Full Name:  Robert Stanley Kotyk

Nicknames: Bobbio, Kots, Rogert, CHOB.

Birthday:  April 24, 1982

Favorite Drink: 

FORUM HANDLE: awaiting registration

Bob is in the English department in the Faculty of Arts at U of M. He will be graduating next year. He is currently working at The Manitoban (U of M newspaper) as a journalist. Ladies.....this man is available!


Full Bio:

           Bob and I have been friends for too many years to count. I don't know the origin of our friendship and neither does he but I can only assume it was sparked through Kris Heieie. We walked home from school together almost everyday grades 7 and 8. We would stop by KUB bakery for some delicious Bismarcks and Kris would offer one to everyone but Bob's poor sister Jacqui. I believe I watched my first soft-core porn at Bob's (good ol' SHOWCASE). I thank Bob for shedding some light on good TV. Bob is an artsy-fartsy fellow who enjoys literature and usually bad movies (just buggin ya Bob). One thing I have learned about Bob is that he absolutly LOVES food. I had the pleasure of travelling with Bob to Vancouver in August of 2003. It was more than enjoyable. I hope to do it again. Bob is a part of the infamous COOLGUYZ4EVER (formerly NERDZ4EVER).


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