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L'Verak Nex Amoun

Her name means Starlit Sword. She rarely thinks before she acts. Her red and white hair reflect the fire of her heart and the ice of her soul and her soft gray eyes reveal the gentle tenderness she can show. Most of the time she is hostile. Her favorite weapon is a bowstaff and she is very good with it. She hates big swords and clunky arrows, she is much happier with a swift, less messy weapon. She feels no need for friends and tells herself all she needs is Tomrr, her spirit guide. Tomrr has taken shape, unlike other spirit guides, and become her favorite and only companion. He has many forms, his favorites include a falcon, a stag, and gryffon. She has no nicknames and has made almost no friends. She is simply L'verak Nex Amoun and that is fine in her eyes. She trains with other weapons than her beloved bowstaff, but is almost no challenge. With her bowstaff she is mightier than almost all. It shields her, provides shelter, and sometimes, when equiped with a blade, provides food. She is of an outlaw tribe- the North Wind- and she wears their mark. Black paint tattoos the lines of her cheekbones and the nub on her chin as well as around her thin wrists. To earn more face marking she must accomplish something great. But she doesn't care too much about that. She is half russian, half australian, which results in her having a slender yet muscular figure, high cheekbones and dark, mysterious eyes.