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 H O M E

Idioms Of Comparison
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Part (1)

  1. Though it is a second-hand car, it is as sound as .

  2. The child, who is sitting over there by himself, is as timid as .

  3. That man has got a strong will. He is as tough as .

  4. Don't underestimate her cleverness. She is as tricky as

  5. When he came in after the storm, he was as wet as .

  6. Don't just try; he won't give you a penny. He is as grasping as .

  7. Her beauty is without equal. She is as fair as .

  8. Look at her long curly hair. It is as black as .

  9. She is really stupid. She is as dumb as .

  10. Don't you see that this quiz is as easy as .

Such phrases can be used to bridge the gap between Language and Culture in ESOL classes