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Trish World, your ultimate Trish Stratus Experience

Miscellaneous Trish videos

The Stinkface on Trish.
Rikishi gives Trish the Stinkface.
WWF Raw Is War!
MPEG - 1160k

Trish Stratus-HHH hammerlock segment.
Triple H teaches Trish a hammerlock counter and gets caught in the act.
WWF Raw Is War.
MPEG - 586k

Rakishi slams Trish.
Rikishi slams Trish after she jumps on his back.
WWF King Of The Ring 2000
MPEG - 746k

Chyna pulls Trish from the ring apron.
Chyna attacks Trish standing on the ring apron.
WWF Raw Is War
MPEG - 321k

The Big Show throws Trish.
The Big Show throws Trish Stratus over the top rope onto T&A.
WWF Judgement Day 2000
MPEG - 746k

Calls Test and Albert.
Trish calls T&A from the ring.
WWF Smackdown!
MPEG - 412k

Trish tells T&A "on the cleavage".
WWF Smackdown!
MPEG - 293k

T&A titon tron video.

The T&A Titon Tron Video featuring Trish Stratus, Test and Albert.
MPEG - 4760k

Trish's Wrestlemania debut.
Trish escorts T&A to the ring at her first Wrestlemania.
Wrestlemania 2000.
MPEG - 336k

T and A Theme tune.
Trish Stratus entrance music.
MP3 - 685k

Trish Introduces T&A.
Trish introduces T&A and explains the origin of the name.
WWF Raw Is War
MP3 - 233k

Trish slams the cage door on Rakishi.
Trish slams the cage door on Rakishi.
WWF Fully Loaded
MPEG - 495k

Video instructions

You will need Winzip and Windows Media Player to run these files. You can download the videos using Morpheus. Search for the videos filename. My username is Right click on my name->Find more from same->User. This will bring up a list of all the videos. The videos will not be found unless I am connected to Morpheus at that time. I am usually avaliable 6pm-10:30pm (UK time) weekdays and most of the time on the weekend. If you are having any problems post them in the Trish World forum.