Full Name:  Scott John Krasnianski

Nicknames: Scooter, Skeeter, Scrotch, Crimson, Squirts, Squeeter, Kraz.

Birthday:  October 26, 1982

Favorite Drink:  Vodka & 7-Up

Scott is currently in his 4th year of his Microbiology Major and is still trying to enter the Faculty of Pharmacy.  He has a beautiful girlfriend: Sidney Laurin (sister to Ashlee Laurin).


Full Bio:

             Scott and I have always shared a certain celtic connection as we both have the nobility of the Scottish in our blood.  We became good friends in high school and have kept the celtic connection alive for years.  Scooter has been the centre of a handful of stories including The Crimson Crusader, Squirts, "Bring it on" and so on. It's common knowledge among the crew that Scott always enjoys a good cotton covered breast when he is in the mood.  On a serious note, Scott is the most generous, kind, well-mannered buddy I know. Now that the cheese bomb has been dropped I will finish this up. Scotty too Hottie is a valued member of the crew.


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