Full Name:  Kevin William Chody

Nicknames: Chodes, Choda,

Birthday:  June 29, 1982

Favorite Drink:  MGD

FORUM HANDLE: awaiting registration

Kevin is currently in his 2nd year at U of M pursuing a degree in Engineering. He plays volleyball as often as he can. Kev can be found at the Elizabeth Dafoe library from about 8:30 - 4:00 or later.


Full Bio:

             When I first met Kev my first thought was: "Man, I really don't like this Shithead." It's been about 6 or 7 years now and the sentiment remains the same. Just kidding Chodes. I met Kevin through Kris Heieie back in grade 9 or 10. We became closer friends later in highschool. Kev can always brighten your day with some kind of jig or one-liner in a high-pitched voice. Kev first arrived in Winnipeg in 1982 after being deported from Candy Island for breaking some kind of "Small Nipple By-Law". Kev often takes great efforts at keeping me in line; I always win that battle. Kevin is always there as a friend, brother or one-night stand. Thanks Kev. Love you. Speaking of one night stands, if anyone, male or female  would like a romp, call Bob at 224-2195


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