt 
P Slave Zero= write.exe cheat\slavezer.txt 
 S [ More S ]------>
P Slayer= write.exe cheat\slayer.txt 
P Sleep Walker= write.exe cheat\sleepw.txt 
P Slipheead= write.exe cheat\sleepw.txt 
P SlipStream 5000= write.exe cheat\sss5000.txt 
P Sly Spy: Secret Agent= write.exe cheat\slyspy.txt 
P Small Soldiers= write.exe cheat\smsol.txt 
P Snowmobile Racing= write.exe cheat\snowmr.txt 
P Soccer Kid= write.exe cheat\soccerki.txt 
P Solar Winds= write.exe cheat\solarw.txt 
P SodaOff Road-Racing= write.exe cheat\soda.txt 
P Soldier= write.exe cheat\soldier.txt 
P Soldiers at War= write.exe cheat\sodwar.txt 
P Soldier of Fortune= write.exe cheat\soldoff.txt 
P Solitaire= write.exe cheat\solitair.txt 
P Sonic 3D Blast= write.exe cheat\sonic3d.txt 
P Sonic and Knuckles Collection= write.exe cheat\sonicank.txt 
P Sonic CD= write.exe cheat\sonixcd.txt 
P Sonic R= write.exe cheat\sonicr.txt 
P Sonic Boom= write.exe cheat\sonicbom.txt 
P Sony Game= write.exe cheat\sonygam.txt 
P Sorcerer's Apprentice= write.exe cheat\sorapp.txt 
P Soulbringer= write.exe cheat\soulbrin.txt 
P Soul Trap= write.exe cheat\soultrap.txt 
P South Park= write.exe cheat\soupark.txt 
P South Park: Chef`s Luv Shack= write.exe cheat\sparkcls.txt 
 S [ More S ]------>
P South Park Rally= write.exe cheat\southpr.txt 
P South Park Dominating Dodgeball= write.exe cheat\southpdd.txt 
P South Park Super Mario Brothers= write.exe cheat\spsmb.txt 
P SpearHead= write.exe cheat\spearh.txt 
P Space Ace= write.exe cheat\spacea1.txt 
P Space Ace 2= write.exe cheat\spacea2.txt 
P Space Bunnies Must Die= write.exe cheat\spmd.txt 
P Space Cadet Pinball= write.exe cheat\spacec.txt 
P Space Clash= write.exe cheat\spacecla.txt 
P Space Empires 3= write.exe cheat\spacem3.txt 
P Space Empires 4= write.exe cheat\spacem4.txt 
P Space Hulk= write.exe cheat\spacehvb.txt 
P Space Jam= write.exe cheat\spjam.txt 
P Space Nightmare= write.exe cheat\spacen.txt 
P Space Patrol= write.exe cheat\spacepat.txt 
P Space Pirates= write.exe cheat\spacepir.txt 
P Space Quest IV= write.exe cheat\sqiv.txt 
P Space Quest V= write.exe cheat\sqv.txt 
P Spacewrecked= write.exe cheat\spacewre.txt 
P Special Operations= write.exe cheat\specialo.txt 
P Spec Ops= write.exe cheat\speco.txt 
P Spec Ops II: Green Berets= write.exe cheat\specops2.txt 
P Speedball 2= write.exe cheat\speedba2.txt 
P SpeedBusters: American Highways=  write.exe cheat\speedbus.txt 
P Speed Racer= write.exe cheat\speedrac.txt 
 S [ More S ]------>
P Spellbound= write.exe cheat\spellbou.txt 
P Spellcraft= write.exe cheat\spellcra.txt 
P Spellcross= write.exe cheat\spellcr.txt 
P Spelling Blizard= write.exe cheat\spellbli.txt 
P Spider Man And Venom= write.exe cheat\spidermv.txt 
P Spherical= write.exe cheat\sperical.txt 
P Spooky Castle= write.exe cheat\spookyc.txt 
P Sports Car GT= write.exe cheat\sportmp.txt 
P Sportsman's Paradise= write.exe cheat\sportscg.txt 
P Sportsman's Paradise 2= write.exe cheat\sportmp2.txt 
P SPQR= write.exe cheat\spqr.txt 
P Spring Break= write.exe cheat\sprinba.txt 
P Squad Leader= write.exe cheat\squadlea.txt 
P SR 2000= write.exe cheat\sr2000.txt 
P SSN= write.exe cheat\ssn.txt 
P SSN-21: Seawolf= write.exe cheat\ssn21.txt 
P Starball= write.exe cheat\starball.txt 
P Star Command Revolution= write.exe cheat\starcomr.txt 
P Star Contol 2= write.exe cheat\starcon2.txt 
P Star Contol 3= write.exe cheat\starc-3.txt 
P StarCraft= write.exe cheat\starcr.txt 
P StarCraft: Brood War= write.exe cheat\starbrod.txt  
P Starfire= write.exe cheat\starfire.txt  
P Star General= write.exe cheat\stargen.txt  
P Star Glider 1= write.exe cheat\stargli1.txt  
P Star Glider 2= write.exe cheat\stargl2.txt  
P Star Goose= write.exe cheat\stargoos.txt  
 S [ More S ]------>
P StarGunner= write.exe cheat\sgunner.txt  
P StarLancer= write.exe cheat\starlanc.txt  
P Star Fleet Academy= write.exe cheat\starflee.txt  
P Starray= write.exe cheat\starray.txt 
P Star Quake= write.exe cheat\starquak.txt  
P Star Rangers= write.exe cheat\starrang.txt  
P Starsiege= write.exe cheat\starsieg.txt
P Starship Titanic= write.exe cheat\starship.txt 
P Starship Troopers= write.exe cheat\starst.txt 
P Starshot= write.exe cheat\starshot.txt  
P Start-Up= write.exe cheat\startup.txt  
P Start-Up 2000= write.exe cheat\startup2.txt  
P Star Trek: 25th Anniversary= write.exe cheat\start25.txt  
P Star Trek Armada= write.exe cheat\start5.txt  
P Star Trek: Birth of the Federation= write.exe cheat\st_botf.txt  
P Star Trek: Borg= write.exe cheat\starborg.txt  
P Star Trek: Captain's Chair= write.exe cheat\stcc.txt  
P Star Trek: ConQuest Online= write.exe cheat\starttco.txt  
P Star Trek DS9: The Fallen= write.exe cheat\startds9.txt  
P Star Trek: Hidden Evil= write.exe cheat\starthe.txt  
P Star Trek: Klingon= write.exe cheat\starklin.txt  
P Star Trek: Klingon Academy= write.exe cheat\starka.txt  
P Star Trek: New Worlds= write.exe cheat\startnw.txt  
P Star Trek: Starfleet Command= write.exe cheat\startsc.txt  
P Star Trek: Starfleet Command 2= write.exe cheat\startsc2.txt  
P Star Trek: Starship Creator= write.exe cheat\start2.txt  
P Star Trek: Starship Creator Warp 2= write.exe cheat\startscw.txt  
P Star Trek: Next Generation: A Final Unity= write.exe cheat\stfu.txt  
 S [ More S ]------>
P Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force= write.exe cheat\startvef.txt  
P Starsiege: Tribes= write.exe cheat\starrie.txt  
P Star Wars: Force Commander= write.exe cheat\starwfc.txt 
P Star Wars: Droid Works= write.exe cheat\starwdw.txt 
P Star Wars: Episode 1 - Phantom= write.exe cheat\swe1tpm.txt 
P Star Wars: Episode 1 - Racer= write.exe cheat\strace.txt 
P Star Wars: Episode I: Gungan Frontier= write.exe cheat\swe1gf.txt  
P Star Wars Monopoly= write.exe cheat\starwmon.txt  
P Star Wars: Rebellion= write.exe cheat\swrebel.txt  
P Star Wars: Rogue Squadron= write.exe cheat\stwarrog.txt  
P Steel Beasts= write.exe cheat\steelbea.txt 
P Steel Panthers III= write.exe cheat\sp3.txt 
P Stick Fighters 2= write.exe cheat\stickf2.txt 
P Stonekeep= write.exe cheat\stonekep.txt 
P Stormlord= write.exe cheat\stormlor.txt 
P Storm Trooper= write.exe cheat\stormtro.txt 
P Stratosphere= write.exe cheat\stratoch.txt 
P Strip Mahjong= write.exe cheat\stripma.txt 
P Strip Poker 2= write.exe cheat\stripp2.txt 
P Street Racer= write.exe cheat\streetr.txt 
P Streets of Simcity= write.exe cheat\streetsi.txt 
P Street Fighter 2= write.exe cheat\streetf2.txt 
P Street Fighter Alpha 2= write.exe cheat\sfa2.txt 
P Street Fighter Zero= write.exe cheat\sfzero.txt 
P Street Fighter Zero 2= write.exe cheat\sfzero2.txt 
 S [ More S ]------>
P Street Road= write.exe cheat\streetr1.txt 
P Street Road 2= write.exe cheat\streetr2.txt 
P StreetWar = write.exe cheat\streetwa.txt 
P Strider= write.exe cheat\strider.txt 
P Strike Commander= write.exe cheat\strikeco.txt 
P Stryx= write.exe cheat\stryx.txt 
P Stunt Track Driver= write.exe cheat\stunttr.txt 
P Stunts= write.exe cheat\stunts.txt
P Sub Culture= write.exe cheat\subcult.txt 
P Submarine Riptide= write.exe cheat\submarti.txt 
P Submarine Titans= write.exe cheat\subtit.txt
P SubSpace= write.exe cheat\subspace.txt 
P Subwar 2050= write.exe cheat\subwar.txt 
P Sudden Strike= write.exe cheat\suddenst.txt 
P Supaplex= write.exe cheat\supaplex.txt 
P SuperBike 2000= write.exe cheat\sbike200.txt 
P SuperBike 2001= write.exe cheat\sbike21.txt 
P SuperBike World Championship= write.exe cheat\subwc.txt 
P Super Bubsy= write.exe cheat\superbsy.txt 
P SuperCars= write.exe cheat\supercar.txt 
P Supercross 2000= write.exe cheat\supercar.txt 
P SuperFrog= write.exe cheat\superfro.txt 
P Super Hang-On= write.exe cheat\superho.txt 
P Super Karts= write.exe cheat\supkar.txt 
P Super Off-Road= write.exe cheat\superoff.txt 
 S [ More S ]------>
P Super Stardust= write.exe cheat\supersta.txt 
P Super Star Wars= write.exe cheat\sstarwar.txt 
P Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo= write.exe cheat\supersf2.txt  
P Super Speed= write.exe cheat\superspe.txt  
P Super ZZT= write.exe cheat\superzzt.txt  
P Supreme Snowboarding= write.exe cheat\supsnow.txt 
P Surface Tension= write.exe cheat\surften.txt 
P Surf Ninjas= write.exe cheat\surfn.txt 
P Suspend= write.exe cheat\suspende.txt 
P Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing= write.exe cheat\suzuki1.txt 
P Swat 2= write.exe cheat\swat2cht.txt 
P Swat 3= write.exe cheat\swat3.txt 
P Swat 3: Elite Edition= write.exe cheat\swat3ee.txt 
P Switch= write.exe cheat\switch.txt  
P Switchblade= write.exe cheat\sblade.txt 
P Swiv 3D= write.exe cheat\swiv3d.txt 
P Sword of Honor= write.exe cheat\swoh.txt 
P Sword of Sodan= write.exe cheat\swos.txt 
P Syndicate= write.exe cheat\syndicat.txt 
P Syndicate Plus= write.exe cheat\synplus.txt 
P Syndicate Wars= write.exe cheat\synwars.txt 
P Sydney 2000= write.exe cheat\sydney20.txt 
P System Shock 2= write.exe cheat\system2.txt 
   M &Cheats T - Z 
  S GameName  T
P Tachyon: The Fringe= write.exe cheat\tachyon.txt 
P Tactical Manager= write.exe cheat\tactman2.txt 
P Tactical Manager 2= write.exe cheat\tactman.txt 
P Tagwars= write.exe cheat\tagwars.txt 
P Take no Prisoners= write.exe cheat\tnp.txt 
P Tamagotchi= write.exe cheat\tamagot.txt 
P Tanarus= write.exe cheat\tanarus.txt
P Tangram= write.exe cheat\tangrm.txt 
P Tank Commander= write.exe cheat\tankcomm.txt 
P Tank Racer= write.exe cheat\tankrace.txt 
P Tass Times in Tonetown= write.exe cheat\tastit.txt 
P Tarzan= write.exe cheat\tarzan.txt
P Team Apache= write.exe cheat\teamap.txt  
P Team Fortress= write.exe cheat\teamfort.txt 
P Team Fortress Classic= write.exe cheat\teamfc.txt 
P Team 47 Goman= write.exe cheat\team47.txt 
P Technocop= write.exe cheat\technoco.txt 
P Ted Nugent Wild Hunting Adventure= write.exe cheat\tednug.txt 
P Teenage Hero Mutant Turtles= write.exe cheat\teenhmt.txt 
P Teenage Ninja Turtles= write.exe cheat\teennt.txt 
P TekWar= write.exe cheat\tekwar.txt 
P Tennis Elbow= write.exe cheat\tenelb.txt 
P Terminator 2= write.exe cheat\term2.txt 
P Terminator 2: Arcade= write.exe cheat\term2a.txt 
P Terminator Future Shock= write.exe cheat\termfs.txt 
 S [ More T ]------> 
P Terminal Velocity= write.exe cheat\termvelo.txt 
P Terminus= write.exe cheat\terminus.txt 
P Terracide= write.exe cheat\terraci.txt 
P Test Drive 1= write.exe cheat\td1.txt 
P Test Drive 2= write.exe cheat\td2.txt 
P Test Drive 3= write.exe cheat\td3.txt 
P Test Drive 4= write.exe cheat\td4.txt 
P Test Drive 5= write.exe cheat\td5.txt 
P Test Drive 6= write.exe cheat\td6.txt 
P Test Drive Le Mans= write.exe cheat\testdlm.txt
P Test Drive Off Road= write.exe cheat\tdoff.txt
P Test Drive Off Road 3= write.exe cheat\tdor3.txt
P TFX Experimental Fighter= write.exe cheat\tfxef.txt 
P Timelapse= write.exe cheat\timelaps.txt 
P Time Runners 10: The Time Sentry= write.exe cheat\timeru10.txt 
P Time Runners 11: The Steel City= write.exe cheat\timeru11.txt 
P Lifeforce: TENKA= write.exe cheat\tenka.txt 
P Tha Armour - Geddon= write.exe cheat\theag.txt 
P Thandor= write.exe cheat\thandor.txt 
P The 5th Element= write.exe cheat\5thelemt.txt 
P The Addams Family= write.exe cheat\theaddam.txt
P The Ardennes Offensive= write.exe cheat\thearden.txt 
P The Adventure of Lomax= write.exe cheat\theadlow.txt
P The Bard's Tale 3= write.exe cheat\bardt3.txt 
 S [ More T ]------> 
P The Secret Of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge= write.exe cheat\thesomi2.txt 
P The Dame was loaded= write.exe cheat\tdwl.txt 
P The Devil Inside= write.exe cheat\thedevil.txt 
P The Emperor's New Groove= write.exe cheat\theemper.txt 
P The Extacy= write.exe cheat\theex.txt 
P The Grinch= write.exe cheat\thegrinc.txt 
P The Hive= write.exe cheat\thehive.txt 
P Their Finest Hour= write.exe cheat\theirfh.txt 
P The Immortal= write.exe cheat\theimmor.txt 
P The Incredible Machine= write.exe cheat\tim.txt 
P The longest Journey= write.exe cheat\thelongj.txt 
P The Manager= write.exe cheat\themanag.txt 
P The Moon Project= write.exe cheat\themoon.txt 
P The New York Times Crossword Puzzle= write.exe cheat\thenewy.txt 
P The Operational Art of War II= write.exe cheat\toawar2.txt 
P The Patrician= write.exe cheat\thepatri.txt
P The Rocketeer= write.exe cheat\therock.txt 
P The Seventh Guest= write.exe cheat\tsg.txt 
P The Sims= write.exe cheat\thesims.txt 
P The Sims: Livin' Large= write.exe cheat\thesimsl.txt 
P The Summoning= write.exe cheat\thesumm.txt 
P Theme Hospital= write.exe cheat\themehos.txt 
P Theme Park= write.exe cheat\themepar.txt 
P Thexder= write.exe cheat\thexder.txt 
P Thief: Gold Edition= write.exe cheat\thiefgol.txt 
P Thief: The Dark Projekt= write.exe cheat\thief.txt 
P Thief 2: The Metal Age= write.exe cheat\thief2ma.txt  
P Think Cross= write.exe cheat\thinkcro.txt 
 S [ More T ]------> 
P The Extacy= write.exe cheat\theextas.txt 
P The Blues Brothers= write.exe cheat\tbb.txt 
P The last Eichhof= write.exe cheat\thelast.txt 
P This Means War!= write.exe cheat\thismean.txt 
P Three Stooges= write.exe cheat\threest.txt 
P Three Dirty Dwarves= write.exe cheat\threedd.txt 
P Thrust, Twist & Turn= write.exe cheat\ttturn.txt 
P Thunderblade= write.exe cheat\tblade.txt 
P Thunderbirds= write.exe cheat\thunbird.txt 
P Thundercats= write.exe cheat\tcats.txt 
P Thunderscape= write.exe cheat\thunders.txt 
P Thunder Rabbit= write.exe cheat\thunderr.txt 
P Tiberium Sun= write.exe cheat\cc3ts.txt 
P Tie Fighter= write.exe cheat\tiefight.txt 
P Tiger Shark= write.exe cheat\tigersha.txt 
P Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour Golf= write.exe cheat\tigerw99.txt 
P Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2000= write.exe cheat\tigerw20.txt 
P Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001= write.exe cheat\tigerw21.txt 
P Tiger Woods PGA Tour Collection= write.exe cheat\tigerwc.txt 
P Tiles and Tribulations= write.exe cheat\tilesanm.txt 
P Time Commando= write.exe cheat\timecom.txt 
P Timeline= write.exe cheat\timeline.txt 
P Time Slaughter= write.exe cheat\timeslau.txt 
P TinTin in Tibet= write.exe cheat\tintin.txt 
P Tiny Trails= write.exe cheat\tinytrai.txt 
P Titan= write.exe cheat\titan.txt 
P TITANIC= write.exe cheat\titanic.txt 
P Titus the Fox= write.exe cheat\titus.txt 
 S [ More T ]------> 
P TNN HardCore 4X4= write.exe cheat\tnnh4x4.txt 
P TNN Outdoors Pro Hunter= write.exe cheat\tnnoutdr.txt 
P TOCA: Touring Car= write.exe cheat\toca.txt 
P TOCA: Touring Car 2= write.exe cheat\toca2.txt 
P Toki= write.exe cheat\tokii.txt 
P Tokimeki Memorial: Forever With You= write.exe cheat\toki.txt 
P Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2= write.exe cheat\tonyha2.txt 
P Tonic Trouble= write.exe cheat\tonictr.txt 
P Tomcat Alley= write.exe cheat\tomcata.txt 
P Tom Clancy's SSN= write.exe cheat\tcssn.txt 
P Tomb Raider= write.exe cheat\tomb1.txt 
P Tomb Raider: The lost Artifact= write.exe cheat\tombrla.txt 
P Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business= write.exe cheat\tombr3a.txt 
P Tomb Raider 2= write.exe cheat\tomb2.txt 
P Tomb Raider 3= write.exe cheat\tomb3.txt 
P Tomb Raider 4= write.exe cheat\tombr4.txt 
P Tomb Raider: Chronicles= write.exe cheat\tombr5.txt 
P Tongue Of The Fat Man= write.exe cheat\tongue1.txt 
P Tony Hawks Proskater= write.exe cheat\tonyha.txt 
P Tony Larussa Baseball 3= write.exe cheat\tonylb3.txt 
P Top Gun: Fire At Will= write.exe cheat\topgun.txt 
P Top Gun: Hornet's Nest= write.exe cheat\topnest.txt 
P Torvak The Warrior= write.exe cheat\torvak.txt 
P Toshiden= write.exe cheat\toshinde.txt 
P Total Air War= write.exe cheat\totalaw.txt 
 S [ More T ]------> 
P Total Annihilation= write.exe cheat\ta.txt
P Total Annihilation - Battle Tatics= write.exe cheat\tabt.txt 
P Total Annihilation - Core Contingency= write.exe cheat\tatcc.txt 
P Total Annihilation - Kingdoms(Tip)= write.exe cheat\tak-tip.txt 
P Total Annihilation - Kingdoms= write.exe cheat\totalak.txt 
P Total Annihilation - Kingdoms: Iron Plague= write.exe cheat\takip.txt 
P Total Carnage= write.exe cheat\totalcar.txt 
P Total Distortion= write.exe cheat\totdis.txt 
P Total Eclipse= write.exe cheat\totalec.txt 
P Total Mayhem= write.exe cheat\totalmay.txt 
P Tour of Duty '44= write.exe cheat\tourof.txt 
P Touring Car Challenge= write.exe cheat\tour-cc.txt 
P Tournament Cyberball= write.exe cheat\tourncyb.txt 
P Tower Topplers= write.exe cheat\towtop.txt 
P Toxic Bunny= write.exe cheat\toxixbun.txt 
P Toyota Celica GT Rally= write.exe cheat\toyotac.txt 
P Toy Story= write.exe cheat\toystory.txt 
P Toy Story 2= write.exe cheat\toys2.txt 
P TUBE= write.exe cheat\tube.txt 
P Turok: Dinosaur Hunter= write.exe cheat\turok.txt 
P Turok 2: Seeds of Evil= write.exe cheat\turok2.txt 
P Torin's Passage= write.exe cheat\torin.txt 
P Tracer= write.exe cheat\tracer.txt 
P Traffic Department 2192= write.exe cheat\td2192.txt 
P Traitors Gate= write.exe cheat\traitors.txt 
 S [ More T ]------> 
P Trained Assassin= write.exe cheat\trainass.txt 
P Transport Tycoon= write.exe cheat\transpor.txt 
P Transport Tycoon Deluxe= write.exe cheat\transdel.txt 
P Tread Marks= write.exe cheat\treadmar.txt 
P Treasure Island Dizzy= write.exe cheat\treid.txt 
P Trespasser= write.exe cheat\trespa.txt 
P Tricky Quicky= write.exe cheat\trickyq.txt 
P TrickStyle= write.exe cheat\trickst.txt 
P Tribal Rage= write.exe cheat\tribrage.txt 
P Triple Play 97= write.exe cheat\tp97.txt 
P Triple Play 98= write.exe cheat\tp98.txt 
P Triple Play 99= write.exe cheat\tp99.txt 
P Triple Play 2000= write.exe cheat\tripl200.txt 
P Triple Play 2001= write.exe cheat\tripl201.txt 
P Tristan= write.exe cheat\tristan.txt 
P Troddlers= write.exe cheat\troddler.txt 
P Trog= write.exe cheat\troddler.txt 
P Trophy Hunter 2= write.exe cheat\trophyh2.txt 
P Trophy Bass 2= write.exe cheat\trophyb2.txt 
P Trophy Bass 4= write.exe cheat\trophyb4.txt 
P True Love= write.exe cheat\truelove.txt 
P Tubular Worlds= write.exe cheat\tubularw.txt 
P Turbo Outrun= write.exe cheat\turbout.txt 
P Turkey Hunter= write.exe cheat\turkeyh.txt 
 S [ More T ]------> 
P Turrican= write.exe cheat\turrican.txt 
P TV Sports Basketball= write.exe cheat\tvsb.txt 
P Twilight 2000= write.exe cheat\tw2000.txt 
P Twinsen's Odyssey= write.exe cheat\twinod.txt 
P Twisted Metal 2= write.exe cheat\twist2.txt 
P Twisted Metal 3= write.exe cheat\twist3.txt 
P Twisted Mind= write.exe cheat\twistedm.txt 
P Typing of the Dead= write.exe cheat\typingod.txt 
P Tyrian= write.exe cheat\tyrian.txt 
P Tyrian 2000= write.exe cheat\tyrian20.txt 
P Tzar= write.exe cheat\tzar.txt 
  S GameName  U
P UEFA 2000 Manager= write.exe cheat\uefa2000.txt
P UGH= write.exe cheat\ugh.txt
P Ultimate Body Blows= write.exe cheat\ultibody.txt
P Ultimate Domain= write.exe cheat\ultidoma.txt
P Ultima VI= write.exe cheat\u6.txt
P Ultima VII - The Black Gate= write.exe cheat\u7bg.txt
P Ultima VII - Serpent Isle= write.exe cheat\ultima7.txt
P Ultima 8: Pagan= write.exe cheat\ultima8.txt
P Ultima IX: Ascension= write.exe cheat\ultima9a.txt
P Ultima Online= write.exe cheat\ultimaon.txt
P Ultima Online: Renaissance= write.exe cheat\ultimaor.txt
P Ultima Online: The Second Age= write.exe cheat\ultiosa.txt
P Ultima Underworld= write.exe cheat\ultimaun.txt
P Ultima Underworld II= write.exe cheat\ultiun2.txt
P Ultimate 8 Ball= write.exe cheat\ulti8bal.txt
P Ultimate Soccer Manager`98= write.exe cheat\ultman98.txt
P Ultimate SoccerManager= write.exe cheat\usm1.txt
P Ultimate SoccerManager 2= write.exe cheat\usm2.txt
P Ultizurk 3: The Guildmaster's Quest= write.exe cheat\ultiz3.txt
P Ultra Doom 2X= write.exe cheat\ultrad2.txt
P Ultra Violent World= write.exe cheat\uvwcht.txt
P Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizons= write.exe cheat\unchw2.txt
  S [ More U ]------> 
P Under a Killing Moon= write.exe cheat\underk.txt
P Unnatural Selection= write.exe cheat\unnasel.txt
P Unreal= write.exe cheat\unreal.txt
P Unreal Mission Pack= write.exe cheat\unrealrn.txt
P Unreal: Tournament= write.exe cheat\unrealt.txt
P Untouchables= write.exe cheat\untouch.txt
P Upland Bird Hunter= write.exe cheat\uplbh.txt
P Upland Game Hunter= write.exe cheat\uplgam.txt
P Uprising= write.exe cheat\upris.txt
P Uprising II= write.exe cheat\upris2.txt
P Ursurper= write.exe cheat\usurper.txt
P Urban Assault= write.exe cheat\urbana.txt
P Urban Chaos= write.exe cheat\urbanch.txt
P U.S. Navy Fighters '97= write.exe cheat\usnf97.txt
P U.S. Navy Fighters= write.exe cheat\usnf.txt
P USNF Gold= write.exe cheat\usnfg.txt
  S GameName  V
P V2000= write.exe cheat\v2000.txt
P Valhalla= write.exe cheat\valhall.txt
P Valhalla 2= write.exe cheat\valhall2.txt
P Vampire= write.exe cheat\vampiret.txt
P Vangers= write.exe cheat\vangers.txt
P Vanguard Ace= write.exe cheat\vang.txt
P Vaxine= write.exe cheat\vaxine.txt
P Vegi= write.exe cheat\vegi.txt
P Venom= write.exe cheat\venom.txt
P Venom Wing= write.exe cheat\venonwin.txt
P Venus The Flytrap= write.exe cheat\venusft.txt
P Vette= write.exe cheat\vette.txt
P V For Victory= write.exe cheat\vforv.txt
P VGA Roulette= write.exe cheat\vgar.txt
P Versailles= write.exe cheat\versail.txt
P Victory Road= write.exe cheat\victory.txt
P Vangers= write.exe cheat\vangers.txt
P Viking Child Prophecy= write.exe cheat\vikk.txt
P Vietnam: Black Ops= write.exe cheat\vietnamb.txt
P Vigilance= write.exe cheat\viliganc.txt
P Viper Raceing= write.exe cheat\viprace.txt
P Virtua Cop= write.exe cheat\virtuac.txt
P Virtua Squad 1= write.exe cheat\virts1.txt
P Virtua Squad 2= write.exe cheat\virtuas2.txt
  S [ More V ]------> 
P Virtual Cop 2= write.exe cheat\vcop2.txt
P Virtual Deep Sea Fishing= write.exe cheat\virtualf.txt
P Virtua Fighter= write.exe cheat\virtf.txt
P Virtua Fighter 2= write.exe cheat\virtf2.txt
P Virtual Pool Hall= write.exe cheat\virtualp.txt
P Virtual Pool 2= write.exe cheat\virtup2.txt
P Virus= write.exe cheat\virus.txt
P Virus 2000= write.exe cheat\virus200.txt
P Virtual Corporation= write.exe cheat\virtualc.txt
P Virtual Springfield= write.exe cheat\virtuals.txt
P Virtual Valerie 2= write.exe cheat\virtualv.txt
P Viz= write.exe cheat\viz.txt
P Voodoo Nightmare= write.exe cheat\vooddon.txt
P Voyager= write.exe cheat\vovager.txt
P VR Powerboat Racing= write.exe cheat\vrpower.txt
P VW Beetle Tracks + Gaps= write.exe cheat\vwbeet.txt
P V-Rally= write.exe cheat\vrally.txt
  S GameName  W
P Wacky Wheels= write.exe cheat\wackyw.txt 
P Wages of War= write.exe cheat\wages.txt 
P Wall Street Trader 2000= write.exe cheat\wallst20.txt
P Walls of Bartock= write.exe cheat\wallsob.txt
P WarBirds= write.exe cheat\warbirds.txt 
P Warbreeds= write.exe cheat\warbrdc.txt 
P WarCraft= write.exe cheat\warcraft.txt 
P WarCraft II= write.exe cheat\wcraft2.txt 
P WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness= write.exe cheat\warc2.txt 
P WarCraft II: Edition= write.exe cheat\warc2bne.txt 
P War Games= write.exe cheat\wargame.txt 
P Wargasm= write.exe cheat\wargasm.txt 
P Wargods= write.exe cheat\wargoods.txt 
P Warhammer: Dark Omen= write.exe cheat\whdo.txt 
P Warhammer: Final Liberation= write.exe cheat\war-fl.txt 
P Warhammer: Rites of War= write.exe cheat\whrow.txt 
P Warhammer: Shadow of the ...= write.exe cheat\whamhr.txt 
P Warhammer 40k: Chaos Gate= write.exe cheat\warham40.txt 
P War Inc.= write.exe cheat\warinc.txt 
P War In the Gulf= write.exe cheat\waringul.txt 
P Warlords: Battlecry= write.exe cheat\warlordb.txt 
P WarLords 2= write.exe cheat\warlord2.txt 
P WarLords 3= write.exe cheat\war3.txt 
P Warlords 3: Darklords Rising= write.exe cheat\war3dr.txt 
P Warriors= write.exe cheat\warri.txt 
P Wartorn= write.exe cheat\wartorn.txt 
P WarWind= write.exe cheat\warw.txt 
P WarWind 2= write.exe cheat\warw2.txt 
P Warzone 2100= write.exe cheat\warz2100.txt 
P War of the Worlds= write.exe cheat\warofwor.txt 
P Wasteland= write.exe cheat\wastelan.txt 
P Waterworld= write.exe cheat\waterw.txt 
P Watchy= write.exe cheat\watchy.txt 
 S [ More W ]------> 
P Waxworks= write.exe cheat\waxworks.txt
P Wayne's World= write.exe cheat\waynew.txt 
P WCW/Nitro= write.exe cheat\wcwnit.txt 
P Well Of Souls= write.exe cheat\wellofs.txt 
P Weird Dreams= write.exe cheat\wdreams.txt 
P Werewolf vs. Comanche 2.0= write.exe cheat\werwcom.txt 
P West Front= write.exe cheat\westfr.txt 
P WET Attack= write.exe cheat\wetatt.txt 
P WET - The Sexy Empire= write.exe cheat\wet.txt 
P Wetlands= write.exe cheat\wetland.txt 
P Wheel of Time= write.exe cheat\wheelot.txt
P Whiplash= write.exe cheat\whipl.txt 
P Whiplash 2= write.exe cheat\whiplas2.txt 
P Who Wants to be a Millionaire?= write.exe cheat\whowtbae.txt
P Who Wants to ..... 2nd Edition= write.exe cheat\whowtb2.txt 
P Who Wants to Beat Up a Millionaire= write.exe cheat\whowtb3.txt 
P Wibarm= write.exe cheat\wilbarm.txt 
P Wild Metal Country= write.exe cheat\wildmc.txt 
P Wild Ride= write.exe cheat\wildrid.txt 
P Wild Wild West: The Steel Assassin= write.exe cheat\wildww.txt
P Wind Walker= write.exe cheat\windwalk.txt 
P Wingbrick 2000= write.exe cheat\winb2000.txt 
P Wing Commander 3= write.exe cheat\wc-3.txt 
P Wing Commander IV= write.exe cheat\wc-4.txt 
P Wing Commander: Prophecy= write.exe cheat\wingpr.txt 
P Wing Commander: Secret Ops= write.exe cheat\winspecp.txt 
P Wing Commander: Kilrathi Saga= write.exe cheat\wingcks.txt 
P Wingstar= write.exe cheat\wingstar.txt  
P Winged Warrior 2= write.exe cheat\wingedw.txt 
P Witchaven= write.exe cheat\witch1.txt 
P Witchaven 2= write.exe cheat\whitch2.txt 
P Windows Hextris= write.exe cheat\winhex.txt 
 S [ More W ]------> 
P Windows Solitaire= write.exe cheat\windowso.txt 
P Wings of Fury= write.exe cheat\wingsoff.txt 
P Wings of Glory= write.exe cheat\wingsog.txt 
P Winter Olympics= write.exe cheat\winterol.txt 
P Wizard & Warriors= write.exe Cheat\wizardw.txt
P Wizardy: Proving grounds... = write.exe Cheat\wizardp.txt
P Wizardy Gold= write.exe Cheat\wizardyg.txt
P Wizardy 7= write.exe Cheat\wizard7.txt
P Wizball= write.exe Cheat\wizball.txt
P Wizkid= write.exe Cheat\wizkid.txt
P WhipeOut 2097/XL= write.exe cheat\wxl.txt 
P Wooden Ship + Iron Men= write.exe cheat\woodensi.txt 
P Wolfenstein 3D= write.exe cheat\wolf3d.txt 
P Wolfenstein 3D/ Spear of Destiny= write.exe cheat\wolf3dsd.txt 
P Word Rescue= write.exe cheat\worldox.txt 
P World War 2 GI= write.exe cheat\worlw2.txt 
P Worms= write.exe cheat\worms1.txt 
P Worms 2= write.exe cheat\worms2.txt 
P Worms: Armageddon= write.exe cheat\wormsarm.txt 
P Worms Plus: Reinforcements= write.exe cheat\wormspls.txt 
P World Cup'98= write.exe cheat\wc98code.txt 
P World League Soccer'98= write.exe cheat\wls98.txt 
P Wrath Of Earth= write.exe cheat\wrathoe.txt 
P Wreckin Crew= write.exe cheat\wreckin.txt 
P Wrigglers= write.exe cheat\wiglev.txt 
P WWII Fighters= write.exe cheat\wwiif.txt 
P WWF: In Your House= write.exe cheat\wwfiyh.txt 
P WWF Wrestlemania= write.exe cheat\wwfwrest.txt 
  S GameName  X
P X-Beyond the Frontier= write.exe cheat\x-btf.txt 
P X-CAR: Expierimental Racing= write.exe cheat\xcar.txt 
P X-COM: Interceptor= write.exe cheat\xcomint.txt
P X-COM: First Alien Invasion= write.exe cheat\xcomfai.txt
P X-COM: UFO Defense= write.exe cheat\xcomud.txt
P X-COM 2: Terror from the Deep= write.exe cheat\xcom-2.txt
P X-COM 3: Apocalypse= write.exe cheat\xcom3.txt
P X-Files: The Game [Hint]= write.exe cheat\xfiles.txt
P X-Files: The Game [Cheat]= write.exe cheat\xfilecht.txt
P X-Games Pro Boarder= write.exe cheat\xgames.txt
P X-Men: Children of the Atom= write.exe cheat\xmenatom.txt
P X-Men: Asgardian Wars= write.exe cheat\xmanaw.txt
P X-Men: The Ravages Of Apocalypse =write.exe cheat\x-menroa.txt
P X-Men 2.0= write.exe cheat\x-men2.txt
P X-Out= write.exe cheat\xout.txt
P X-Plane= write.exe cheat\x-plane.txt
P X-Wing Alliance= write.exe cheat\xwingall.txt
P X-Wing= write.exe cheat\xwing.txt
P X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter= write.exe cheat\xvstie.txt
P Xargon= write.exe cheat\xargon.txt  
P Xatax= write.exe cheat\xatax.txt
P Xenimus= write.exe cheat\xenimus.txt
P Xenoball= write.exe cheat\xenoball.txt
P Xenon= write.exe cheat\xenon.txt
P Xenon 2= write.exe cheat\xenon2.txt
P XenoPhage= write.exe cheat\xenopa.txt
P XS= write.exe cheat\xs.txt
P Xybots= write.exe cheat\xybots.txt
  S GameName  Y
P You Don`t Know Jack= write cheat\ydkjcht.txt  
P You Don`t Know Jack: The Ride= write cheat\ydkj2.txt  
P You Don`t Know Jack 3= write cheat\ydkj3.txt  
P You Don't Know Jack: 5th Dementia ...= write cheat\ydkj5.txt  
P You Don't Know Jack! Jumbo= write cheat\ydkjj.txt  
P Yoda Stories= write cheat\yoda.txt  
P Yo Joe= write cheat\yukon.txt  
P Yukon Trail= write cheat\yukon.txt  
  S GameName  Z
P Zany Golf= write.exe cheat\zanygolf.txt
P Zapitalism= write.exe cheat\zapit.txt
P Zapitalism Deluxe= write.exe cheat\zapdel.txt
P Zarch= write.exe cheat\zarch.txt
P Zeddas= write.exe cheat\zeddas.txt
P Zeliard= write.exe cheat\zeliard.txt
P Zero Degree Fighter Combat= write.exe cheat\zerode.txt
P Zeux= write.exe cheat\zeus.txt
P Ziriax= write.exe cheat\ziriax.txt
P Zombie Wars= write.exe cheat\zombie.txt
P Zone Raiders= write.exe cheat\zoner.txt
P Zool= write.exe cheat\zool.txt
P Zool 2= write.exe cheat\zool2.txt
P Zoom= write.exe cheat\zoom.txt
P Zorro= write.exe cheat\zorro.txt
P Z= write.exe cheat\z.txt
P ZPC= write.exe cheat\zpc.txt
P ZZT= write.exe cheat\zzt.txt
P Z-Out= write.exe cheat\z-out.txt
   M &Cheats 0-9 
P 3D Ultra Minigolf= write.exe cheat\3dmini.txt  
P 3D Ultra Radio Control Racers= write.exe cheat\3durcr.txt 
P 3D Hunting: Extreme= write.exe cheat\3dhe.txt 
P 3D Hunting: Grizzly= write.exe cheat\3dhunt.txt 
P 3DMark '99= write.exe cheat\3dmark99.txt 
P 3D Movie Maker=write.exe cheat\3dmoviem.txt
P 3D Pulsoid=write.exe cheat\3dpuls.txt
P 3D Ultra Pinball: Thrillride=write.exe cheat\3dupt.txt
P 3X Xtreme=write.exe cheat\3xxtreme.txt
P 4D Boxing= write.exe cheat\4dboxing.txt 
P 4x4 Evolution= write.exe cheat\4x4evol.txt 
P 4 Get It= write.exe cheat\4getit.txt 
P 5th Element= write.exe cheat\5thelemt.txt 
P 7-up= write.exe cheat\7up.txt  
P 7th Legion= write.exe cheat\7th.txt 
P 7th Guest= write.exe cheat\tsg.txt 
P 9: the Last Resort= write.exe cheat\9lastr.txt  
P 10Six= write.exe cheat\10six.txt  
P 11th Hour= write.exe cheat\11th.txt  
P 12 O´Clock High= write.exe cheat\12oclock.txt
P 101 Airborne= write.exe cheat\airborn.txt
P 1602 A.D.= write.exe cheat\1602ad.txt  
P 1830 Railroads...= write.exe cheat\1830.txt 
P 1942: Pacific Air War= write.exe cheat\1942paw.txt  
P 3001 - Space Survival= write.exe cheat\3001sp.txt  
Microsoft Excel
Hidden Flight Sim Game: 
Busy office types need a little relief? Check out this hidden 
game inside Excel!
1. Open up a new document. 
2. Press F5. 
3. Type in x97:L97 in the reference box and press enter. 
4. Press tab. 
5. Hold down ctrl+shift. 
6. While holding these two buttons click on the chart wizard 
   button on the icon bar (the button looks like a bar graph).
7. This should take you into a flight sim sort of thing.
8. While in the sim, press the left mouse button to go 
   forward, the right mouse button to go forward, drag 
   left or right to turn, and drag up or down to raise of 
   lower altitude.
Mad TV
1. Start a new game.
2. Pay back the credit of the boss.
3. Go to room service.
4. Rent a studio.
5. Give back the studio.
6. Repeat 4.-5.
The minus on your account will turn into a plus.
type the letter "l" on the main menu.
You can now chose the level and amount of 
lives (1-40 only) and have the option of turbofunk,
which speeds up the game.
To bring up the console puhs the ~key and type 
the following codes,followed by the enter key.
fly-toggles   - fly mode on and off. to fly press 
                 the jump button.
ode to jack   - kill all creatures on stage.
impulse 11    - godemode
noclip        - toggles clip mode on and off
impulse 10    - large magic attack
Magic Carpet
Press 'I' and then type 'RATTY'. 
(type 'QUICK' for Magic Carpet Plus)
ALT-F1 gives you all the spells
ALT-F2 gives you more manna
ALT-F6 heals you
ALt-F7 kills all creatures
SHIFT-C completes the level
CARPET -level # to skip to level number #
Magic Carpet 2
Press I and then type WINDY
ALT-F1  Access all spells
ALT-F2  More mana
ALT-F3  Destroy all players
ALT-F4  Destroy all castles
ALT-F5  Destroy all balloons
ALT-F6  Heal
ALT-F7  Kill all creatures
ALT-F8  More Spell Experience Points
ALT-F9  Free Spell Usage
ALT-F10 Invincibility
Magic Candle 3
1. The Platinum Key is in the Tarrak mines on level 
two in the fourth alcove. 
2. The Mirror is on level 
four at 53,20.
3. The Mold is in Wesgar on level four in the center 
section. to get there go to level eight and find the 
chute that leads to level four. 
4. The flint is in 
Nekros at 63,16 in the fireplace.
5. Ask Gorion the Nekros librarian about Subterranae 
to learn how to get into Crowndeep caverns.
6. Entas will only let you pass if you have a human, 
an elf, a dwarf, and an orc in your party. Someone 
must have one of each type of gem, and all four 
parts of the MAGIC CANDLE.
7. The elf of legend is Toriala, she is in Hiltmos 
for hire after you defeat Alvirex.
1.Kaznur        -"Helnibor"
2.Entas         -"Wackawoo"
3.Selne         -"Brundishar"
4.Bohar         -"Wentegal"
5.Vorhamme      -"Komdrom"
6.Tas           -"Pintaldi"
7.Olkanis       -"Shibanabal"
8.Hiltmos       -"Uulangarum"
9.Tarrak        -"Gorfalion"
10.Tarrak Mines -"Damaldenur"
11.Wesgar       -"Etaksbit"
12.Sora         -"Kavitar"
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Plainswalker
Black Vice Tip 
The Black Vice in most verisions is broken; it applys 
DOUBLE damage whenever you use it. 
Get a Black Vice or two, and you're bound to destroy 
the bad guys. Add in a couple of Lightning bolt to 
finish them off, or cards like Wheel of Fortune or 
Timetwister to bring your opponent back to 7 cards 
before hitting them for double vice damage. 
Edit the Computer's Decks 
There is a way to hack into the programming of Magic the 
Gathering and its expansions.
To do this you must open up a DOS box from windows or  
begin a DOS session. Then you must switch to whatever 
directory magic is in (e.g. C:Magic)
Then type "cd programdeck". Type dir and you will see a list 
of .dck files that are numbered. If you type edit 0010.dck 
you will be brought to a screen where the cards in deck 0010 
are listed.
The screen should say the creatures name at the top as well 
as its color. Listed in columns should be the cards' serial 
numbers, the amount of each card and the actual name of the 
To take out the land simply replace the quantity of land 
with the number 0. Make sure before saving that the total 
amount of cards in the deck is still at a minimum of 40 
You may change the land in any numbered deck in the 
same way.
Magic Land Dizzy
Unlimited Lives
Type diamonds and pearls 
during game play.
Magic Marble
Level  Password 
Magic & Mayhem
Go to map wizards in magic and mayhem directory 
double click on startwizard open with notepad.
You can make your hitpoints 20000 if you like 
same goes for your mana.
Item list remove all ; at front of the item and 
you will have it.
Spells remove ; from front of spell but not more 
than 21 spells.
You can open the book.
Hope it is off any use,
submitted by
These are 4 bytes for mana
These are 2 bytes for health
Magic Carpet Plus
To enable cheat mode, start a new game and
stop your carpet. Press I and type "QUICK", 
then press Enter. To use a code, press any 
of the following while playing. 
Code       Effect
ALT-F1     All the spells
ALT-F2     More Manna
ALT-F3     Destroy all players
ALT-F4     Destroy all balloons
ALT-F5     Destroy all castles
ALT-F6     Heal
ALT-F7     Destroy all creatures 
SHIFT-C    Completes the level
Magic Pockets
Level passwords:
Press [F2], then enter one of the following 
Mountains  Jungle  Lakes  Caves  
8498       5284    3505   1053
4370       4757    0692   3425 
3541       2818    1786   8282 
2823       1960    9877   4476 
1286       6331    7962   7766 
6067       4125   
5139       2219   
Magic Theatre
Hidden controls:
Hold [Ctrl] and click over the empty space in the 
top right corner.
Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim
While playing, press [Enter] then type the following 
Code              Result 
victory is mine - Win Game 
now you die     - Lose Game 
fill this bag   - Add 10,000 Gold 
revelation      - Reveal Map 
build anything  - All Buildings Available 
give me power   - All Spells Available 
cheezy towers   - Spells Have No Range Limit 
restoration     - Restores Hit Points 
frame it        - Shows Frame Count
grow up         - Highlighted Hero Gains +5 Levels 
Submitted by: Jens Lohse
Upgraded marketplaces are your primary source of 
gold; a distant trading post will help supplement 
your income nicely. 
Once you've got a steady income, your first priority 
should be to keep your guilds full; you need as many 
heroes as you can afford earning experience and spending 
Don't be shy with the money you put on your bounties. 
To really attract heroes, try placing a couple of thousand 
gold pieces on a target and watch them flock to the flag. 
Take houses off the tax route until they've built up about 
50 gold pieces each. Then tap them for a single visit from 
the tax collector. This keeps your collectors from wasting 
precious time scraping together the trickle of gold that 
comes into the houses. 
Submitted by: rickHH
Major Striker
These only work in the registered version.  
To use the codes, first you have to activate them.  
At the main title screen, 
hold down the C, H, E, A, T keys.
When you're in the game, 
press BCKSPCE, H and S at the same 
You can now use these codes:
TAB+O  Fire options
TAB+R  Rapid fire
TAB+S  Shield menu
Tip 1: 
Research engine technology as quickly as possible. 
It will serve you well in the early expansion race. 
Tip 2:
When you have no other priorities, always have your 
factories pumping out combat ATVs. You will need all 
of them eventually. 
Tip 3:
Build a new construction space station as soon as you can. 
Ship production is vital, and by the middle part of the 
Game, you will need to have built a substantial fleet.
Man At Arms
Level     Passwords
Level 1 - INCUBUS
Level 2 - STRANGE
Level 3 - PULSARS
Manga Games
During the game type the name of the game 
BACKWARDS and you should be presented with 
a Cheat Menu.
Manic Karts
Submitted by: rickHH
If you're miles behind in a championship race, head for the pits 
and park! In addition to fuel, you will load up with free Nitros 
and Super Grips that can be carried over to the next event.
Spend your prize money first on upgrading your tire compound and 
tuning your engine. At the end of the season, you'll have the 
hottest cart on the track!
Manic Miner
While playing the game type:
802926     - Bug-Byte version or
WRITETYPER - Software Projects
A boot should then appear next to the lives at the bottom 
of the screen. Now hold down the '6' key and press a 
combination of keys 1 - 5 to select a different level. 
The table below shows which keys select which level. Just 
hold down the keys shown eg. to get to the Processing Plant 
hold down keys 6,3 and 1. 
KEY       LEVEL 
6 ----- : Central Cavern 
6 ----1 : The Cold Room 
6 ---2- : The Menagerie 
6 ---21 : Abandoned Uranium Workings 
6 --3-- : Eugene's Lair 
6 --3-1 : Processing Plant 
6 --32- : The Vat 
6 --321 : Miner Willy meets the Kong Beast 
6 -4--- : Wacky Amoebatrons 
6 -4--1 : The Endorian Forest 
6 -4-2- : Attack of the Mutant Telephones 
6 -4 21 : Return of the Alien Kong Beast 
6 -43-- : Ore Refinery 
6 -43-1 : Skylab Landing Bay 
6 -432- : The Bank 
6 -4321 : The Sixteenth Cavern 
6 5---- : The Warehouse 
6 5---1 : Amoebatrons' Revenge 
6 5--2- : Solar Power Generator 
6 5--21 : The Final Barrier
Mansell's World Championship
search 74 39 B8 6A 00
change EB -- -- -- --
Manx TT Superbike
Submitted by: Indra Permata Dinda -
Riding a sheep :
At the transmission select : Press up,up,down,down,left,
right,hit the brake (Z) and accelerate (X). You will hear 
'baaah' if it successful. Do this in arcade mode only.
Time Trial Mode :
At the course select press and hold brake while you choose 
the course that you want.
Squealing your tires through turns and banging off the   
scenery is far more detrimental to your progress than 
bumping other riders, so stay smooth and centered as 
much as humanly possible.
For maximum dizziness (it'll feel good to certain folks 
(kinda like a drug) and maximum control, first person 
is the only way to ride.
Beat the "catch-up feature." Ideally, you'll want to get 
near the front of the pack but not in the lead going into
the last few turns; then slingshot past the leader near 
the tape. When you're not in front but are driving well,
you will carry a speed advantage.
Master of Orion 2
Submitted by: Indra Permata Dinda
Hold down the ALT key when entering these codes.  
Code        Result 
CRUNCH    - completes your building project
            (type in colony screen). 
EINSTEIN  - gives you all technology. 
ISEEALL   - omniscience. 
MENLO     - Allows you to finish your research 
MOOLA     - gives you $1,000 
canbonly1 - CPU players all against you              
score     - View player's current score                 
events    - No random events                            
allai     - Random character personalities/increased AI  
Master of Orion
Submitted by Indra Permata Dinda
Press ALT + MOOLA  - 100 BC more                               
Press ALT + GALAXY - show the hole map with all the 
                     spaceships visible
Get 100bc:
At any Planet screen, hold Alt and type moola.
See everything:
Hold Alt and type galaxy in game play for the galaxy to be revealed. 
Cool glitch:
Build a ship with a single MISSILE (NOT torpedoes or scatter 
packs) and one of the extras that knock out armor (i.e., Neutron
Stream Projector). Make this ship FAST and TOUGH. In combat, 
turn off your missiles, move in close to the enemy ships (within 2
spaces). Fire your weapons at a group of ships, then click on WAIT. 
Pray that your ship(s) survive the counterattack (if any). 
If you survive, you get to go again. Trick is, your extra 
weapons are STILL AVAILABLE. Keep using the extra weapon, 
then click on
wait, and fire, and wait, and fire, and wait. (You get the idea.) 
The enemy will have NO opportunity to return fire and will helplessly
Note: This glitch is only definite for the Mac; I have no 
information on it (one way or the other) for any other platform.
At new game scene press 
Ctrl + Alt, 
then start a new game.
type each letter slowly, then every time  
you type a letter, wait two seconds before 
typing the next letter.
Marathon 2 -Durandal
Hold down alt and escape while clicking on 
'start new game' 
to start on any level.
Marble Drop
Drop multiple marbles quickly into a puzzle to rack 
up points as they keep bouncing off the crossbow. 
Reset the puzzle to solve it with newly acquired 
points intact.
Marble Madness
Stay where you are on the first 
level for a surprise.
Mario Andretti's Racing Challenge
If you're struggling to make money in EA's racing 
game here's how to get loads of money without 
winning a race. 
Create a new player in the usual way and obtain 
Save the game and give it a name you will 
recognise for example MYGAME. 
Quit the program and run your file editing utility. 
Remember to make backup copies of your game files 
in case you make an error. Load the file MYGAME.GAM 
and change:
49 56 41 4E 53 4B 49 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 14 00
49 56 41 4E 53 4B 49 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 FF FF
Mario Is Losing
Edit MARIO.BIN to get the following:
For no car reduction,
search for   7E 04 FF 0E DE 6E B8 02 00, and
change it to -- -- 90 90 90 90 -- -- --
For no time reduction,
search for   29 16 0D 70 19 06 0F, and
change it to 90 90 90 90 -- -- --
Mars Maniacs
Change your player name to these codes for the 
desired effect: 
Code    Result 
lazy  - Game Moves Very Slow 
Blast - Get Lots of Turbo
Martian Gothic: Unification
When over the HINTS FOR VIDEOGAMES book in the 
inventory type these codes: 
Code                     Result 
YOULOOKINATME          - Infinite Health 
IFEELUNUSUAL           - Infinite Ammo 
QUICKSUCKITOUT         - Immune to Poison 
PATRICKMARLEY          - Listen to Darnley Microcorder 
It's easy to get lost in the similar hallways. 
The inventory screen has a rough map that shows 
how different areas link to each other, which is 
somewhat helpful for navigation. 
Early on, just run away from zombies. They keep 
coming, and you don't have enough firepower to do 
them any long-term damage. 
Use the pneumatic tubes to send items to the other 
two characters. You can also leave things in the 
Broadway lockers to be picked up later. 
Search all the corpses. They usually have the key cards. 
If a room has a computer terminal, search it before 
activating the terminal. Using the computers often 
cues zombies to come to life. 
Hex Cheat:
The saved game files are in the folder SAVES under 
the installed folder. 
They have the names MGSAVE[user supplied] [game supplied] 
where "PLAYER" is supplied by the player at save time 
and "00-17" is supplied by the game. 
A number of bytes have been found that indicate the 
number of saves the player has in specific computers 
encountered during play. Note: The game is saved by 
using the computer, calling up the game "Martian Mayhem", 
and selecting "Save Game". 
So far hex 07 (8th byte) thru hex 13 (20th byte) appear 
to be the bytes corresponding to computers with different 
numbers of stored saves. They can all be set to hex ff to 
set all the computers to have 255 stored saves each.
Machine Hunter
**uranus**  - unlimited continues
**saturn**  - view end movie
showcredit  - shows credits
lazyplayer  - all pickups
get sacked  - fight bosses only
showdroids  - old intro movie
no mission  - activates exit areas
grimreaper  - one shot kills
2unlimited  - unlimited weapons and upgrades
invincible  - invincibility
Master Of Magic
Cast all learnable spells:
Hold [Alt] and type pwr or power at the magic screen. 
All wizards (including opponents) will be able to gain 
mana and cast all learnable spells, including the Spell 
Of Mastery. 
Full map:
Hold [Alt] and type rvl or reveal at the magic screen. 
Exit the magic screen, then re-enter the magic screen 
to enable the code. Note: This also affects opponents. 
Microprose message:
Hold [Alt] and type destin at the magic screen to display a 
message to send Microprose a copy of the saved game and a 
bug report.
Math Rescue 
Press "E+L+M" for lids and slime.
Press "P+A+M" for level warp,
then type the level to warp to.
Code Effect 
MAXAMMO     Full Ammo 
MAXSURVEY   Reveal the Location of All Resources 
MAXSPY      Reveals the Location of All Enemies 
MAXSUPER    Allows Chosen Unit to be Upgraded to Level 30 
MAXSTORAGE  Fills Raw Material Units Cargo Completely
M.A.X. 2 
Edit the Max2.ini file and use the following settings:
This should give you access to all campaigns.
Again, here are cheats that work only with the 
standalone, single player missions:
This is toggle. Turn it on to see all the units on the 
map, even the ones outside of your normal Scan range. 
You still cannot target units that are outside the Scan 
range of one of your units.
This is also a toggle. Turn it on to see the locations of 
all the material and gold resources.
This will fill all of your units and buildings with the 
maximum amount of material.
Select a unit and use this cheat code. That unit will be 
upgraded to the highest possible level.
Maximum Pool
Place the mouse pointer over any ball on the table to 
take a closer look at it. A large glowing picture of 
the ball appears in the upper-left corner of the window, 
making it easy to see which ball it is. 
To quickly aim for a ball, place the mouse cursor over 
the desired ball and double-click the left mouse button. 
Instead of honing in on a shot via the cue-stick controls 
located in the lower-left corner of the window, it's often 
more convenient to double-click on a ball to aim at it, and 
then use the left and right cursor keys to fine-tune the shot. 
Maximum Roadkill
While at the chop shop 
type money.
Max Mole
Enter the following while playing:
Code     Result 
WARPML - 99 Lives 
WARPMT - More Time 
WARPRC - Start Demo Recording 
WARPRS - Stop Demo Recording 
WARPPL - Replay Demo 
WARPxx - Go to level xx (1-50) 
If you use some of these cheats you won't 
get any experience points.
It seems that it's only important to input the 
digits itself, not just in the right sorting. 
Some of the combinations toggle the cheat on/off, 
some don't (only toggles on). 
Input all digits on the numpad:
333333 - $250,000 
55555  - Full map 
777    - $2,500,000 
888    - Mission accomplished 
Press [Num Lock] during game play and type 
in the following codes during gameplay: 
09921 = $250.000 Credits
09922 = Destroy all Enemys
09923 = Destroy all Enemys houses
09924 = Mission accomplished
09925 = OFF/ Fog of War
09926 = All house are big
09927 = Info about your Level
09928 = More Speed
Mech Commander
Update MechCommander to version 1.8 if you have 
not already done so. 
Then copy your "" file (in the 
directory you installed MechCommander in) and 
rename it to "ixtlriimceourl" with no extensions.
This is the secret file needed to enable the cheats.
 Logistics Cheats
 These cheats must be typed in during the Logistics Phase.
 POUNDOFFLESH       - Adds 1,000,000 Resource Points.
 ROCKANDROLLPEOPLE  - Removes Drop Weight Limit on current mission.
 GLENNROCKSTHEHOUSE - Salvage all parts at the start of the mission.
 GETSALVAGE         - Salvage all parts at the start of the mission.
 Gameplay Cheats
To use them you have to first create a file in the main 
directory (where you installed) called: buymechcommander.2
 These cheats must be typed in during the mission.
 CTRL + ALT + W - Jumps to "Mission Sucessful" screen.
 OSMIUM         - Makes your Mechs and vehicles invincible.
 LORRIE         - Repairs damaged Armor/Weapons.
 LORDBUNNY      - Gives you unlimited, instantaneous artillery 
                  strikes. Press b and left-click to nuke the target.
 MINEEYESHAVESEENTHEGLORY - Reveals the entire map.
 DEADEYE                  - Max Gunnery skill on all MechWarriors.
MechCommander Gold:Desperate Measures
To use these cheats, you have to first create a file 
in the Desperate Measures directory (where you installed) 
called: ixtlriimceourl (there is no file extension for this 
file) by making a copy of and renaming it. 
This is the secret file needed to enable the cheats. 
Gameplay Cheats-These cheats must be typed in during 
the mission. 
Code                         Result
CTRL                       - LCharts the map 
CTRL-ALT-W                 - Win mission 
deadeye                    - Gunnery skills increase dramatically 
framegraph                 - Show the framerate 
lordbunny-Press b and left - click to Nuke 
lorrie                     - Repair Damaged Parts/Damaged Weapons 
mineeyeshaveseentheglory   - Reveal the Map 
osmium                     - Toggle god mode on/off 
Logistics Cheats           - These cheats must be typed in during the 
                             Logistics Phase. 
poundofflesh               - Adds 1,000,000 Resource Points. 
rockandrollpeople          - Removes Drop Weight Limit on current mission
This is not a game of brute force. Look for a sneaky way to 
gain an objective. For example, don't take out the enemy 
missile turrets; take out their power supply. 
Use the targeting hot keys. Rather than barrage the enemy mech 
with a series of randomly aimed shots, aim for the legs or head. 
Remember, the cleaner the kill, the more salvage there is available. 
Rest your MechWarriors. Give your pilots a break. Once they are 
injured you should rest them for a mission or two.
Mass Destruction 
- If you type GOLEVXX, on the title screen you 
will skip to the level specified by the number 
entered where 'XX' is in the cheat command, 
Levels range from 01-24
-If during the game the user types AMMO, they 
will be awarded full weapons.
 Codes for Patched Games 
 Enter these codes while playing.
ineedabiggun    - Super Chain Gun powerup once per level 
holokurtisfun   - Dummy powerup once per level 
nastyshotthanks - Homing sniper grenade once per level 
tornadoaway     - Twister powerup once per level 
486ok           - Allow 486 machines to run the game 
 Codes for Unpatched Games 
 Enter these codes while playing.
makemefull    - Health once per level 
masterblaster - Gatt powerup once per level 
twistandshout - Twister powerup once per level 
biggrenade    - Homing sniper grenade once per level 
486willbeslow - Allows 486 machines to run the game 
                 (alebeit slowly) 
 European Codes
 Enter these codes while playing. 
healme        - Health once per level
ineedabiggun  - Gatt powerup once per level
tornadoaway   - Twister powerup once per level
holokurtisfun - Dummy powerup once per level
486okbyme     - Allow 486 machines to run
Mdk 2
God Mode:
In-game you can press '~' and enter the following string 
after the 'Omen' prompt to get full invulnerability: 
Looks like the programming language? Yeah - this is trick 
for the internal game scripting system. But please note 
that this code must be re-entered periodically because the 
game doesn't store previous mode while map block change 
(block changing can be determined if your HDD reads something 
heavy and the game slowdowns for a while, or just see what you 
now is not invlunerable and your health value is decreasing). 
Hopefully you do not have to re-enter this long code - you can 
just bring console ('~' key) and then press Up-arrow key to 
get previous command form history. 
Other codes (entered the same way):
Code               Result 
mdkNewGame(1,12) - Jump to Level 1 
mdkNewGame(2,12) - Jump to Level 2 
mdkNewGame(3,12) - Jump to Level 3 
mdkNewGame(4,12) - Jump to Level 4 
mdkNewGame(5,11) - Jump to Level 5 
mdkNewGame(6,8)  - Jump to Level 6 
mdkNewGame(7,11) - Jump to Level 7 
mdkNewGame(8,8)  - Jump to Level 8 
mdkNewGame(9,13) - Jump to Level 9 
mdkNewGame(10,7) - Jump to Level 10 (Final) 
mdkNewGame(11,1) - Jump to Level 10 #1 (Special) 
mdkNewGame(12,1) - Jump to Level 10 #2 (Special) 
GodDebugToggle() - God Mode on/off 
Toggle slow motion:
Begin game play as Max, then hold [Fire] and 
press [Equip Up] four times. A message will 
confirm correct code entry. 
Make use of Sniper mode as Kurt. An enemy taken out 
from afar is an enemy you don't have to worry about 
If concerned about ammo as Max, switch to the main 
pistol it won't run out. Save the Uzis for rougher times.
Dr. Hawkins requires an unorthodox approach. Save often 
and try everything; you'll stumble upon the answer eventually.
When facing the first boss as Kurt, zoom in and look for 
those blue globes. There are four in the middle and two 
orbiting the ship.
Maelstrom has only one cheat:
type the letter "l" on the main menu.
You can now chose the level and amount 
of lives (1-40 only) and have the option
of turbofunk, which speeds up the game.
Mean Arenas
Enter CHEAT on the password bit. Then, do not use the 
warp, instead collect everything on the way down. 
At the bottom of the maze, collect the gem before 
collecting the coin. Now collect the gem and enter 
any of the following:
HELP - Skip to next level.
W    - For fire weapon.
DEL  - Activate shield.
B    - For bombs.
L    - For extra lives.
E    - For energy.
A    - All coins collected.
F    - Freeze monsters. 
Enter any of the following for your password:
CHEATOFF - Shuts the above cheat off.
REVEAL   - Reveals the locations of hidden passages.
SONIC    - Increase game speed.
NORMAL   - Revert back to normal speed.
In one player mode enter "QSSIFS4UYLS2WGKUN3" for 
the password and you will be whisked away to level
three with enough lives to complete the game with 
Mean Streets
Keycard  Password   Place to find:
Blue     bishop     Factory Carl Linsky NC4675
Purple   knight     Labratory Greg Call
Red      stalemate  Beach house
Black    rook       Air Bus Station 
Grey     king       Law and Order party
Orange   checkmate  Cal Davis
Green    pawn       John Klauss passcard
Yellow   queen      Sam Jones passcard,threathen
Meat Puppet
~ingesth  - full health
~ingesta  - full ammo
~ingestw - full weapons
~ingeste  - full energy
MechWarrior 2: Battlepack
While playing a game, hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] 
and type one of the following codes to
activate the corresponding general cheat function:
Result - Code:
Invincibility - su
Infinite ammo - is
Level skip - li
Jumpjets - in
Infinite jumpjet fuel - cr
Destroy targeted mech - re
Disable heat tracking - oo
Mechwarrior 2: 31st Century Combat
Cheat mode:
Hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] and type one of the 
following codes during game play to activate the 
corresponding general cheat function.
Effect                                              Code 
Toggle invulnerability                            - blorb  
Toggle unlimited ammo                             - cia  
Toggle heat tracking                              - coldmiser  
Toggle mission time-limit                         - hangaround  
Add jumpjets                                      - flygirl  
Toggle infinite Jumpjet power                     - mightymouse  
Destroy targeted mech                             - gankem  
Explode an atomic bomb                            - enolagay  
Toggle bounding spheres                           - michelin  
View MW2 Sim Programmer Dorcs web pages           - dorcs 
End mission successfully                          - icanthackit  
End mission as a failure                          - idkfa  
Toggles time expansion                            - zmak or antijolt  
Time compression key enabled                      - meepmeep  
Time compression key disabled                     - unmeepmeep  
Toggles mini-front-view instead of mini-rear-view - front or tlofront 
Display strange message                           - dei  
Toggle Auto-grouping                              - flashyflashy  
Toggle leading reticle                            - walkthisway  
Display Dorcs screen                              - wediditagain  
Note: The "Toggle leading recticle" code forces 
enemies to follow the targeting crosshairs towards 
your mech. 
X-ray imaging:
Hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] and type xray. 
Press W to disable this mode. 
Free-floating camera:
Hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] and type tinkerbell. 
Press the following keys to control the camera. 
Press [Ctrl] + [Left Arrow] to turn left 
Press [Ctrl] + [Right Arrow] to turn right 
Press [Ctrl] + [Up Arrow] to increase altitude 
Press [Ctrl] + [Down Arrow] to decrease altitude 
Press Z to move forward 
Press [Shift] + Z to move backwards 
Press C to return to normal. 
Hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] and type one of the 
following codes for the corresponding message. 
Type lairdo for "ATTENTION ENEMIES: Don't mess with 
the blimp."
Type shit or fuck for "Freebirth vulgarity will not 
be tolerated!" 
Hidden Mechs:
Select a Trials of Grievance instant action mission. 
Changing your name in the Star configuration screen 
to Calvin (case sensitive) to add the Elemental 
between Dire Wolf and Fire Moth. Change your name 
to Hobbes (case sensitive) to add the Tarantula 
between Elemental and Fire Moth. Change your name 
to Enzo (case sensitive) to adds the Battlemaster 
IIC between Tarantula and Fire Moth (latest version 
patch required). 
Mission select:
Enter FREEBIRTHTOAD as a Warrior name in any of the 
clan halls. Any mission for that Clan may be selected 
in the briefing room. 
Hidden background information:
Select the holo-projector to get a list of background 
information on the game. Click on the numbers to the 
left until a menu with information on the development 
team appears. 
Hint: Hide in a building or mountain:
To hide in a building or mountain, jump jet forward 
then shut down before hitting the wall. 
Note: You must continue to hold the jump jet 
forward key after shutdown.
Hint: Ghost weapons:
Customize a mech so the weapons onboard in an online 
game to look like the following:
ER-Laser ER-Laser 
Mgun LRM-5 
The first LRM-5 will be duplicated between the 
second LRM-5, and take up no mass or critical. 
It will be invisible, but will do damage when 
fired and create heat. Note: You have to be in 
"chain fire" mode. The weapons can be changed, 
but the number of weapons must be uneven and the 
last weapon must be on the right side of your mech.
Hint: Ghost ammunition:
Place your ammunition in the arms of a mech in an 
online game. If your arms explode before that 
ammunition is depleted, there's a 75% chance that 
that it will become unlimited "ghost ammo".
Hint: Stealth kills:
If an enemy mech is on the other side of a wall, 
ram into the wall and zoom in. You will be able 
to see and shoot through the wall. Note: This trick 
works with mountains and other walls that can not 
be destroyed
MechWarrior 2: Ghost Bear's Legacy
hold alt+ctrl+shift and type
thundros - unlimmited ammo.
palex    - destroy targeted mech.
kent     - makes you invulnerable.
clark    - gives you X-ray vision.
kaboom   - blows up your enemies and blows you up, too, 
           if you dont have the invulnerability code on.
MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries
To enter these codes, hold Ctrl-Alt-Shift 
while playing then type any of the phrases below:
superfunkicalifragisexy - Invincibility 
superfragicali          - Auto wins mission successfully 
iseenfireandiseenrain   - Unlimited Ammo 
ooohhhlllaaalllaaa      - Heat tracking 
redjackandtikrules      - Makes targeted enemy self destruct 
crazysexycool           - Infinite jumpjets 
inmybeautifulballoon    - Adds jump jets 
likethecomstarbaby      - Automatically succeed in mission 
ontimeeverytime         - Time compression key enabled 
antijolt                - Time expansion enabled 
bubbleboy               - Bounding spheres 
beholdmyglory           - Imfree-eye mode on 
undflashyflashy         - AutoGrouping enabled (makes all weapons 
                          fire from the first trigger) 
walkthisway             - Leading Recticle enabled (makes enemies 
                          follow your targeting crosshairs towards you) 
wediditagain            - Display Credits 
Bonus Mission 
When on merc commander, fail the second mission against 
the Dread Legion. You will now receive another mission.  
On this one you get a crate of highly advanced weapons 
and 5 million c-bills.
MechWarrior 2: The Titanium Trilogy 
Hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] and type one of the 
following codes to activate the corresponding 
cheat function.
Result                    Code
Toggle invincibility    - su  
Toggle unlimited ammo   - is  
Toggle heat tracking    - oo  
Nuke current target     - it  
Mission skip            - li 
Jump jets               - in 
Unlimited jump jet fuel - cr  
Unlimited ammo          - is 
Destroy targeted mech   - re  
Free camera mode        - be  
Leading reticle         - wa 
Auto group weapons1     - fl   
1. Do not enable this code followed by any code that starts 
with "i", since it will be misinterpreted by the CPU as the 
level skip code. 
Stealth kills:
If an enemy mech is on the other side of a wall, ram into the 
wall and zoom in. You will be able to see and shoot through 
the wall. Note: This trick works with mountains and other walls 
that can not be destroyed.
Submitted by Jens Lohse
MechWarrior 2
To enter these, hold Alt + Ctrl + Shift 
and type the code phrase. 
Code          Effect
BLORB         Invulnerability
CIA           Unlimited Ammo
COLDMISER     Heat Tracking
FLYGIRL       Jump Jets
MIGHTYMOUSE   Unlimited Jump Jet Fuel
ENOLAGAY      Nuclear Blast
HANGAROUND    Display Mission Time
GANKEM        Targeted Enemy Destroyed
DORCS         Display Credits
IDKFA         End mission in failure
MEEPMEEP      Time compression key on
UNMEEPMEEP    Time compression key off
ANTIJOLT      Time expansion on/off
FLASHYFLASHY  Auto grouping on/off
WALKTHISWAY   Leading reticle on/off
ZMAK          Extra Time
TLOFRONT      Rear-view camera becomes a front camera
MICHELIN      See the bouncing spheres on debris and mech parts
X-RAY         X-ray vision (you can see through walls and mountains)
TINKERBELL    Free-floating external cameras
WEDIDITAGAIN  Dorcs screen
Pick the 60 tonner and go to the customization 
screen. Strip away the large lasers and replace 
them with medium ones. Now go over to the LRM-20s 
and jack the ammo up to 3 tons each (18 shots total). 
For some reason, unlike Battletech, Mechwarrior assumes 
that ALL Clan missles are "Streaks" - in other words, your 
LRMs are guided just like SRMs. 
When you attack, simply make your approach real slow, 
get a lock with 2x LRM20s, and hit them from a mile away. 
90% of the time they'll go down in one salvo, an Atlas may 
take two (maybe). With 18 salvos at your disposal, you should 
be able to finish off every enemy in the mission without ever 
even warming up those medium lasers. 
Bonus Mechs
In the Trials of Grievance, enter your name (and/or your 
starmates' names) in Star Config as one of the following. 
Enzo to gain the Battlemaster 'mech
Calvin to gain the Elemental 'mech 
Unfortunately, due to a programming slip-up, if you try to play as 
the Battlemaster the game will crash. 
Level Select
To access all levels type in at the sibko indentification 
screen: FREEBIRTHTOAD, then go to the ready room. 
All levels are either colors or names. The colors are regular 
missions and the names are the Trials For Position.
MechWarrior 3
Disable Heat Death
To disable heat death (not exploding when you overheat) 
do the following. Take a mech that overheats by shuting 
down or explodes when perfoming an alpha strike. 
As soon as you do the alpha strike, quickly use your 
coolant by pressing the F key. You should recieve a 
message that says, "Heat death disabled." 
Easier Salvage
To salvage enemy mechs easier all you have to do is to 
shoot off one of the enemy mech's legs. An easy way to 
do this a group a lot of medium pulse lasers together 
and fire them at one leg. NOTE: This trick doesn't always 
work, but it does increase your chances for salvage. 
Video Select 
To view any of the videos from Mech Warrior 3, open 
"My Computer". Then right-click on the Mech Warrior 3 CD, 
then click on open. Then go into the video folder. 
Just double click on the video you wish to view. 
Easy salvage:
Blow the legs off a mech, rather then the torso. 
Or, better yet, use a head shot.
Easy head shots:
Salvage a "Clan Targeting Computer" and equip it 
on your mech. Then target a mech's head and fire 
a large pulse for a one hit head shot kill.
Easy kills:
Blow off one leg of a mech. Since a mechs legs are 
much weaker then the torso, it makes killing enemy 
mechs much easier.
Temperature Management:
Overheating is more of an issue than in any previous 
MechWarrior games. When you modify your loadouts, don't 
add more energy weapons than you can cool effectively. 
Those machine guns don't look like much, but they can 
keep tearing at an enemy while you cool down from that 
laser volley you just fired. 
When battling enemy heavy mechs, send in whatever lance 
mates you have first while you concentrate heavy fire on 
the enemy mechs' legs. Use the zoom feature for those 
accurate long-range attacks. 
Don't think that an assault mech automically means you have 
the cat by the tail. Even the heaviest mech can have its 
legs or chest torn out by a couple of well-placed AC/20 
shots. Keep moving and use cover. 
Heat is more of an enemy than in any previous MechWarrior 
game. When you modify your loadouts, don't add more energy 
weapons than you can cool effectively. Those machine guns 
don't look like much, but they can keep tearing at an enemy 
while you cool down from that laser volley you just fired. 
When battling enemy heavy mechs, send in whatever lance 
mates you have first while you concentrate heavy fire on 
the enemy mechs' legs. Use the zoom feature for those 
accurate long-range attacks.
MechWarrior 4: Vengeance
Submitted by: rickHH
Press and hold CONTROL-ALT-SHIFT.
Code  Result
IY  - Invunerability
UO  - Unlimited Ammo
IB  - Destroy Enemy Mech
ML  - Finish mission with success 
Get a good joystick with a twist function. It's no 
surprise that Microsoft's SideWinder family of sticks 
fits the bill perfectly. Though you can play with the 
keyboard, you'll be at an instant disadvantage to someone 
who has a twisty stick. 
Go for the legs. Yes, they're harder to hit, but they're 
less armored than the main body. Plus, if you can shoot 
the legs out from under a mech, odds are you'll be able 
to salvage the chassis at the end of the mission. 
Be aware of the environment when you outfit your mechs. 
Avoid weapons that generate too much heat when you're 
battling in the desert, or else you'll find yourself 
shutting down after every other shot to cool down. 
Learn the Circle of Death maneuver, or die. If you stand 
still in this game, you'll get hammered. Be careful, though. 
Sometimes you can circle around an opponent too far so that 
you're in range of his guns. Always try to stay behind a 
mech; it can't shoot you from there. 
Medieval 2
Submitted by:rickHH
Concentrate your attacks on a specific unit, weakening 
it so that it becomes a weak link in the enemy's chain 
of troops. Once the unit loses several men, it will 
usually either flee or become fodder for your men. 
Medieval 2 enables gamers to let their flanks move or 
attack as a group rather than just individually. This 
tactic comes in handy for keeping your men within command 
range and for quick, coordinated assaults against opponents. 
Cavalry groups are ideal for sweeping around enemy flanks 
and taking down the opponent's archery units. Try to keep 
all but heavy knights out of head-to-head, front-line combat.
Mega Fortress
At the mission start get into the air as fast as you can. Put
your wheel brakes on while throttling up to 100% or get caught
in the hangar doors. When the doors are open release the brakes
and take off quickly following normal procedure. Mountains
surround the base so head north once off the ground keeping a
steady climb rate. Go to offensive weapons station and switch
in attack radar. Decrease range to 5-10 km. Select the red
batwing-shaped enemy fighter and while lock is established set
the bomb control panel to 'unlatch' and 'auto'. Select an
AIM-120 and launch. If this doesn't remove the enemy repeat
the process until he's shot down. Shut off attack radar and
switch to camera. General Elliot commands you to head west
so maintain a steady climb rate over the mountains. Select
time compression (warp 5) to reach the next screen. Evade
friendly radar contact and simulate a crash in the ocean.
Set time compression to normal (warp 1) and turn attack
radar off.
At the pilot station set your TAC to less than 380 feet but
don't turn it on. Set throttle to 70% and go through the
normal identification process when contacted by Seattle. When
Elliot tells you to put on the show go into a steep dive until
the analog altimeter or flight level shows -59. Air control
asks if you're losing control and when you altimeter reads
between 10500 and11500 switch on the TAC. Level off at around
500 feet to evade the radar. Change heading until you receive a
confirmation that you've evaded radar contact. Elliot orders
you to head west. Leave the TAC on but stay in camera mode on
the EVS and do not switch the radar on.
If you get this right you go to the next screen where you
refuel. Switch the TAC off and gain altitude. Go to the
offensive weapons station and use the camera mode to lock on to
the KC 130 refuelling tanker. Go to the pilot station and click
on 'C' in the air refuel panel. The tanker refuses so switch on
attack radar and try again. You can now refuel. Switch to
autopilot set throttle to 100% and go through the in-flight
refuelling procedure. Set the EVS back to camera mode. You now
have a full load of fuel and can go on to Kamchatka to blow up
the Kavaznya radar. Remember not to use the default weapon
load - remove all weapons and use a mix of AGM-136 AGM-88A
AGM-84E and AGM-130s. Don't go straight for the laser but for
laser radar and save some long-range missiles for it.
Mega Lo Mania
Level Select
To advance a level press Shift + Period and to 
play the previous level hit Shift + Comma.
Level      Codes:
Level 5  - 2781
Level 10 - 6185
Level 15 - 7866
Level 20 - 9366
Level 25 - 2115
Level 50 - 2065
Level 90 - 1130
Mega Man X
All weapons and tanks, no sub-Bosses:
Type xstuff when game play begins.
Megaman X3
Status              Password
Zero's beam sabre   1454,3535,6162,7162  
Through intro level 3721,1281,3751,4456  
Crush Crawfish      4478,4863,4627,7358  
Ninth Chip          6414,4155,6872,3356  
Megaman X4
Get Ultimate Armour for X:
At the character select screen hold down (UP) key 
and press ENTER (While selecting X) then go to Web 
Spider's stage and go to where the leg Armour is 
usually placed. You will get the Ultimate Armour 
instead. This gives you all armour modifications 
with a cool new graphic and the secret body crash 
attack which will kill just about anything.
Play as Dark Zero:
Not really a cheat ,just a new graphic - ,just hold 
the (DOWN) key while having the selector on Zero to 
play as Dark Zero. 
Ultimate and Dark Armor
To get x's ultimate armor, start a new game and hold 
down and press fire then find any armor capsule in the 
game to get his ultimate armor.
to get zero's dark armor, hold up and press fire at the 
character select screen (your cursor has to be on zero)
Beat all bosses (except last) and all Weapons
During gameplay type in XSTUFF
Megaman X's Ultimate armor (Japanese version):
Press [Up] and [Shoot] buttons while selecting Zero. 
Enter a special armor capsule to receive the new armor. 
Megarace 1
Complete the first race and save the game as CHEATMNU, 
quit the game, then edit the file CHEATMNU.SAV using a 
Hexeditor.  Edit it so as it looks like
below :-
00000000  33 30 00 00 00 00 01 00 02 00 02 00 00 00 33 4C
00000010  45 46 54 20 20 20 20 3A 2E 2E 2E 20 34 52 49 47
00000020  48 54 20 20 20 3A 2E 2E 2E 20 1E 53 50 45 45 44
00000030  20 55 20 3A 2E 2E 2E 20 2C 53 54 4F 40 20 20 20
00000040  20 3A 2E 2E 2E 20 39 46 49 51 01 00 01 00 01 00
00000050  01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00
00000060  01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00
Now reload the game, load the CHEATMNU saved game and select a 
car for your next race. 
A menu should then appear enabling you to choose your next level.
Also, typing  "ELYOB ECNAL" to see a LanceBoyle Lance Boyle 
strip show.
Megarace 2
To Add these codes to the command line when 
you start your game. For example, to start 
the game with $99,999 and a map of the track,
enter the command MEGARACE MONEY MAP. 
speed       makes whatever car you choose faster
money       gives you $99,999
map         shows a map of the track while racing
game        skip the intro
nolance     skip lance boyle
debug       press "O" at any time during the race to turn into a bomb
            box and "TAB" to switch to other obstacles to race as
testprize   keep going through the prize doors (you have to turn off
            your PC to get out of it) 
Debug mode
Start the game with the debug command line parameter. 
Then, press O during game play to transform into a bomb box. 
Press [Tab] to select other objects.
Megatraveller 2
Extra Money
Follow the steps below to gain extra cash:
Step 1 - Locate Trow Beckett at Rhylandor near the University. 
Step 2 - Talk to him to receive a locator, coins, and a diary. 
Step 3 - Drop all those items. 
Step 4 - Select Give and any character. Trow will offer a 
         random amount of money for an item. 
Step 5 - Select Continue and build your total funds.
The symbol is hidden in a secret room in the 
top right hand room on the same level as the 
If you look at the map you will notice that  
the top right room is in the shape of the head 
of a war hammer.
Meridian 59
- GameTips - 
If you don't see a sign on a door in town, be 
very careful about going in. If you're a newbie, 
look out for the message from your guardian angel; 
when the angel whispers "I cannot protect you here," 
turn around and get the heck out of the room pronto. 
The place you've entered is the foyer of a guild hall, 
and Meridian is worse than the state of Texas for the 
old "make my day" law. The guild can, and will, kill 
any intruders in the hall, including newbies.
Fight often and don't be shy. You're going to have to 
kill a heck of a lot of giant rats and baby spiders 
when you start the game just to build up your strength 
and hit points. If you see something you can't handle, 
on the other hand, like a mutant ant or a troll, hit 
the Shift key and run like hell.
Mercedes Benz Truck Racing
Type the following during the game: 
Code        Result
BUGGYGIRL - Enable Cheats 
MOGLI     - Always Win 
ALLOFF    - Disable Cheats 
In the game, press Escape, then type (not too fast 
or too slow and no pausing):
Code             Result 
ucantkillme    - Activate God Mode (Only for Bob, not the Host) 
fleshnblood    - Deactivate God Mode 
braindead      - AI Off 
einstein       - AI On 
icantsee       - AI Vision Off 
icanseeu       - AI Vision On 
freezecam      - Freezes Camera 
thawcam        - Thaws Camera 
toohardforme   - End Current Game 
charwireon     - Character Wireframe On 
charwireoff    - Character Wire Off 
worldwireon    - World Wireframe On 
worldwireoff   - World Wireframe Off 
onpolycount    - Polycount On 
offpolycount   - Polycount Off 
gamespot       - Spawn Weapon Ammo 
voodooextreme  - Spawn Bazooka 
softwarebuys   - Spawn Grenades 
weldme         - Spawn Welding Torch 
buzzbuzz       - Spawn Buzzsaw 
boomstick      - Spawn Pumpgun 
rapidfire      - Spawn Machinegun 
slicendice     - Spawn Maimer 
lightmeup      - Spawn Flamethrower 
cooloff        - Spawn Pak Gun 
bigbang        - Spawn Bazooka 
coolfx         - Spawn Maser 
stickaround    - Spawn Harpoon Gun 
illbeback      - Spawn Weapon Ammo 
getsome        - Spawn Grenades 
lcop           - Spawn Light Cop 
mcop           - Spawn Medium Cop 
hcop           - Spawn Heavy Cop 
rcop           - Spawn Riot Cop 
guncmndr       - Spawn Gun Commander 
incharge       - Spawn Domina 
mynightmare    - Spawn Armored Behemoth 
cantseemyface  - Spawn Welder 
workinman      - Spawn Worker 
egghead        - Spawn Scientist 
glowstick      - Spawn Radiation Worker 
heydoc         - Spawn Medic 
smellyguy      - Spawn Chot 1 
nohygiene      - Spawn Chot 2 
idontdance     - Spawn Chot 3 
scumbucket     - Spawn Chot 4 
chotling       - Spawn Chot Dwarf 
smellysteroids - Spawn Chot Behemoth 
fungirl        - Spawn Fungirl 
workit         - Spawn Prost 1 
mansdream      - Spawn Prost 2 
specialguy     - Spawn Hung 
averagejoe     - Spawn Male Dweller 1 
averagejack    - Spawn Male Dweller 2 
averagejohn    - Spawn Male Dweller 3 
janeplain      - Spawn Female Dweller 1 
jillplain      - Spawn Female Dweller 2 
femfatale      - Spawn Subgirl 1 
nastyone       - Spawn Subgirl 2 
varmint        - Spawn Rat 
bestfriend     - Spawn Barman 
bringmeadrink  - Spawn Waitress 
bustamove      - Spawn Dancer 1 
cutarug        - Spawn Dancer 2 
mixalot        - Spawn DJ 
tophat         - Spawn Pimp Daddy 
onsteroids     - Spawn Behemoth 
addedfirepower - Spawn Offensive Bot 
keepmecompany  - Spawn Companion Bot 
letmein        - Spawn Bouncer
Stealth is your ally. Be patient and try not to be seen 
while you are trying to possess someone. 
Remember that you can use sniping mode to get a close-up 
look at things. It's not just for combat. 
Don't forget that you can crouch and also glide. 
To glide, press and hold the Jump button. 
You might find it handy to harm or even kill your host body. 
Hosts will often be mad at you when you dispossess them, so 
you can get away from them if they are hurt or even falling 
to their death. 
Don't forget that you can possess nonhumans, such as rats. 
These creatures might allow you to get into areas you otherwise 
Metal Fatigue
Submitted by: Mathew Fairhurst
Pause the game then type CCCm to get 10,000 metajoules.
Pause the game then type CCCl to complete the level.
These cheats only work in campaign.
Various Cheats:
During gameplay, press Y and type the following "Codes":
Code        Effect 
Lava      - Unlimited MetaJoules 
Robots    - 3 Combots 
Panzer    - 20 Tanks 
Missiles  - 20 Missile Cars 
Time warp - Hover Trucks Work Faster 
Alternate CheatMode:
Press Esc to pause then type in the following 
codes (case-sensitive): 
Code   Result 
CCCm - 3000 Metajoules 
CCC1 - Skip Level 
See Entire Map:
Press [F9] while playing a mission. You will be shown 
the entire map for 2 minutes. The enemy can also see 
you during this time. 
Freeze Health:
Press [F11] to freeze the health of all players 
(including the enemy).
Metal Gear Solid
Start the game with the command-line parameter, '-cheatenable'. 
Then during gameplay, press any of the following:
Key             Result
F2            - God Mode
F4            - Infinite Ammo
F5            - Normal View
F6            - Observe View
F7            - Fast Level Restart
F8,F9,F11,F12 - Texturing Modes Switching
Technical Demonstration Mode:
Successfully complete the modes in this order: 
"Training," "Time Trial," "Gun Shooting," and "Survival." 
Infinite Ammo:
Beat the game without submitting to Ocelot when being 
tortured to save Meryl. There should be a new saved game. 
Load it and you will start out with a bandana. 
Wear it and you will get infinite ammo. 
Beat the game with submitting to Ocelot when being tortured 
to get Meryl killed. There should be a new saved game. 
Load it and you will start out with a sleath camouflage. 
Wear it and you will get infinite ammo. 
New Textures:
Successfully complete the game two times and get both the 
bandana and stealth camouflage. At the third time of 
playing, reach up to the area where you fight Ninja 
without using the bandana or stealth camouflage. 
If done correctly, Ninja will be wearing red instead 
of blue. There will now be new textures for Snake and 
Ninja and new bonus music during the ending
Alternate costumes:
Successfully complete the game, wait until the credits 
end, and save the game. Load the saved game file and 
play through the game again. After successfully completing 
the game a second time, wait until the credits end, and 
save the game. Load the saved game and play through the 
game again. Snake will change into a tuxedo in the elevator 
during this game. 
Alternate ending and music:
Successfully complete the game with the Tuxedo costume. 
Stealth gear:
Successfully complete the game under the easy difficulty 
level after submitting during the torture. Otacon will 
give your character the stealth gear after being saved. 
Allow the credits to complete, then save the game. 
Load the saved game to begin with the stealth gear. 
Successfully complete the game without submitting to the 
torture. Your character will save Meryl and receive the 
Bandana. When equipped, the bandana will allow unlimited 
ammunition on any weapon. 
Stealth gear and Bandana:
Use the following steps to get both the Stealth Gear and 
Bandana. When you complete the game by not submitting to 
the torture, you will only get the bandana. Simply submit 
to the torture to get both items. 
Reach area B2 of the tank hanger. At the end of the hallway 
to the right of the door where you fight revolver is a 
secret room that is entered after using C4 explosive. 
In the room are card 4 and card 6 doors. The camera is 
in the room behind the card 4 door. Use the camera to take 
pictures to see various extras, such as the faces of the 
development team. 
Red Grey Fox:
Get to Grey Fox while dressed in the tuxedo. 
Pantless Meryl:
When you find Meryl on patrol in the office, she runs to the 
women's bathroom. Follow Meryl into the Women's bathroom and 
reach the last stall in under five seconds. Meryl will be 
caught with her pants down during an FMV sequence. 
Look in the vent just before the DARPA chief (Decoy Octopus) 
to see Meryl doing sit-ups. Leave the vent and re-enter and 
she will be doing one-armed pushups. Repeat and she will be 
doing leg stretches on the wall. Repeat one more time and 
she will be doing the leg stretches while pantless
If you're hiding under a box, make sure that it's the 
appropriate box for that area; otherwise, you'll be 
Snapping someone's neck doesn't make much noise. 
Conserve ammo it can be a rarity. 
Be patient. People move in patrols and cameras move in 
sweeps. There's always a gap when no one's watching. 
Submitted by: nightraider
Metal Knight
Hit enter and enter the following cheats:
Code                 Result   
!magicbird           ?
amitofo              Regain health for all units
sunshine             Reveal map
tomgogo              ?
luckybird            Win mission
pitybird             Lose mission
smartbird            ?
richbird             Get $$$
thunderbird          ?
magicbird            ?
Metal & Lace
Instant Money:
At the bar, when Jaimee, a Mecha babe beside the two men, 
simply click her beer mug and viola! a message will appear 
saying "I hate people putting this stuff on me!" - you'll 
get an instant cash from $ 100 - 500.
Metal Marines
Again, we provide you with all
the level passcodes:
 1:  PNTM    2:  HBBT
 3:  PCRC    4:  NWTN
 5:  LSMD    6:  CLST
 7:  JPTR    8:  NBLR
 9:  PRSC   10:  PHTN
11:  TRNS   12:  RNSN
13:  ZDCP   14:  FKDV
15:  YSHM   16:  CLPD
17:  LNVV   18:  JFMR
19:  JCRY   20:  KNLB
Microsoft Flight Simulator `2000
Flying the Concorde demands that you carefully monitor 
the aircraft's fuel distribution to ensure a proper 
center of gravity for supersonic flight. Keep the fuel 
panel window (Shift-4) permanently displayed over the 
regular instrument panel so you can quickly pump fuel 
reserves as needed to maintain the correct center of gravity. 
Turning on the axis indicator from the View Options 
pull-down menu permits you to line up your final 
approaches with much greater precision. Having a small, 
red V in the middle of your windshield to denote the 
plane's centerline helps to make those touchdowns a 
little more accurate. 
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 Professional Edition
Submitted by: rickHH
Although a fast video card is certainly important, raw CPU 
speed and memory provide the biggest performance gains when 
running this sim. Scenery-loading pauses can be dramatically 
reduced if you have 128MB or more of RAM, and the frame rates 
will become almost playable if you're cycling them through a 
Pentium III processor. 
You can reduce the scenery-loading pauses that occur when 
switching cockpit views by pausing the game and then selectively 
going through each perspective in sequence. This caches the 
information into memory so that the graphics will load much more 
quickly the next time you select these views. Over time, this 
cached memory can be overwritten, so you should perform these 
steps again before executing a landing (because you need to look 
out the window a lot). 

M.I.A. - Missing in Action CheatMode: ---------- There are several ways to activate cheat mode in MIA. The first set of cheats can be activated by hitting the key on your keyboard while in the mission room, and then entering one of the following codes: To gain access to all of the missions, type in mia level. To get all of the available medals, type in mia medal full. While playing a misson, click the key, and then type in mia complete to complete a mission instantly, or mia dog to make yourself invulnerable to enemy attack. If you click on the dog tags while in the mission room, you can then type in mia cheats to activate all the cheats at once. HINTS: Some missions in MIA are really tough, even when playing on "rookie" difficulty. Here's some tips to help you survive your tour of duty: 1. Use your altitude to avoid fire. 2.When you're firing on moving objects, try 'leading' the target by firing at where it'll be when your shot reaches the floor. 3.Fly high to give yourself more time to react to incoming fire. 4.If a target is close to you, sometimes it's quicker to drop down rather than pulling back to line up your guns on it. 5.When avoiding tank fire, try and feel the rhythm of its fire and move accordingly. 6.Save your rockets and missiles for heavy targets such as tanks. 7.Explosive weapons have a blast radius, so use them for blowing up VC camps to conserve ammo. 8.In escort missions, get yourself between your escortee and any aggressors, they'll always fire on the closest target.

M.I.B. - Men in Black
While in the game, press ESC to get to the main  
menu, then type DOUGMATIC several times until 
you are returned to the game.  
Press ESC again and type any of the following:
AGENTJ      = change your agent to J 
AGENTK      = change your agent to K 
AGENTL      = change your agent to L 
AGENTX      = change your agent to X 
GIVEME      = all weapons 
LOADME      = infinite ammo 
HEALME      = full health 
4HEALME     = full health 
MOVEME      = gives saved games of all levels 
PROTECTME   = invulnerable 
KILLEM      = kills all enemies 
HQ          = sends back to MiB HQ 
ARCTIC      = goes to Arctic Level 
NEWYORK     = goes to New York 
UNDERGROUND = goes to underground level 
AMAZON      = goes to Amazon level 
TEMPLE      = goes to temple level 
FRALES      = goes to Frales house level 
Face bitmap code
You can play MIB as anyone (even yourself). 
Just replace the files 
    ../art/3d/textures/head_f.bmp     AND 
with any head bitmap (even a pic of yourself). 
Then use the cheats to play as Agent X.
Microsoft Word
Submitted by: James
Run Word and type BLUE (Caps important) then select it. 
Go to the format bar at the top and then down to font. 
Make the style Bold and the colour blue press O.K then 
go to the scroll down menu 'Help' then 'About Microsoft 
word' then click on the top of the letter W in the top 
left corner. And if done correctly a Pinball game should 
Controls: Z - left Flipper
          M - Right Flipper
It must be done as soon as you run Word or it won't work.
Midnight Resistance
Unlimited items
Type "its easy when you know how."
Midtown Madness 2
Submitted by: MUSTAFA AKIN
To access all cars remove from your MM2 folder/players/ 
all files accept one file - players.dir and folders London & SF. 
Cheat Menu:
Remember all the cheat menu in Midtowm Madness 1? You won't 
need to press Control, Alt, Shift, F7 at the same time. 
JUST PRESS "Y" for Midtown Madness 2.
All Cars:
When you are racing type "y". then type in Midtowncars -
then go to end race and when you try to pick a car all of 
them will be there. 
No Damage:
When you are racing type "y". then type in damagefree -
then go to end race and when you try to pick a car all of 
them will be there. 
Get Panoz GTR-1: 
In the London checkpoint races get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place 
or get 1st if using professional mode 
New Car Textures: 
Pick the Volkswagen Beetle Rsi and press [Up] on the color 
list while on the top color to see the MS Race texture. 
Different Mini Cooper. 
In the London Blitz races get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place or get 
1st if using professional mode 
American Lafrance Fire Truck: 
In the 5 San Francisco Blitz races get 1st, 2nd or 3rd 
place or get 1st if using professional mode 
Get Aston Martin DB7 Vantage: 
Go to the the London Crash Course and get first place. 
Alternate Beetle Dune: 
In the 5 San Francisco Circuit races get 1st, 2nd or 
3rd place or get 1st if using professional mode 
Audi TT: 
In the 6 San Francisco Checkpoit races get 1st, 2nd or 
3rd place or get 1st if using professional mode 
Alternate Beetle Rsi: 
Go to the San Francisco Crash Course and get first place. 
Timers Stopped:
While doing any race that is timed you can stop the time 
by: pressing F2 and then Q and then Q again. The time will 
be paused until you press F2 again. NOTE: There will be no 
arrow pointing to the next checkpoint. Do this at the 
beginning of the Blitz race or Checkpoint Race or whatever.
Use the map, Luke. There's no telling what sort of 
predicament you'll get yourself into if you don't get 
accustomed to glancing at the map all the time. 
Map the handbrake to a very convenient joystick button 
and acquire enough skill to use it for all your sharp 
cornering needs. 
The VW New Beetle RSi is a very adept automobile great 
through the turns and surprisingly powerful on the straights. 
You'll have to unlock it, but the game allows you to do so 
early in the proceedings. 
Use a manual tranny rather than the automatic, and turn the 
rear-view mirror to On.
Midtown Madness
Player Name Cheats:
Change your player name to the following by clicking 
"New" in the player selection screen.
Cheats marked with *NO SCORE* will disable race result 
monitoring and score. You cannot unlock new vehicles 
with these enabled (for obvious reasons).
Code            Result 
Showme Cops   - Displays all Police Units on the map. *NO SCORE* 
Big Bus Party - All traffic vehicles are city busses. *NO SCORE* 
Tiny Car      - All traffic vehicles are compact cars. *NO SCORE* 
amizdA eoJ    - All traffic vehicles drive around IN REVERSE. 
Jet Planes    - All traffic vehicles are Air Planes. *NO SCORE*  
Warp Eleven   - All AI is 10x faster. *NO SCORE* 
Easter Eggs:
Also entered as the player name. Only available in single 
player "Cruise Mode". These codes activate the corresponding 
new vehicle.
Code Result 
"vasedans" & Pick the Cadillac       - Generic car 
"vasedanl" & Pick the Bullet         - Generic light car 
"vavan" & Pick the Ford F350         - The van 
"vadiesels" & Pick the City Bus      - The Diesel 
"vacompact" & Pick the VW Bug        - Rabbit-type compact car  
"vapickup" & Pick the Ford F350      - Pickup truck 
"vabus" & Pick the City Bus          - Bus with new paint job 
"vadelivery" & Pick the Ford F350    - Delivery truck 
"valimo" & Pick the Mustang GT       - Random limo 
"valimoblack" & Pick the Mustang GT  - Black limo 
"valimoangel" & Pick the Mustang GT  - White limo 
"vataxi" & Pick the Cadillac         - Yellow cab 
"vataxicheck" & Pick the Cadillac    - Green checkered cab 
"vaboeing_small" & Pick the City Bus - Mini-jet 
In-Game Cheats:
Press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-F7 until a box appears on the screen. 
Type the codes below. These only work in Single Player mode.
Code Result 
/nodamage - No damage mode. *NO SCORE* 
/damage   - Damage back on. 
/dizzy    - Spinning sky. 
/fuzz     - Toggles cop radar. *NO SCORE* 
/bridge   - Bridge very quickly. *NO SCORE*  
/ufo      - Replace planes with UFOs. 
/swap     - Swap the train with a string of 737s. 
/slide    - Ambient cars have no friction. *NO SCORE* 
/puck     - Player experiences no friction. *NO SCORE* 
/grav     - Half gravity. *NO SCORE* 
/postal   - Horn fires mailboxes. *NO SCORE* 
/talkfast - Commentary plays fast. 
/talkslow - Commentary plays slow. 
/big      - Big people. 
/tiny     - Tiny people. 
/nosmoke  - Wheel / Damage smoke off. 
/smoke    - Wheel / Damage smoke on. 
Add these command-line switches to activate cheat modes:
-allrace - Access to All Races
-allcars - Access to All Cars
"C:\Midtown\midtown.exe" -allcars -allrace 
Hex Cheat:
First, one has to open the file in the 
Midtown madness directory. At the bottom of 
the file, one can find the different things 
such as the placing in the race required to 
unlock the next set of races as well as how 
many races it unlocks. There is also the stuff 
where you can choose how many races you must 
complete to unlock the cars such as the Panoz 
GTR-1. Below are the exact co-ordinates of the 
different vehicles (the offsets may vary in 
different hex editors, but not by much):
The placing in the race to unlock the next race - 012f7b36
How many races it unlocks at once - 012f7b4a
VW New Beetle         - 012f7b5e
City Bus              - 012f7c30
Cadillac Eldorado     - 012f7d02
Ford Mustang Cruiser  - 012f7dde
Ford F-350            - 012f7eb0
Ford Mustang Fastback - 012f782
Ford Mustang GT       - 012f805e
Panoz GTR-1           - 012f813a
Panoz Roadster        - 012f822a
Freightliner Century  - 012f82fc
Just read from the ANSI text part and edit what one wants. 
Basically, what everyone whould want is to unlock every 
vehicle. Simple. Just set the "Unlock Flags" part to 
"Unlock Flags=0" or 00. In the Panoz GTR-1, set the 
unlock score to 0000. Even an amateur can drive that 
car then. It should be pretty simple to edit what one 
wants other than that. 
No timer in Blitz mode:
This cheat makes the timer in blitz mode disappear. 
It also makes the dashbord disappear. When you are 
starting the race press your view button and go 
inside the car. When you are inside look back and 
while you are doing that press your view button again. 
Now the timer will be gone. But if you want your time 
registered, you simply go in the car and just look back. 
The timer will be running again.
This code can also be used on any other race to get a 
very good time. 
Tip: If you're finding traffic hard to navigate, get off the 
road and onto the sidewalk. Most of the vehicles can drive 
quite nicely on the sidewalks between the guardrails and the 
lampposts, and you'll find a clear path (this works very well 
out on Navy Pier). Also, don't worry about crashing into those 
massive checkpoint posts on the sidewalk--they're invisible 
(collision-wise) to your vehicle. 
Tip: If you get into a bump-and-grind situation with an AI 
car, you'll find yourself losing most of the tussles, even 
if you have the bigger vehicle. The best tactic is to quickly 
sideswipe the car, and then swerve away. If you time it right, 
you can bump the car into oncoming traffic or a building. 
Tip: The AI-controlled drivers always stay on the road, 
which means that you'll have great opportunities to cut a 
few corners here and there (remember, Chicago has plenty of 
parks!). When you're off-road driving, slow down a bit and 
try not to make any turns. If you try anything wild on the 
soft grass, you'll probably spin out and lose any advantage 
you might have gained. 
Tip: To win a race, especially a Checkpoint race, you need to 
know the course. Take on the course in one of the heavier 
vehicles with no cops and limited traffic, and you'll maximize 
your chances of making it through the course and learning all 
of the possible shortcuts. You won't win, but you'll gain vital 
knowledge that will help you when you go back into the race with 
a performance vehicle and full obstacles in place. 
Tip: Vehicle damage is your enemy! There are so many things to 
hit during the course of the race that you'll often find yourself 
with a wheelless, smoking hulk of a car before you can finish the 
race. Try to save your damage points for when you really need them 
(such as making that jump across Navy Pier) and avoid hitting too 
many lampposts. 
View damage:
There is a damage meter in almost all of the cars. 
You must have the view set to "In-Car", with the 
dashboard showing. The meter has yellow to the left 
and red on the right. The meter goes up as you crash 
into objects. In most cars, except the Panoz Roadster, 
it will be in the lower left of the dashboard. 
Overhead view:
Select any smaller vehicle. Repeatedly press C during 
game play until you cannot see your car. Press V, then 
press [Esc] to restart the race, then press V again. 
Drive 999 mph:
Select single player mode and choose a big car. Start 
the game, go to any alley, get wedged between two walls, 
and accelerate. If done correctly, you will reach 999 mph.
Disable blitz mode timer:
Press [View] when a race starts to switch to the in-the-car 
camera. While inside, look back and press [View] again. 
If done correctly, the dashboard and timer will disappear. 
To start the timer again, enter the car and look back again. 
Drive on building:
There is a dotted square on the middle part the map. 
Go straight down the top dotted line and try to go around 
at top speed with a light weight car. There will be a ramp 
when you get to the end of the road. Hit that ramp and your 
car will jump very high. Try heading for the building on the 
left. If you succeed, you will be on top of the building and 
the background will glitch. This jump is possible, but difficult 
to pull off.
Drive bus on roof:
Drive the City Bus into McCormick Place and into the garage area. 
Drive up one of the ramps on the inside. If done correctly, you 
will be on the roof. Note: This cheat works best with the 
dashboard or external view.
Invisible car:
Press [View] to select the furthest view. Then, press D to 
return to the in-the-car-camera. Type wvvww to remove the car, 
leaving only the shadow in the view. 
Wheels only:
Select the Panoz AIV Roadster, then press D followed by V during 
game play. Press [Esc] to restart the race and only the wheels 
of your car will be displayed. 
Easy way to get away from the cops 
is to wait til the bridge gos up and 
drop into the water and start over
Submitted by: DEA -
Mig 29 Fulcrum 
Press T for the message prompt and type:
you got what i need - Unlimited ammo
food goes here      - Reload plane
big gulp            - Refuel plane
youre here forever  - Invincible
damn that corner    - Can't crash
chiliburger         - Repair plane
spindive            - Can't be hit
upside down         - Auto level fly upside down
paperairplane       - Paper airplane
MiG Alley
One way to recover from a spin is to throttle down the 
engine then turn the rudder in the opposite direction 
of the spin. Eventually, your aircraft should level out, 
provided you have enough airspace to execute the maneuver. 
At this point, you should throttle up the engine, remain 
in level flight for several seconds to boost your airspeed, 
then seek out your next target. Of course, you can always 
recover from a spin by cheating--just press Ctrl-S. 
Remember that prop-driven planes fly at much slower speeds 
than jets, which means they can often out-maneuver a jet in 
a turning battle. Instead of turning with the prop-driven 
plane, your best course of action is to throttle up, egress 
out of the battle area, and then set up for your next attack 
Submitted by RickHH
Mike Ditka's Ultimate Football
Want to know how to score stupidly easy 
touchdowns? Pick the team with the fastest 
quarterback. Or design your own team and give 
the quarterback a speed of 99. Choose a long 
passing play such as Hail Mary or SE Fly. 
Now set the play in motion and outrun the 
defence to the sideline behind the line of 
scrimmage and then run forward pass the 
scrimmage line - but not too far past. 
This draws the deep defence towards your 
quarterback and your selected wide reciever 
should be 40 yards in the clear down field 
just waiting for you to unleash a huge pass. 
To stop your opponents scoring a conversion 
call a time out just before they take the kick 
and they are denied the chance.
Cheat mode:
Press [F8] during game play, then enter one of the 
following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. 
Effect                            Code 
Restore health and ammunition   - mspace or multispace  
Level skip                      - nextstage  
Additional communication device - additem
Mind Grind
The game is meant to crack your cranium but it was 
decided that not being able to save the game in 
progress was a little too tough for most trivia 
buffs. Now anyone who has a copy of the game that 
does not have the Save Game Option (elicited by 
the F10 Key), can either download the patch from 
GameSpot, MicroForum’s web-site ( 
or by calling Microforum's technical support at 
(416)656-6369 and have the update sent to them on 
floppy diskette. 
Keep in mind, to keep the game a challenge, no 
matter when you save, the Resume Game option will 
place you at the very beginning of the level you 
saved on. It wouldn't be fair to be able to save 
after every question you answered correctly now 
would it? That'd be like cheating... 
Okay, a few more words of advise for the trivia 
lover... be warned that good old Newton Knowmore 
keeps track of your worst category. Whenever there 
is an opportunity, he will throw a question from 
your most hated topic back at you before you can 
When you reach the "Pillars of Wisdom", act fast 
in selecting your next move. The wonderful tornados 
will pick you up and drop you back down to the bottom 
of the line if you don't make your selections quickly. 
If you get the question wrong twice on any one pillar, 
Newton Knowmore will take the pillar away, completely. 
You have to set another line of attack when this 
happens, therefore it is a good idea to try to 
negotiate your way up the middle of the layout. 
In the "Maze of the Mind" there is always a special 
door, It may not be one of the doors you must go 
through to get to the exft of the maze. 
This door after opening will launch a ultra-cool 
door opening video sequence that plays with no 
explanation This, my friend, means you have been 
awarded a second life. If, later in the game, you get 
crushed in the *Platforms of Insight or smacked by a 
meteor while "Looking for signs of Intelligent Life" 
you will be given a second chance to finish the game.
MindRover: The Europa Project
Submitted by: rickHH
This isn't the kind of game you can jump right into. 
Be sure to fire up the tutorial at the beginning of 
the game and walk through the first tutorial missions. 
Label and color-code your wires. Don't forget that you 
can shift icons around to reduce clutter. 
If you're getting beaten by the enemy AI, watch their 
behaviors and reactions in the arena and try to get an 
idea about how they're coded. 
Start learning the game on the larger vehicles, then 
learn how to optimize all your parts onto the tinier 
Enter one of the following names to activate 
the corresponding cheat function.
Effect                       - Name 
Invincibility                - Rambo  
50,000 credits               - Lottery  
Play as mutant slime monster - Mutation  
Flame-thrower with 1000 ammo - Pyroman  
More ammunition              - Skitso  
Invisibility                 - Invis
Submitted by: Vinod S
High score in minesweeper:
To change the high score in minesweeper you have to open 
the file "winmine.ini". once you have opened it change the 
name and time given at the bottom of the file. 
The next time you open minesweeper your name with the best 
time will be displayed
Reveal Mines: 
With your cursor inside the minesweeper window 
type "XYZZY" then press Shift-Enter and Enter. 
A white dot should appear in the upper-left corner 
of the screen. If it turns black, your cursor is 
resting on a mine. 
This trick works best if your Windows background 
is black. 
Sound Effects: 
For sound effects, add the line "SOUND=3" 
Stop the Clock: 
While playing, hold down the left and right mouse 
buttons and you should see a 3x3 square imprint on 
the board. Next hit the ESC key while holding down 
both mouse buttons, and the timer is stopped! 
Missionforce: Cyberstorm
This is a simple way to get yourself roughly 16,000,000 
credits in Sierra's new Missionforce: Cyberstorm.
1) Use Norton Diskedit or some other hex editor.
2) Load your cyberstorm savegame into the editor.  
The file extension is .CBS (ie.  GAME1.CBS)
3) At Offset 28,672 , Hex 7000 look for the following line:
00007100:  00 00 00 35 27 00 00 00   00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
                    ^^ ^^ ^^
                    These numbers are what you want to change.
                    Edit them to the following:
00007100:  00 00 00 FF FF FF 00 00   00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
                    ^^ ^^ ^^
4) Save your changes, and enjoy your loot.  
When you load the save game up again, you'll 
have 16 million credits and change.
M1 Tank Platoon 2
- GameTips - 
Tip 1: 
Although cresting hills slowly is a good tactic, 
enemy light antitank units and infantry love to hide 
just over hills and can tear the bottom or sides out 
of your M-1 with ease. A tank platoon intending to 
take a major hill should run one flanker to either 
side to reveal and crossfire any ambushes.
Tip 2: 
If a pesky T-80 is just shrugging off your 
depleted uranium rounds like rain, don't lose your 
cool and charge in. Instead, try to aim very carefully 
at the top of the turret or, if the enemy is not hull 
down, aim low along the underside of the front armor.
Tip 3: 
Be very careful when running multiple platoons 
along your flanks. Don't let them get ahead of your 
command tank and keep a close eye on your facing, 
because even at 10X mag, it's very hard to tell a 
Bradley from a BMP.
Mortal Kombat 1 & 2
*Hit F10 to access the setup menu. 
Press SHIFT while typing D-I-P. 
Now you can toggle the dipswitch menu.
SWITCH 1: toggles fatalities.
SWITCH 2: toggles blood.
SWITCH 3: toggles comic book offer.
SWITCH 4: toggles computer fatalities.
SWITCH 5: toggles freeplay.
Mortal Kombat II cheat for the PC
while the game is starting, press F10 to get to the setup 
Hold down shift, and type DIP, and turn all switches to ON, 
then save and exit.  
Restart the game and type AICULEDSSUL at the black and white
credits screen while the game is loading.  you will hear a 
weird sound if you did it right.  
Then at the Acclaim Logo screen, press the F9 key, and a menu 
will pop up giving you the option to enable things such as 1
hit kills, level skips, choose opponent, and much more.
Mortal Kombat 3
Use these commands to start the game.
MK3 603015     Slow motion
MK3 8000       Turbo mode
MK3 12345      Tall characters
MK3 54321      Miniature characters
MK3 1111       Miniature characters that float
MK3 8888       Jumbo characters
MK3 1995       Invisible Kombat
MK3 831        Characters turn invisible
MK3 9966       Mirror mode
MK3 0666       Smoke enabled
MK3 1000000    Shao and Monty enabled
              (only in 2 player mode)
Mortal Kombat 4
Enter one of the following codes to activate 
the corresponding effect. 
111-111	 Random free weapon 
555-555	 Many free weapons
222-222	 Start with random weapon
100-100	 Disable throws
010-010	 Disable maximum damage
110-110	 Disable throws and max damage
444-444  Start with weapons drawn 
666-666  Turn off music
050-050  Exploding looser
123-123	 One hit win
060-060  No rain on Wind World
020-020  Red rain on Wind World
002-002  Players don't drop weapons 
012-012  Noob Saibot Mode - must beat the game with Reiko first
001-001	Unlimited Run
321-321	Big head mode
Stage Select
011-011	Goro's Lair
022-022	The Well
033-033	Elder Gods
044-044	The Tomb
055-055	Wind World
066-066	Reptile's Lair
101-101	Shaolin Temple
202-202	Living Forest
303-303	The Prison
313-313	Ice Pit
Alternate costumes: 
Press Start and any action button to rotate the select screen 
pictures two times to enable each character's second costume, 
except for Sonya and Tanya. The select screen pictures must be
rotated three times for those characters. 
Fight as Meat: 
Enter "Group Mode" and successfully complete the game with all
sixteen characters. After this has been accomplished, select any
character and begin a match. Your character will playing as Meat
with all the moves of the character that was selected. 
Fight as Goro: 
Successfully complete the game with Shinnok. Enter the character
selection screen, choose the HIDDEN icon using RUN, and keep  
holding it, then press UP, UP, UP , LEFT to highlight Shinnok's 
icon, and press BLOCK while still holding RUN. 
Fight as Noob Saibot: 
Successfully complete the game with Reiko. Enter the 012 012 Kombat
code in versus mode. Exit this match and enter the character 
selection screen, choose the HIDDEN icon using RUN, and keep holding
it, then press UP, UP, LEFT to highlight Reiko's icon, and press 
BLOCK while still holding RUN. 
Noob Saibot fatality:
Press pressed Down, Forward, High Punch when close to your 
opponent at the "Finish him!" screen. Noob Saibot will grab 
the opponent's arms, then kicks them in the torso. 
Their body will fall apart into several pieces and the head 
will stay in the air for a short time spinning around before 
dropping to the ground.
Single player stage select: 
Enter the "Practice" menu and select the stage that appears prior 
to the desired stage that you wish to start at. Start a practice 
mode match, then immediately quit. Start a single player game to 
begin at the desired stage.
Moves List
LP - Low Punch
HP - High Punch
LK - Low Kick
HK - High Kick
BL - Block
F  - Forward
D  - Crouch
B  - Back
Fireball [F,B,HP] 
Stomp [F,F,B,HK]
Lunge Kick [B,B,HK] 
Swipe [F,F,HP]
Juggle Uppercut [D,D,HP]
Weapon [F,F,HP] (Weird Blade)
Cannonball Roll [B,F,LK] 
Ground Shaker [B,D,B,HK]
Projectile [D,B,LP] 
Vertical Roll [F,D,F,HP]
Fatality #1 [F,B,F,F,LK] 
Fatality #2 (outside sweep) [U,U,F,F,BL]
Fan Fatality [F,D,F,HK] 
Spike Fatality [B,F,F,LP]
alternate outfit: white shirt/pants
Weapon [D,F,HP] (Spiked Klub)
Energy Wave [F,F,D,LK] 
Dash Punch [D,B,LP]
Backbreaker [BLK ^] 
Fireball [D,F LP]
Fatality #1 [(LK)3secF,F,D,F rel] 
Fatality #2 [B,F,F,D,BL]
Fan Fatality [F,F,B,LK] 
Spike Fatality [F,F,B,HP]
Johnny Cage
alternate outfit: Bond-esque tux
Weapon [F,D,F,LK] (Weird Blade 2)
Shadow Kick [B,F,LK] 
High Fireball [D,F,HP]
Uppercut [B,D,B,HP] 
Low Fireball [D,B,LP]
Crotch Punch [BLK+LP]
Fatality #1 [F,B,D,D,HK] 
Fatality #2 [D,D,F,D,BLK]
Fan Fatality [D,D,F,F,HK] 
Spike Fatality[B,F,F,LK]

alternate outfit: leather jacket/shades
Weapon [D,B,LP] (Kali Dagger)
Fallin Fireball[B,B,HP] 
Rising Fireball [F,F,LP]
Turbo Air Fist [D,F,HP] 
Super RoundHouse[D,F,LK]
Handstand [BLK+LK](LP)spin)LK/HK(kicks)BL(standup)
Fatality #1 [U,F,U,B,HK] 
Fatality #2 (outside sweep) [U,U,U,D,BL]
Fan Fatality [F,F,D,BLK] 
Spike Fatality [B,F,D,HK]
Liu Kang
Alternate outfit: headband/karate outfit
Weapon [B,F,LK] (Flamberge` Sword)
Fireball [F,F,HP] 
Low Fireball [F,F,LP]
Flying Kick [F,F,HK] 
Bicycle Kick [(LK)+3secs release]
Fatality #1(Sweep)[Fx3,D,HK+LK+BLK] 
Fatality #2 [F,D,D,U,HP]
Fan Fatality [F,F,B,LP] 
Spike Fatality [F,F,B,HK]
Noob Saibot
alternate outfit: hood
Weapon [F,F,HK] (Scythe)
Fireball [D,F,LP] 
Spike Fatality [F,D,F,HK]
Quan Chi
Weapon [D,B,HK] (Mace)
Air Throw [BLK ] 
Tele-Stomp [F,D,LK]
Skull Fireball [F,F,LP] 
Dash Kick [F,F,HK]
Weapon Steal [F,B,HP]
Fatality #1 [(LK)5sec F,D,F,rel] 
Fatality # 2(outside sweep)[U,U,D,D, LP]
Fan Fatality [F,F,D HP] 
Spike Fatality [F,F,B,LK]
alternate outfit: blue sleeves
Weapon [F,B,HP] (Wooden Mallet)
Torpedo [F,F,LK] 
Teleport [D,U]
Electric Spark [D,B,LP]
Fatality #1 [BL(F,B,U,U,HK)] 
Fatality #2 [D,U,U,U,HP]
Fan Fatality [D,F,B,BLK] 
Spike Fatality [F,F,D,LP]
Weapon [D,B,HP] (Spiked Klub)
Teleport/Slam [D,U ]~~[BLK (when close, to slam)]
Spin Behind [B,F,LK] 
Flip Kick [B,D,F,HK]
Ninja Stars [D,F LP]
Fatality #1[F,D,F,LP+BLK+HK+LK] 
Fatality #2 (outside sweep)[B,B,D,D,HK]
Fan Fatality [D,D,B,LP] 
Spike Fatality[F,F,D,LK]
alternate outfit: old ninja costume
Weapon [B,B,LK] (Battle Axe)
Acid Bubbles [D,F,HP] 
Dashing Punch [B,F,LP]
Invisibility [BLK+HK] 
Super Krawl [B,F,LK]
Fatality #1[(HP+HK+LP+LK) U] 
Fatality #2(outside sweep)[U,D,D,D,HP]
Fan Fatality [D,F,F,LP] 
Spike Fatality [D,D,F,HK]
alternate outfit: grey without mask
Weapon [F,F,HK] (Broad Sword)
Spear [B,B,LP] 
Teleport Punch [D,B,HP]
Air Throw [BLK ] 
Flame Breath [D,F,LP]
Fatality #1 (sweep)[B,F,F,B,BL] 
Fatality #2 [B,F,D,U,HP]
Fan Fatality [F,F,D,D,LK] 
Spike Fatality [B,F,F,LK]
Weapon [B,F, LP] (Nagimaki or Bladed Staff)
Fatality #1 [D,B,F,D,RN] 
Fatality #2 [D,U,U,D,BL]
Fan Fatality [D,D,F,HK] 
Spike Fatality [D,F,B,HP]
Impersonation Moves:
Jarek [B,B,B,LK] 
Kai [F,F,F,LK]
Sub [D,B,LP] 
Liu [B,B,F,HK] 
Fujin [F,F,B HK]
Scorp [F,B,LP] 
Sonya [F,D,F,HP] 
Raiden [D,F,F,HP]
Quan [F,B,F,LK] 
Tanya [B,F,D,BLK] 
Reptile [B,B,F,BLK]
Reiko [B,B,B,BLK] 
Cage [D,D,HP] 
Jax [F,D,F,HK]
alternate outfit: pink uniform w/o hat
Weapon [F,F,LK] (Blade Wheel)
Fireball [D,F,LP] 
Leg Grab [D+LP+BLK]
Sq-Wave Punch [F,B,HP] 
Vert. Bike Kick[B,B,D,HK]
Air Throw [BLK ] 
Front Flip Kick[B,D,F,LK]
Fatality #1(sweep)[D,D,D,U,RN] 
Fatality #2(outside sweep) [U,D,D,U,HK]
Fan Fatality [D,D,B,B,HK] 
Spike Fatality [F,D,F,HP]
alternate outfit: half-frozen
Weapon [D,F,HK] (Ice Wand)freeze with it [B+LP]
Ice Blast [D,F,LP] 
Ice Clone [D,B,LP]
Slide [LP+BLK+LK]
Fatality #1 [F,B,F,D,HP+BL+RN] 
Fatality #2 (outside sweep) [B,B,D,B+HP]
Fan Fatality [D,U,U,U,HK] 
Spike Fatality [D,D,D,LK]
Alternate uniform: black dress
Weapon [F,F,HK] (Boomerang)
Fireball [D,F,HP] 
In Air Fireball [D,B,LP]
Splits Kick [F,D,B,LK] 
Corkscrew Kick [F,F,LK]
Fatality #1 [D,D,U,D,HP+BLK] 
Fatality #2 [D,F,D,F,HK]
Fan Fatality [B,F,D,HP] 
Spike Fatality [F,F,F,LP]
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
At the story line screen, press RUN-BLK-BLK-RUN-HP-LP. 
You'll hear Shao Kahn say, ""Outstanding."" Now press 
Start and go to the Options screen. 
You'll see a block with a blue question mark with the 
following secret options: 
Level Select, Throwing, Unlimited Run, Bloody Kombat, Smoke, 
Khameleon. You can toggle these on and off.
Play with Chameleon
*To play with Chameleon: You have to select a 
ninja ( Scorpion, OLD Sub-Zero, Reptile, Rain, 
Noob Saibot, Human Smoke or Ermac) and hold 
Low-Punch and High-Punch and anything else. 
Background Select
At the character select screen, highlight Sonya and press 
Up+Start. After you select your character, you can then 
toggle through the backgrounds to choose the one you want. 
Classic Characters
To access the Classic characters highlight Jax, Kano, Kung 
Lao or Raiden and press the SELECT button (7 or X by default.) 
Level Select 
To activate the level select, players 1 or 2 must highlight 
Sonya Blade at the character select screen and hold Up + Enter 
or Up + Z until the screen shakes. 
Random Select 
At the character select screen hold up+start (z by default) or 
hold up+start (enter by default.) 
Weird Numbers
Press the "N" default key to display some type of coordinates 
at the bottom of the screen. 
Gameplay can be rather awkward with a two- or 
four-button joystick/gamepad. Make sure you 
have at least a six-button controller to get 
the most out of the game.
The violence can be toned down by turning "Blood" 
off at the options menu. It isn't password protected, 
though, so don't be surprised if junior (who knows 
more about computers than you do) circumvents your 
censorship plans.
Micro Machines
on level eight - bermuda bath tub - there is 
acheat near the end of the lap. Near the end 
of the lap, there is a yellow tube. 
Steer around it instead of through it and you 
should go of the screen and emerge half way 
around the next lap. It's tricky to perform 
but practice makes perfect.
Turbo Start 
Before the race begins press hold shift and then 
press caps locks. 
as player name and you can use all 
tracks without the need to complete 
the other levels.
and you get another nine lifes.
Might & Magic VI - Mandate Of Haven
This is only parts of the Hex Cheat.
I will continue to add more of it after my school 
examination is over around 04/06/1998.
fa xx xx xx xx xx xx xx 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00   fa= Face	xx= Name
00 01 cl 00 s1 00 00 00 s2 00 00 00 s3 00 00 00	  cl= Class
s4 00 00 00 s5 00 00 00 s6 00 00 00 s7 00 00 00   s1-s7= Stats
00 00 lv 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff	  FF= Master for the Skill ( 31 x FF )
ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff 00 
00 00 00 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? 00 00 00 00 00 00 
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01	  01= Magic Learned ( 99 x 01)
01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01
01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01
01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01
01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01
01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01
01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01
01 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 
00 00 00 00 I N V E N T O R Y ' S  S L O T
It's below the SPELLS about the third value of each item,the value to 
be change usually have a 01 underneath it.
xx ss 00 00 aa 00 00 00 bb 00 00 00 cc 00 00 00
ch 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 ee
' xx '
08-- Heroic Sword (two handed) => attack:+8 damage:4d5 +8
0e-- Master Cutlass => attack:+11 damage:2d4 +11
2e-- Stellar Bow => attack:+8 damage:5d2 +8
31-- True Crossbow => attack:+7 damage:4d2 +7
90-- Mordred (artifact) => attack:+8 damage:2d3 +8
91-- Thor (artifact) => attack+12 damage:2d5 +12
92-- Conan (artifact) => attack:+10 damage:3d7 +10
93-- Excalibur (artifact) => attack:+12 damage:3d4 +12
94-- Merlin (artifact) => attack:+8 damage:2d4 +8
95-- Percival (artifact) ==> attack:+10 damage:2d5 +10
96-- Galahad (artifact) ==> armor:+38 --armor
97-- Pellinord (artifact) => armor:+56 --armor
98-- Valeria (artifact) => armor:+20 --shield
99-- Arthur (artifact) ---helm
9a-- Pendragon (artifact) => armor:+11 ---cloak
9b-- Lucius (artifact) => armor:+14 --boot
9c-- Guinevere (artifact)--ring
9d-- Igraine (artifact)--ring
9e-- Morgan (artifact)--amulet
9f-- Hades (relic) => attack:+15 damage:3d3 +15 --weapon
a0-- Ares (relic) => attack:+14 damage:2d4 +14 --weapon
a1-- Poseidon (relic) => attack:+15 damage:2d6 +15 --weapon
a2-- Cronos (relic) => attack:+14 damage:4d2 +14 --weapon
a3-- Hercules (relic) => attack:+12 damage:4d5 +12 --weapon
a4-- Artemis (relic) => attack:+12 damage:5d2 +12 --weapon
a5-- Apollo (relic) => armor:+46 --armor
a6-- Zeus (relic) => armor:+64 --armor
a7-- Aegis (relic) => armor:+29 --shield
a8-- Odin (relic) --helm
a9-- Atlas (relic) => armor:+16 --cloak
aa-- Hermes (relic) => armor:+17 --boot
ab-- Aphrodite (relic) --ring
ac-- Athena (relic) --ring
ad-- Hera (relic) --amulet
ae-- Leather Pounch
af-- "       "
b0-- "	     "
b1-- Hourglass (Quest)
b2-- Sacred Chalice (Quest)
b3-- Horn of Ros
b4-- Diamond
b5-- Moonstone
b6-- Topaz	
b7-- Ruby
b8-- Amethyst (gem)
b9-- Emerald
ba-- Purple Topaz
bc-- Sunstone
' ss '==> 01-- artifact
' aa '
08--hit point
09--spell point
0a--armour class
0b--fire resistance
0c--electric resistance
0f-- +10 resistance to all
' bb ' => how much attribute to add (max. 100)
' cc '
01-- +10 to all resistance
02-- +10 to all seven stats
03-- Explosive Impact!
04-- add 3-4 point of Cold damage
05-- add 6-8 point of Cold damage
06-- add 9-12 point of Cold damage
07-- add 2-5 point of Electrical damage
08-- add 4-10 point of Electrical damage
09-- add 6-15 point of Electrical damage
0a-- add 1-6 point of Fire damage
0b-- add 2-12 point of Fire damage
0c-- add 3-18 point of Fire damage 
0d-- add 5 point of Poison damage
0e-- add 8 point of Poison damage
0f-- add 12 point of Poison damage
10-- drain hit point from target
11-- increase rate of recovery
12-- wearer resistance to Diseases
13-- wearer resistance to Insanity
14-- wearer resistance to Paralysis
15-- wearer resistance to Poison
16-- wearer resistance to Sleep
17-- wearer resistance to Stone
18-- increased knockback
19-- +5 level
1a-- increase effect of all Air spells
1b-- increase effect of all Body spells
1c-- increase effect of all Dark spells
1d-- increase effect of all earth spells
1e-- increase effect of all Fire spells
1f-- increase effect of all Light spells
20-- increase effect of all Mind spells
21-- increase effect of all Spirit spells
22-- increase effect of all Water spells
23-- increase change of disarming
24-- half damage from all missiles attack
25-- regenerate hit point over time
26-- regenerate spell point over time
27-- double damage VS demons
28-- double damage VS dragons
29-- drain hit point from targets & improve weapon speed
2a-- +1 to 7 stats, sp, hp, armor, resistance
2b-- +10 endurance, hit point & armor
2c-- +10 hit point & regenerate hit point over time
2d-- +5 speed & accuracy
2e-- add 10-20 point of fire damage & +25 might
2f-- +10 spell point & regenerate spell point over time
30-- +15 endurance & +5 armor
31-- +10 intellect & luck
32-- +30 fire resistance & regenerate hit point over time
33-- +10 spell point, speed, intellect
34-- +10 endurance & accuracy
35-- +10 might & personality
36-- +15 endurance & regenerate hit point over time
37-- +15 luck & regenerate spell point over time
38-- +5 might & endurance
39-- +5 intellect & personality
3a-- increased values
3b-- increased weapon speed
' ch ' ==> Charges
' ee ' => equiped 
01-shield	02-weapon	04-armor	05-helm		
06-belt		07-cloak	08-gaunlet	09-boot
0b -> 10-ring
77-boots , 7e-ring , 53-shield , 4e-armor , 41-weapon , 5d-helm
Might & Magic 7: For Blood and Honor
Easy experience:
Battle a monster that is worth a large amount of experience points, 
such as a red or blue dragon. After killing the creatures, do not 
search the body for items. Cast Paralyze on the dead monster, to 
bring it back to life. However, it may be killed will one successful 
hit to collect its experience points. Repeat this to rapidly accrue 
If you have a character that can cast the Light magic Paralyze spell, you 
can kill a monster more than once and get experience for it every time.
Kill a monster that gives a good bit of experience. (I recommend a 
Blue or Red Dragon.) Don't click on the dead monster to get items off it. 
Instead cast the Paralyze spell on it. The dead monster will stand back up 
and you can kill it again and again by only hitting it once. 
I have done this as many as 12 times on one Red Dragon and received a lot 
of experience from this tactic.
Tavern in Tatalia:
The master guild of mind is on the second floor of the tavern in 
Tatalia. Fly or Jump is required to get here. Just look up and 
walk around the tavern until you see a small open space in the 
fence. Jump in the open space and walk to the master guild of mind.
New World Computing Dungeon:
For those of you who remember the New World Computing 
Dungeon from Might and Magic VI, There is one in Might 
and Magic VII as well. Unfortunately, I only know how 
to get there late in the game. Here is how to get to it.
When on the Shoals Map (underwater map) you will find a 
sunken pirate ship in the middle right side of the map. 
There is a chest hidden behind some rocks on the bottom 
of the ship. In the chest is a bottle with a temple inside. 
Right click on the Temple in a Bottle and do what it tells 
you do. 
You will then be teleported to the New World Computing Dungeon. 
Free Money:
After you retreive the book of Divine Intervention go to 
Harmondale and sell it. Then go to the arbiter and click 
on "I lost it" he will give you another one. Go outside 
and drop it, then go back inside. Repeat this process of 
getting the book and dropping it outside then getting 
another one. After a while pick up all the books and sell 
all except 1 so you can complete the quest (works best 
with grandmaster merchant). 
Receiving More Items from Dead Dragons:
You can have as many items as you wish after killing the 
red dragon in the beginning of the game. Just click on the 
dead red dragon to get your item and if you see that the 
red dragon still appears save your game. Click on the dragon 
again after saving. If clicking on the dragon & it disappeared, 
reload your save game & click on the dragon again. Do it as 
many times as you like til you're ready to go for the fight.
Might & Magic VII
Potions Lists:
Normal Level Potions ... 
Red Potion    = Cure Wounds
Yellow Potion = Cure Weekness
Blue Potion   = Magic Potion 
Red + Yellow  = Cure Disease (Orange)
Red + Blue    = Cure Poison (Purple)
Yellow + Blue = Awaken (Green) 
Expert Level Potions ... 
Green + Blue    = Recharge Item (Green/Blue)
Green + Yellow  = Harden Item (Green/Yellow)
Green + Red     = Bless (Green/Red)
Green + Orange  = Cure Insanity (Green/Orange)
Green + Purple  = Remove Curse (Green/Purple)
Orange + Red    = Haste (Orange/Red)
Orange + Yellow = Stone Skin (Orange/Yellow)
Orange + Blue   = Preservation (Orange/Blue)
Orange + Purple = Remove Fear (Orange/Purple)
Purple + Red    = Heroism (Purple/Red)
Purple + Yellow = Water Breathing (Purple/Yellow)
Purple + Blue   = Shield (Purple/Blue) 
Master Level Potions ... 
Green/Blue + Orange = Noxious Potion (White)
Green/Blue + Green = Personality Boost (White)
Green/Blue + Purple = Swift Potion (White)
Green/Blue + Green/Yellow = Divine Power (White)
Green/Blue + Orange/Red = Divine Restoration (White)
Green/Blue + Orange/Yellow = Body Resistance (White)
Green/Blue + Purple/Red = Mind Resistance (White)
Green/Yellow + Orange = Cure Paralysis (White)
Green/Yellow + Green = Intellect Boost (White)
Green/Yellow + Purple = Noxious Potion (White)
Green/Yellow + Orange/Red = Fire Resistance (White)
Green/Yellow + Purple/Red = Divine Restoration (White)
Green/Yellow + Purple/Blue = Water Resistance (White)
Orange/Red + Orange = Speed Boost (White)
Orange/Red + Green = Flaming Potion (White)
Orange/Red + Purple = Shocking Potion (White)
Orange/Red + Orange/Yellow = Divine Cure (White)
Orange/Red + Purple/Blue = Air Resistance (White)
Orange/Yellow + Orange = Accuracy Boost (White)
Orange/Yellow + Green = Cure Paralysis (White)
Orange/Yellow + Purple = Flaming Potion (White)
Orange/Yellow + Purple/Red = Earth Resistance (White)
Orange/Yellow + Purple/Blue = Divine Restoration (White)
Purple/Red + Orange = Shocking Potion (White)
Purple/Red + Green = Freezing Potion (White)
Purple/Red + Purple = Might Boost (White)
Purple/Red + Purple/Blue = Luck Boost (White)
Purple/Blue + Orange = Freezing Potion (White)
Purple/Blue + Green = Swift Potion (White)
Purple/Blue + Purple = Endurance Boost (White) 
Grand Master Level Potions ... 
Orange/Yellow + Orange + Green = Pure Accuracy (Black)
Green/blue + Green + Purple = Pure Personality (Black)
Green/Yellow + Green + Orange = Pure Intellect (Black)
Orange/Red + Orange + Purple = Pure Speed (Black)
Purple/Red + Purple + Orange = Pure Might (Black)
Purple/Red + Purple/Blue + ??? = Pure Luck (Black)
Purple/Blue + Purple + Green = Pure Endurance (Black)
Might and Magic 8: Day of the Destroyer
The Obelisk Quest:
Go to Murmurwoods and wait until June 24. Between 5 a.m. 
and 9 a.m. look for the Unicorn King. Take the key from 
him and return to Ravenshore. Then, find the fenced in area.
Note: That you must have gone and collected all the Obelisk 
information first before going to Murmur Woods or the Unicorn 
King will not be there.
Immediately pay to have the Bow skill taught to all party members 
who can learn it. Next, buy them all bows; large volleys of arrows 
cut your opponents to ribbons.
Keep backing up away from your enemies as you fire off spells and 
arrows. This will allow you to get many shots off before they close 
the gap and enter melee.
One trick for beating overwhelming odds in dungeons is to hit the 
Combat button before entering the dungeon. This way, in Combat mode, 
you'll enter the dungeon with the action paused. Take a look around, 
kill a few enemies, and turn and exit the dungeon when you're hurt 
or out of manna. 
Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow
Mobil 1 Rally Championship
Getting the most speed from your car is fine, but running 
it so hard that you bang the body, crack the windshield, 
and wear the tires, tranny, and brakes prematurely is 
something different altogether. Moderate your style of 
driving, or you will be looking at massive time penalties 
in the repair shop. 
This game can't be controlled well with a simple joystick. 
A wheel and pedal unit is highly recommended, preferably 
one with force feedback, so you can fully appreciate what 
you're putting your innocent car through. 
Select a manual transmission for maximum punch, then get 
accustomed to working the shifter, accelerator, brakes, 
and steering wheel more frequently than in any other game 
you've ever played. Continual moderation of controls is the 
only way to win. 
All Cars:
1.go to options
2.put player 4 name TURBO CHALLENGE
Mob Rule
To access the cheat mode, start a game and while 
selecting which team color to play, you type any 
one of the cheat codes below and press return. 
If you have typed it correctly you will hear a beep. 
This can be repeated for however many of the codes 
you wish to trigger. 
Then, when within the game, you can toggle the cheat 
modes which you have selected on/off by pressing the C key. 
Each cheat code enables different elements of cheating: 
Effect                                 Code 
Faster network game                  - speed364  
Buy workers at any time              - worker928  
Pick up enemy beacons                - pickup036  
Buy any gangster weapon              - weapons563  
Select any tenant at any time        - tenants872  
Borrow any amount of money from bank - loans458  
Buy any estate without limits        - estates216  
Easy money:
Enable the "Borrow any amount" code. Borrow 
up to $21,475,000 from the bank. The bank will 
pay the player $214,756 each month instead of 
the player having to pay the bank interest on 
the loan.
Retain value of houses:
When you are just about to finish the last mission of a city, 
quickly sell all your houses, or as many houses as you can. 
The houses do not carry on into the next city, but the money 
Guard dogs:
If a house that you need to destroy or take over has a guard 
dog on the grounds, send one or more gangsters to the house. 
When the dog comes out, attack the dog. Once the dog is dead, 
you will be able to do whatever you want.
Dead Dog Ditch:
In Dead Dog Ditch, make lots of Ghost Gunk generators in 
advance. Ghosts are a huge problem in this level, and will 
often invade your houses.
Rangoon Rumpus:
To complete the final mission of Rangoon Rumpus, get your 
gangsters to do the following things. First, find and kill 
Limp Lenny. He will be easy to find, as he will be wearing 
team colors and a big hat. Then, destroy the most valuable 
houses. Start off with the ones who are breeding (look for 
the baby icon above the house). Then, destroy the Steel factory. 
Kill gangsters, fixers and workers whenever possible, and make 
sure you destroy any replacement houses that the enemy builds. 
Next, destroy the Gadget factory and Brick factory. Kill as many 
of the enemy's men as possible. Finally, destroy the Cement 
factory, along with the Soup Kitchens and Drinking Dens. 
This should give you a chance to kill everyone on the other team. 
When everyone is dead, destroy the HQ. This will get you to the 
end of one of the hardest missions in the entire game.
At the start of the first level, swim straight up the 
sharp rock face for a level select. 
When swimming around the maze, go everywhere so you can 
get the maximum amount of fish. 
Whenever you see a shark, be quick to squirt it with ink. 
Sometimes if you squirt the fish with ink you cannot finish 
the level.
Monkey Island 1
To WIN the game press:
Cheap purchases:
Play against the CPU and land on an unowned property. 
Place the property up for auction. Keep bidding $10 
to win the auction as no other player can challenge 
your offer. 
Cheat mode:
Enable the "Cheating is allowed" selection under the 
"Custom rules" option by clicking on it. 
Then, press [Plus] when rolling the dice to move one 
space forward or [Minus] to move one space back.
Cheat mode (WM edition):
Type gimmesheep during game play.
Monopoly World Cup 98
Submitted by Saaman
At The Begining When You Go To New Game Make All 
The Players ,Human Players Then When The Game 
Begins Do a Trade With The players Which is $0 
For $1500 And You Will Get all That Players Money
Monster Bash
In the registered version only type 
Z+F10 to get you 5 extra lives.
Montezuma's Return
Type Codes  while playing a game
MRGOD    - God Mode
MRTOUGH  - Invincibility
MRPOLO   - Better Swimming & Jumps
MRSPIRIT - Move Quickly, Press keypad buttons to move
MRSPEED  - Turbo Mode
MRBIONIC - Slow Kick/Punch Mode
Level select
- Press [Enter] when prompted for a name. 
- Enter the player menu and erase the default 
  player name of Utopia.
- Begin game play, and all levels except bonus 
  levels will be available.
- All player names must be erased before the code 
  can be enabled.
Monty Python & The Quest for The Holy Grail 
Type "URANUS" at the screen just after you 
start a new game to travel anywhere immediately.  
Typing "LOBSTERGIRL" at the screen just after 
you run away, will get you to the secret sub-game.
Monty Python's Complete Waste Of Time
Once in Inner Space, control access to essential 
clues by using the SHIFT key on your computer's 
keyboard in combination with the question number.
Monuments Of Mars
Level skip:
Turn on [Caps Lock]. Press [Shift] + [Period] to 
enable the level skip. Press [Page Down] to jump 
to the next level.
A cheat for infinate extra lives:
Go to Stonehenge and offer Danu some Gold 
instead of a Magical item.  Hopefully he 
will refuse and hand over an extra life.
Repeat this until you have enough lives 
to help you in your quest.
Load the file Moorhuhn.exe into a hex editor 
and change.
Offset 905f01 to Offset FFFFFF = 30 minutes Time
Mordor 2: Darkness Awakening
Infinite money: 
To get infinite money first make a new character. Load the 
new character and have the one you want infinite money for 
join the group. Then have the player who you want to have 
infinite money withdraw negitive amounts of gold from the 
bank. Give the negitive money to the new character. 
When you have enough money(which you cant have enough 
of ever) exit the game and delete the character with 
negitive money. 
Submitted by nightraider
Cheat mode:
Press [Ctrl] + W and enter Mithrandir as a 
password to enable Wizard mode. 
Then, press [Ctrl] + H during game play to 
list the cheat functions.
Continue game play
Rapidly tap [Space] at the high score screen.
Press ` to activate the console, then enter one of the 
following codes to activate the corresponding cheat 
Code          Result
satan       - God Mode 
megaboss    - God Mode 
.jt #       - Jump to Level # 
allit       - All Weapons and Items 
gimme all   - all All Weapons and Items 
Nummber    Level
41         First Steps 
01         Outer Citadel 
30         Through the Citadel 
10         Middle Castle 
33         In the Middle of the Castle 
11         The Cathedral 
34         The Darker Cathedral 
12         The Cemetary 
13         The High Castle 
14         The Castle Cathedral 
17         The Factory 
35         The Machine Park 
07         The Train Station 
08         U-Boat Bunker 
32         U-Boat Pen 
06         V2 Factory 
09         City Ruins 
24         The Duel 
15         The Time Machine 
02         The Future Time Machine 
28         Time Machine Facility 
05         Underground Channels 
31         The Sewers 
18         Kraftwerk 
03         Droid Factory 
19         Computing Center 
04         City in the Clouds 
16         The Spaceport 
29         Docking Bay 94 
23         The Flying Fortress 
Cheats Demoversion:
Effect                  Code 
Disable auto-aiming   - aim off  
Enable auto-aiming    - aim on  
God mode              - .prezes 
All weapons and items -.wp  
Level select          - .gt or .goto <level number xx>  
View frame rate       - .did  
Hide frame rate       - .diz
Monster Truck Madness 2
Monster Wheelie:
For the Monster Wheelie go to driver check-in and change 
from Rookie or Intermediate to Professional. Then in the 
garage change your settings to soft suspension and shallow 
tire cut. While racin' go over a jump that gives you a few 
seconds in the air. When you're in the air hold the brake/reverse 
key until you land. When you land your front end should stay in 
the air as long as your holding the key. Good Wheelin'
Bonus track:
Reach the fourth checkpoint on the Sidewinder 
Canyon track. Pass the bridge and quickly turn 
right when passing through the barricades on 
the right side. Drive along the dirt road and 
stop after the first bridge. Turn right to reach
another bridge and drive until it ends. 
A checkpoint labeled "Pit" will appear. 
Enter that checkpoint to enable the bonus track. 
Underwater Hockey Rink: 
In Breakneck Ridge you should see a pool of water with
two arches standing above the water. If you go under 
water, you will see a hockey puck. Those two arches you 
saw above the water are nets. 
Hockey game:
Set the weather to "Snow" and begin game play on 
the Breakneck Ridge track. A puck will appear in 
the icy area of the track. 
Giant tire:
Drive on Breakneck Ridge track with clear weather. 
Dive into one of the lakes and ponds and set your 
view to see underwater. A giant tire should be 
sunk on the bottom.
Drive-in theater:
Drive on the Scrapyard Run track and drive until
reaching a set of railroad tracks. Turn left at 
the tracks and follow them until the drive-in 
movie theater appears on the right.
Secret Level:
Go to the subdirectory \system in your game 
directory and double click the file 
Now change the value behind showHiddenTrack 
to 666 and a secret level should be revealed.
Ice Hockey: 
The "Underwater Hockey" described on Breakneck Ridge can 
be played if the weather is set to snow. The puck appears 
on top of the ice and the "goals" can be used. 
Secret Passage: 
First set up your truck and then go to the Excavation. 
Next when you started the race switch your map on and 
then go to the loop right before you jump to the straightaway. 
When you are there you will see a temple, go around the temple 
until you see the brightest side. when you find it you will 
see a opening, go in side of it but before you do go to the 
right or the left to get in, you can't go stright. 
To get out push "H" to activate the helicopter. 
Torture Pit Track: 
While Racing on Sidewinder Canyon race to the 4th checkpoint. 
Go past the bridge and make a quick right going through the 
barricades to the right. Follow the dirt path and stop after 
the first bridge and make a right onto another bridge. 
Follow that bridge to the end and you will see a checkpoint 
that will say "pit". Go through the checkpoint and follow 
the on-screen instructions and you'll get the track. 
Cowabunga Easter Egg:  
First choose the Farm Road Track. 
When the game starts, hit P to pause the game.  
Choose Options, Game, select "show commentary,"          
then go back to the game. After you get past checkpoint  
two, go over the train tracks, but instaed of following 
the tracks, go straight. You'll see a farm ahead. Drive 
through the fence to get to the cows. Hit the cows and 
you will see the word Cowabunga! along with commentary. 
The farm owner will also berate you for your negligence.
Do Not Disturb Easter Egg:  
Choose the Side-winder Canyon Track. Immediately after 
checkpoint one, you'll see barricades on both sides of 
the road. Run over the barricades on the right and you'll   
enter an area of buses and tents. Run over a tent and you'll 
hear a voice say "Hey! I'm still in here!"
Motocross Mania
Rename yourself in the profile meny to: 
Mad Dog    = All the Stunts 
Beef Cake  = All the Tracks 
Uncle Bill = Lots of Money 
1) Create a new profile.
2) Type in Vera Champ as your name in the Profile, you 
must use this profile name throughout the Championship. 
This cheat will allow you to qualify for the next stage 
of the Championship, irrespective of your position at 
the end of each stage. 
This will allow you to unlock the tracks of each stage 
and also watch the final "Championship Completed" video. 
You will not receive money for these races. 
Before experimenting with leaning your bike forward or 
back, judge the decline or incline on the stretch of 
course where you hope to land.
Use the behind handlebars viewpoint for the most realism, 
the best sense of atmosphere, and (surprisingly) the easiest 
Use prize money wisely. It's better to spread funds across 
several areas of the bike instead of focusing on one of its 
aspects, as the latter tactic is detrimental to your bike's 
overall performance.
Moto Extreme
Extra Track:
Go to the Track Select screen. 
Press and hold the Ctrl key and move 
the cursor over each of the eight track 
flags in the following order: Canada, USA, 
Japan, France, Brazil, Egypt, Russia, and 
Australia. This should enable the Lunar track. 
Tip 1: 
Lean back in the saddle when taking flight. Lean forward 
in a crouch for extra speed when traveling horizontally.
Tip 2:
Just like your mother told you: don't waste your time 
with small bikes. Go for the Super Bike--it'll grab gobs of 
air and make winning a lot easier.
Tip 3:
EA's Road Rash does biking better. Consider yourself 
MotoCross Madness
Easter Egg
Choose any Stunt Quarry Track. Keep riding in any 
direction until you reach a high wall. Speed up and 
try to get on top of the wall. After a few tries, 
you should succeed. Then, keep driving on top of the 
wall. After a while, you hear a cannon shot and you 
get thrown in the air while you hear a falling sound.
This gives nice camera views and it sure seems to 
Choose a national race. If you have a 5 bumps or so after each 
other and you always get stuck somewhere between them, drive on 
the right or the left edge of the track next to the bumps. You 
will drive as fast as on flat ground and you will be able to leave 
opponents behind.
When you jump, press the PRINT SCREEN key several 
times to get lots of points. When you are in stunt 
quarry mode select the T-rific Track and then go to 
the end of the map where there is a BIG hill that 
goes straight up. 
Go a fair distance back and race full speed towards
the hill. You should be able to make it up the hill. 
Once you're up, keep going forward and eventually you 
will be blown REALLY HIGH up in the sky. 
Can't get up the hill? 
Try the TAB button when you are halfway up! 
This is a really funny trick tbat might take a while. First, 
get on a wellrounded bike that has a good bit of traction. 
Then, go to any level except a super-cross, preferably a Baja 
level.  Go all the way to the end of the level until you reach 
a big wall that stops you from going any further. Although, it
might take a few tries, you can actually drive up the wall. 
The best way to do it is to make sure you get enough speed and 
hit it straight on. DO NOT HIT IT AT AN ANGLE OR YOU'LL NEVER 
GET IT. After you're up there, if you want you can take a little 
look at the view and how high you are. When you're finished go 
on and go straight ahead farther into the track where are. 
After about a sec. you will hear a big explosion and find 
yourself flying into the air about a mile high. Its really 
cool to see what the guy and the bike does. Make sure you 
try it with the thrill cam on.  
Extra stunt points:
Repeatedly press [Print Screen] when jumping for 
extra points. 
Extra boost:
Press [Tab] when riding up a hill. 
Super air:
Find the large hill that slopes straight up at the 
end of any track, except for the supercross tracks. 
Start back at an ample distance and race at full 
speed up the hill. If needed, press [Tab] while riding 
up for more power. Once at the top, your bike will catch 
an incredible amount of air. 
Super speed:
Note: This trick requires a Microsoft Sidewinder 3d Pro 
controller. Set the throttle to control the acceleration. 
Then, while playing any event or mode, move the throttle 
to around 3/4 Full and watch your speed. It will rapidly 
increase and go over 100. Be careful, as your turning speed 
is decreased the faster you race.
Jeremy McGrath's Bike:
At the main menu type in "kcussedocruoy"
Big Head Mode:
When at main menu of game type "Big Heads"
Motocross Madness 2
Big Head Mode: 
For the bikers to have larger heads, simply type 
"big heads" at the main menu.  
Quick Recovery:
Press the [TAB] key to reset your player immediately on 
the bike to continue racing. This is extremely helpful 
if you're racing others and you fall. You don't have 
to wait for the cinematics of you falling or waste time 
getting back on the bike. 
Rainbow Studios:
When playing, press [ALT]+[TAB]+[A] like you meant to 
switch screens. When you open up MCM2 again, the ground 
will be Rainbow Studios' pattern. To remove this, 
simply restart your race.  
Get up faster:
Once you fall you press tab and you will get up 
Keeping your balance and adjusting the pitch of your 
bike while in the air is a key to Madness success. 
There are two ways to do this: you can either move 
your rider fore and aft, or you can work the gas and 
brakes to spin or stop that rear tire. Get comfortable 
with both and you'll find yourself crashing less and 
riding more. 
As great as your bike and rider look up close, you'll 
want to pull the camera back quite a bit for a good look 
at the nearby surroundings and to ensure your entire bike 
is onscreen at all times. 
There's more than one way through virtually every course, 
and sometimes it's not very obvious. Outdoors, you should 
explore through the foliage and memorize the results. 
Indoors, you can often set up your bike and modify your 
line to take an entire section of bumpy roadway in a single 
Submitted by: nightraider
In personal options, enter DEMON for your name and
GREM for your team. Your car will be equipped with 
very bouncy suspension
LA-style suspension:
In personal options, enter G-RIDE for your name 
and WEST for your team. Play that funky music, and 
off you go!
All Cars & Tracks:
In personal options, enter "r pettersson" for your name 
and "Swe" for your team.
Supercars Mode:
In personal options, enter SUPERCARS for your name 
and GREM for your team. The camera will now show the
races from above.
Bouncy Suspension:
In personal options, enter DEMON for your name and 
GREM for your team.
LA Suspension:
In personal options, enter G-RIDE for your name and 
WEST for your team.
Moon Gravity:
In personal options, enter BUZZ ALDRIN for your name
and NASA for your team.
Ignition Mode:
In personal options, enter IGNITION for your name and
UDS for your team.
Water Mode:
In personal options, enter RAMLOSA for your name and
H20 for your team.
All Cars & Tracks:
In personal options, enter R PETERSON for your name and
SWE for your team.
Hell Mode:
In personal options, enter LEMMY for your name and ACE 
for your team. This works in the hardware accelerated 
version	only.
In personal options, enter AVENGER for your name and ZX 
for your team.  The map will be replaced with an Avenger
sprite. This works in the hardware accelerated version only.
Tron mode:
In personal options, enter TRIBUTE TO TRON for your name
This works in Glide version only.
Submitted by Daguer -
Moto Racer
Type in your Moto Racer "Name" as one of the 
following. The game will beep and ask for 
your name again. 
Now type in your real name:
Code         Result
CDNALSI    - All tracks enabled.
CESREVER   - Reverse all the courses 
CTEKCOP    - Pocket bikes.
CDSTEKCOP  - Suprise Visitor 
To get Framerate in Motoracer type
Moto.exe -ijklmnop
and then press Ctrl + F1 two times. 
It appears in the lower left corner.
Speed Burst: 
At the start of any race, put the gas all the way up. 
As the annoncer gets to number one in the countdown, 
slowly release the gas. It takes some practice, but with 
the right timing, you will cruise ahead of the pack to 
first place!! 
submitted by
Moto Racer 2
Type the following cheats during the game:
CDNALSI  - All tracks
CESREVER - Extra tracks, access at the main menu
CTEKCOP  - Rocket bikes (very high speed)
Mr. Blobby
Level      Codes
Level 02 : BABE
Level 03 : CCAH
Level 04 : DAKD
Level 05 : EMEA
Level 06 : FLAF
Level 07 : GGAK
Level 08 : HAHJ
Level 09 : AIJA
Level 00 : BAJM
Level 01 : CKAP
Level 02 : DASL
Level 03 : EUMA
Level 04 : FTAN
Level 05 : GOAS
Level 06 : HAPR
Level 07 : AACB
Level 08 : BBBF
Level 09 : CCBI
Level 10 : DBLD
Level 11 : ENEB
Level 12 : FMBF
Level 13 : GGBL
Level 14 : HBHK
Level 15 : AIKB
Level 16 : BBJN
Level 17 : CKBQ
Level 18 : DBTL
Level 19 : EVMB
Level 20 : FUBN
Level 21 : GOBT
Level 22 : HBPS
Level 23 : AADC
Level 24 : BCBG
Level 25 : CCCJ
Level 26 : DCMD
Level 27 : EOEC
Level 28 : FNCF
Level 29 : GGCM
Level 20 : HCHL
Level 21 : AILC
Level 22 : BCJO
Level 23 : CKCR
Level 24 : DCUL
Level 25 : EWMC
Level 26 : FVCN
Level 27 : GOCU
Level 28 : HCPT
Level 29 : AAED
Level 30 : BDBH
Level 31 : CCDK
Level 32 : DDND
Level 33 : EPED
Level 34 : FODF
Level 35 : GGDN
Level 36 : HDHM
Level 37 : AIMD
Level 38 : BDJP
Level 39 : CKDS
Microsoft Access 2000
Magic Eight Ball:
Create a new database, or open an existing database. 
Create a new macro that contains no commands. Save the 
macro with filename Magic Eight Ball. Close the macro. 
Drag the new macro to the toolbar to create an icon that 
resembles a "Magic Eight Ball" toy. Click on the icon to 
get a response similar to the real toy.
Microsoft Baseball 2000
View programmer baseball cards:
Press 'S' to have the batter spit. Keep pressing 
that key until the programmer baseball cards appear. 
Secret Teams:
Click on Help and then About Baseball 2000. 
Now, on the first occurance of Wizbang, right 
click the mouse twice. It's on the 2nd line of 
the Copyright Declaration. 
Do that and you will be awarded a Special Team.
Special Teams:
Microsoft - Play with guys at Microsoft.
Wizbang   - Developers in Ball Uniforms (including women).
Robots    - No squeaky hinges.
Training mode:
Press [Ctrl] + T to practice pitching and fielding. 
Unlimited outs:
Hold [Ctrl] + R while at bat. The sound of a gun will confirm 
correct code entry. Repeat this code to return to normal. 
Super curveball:
When using Ramon Martinez of the Boston Red Sox as a 
pitcher, press S to throw a 107 mph curveball, even 
though it is not one of his listed pitches. 
Walk around in the stadium:
When you are pitching and a player hits the ball, you 
have to ground it or catch it. Run behind home plate, 
then run on the dugout. Keep on running until you want 
to stop. Note: It will take a long time to get out.
Pressing Ctrl-T will bring up a Training mode that allows 
you to practice pitching and fielding. 
This game plays like the real thing, so pitch inside for 
batters that crowd the plate and aim for the corners for sluggers 
like Mark McGwire. 
Use the Home Run Derby to get used to swinging the bat. 
While batting, watch the asterisks on the bat--this is 
the sweet spot. Hitting the ball above this mark will result 
in a grounder; hitting below the mark will yield a fly ball. 
Once you feel comfortable with fielding, adjust your 
infielders' and outfielders' positions for each batter. 
This defensive alignment will pay dividends.
Microsoft Baseball 2001
Programmer Baseball Cards: 
If you press "S", the batter will spit. If you continue 
to press it, you will eventually see the the cards. 
Hidden Pitch:
Using Ramon Martinez of the Boston Red Sox, use the 
4th pitch key ('S' on the keyboard), even though he 
only has three pitches listed. He will throw a sadistic 
curveball at 107 MPH, every time. I do not think this 
affects his fatigue any more than your average fastball. 
This only works in League play. 
Never an out:
Just press Ctrl and t, then you will get no outs when u bat.
Unlimited Outs:
To get unlimited outs, hold Ctrl R then u will get unlimited 
outs. If u want to get outs again, hold Ctrl R again to 
restart outs!
Super curveball:
When using Ramon Martinez of the Boston Red Sox as a 
pitcher in league play, press S to throw a 107 mph 
curveball, even though it is not one of his listed pitches. 
The computer loves to call the suicide-bunt play, so watch 
for the bunt whenever the computer has a runner on second 
base. To catch the runner heading to third, time your throw 
to help reduce the runner's reaction time. 
When in Manager mode, you'll want to start trading, 
recruiting free agents, or at least begin planning for the 
future from day one. One trick to getting good, long-term 
trades is to offer up trades constantly after every game 
in hopes of eventually getting one that is a ridiculously 
good trade. 
Sound quality gets better if you free up CPU usage by lowering 
this game's graphical settings. Turning the graphical resolution 
down to 640 by 480 will significantly improve audio performance 
at the expense of the graphics. 
Submitted by: rickHH
Microsoft Casino
Submitted by: rickHH 
The odds may be stacked against you when playing the 
house, but that isn't the case when competing against 
computer opponents. These folks tend to make foolish 
wagers at foolish times, leaving the door open to win 
big tournament prizes. 
If your game is video poker, the "Deuces Wild" machine at 
Bellagio seems to offer the best bang for the buck. 
As in the real-life Vegas, Microsoft Casino table games 
provide a far better risk-vs.-reward ratio than machines. 
MS-DOS - The Game
Cd     - skips levels
Dir    - target enemy
Del    - kills enemy
Format - quit
Press the tidle(~) to bring up the console
and enter any of the following "Codes": 
WEAPON    - All Weapons 
RESTORE   - Full Weapons and Energy 
CLIP      - No Clipping 
GOD       - God Mode 
KILL      - Kill All Monsters 
SCAN      - Motion Scanner 
RESTORE   - Full Weapons and Energy
Microsoft Flight Simulator '98
Slew mode
Press Y in flight or before take-off. 
Then, press [F4] to increase altitude, 
[F3] to decrease altitude, [F2] to move 
forward, and [F1] to stop. The cursor 
keys may also be used to move the aircraft. 
Press Y to resume normal flight.
Microsoft Golf 2001 Edition
Submitted by: rickHH
At Pro or Championship skill levels, Golf 2001 offers 
stern punishment to those who overpower their backswing 
and then miss the snap point. The better course of action 
is to keep your shot conservative and stay on the fairway. 
When going with the Powerstroke swing method, do whatever 
you can to slow the speed at which you must move your mouse. 
Choosing a longer-hitting club is a good idea, but your best 
option is to head for the System Settings area and raise the 
Powerstroke Sensitivity. This will elicit more power from a 
slower-moving mouse and allow you to keep the speed a bit more 
Make use of Golf's on-course Clubs menu and the shot options 
it provides. Punch and flop shots really do help you when 
chipping onto severely angled greens or hacking your way over 
particularly imposing berms. 
As is the case with most golf games that incorporate a mouse 
movement swing option, using a ruler or other straight-edge 
as a guide for your mouse will help keep your shot from hooking 
or slicing. This is blatant cheating, of course, and is 
recommended only to those who are already morally bankrupt.
Microsoft Golf 1999 Edition
Always Hit Straight 
This code only works with natural swing. To hit straight 
on all of your shots, place a ruler on the left of the 
mouse then hold the left mouse button and pull back then 
push forward the mouse, or opposite if you are left 
Tip 1
If you opt for the natural swing and must win at all costs, 
run your mouse along the side of any straight edge for both 
backswing and stroke. Your online opponents will never know 
what hit them. 
Tip 2
The default club selection isn't up to par (so to speak),
particularly for short chips. Downsize to a club that's 
rated slightly shorter than what's recommended for the 
distance, and you'll have more success. 
Tip 3
Sand traps don't cause the trouble they do in real life. 
If faced with the choice of possibly playing right into one 
or having to go around it, take the straight-on approach and
deal with the relatively easy beach. 
Tip 4
Two-piece surlyn balls seem to get 10 to15 percent more 
distance and really aren't that unruly around the green. 
Tip 5
Unless you consider patience to be a virtue, don't go for 
the minimum install. Of course, you may enjoy sitting around 
picking your teeth or an alternate body part.
Microsoft Golf 3.0
Tip 1:
On the fringe of a sloping green, aim your shot 
just above the pin so it rolls down and leaves 
you with the easier uphill putt.
Tip 2:
When hitting uphill, remember to pick a larger 
club than you would on flat ground, particularly 
when chipping uphill.
Tip 3:
If you are confident you can drive the ball 300 
yards but there's a dogleg at 250 yards, try hooking 
(or slicing) your shot around the bend.
Microsoft Golf 1998 Edition
Tip 1:
Far be it from us to encourage cheating, but if 
you want to stretch the laws of decency, go with 
the natural swing and run your mouse along the 
side of any straight edge. Arrow straight every time. 
Oh yeah, increase your mouse tracking speed in 
Windows' Control Panel for extra distance.
Tip 2:
If you're beyond cheating, make sure to keep your 
arm lifted from your table or desk when performing 
the natural mouse swing--this really helps to keep 
your shot straight.
Tip 3:
Be ready to downsize your club for just about every 
drive and chip you make. It's a quirk of the program 
that you must do so, but when in Rome...
Tip 4:
When faced with a bad lie, do everything in your 
power to underpower the shot. Less power, more control: 
it's a constant in tight situations throughout the game
Myth 2: Soulblighter
After doing that, you also have
access to the following cheats:
[Control][-] Lose the game
[Control][+] Win the game
Level select:
Hold [Shift] while selecting the "New Game" option. 
Any individual level may be selected for game play. 
Instant win:
Hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] and press [Plus] during game play. 
Instant loss:
Hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] and press [Minus] during game play. 
Kill animals:
Hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] and click on an animal. 
Tip 1 
When getting past castles, make your troops hug the wall until 
they are propelled to climb stairs and take down the enemy 
archers themselves. If your troops hug the wall on the way in,
the defenders will hit their own structure while trying to 
prove you wrong. 
Tip 2
Use the Ctrl key to make your dwarves throw grenades in front 
of faster-moving enemy units instead of directly at them. 
Tip 3
Switching from one group to another in the heat of battle is 
important; do not forget to map your archers, dwarves, and 
skirmishers to hot keys, and use the F1 key to slow down the
action when it heats up.
Metaltech: Earthsiege
Start or resume a campaign from the main menu. 
Return to the main menu and select the single 
mission option. Choose any mission, enter the 
briefing, and click on the armament option. 
Select a Herc, return to the briefing, and 
cancel the single mission. Resume the campaign 
from the main menu, play the first assigned 
mission, then save the game. 
Load the saved game to access all the Hercs, 
fully armed.
Magic: The Gathering - Battlemage
Tip 1:
Whatever wizard you choose, always visit the Tome Builder 
to reconfigure your available spells from all those available
in the game. This gives you a say in your wizard's casting 
strategies later during the duel.
Tip 2:
Always provide yourself with a 33-33-33 mix of cards in lands, 
summoned creature spells, and other spells.
Tip 3:
Don't worry much in the early game about conquering provinces. 
You need spells first, and the less your lands touch upon the 
other wizards', the better. Whenever they attack a land of yours,
you'll duel them.
Tip 4:
Before attacking a province, study its text. It will sometimes 
contain clues about the inhabitants' attitudes toward various 
wizards, which you can turn to your advantage.
Monster Truck Madness
During play, type "TREX".
Instead of racing in a monster truck you can now race 
in a large car eating dinosaur.
Press [Ctrl]+[3] to see a great chase-plane view of it.
MTV Sports: Skateboarding 
Submitted by: rickHH 
Unlock All Levels, Skaters and Skateboards:
Enter "PASWRD" as your name in lifestyle mode.
To unlock all the courses, riders, boards, and clothing in 
the game, enter your player name as PASWRD. 
Smooth landings are key be sure to take your finger off the 
Grab button before you land. 
Try jumping in the middle of a grind to increase your score, 
but be careful to hit the Grind button as you come back down. 
Museum Madness
Get into the museum:
Press [Esc] + [Ctrl] to get into the museum without 
any trouble.
Mutant Zone
For unlimited lives type:
For unlimited energy type:
Muzzle Velocity
Type "money" at the inventory screen to get 
an instant $5,000. This can be used indefinitely.
Type "moon" when in third-person for a HUD map. 
Very helpful when avoiding infantry rockets.
Type "design" during the placement stage, before  
the mission has begun. Here you can edit platoons 
and such. Fairly straight forward, use the right 
mouse button to bring up options. This can give you 
INCREDIBLE numerical advantage over your enemy!
Mystery Island
Enter one of the following codes during game play.
Code       Result
MRBIONIC - More Power
MRPOLO   - High Jump
MRTOUGH  - Invincible
MRSPEED  - Fast Run
MRGOD    - Unlimited Lives 
Mystic Towers
Cheats are activated by typing "BALDRIC" during a level.
Once actived, your score is reset to zero, and you can
press the following key combos to achieve what is listed:
[lshift] [R] xx - where xx is a number of a room to jump to (01-45)
   [lshift] [H] - to get maximum health, also food and drink
   [lshift] [K] - to get all keys except the end tower key
   [lshift] [W] - to get full weapons
   [lshift] [C] - to get ten coins
Only the health cheat works in the shareware version.
The rest require the registered version.
Myth: The Fallen Lords
Level Select 
When Myth starts up, hold the space bar and click on 
"NEW GAME". You now have access to every level but 
the secret one. 
Level Skip 
Press the CTRL key and the plus key on the numeric 
keypad at any time in the single level game to win.
Secret Level 
To enter the secret level, make your way to 
"The Sons of Myrgard" and kill all the ghouls in the 
caves. Once that's done, try to enter the caves. One 
of them will bring you to "A Long Awaited Party." 
Stronger Footsoldier 
To make all footsoldiers stronger, including the enemy's, 
type "PizzaParty" while playing. 
Win Single Player Level
While playing press Ctrl + Plus
Taunt Your Opponents
While playing, select a unit to modify and press T. A 
random cheer will be heard now.
Metaltech: Battledrome
$1 billion:
Add a * before your name and you'll get over 
1 billion dollars. 
$500 billion:
When entering a name, type use an asterisk (*) as the 
first character. The game will begin with enough money 
to purchase the best armor and weapons