Full Name:  Matthew Vincent Phelps

Nicknames: MVP, Staino, Phelpso, Jewabetic.

Birthday:  January 8, 1982

Favorite Drink:  Rye & Die (Diet Coke)


Matt is between his 2nd and 3rd year in the faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba. He works as a lifeguard at many Winnipeg pools. He also works at McDonald's as a Crew Chief. Matt is going out with Ashlee who happens to be Scooter's girlfriend's sister.


Full Bio:

            Matt and I had the privilege of going to French-Immersion for our twelve years of hellschool. He and I became closer after graduation. Everyone always says that you know who your friends are after graduation. He and I have always shared the same tastes: 1) Drinking 2) Women 3) Nightlife 4) Immaturity. Some might say that any guy enjoys drinking, women and nightlife but I say: "Not half as passionately as Matt and I" (No homosexuality intended).

            Matt Phelps, creator and manager of BELAIR BEACH BLOWOUT, knows how to throw one hell of a party. Matt and I like to keep a constant "joke" floating in the air: We like to remind each other about the lust we have for each others sister. If I had one word to explain Matthew Vincent Phelps to a tea, it would be "Bizarre". He is also an affiliate of NERDZ4EVER.


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