Full Name:  Steven Andrew Long

Nicknames: Steve-O, The Beer Bottle Bull-Shitter, Schlong, Sherminator,.Dish.

Birthday:  November 23, 1981

Favorite Drink:  Moosehead and Alabama Slammer.

Steve is currently in his first year at U of M. He is pursuing a degree in Architecture. Beer Bottle Bull-Shitter's has a girlfriend; her name? Jen Shepperd.


Full Bio:

             Well as some may already know, Steve and I have a blood relation. This is often the excuse used when doing something inappropriate. "It's okay! Our moms are sister's." Steve and I became good friends when I was 16. We have worked together at such places as McDonald's , Boston Pizza and Princess Auto. Steve, like Andrew, is freakishly tall and this is a mystery because his parents are circus midgets. That's not true...Steve, like his brother Jeff, loves to argue. He can argue that the color blue is really red. Steve has become one of my best friends and I am grateful for that. Steve has especially poor taste in music, he has had this problem for some time now. Scientists are still working on rectifying this problem. Steve wanted to give a shout-out to Metallica, his favorite band. Steve is a good kid, don't you dare say otherwise or I'll come over there and cut your nuts off with a rusty spoon and feed them to Tony Robbins.


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