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American Badass Mustang Car Club
Where American Muscle Rules the Roads

The Beginning of a Good Thiung 2002

HI this is a locally based club comming out of Radcliff, Ky where the local American Muscle lovers can get together and meet. Where the choice of Steed is Mustang and the rules of the road don't matter. Customs to Classics are always welcomed. The motto of the Mustang owner "To own one is to Modify one" is one of the most favored thoughts in this club. It dont matter if its a 4 cylindet or a 429 Boss, it was made by Ford and the Badge says Mustang.

This is just a simple beginning to this site and members will always have a say in the growth of it with links to their sites or just additions to this.

When you have a free miniute just e-mail me and I will do what I can to improve on this site.

I enjoyed the stock performance as all lovers do but owning leads to modifying. With the influence of 5.0 Mustang Cobra and Super Fords I am looking into the setups to transfer my 4 cyl to a 5.0. I plan to modify my car for me, to put any part on it that I want and not to listen to the critics. The outside of the car will be of my own design upon completition but the interior and any other part on it will be pushing the limits of legality. Performance is a priority but as everyone knows we have to make the paycheck first. My goal is to have a low 13, high 12 second car.

Here is an area that will be about me and my friends:

The links dont work yet I have to get my partner to help me out on this site

Some of my favorite links