One of the most baffling aspects of the FZR wiring harness layout is the fact that the running lights (tail lights and front turn signals) have no circuit protection other than the main 30A fuse. What this means is that any malfunction in the running light circuit can blow the main fuse, leaving you stranded on the side of the road! Since this seems silly to us, we developed a fuse carrier for this circuit that simply plugs into the harness at the ignition key switch connectors. A loose wire or an internal short in a bulb will now pop a 3A fuse (mini-ATO / ATM) instead of shutting off the entire motorcycle. The same carrier is used for the US-market FZR600 and '87-93 1000 (this problem was fixed on the '94+ FZR1000). The FZR400 (US model) uses a different plug, but we've got them in stock too! Live connection length between connectors is about 1"; while the flying lead for the actual fuse carrier will be 18" so it can be mounted to your dash or birdcage.

FZR400 Model:

FZR600 / FZR1000 Model: