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Adjective Quiz

(1) Fill in the blank with the suitable adjective and click "CHECK" for correction.

         a. Everybody likes Ali because he is . He helps people.

(2) Press the appropriate adjective-button in the list below to fill in the blank.

*/ A car is more ___________ than a bicycle.


(3) Find the missing adjective and say what it is!.

*/ Move boxes out of my way.

(4) Can you recognize the adjective in this sentence? Click it.

*/ I've got three cats.

(5) Spot the Odd-one-out, say why and click it for correction.

their - my - our - his - she - your - our.

(6) Which of these is a distributive adjective.

old - that - which - either - no - her.

(7) Press the appropriate quantitative adjective in the list below to fill in the blank.

Leila hasn't got [a lot - much - many - some ] relatives.

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