YZF600 TCI Adaptor Harness

Up until recently, the most popular (and cost effective!) power-up mod for the FZR600 and 400 was to transplant a mill from a YZF600. For folks who don't feel up to a 660 build, it's still a very viable option. The engine is nearly a pure bolt-in, but the electrical problems are the sticky part. The TCI uses completely different plugs, the crank timing pattern on the rotor is completely different, and the ignition throws error codes at the tach making it bounce around if the Fuel Level sensor and Throttle Position Sensor aren't connected. I've read of people buying a full YZF harness and completely re-wiring their FZR - even this is a pain, because the various FZR components don't use the same connectors, bolts, or mounts!

This is of course utter madness. After some long talks with our connector vendor (and not a little whining!), we are now offering an adaptor harness for the YZF600 TCI box, allowing it to plug directly into the FZR TCI connectors. Included will be two leads running to the Fuel Level sensor and the Throttle Position Sensor. These all feature mating connectors, and simply plug right in - no splicing required!

If you aren't using a YZF fuel tank, or aren't using the YZF carbs, we can provide a little dummy plug to convince the YZF TCI that these items are actually present and working properly.

When you order, please specify which model of FZR (Cali 600, 49-state 600, or US model 400), which YZF600 TCI (2-plug Foxeye 4JH or 3-plug Thundercat 4TV), and whether you'll need dummy plugs for the Fuel or Throttle sensors.

(Photo Coming Soon!)