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            A teacher is never satisfied with her lesson howsoever good it is. She, every time, thinks she could have done better. That, I suppose, is the best self-evaluation comment a hardworking teacher can make. It means that she is ready and willing to push her experience in the classroom to the highest levels of performance possible; taking into account the fact that the classroom is always a fertile field of perpetual innovations ...

            With this humble participation in dealing with A Listening Comprehension Lesson is not arbitrary or final. Any teacher can mend it to fit her class-level and the material applied. I am planning it on the basis that the classroom is void of any Audio-visual material. All the task should be shared between the teacher and her students.

            Taking this for an outset, let's first talk about the possible texts that the teacher would use in a listening class; which teachers in general are aquainted with.


The possible material usable here are shortly as follows:
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