Full Name:  Kristopher Blair Heieie

Nicknames: Viking, Odin, Feffer.

Birthday:  May 28, 1982

Favorite Drink:  Chocolate Almond Amore


Kris is currently working as system administrator at Princess Auto. He has been with Charlene Lambert for over four years. When he isn't working he likes to go have a beer or two with a friend or, if weather permits, go snowmobiling.


Full Bio:

             I met Kris at the ripe ol' age of two. Since then I haven't been able to shake him, he just keeps coming back. Kris and I have been best friends since I've known him. We learned many important lessons together: 1) Always hold shears by the handles and not the blade, 2) Tree sap is a poor substitute for honey, 3) Tolerance for other people is NOT a virtue 4) Go BIG or go HOME. Kris has always been a part of the family and vice-versa.

            Kris is known to be of Norwegian decent and for that reason he is partially sadist. He is a full-fledged Viking. This bulky pile of muscle has a thin line between sane and insane. The quickest way to push Kris over that line is to simply annoy or hit him. Warning: It may be the last thing you do.


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