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Trish World, your ultimate Trish Stratus Experience

Miscellaneous Trish videos section 2

Jackie DDTs Trish.
Jackie DDTs Trish Stratus in the centre of the ring.
WWF Raw Is War! December 2000
MPEG - 761kb

Molly Holly powerbombs Trish.
Molly Holly Powerbombs Trish.
WWF Raw Is War.
MPEG - 549kb

The second Test and Albert Titon Tron video.
The second T&A Titon Tron Video featuring Trish Stratus, Test and Albert.

MPEG - 1.25MB

Trish slaps Rakishi.
Trish slaps Rakishi.
WWF Raw Is War!
MPEG - 406kb

Trish kicks Eddie.
Trish kicks Eddie during his match with Val Venis.
WWF Raw Is War.
MPEG - 294kb

Chyna powerbombs Trish.
Chyna powerbombs Trish
WWF Raw Is War
MPEG - 287KB

Trish saves Val Venis.
Trish saves Val Venis from a stink face
WWF Smackdown
MPEG - 330KB

Trish accidentally low blows Albert.
Trish accidentally low blows Albert
WWF Raw Is War
MPEG - 255KB

Molly sunset flips Trish.
Molly sunset flips Trish
WWF Raw Is War
MPEG - 491KB

Trish shakes her butt.
Trish shakes her ass on Smackdown!
WWF Smackdown
MPG - 1.45MB

Trish on Excess.
Trish on Excess!
WWF Excess
AVI - 331KB

Trish in lingerie.
Trish walks around in lingerie.
AVI - 3.47MB

Video instructions

You will need Winzip and Windows Media Player to run these files. You can download the videos using Morpheus. Search for the videos filename. My username is Right click on my name->Find more from same->User. This will bring up a list of all the videos. The videos will not be found unless I am connected to Morpheus at that time. I am usually avaliable 6pm-10:30pm (UK time) weekdays and most of the time on the weekend. If you are having any problems post them in the Trish World forum.