Full Name:  Jeffery Scott Backeland

Nicknames: J-Backe, Peanut, Big Slam, Secret Asian Man

Birthday:  March 23, 1982

Favorite Drink:  Bacardi White Rum and coke


Currently between his 2nd and 3rd year in the faculty of Management at the University of Manitoba.  Jeff plays basketball whenever he can find time. He has a fine young lady for a girlfriend: Denise. He likes to hit up Bill's (Local Bar) Saturday nights when he is able.


Full Bio:

             It all started at College Pierre-Elliott Trudeau. Jeff and I became good friends around grade ten. We would spend most of our nights on his trampoline and most of our days skipping various classes so we could hit up McDonald's or chill at Jenn Kernaghan's place. Jeff, Scott, Andrew and I played on our school's basketball team; we shared many losses. After graduation Jeff and I  became very close friends. Jeff is now a part of my family and vice versa. A fine fellow through and through.

           Jeff prides himself on his cultural background, that being Japanese and Belgian for the most part. He is always the first to organize, rationalize and give good advice. He is also the guy who can go back to the Asics on making fun of your ass. 


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