2ème Bac. November Language Review Quiz (1)

Language Quiz

  1. Put the words between brackets in the correct form
    1. I admire hardworking and (ambition) people.      
    2. Those little girls are amazing. They are full of (vital)      
    3. Young people are mostly (adventure) and (audacity)      

  2. Put the verbs between brackets in their correct form
    1. My brother enjoys (stay) up late at night.      
    2. He has an expensive iPad. He must (be) rich.      
    3. (collect) stamps was my favourite pastime in the past.      
    4. At last, She agreed (marry) him.      
    5. The boy stopped (cry) when he saw his mother.      

  3. Answer the question
Ali: what's your opinion about leaving school before getting the Baccalaureate degree?

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