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These jokes are meant to bridge the gap between students and their feeling of being unable to learn English!........Hey students! Enforce yourselves into understanding these JOKES. They're very easy and funny................................ I g u e s s!

How much time & effort do you need to read them all ?       Don't care just read:

In The Classroom

*- The teacher had shown her students the pictures of two cows. One white and the other black.
After a moment she asked them:
"What do these cows give us?"

*- A student in the back answered:
"The white cow gives us milk, but the black one gives us c o f f e e!"

Somewhere at home

*-The mother : "Why are you standing in front of that mirror with your eyes shut?"
*-Her child : "I just want to see what I look like when I'm asleep!"

At The Restaurant

*-Waiter : "How did you find your steak, Sir?"
*-Customer : "I looked under a small slice of onion and there it was"


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